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Channel 4 news boss: Boris Johnson is a 'known liar' Sky News
2 days back
The head of news and current affairs at Channel 4 has called Boris Johnson a "known liar" who is copying Putin's approach to the media and says it's the ...
Complaints Welcome Channel 4
4 days back
Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: We've made a film featuring our talent bringing to life genuine complaints which viewers have made about ...
Brexit: Macron warns Johnson that Irish backstop is 'indispensable' Channel 4 News
2 days back
On the face of it - there were all the signs of an Entente Cordiale between Boris Johnson and the French President Emmanuel Macron as the pair met in Paris for ...
Brexit: Merkel gives Johnson 30 days to find backstop solution Channel 4 News
3 days back
Ahead of Boris Johnson's arrival in Berlin, the prospect of progress on a renegotiated deal had not looked great. (Subscribe: ...
Channel 4 On Air Identity 1982-2002 RadioSounds Familar
1 years back
A history of Channel 4 on air idents between 1982 and 2002 High Quality.
Migration battle sees Pope pitted against Italy’s most powerful politician Channel 4 News
3 weeks back
Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has become a radical, pro-migrant voice. From washing the feet of refugees to calling for open borders, his message of ...
Trump cancels Denmark trip as Greenland says it’s not for sale Channel 4 News
3 days back
The Danish Prime Minister says she is "annoyed" that Donald Trump has cancelled his state visit to Denmark, after he was told that Greenland is not for sale.
Bounty | Comedy Blaps All 4
8 months back
SUBSCRIBE TO ALL 4: Watch more Comedy Blaps on All 4: Bounty, from Tez Ilyas, follows the hilarious, but intimate, ...
Jack Letts stripped of British citizenship Channel 4 News
6 days back
"He's in a legal black hole": John Letts and Sally Lane have condemned the Home Office decision to strip their son Jack of his British citizenship, saying they are ...
No Brexit deal unless 'anti-democratic' backstop dropped, says Boris Johnson Channel 4 News
4 days back
It was billed simply as an insurance policy against a hard border returning in Ireland, if talks between the EU and UK stalled. (Subscribe: ...
Why are Britain’s trains so bad - could nationalisation fix them? Channel 4 News
8 months back
2017 saw the most train delays in nearly 15 years. And as services seem to be getting worse, ticket prices are going up - leaving many passengers furious.
Russell Brand to Channel 4's Jon Snow; "Listen you, Let me Talk" ignoredvoices
6 years back
4:24 Listen you, Let me Talk! Russell Brand explains what he is doing to change UK drugs policy. Russell Brands online petition asking for parliamentary debate ...
WWII enemies reunited in D-Day anniversary Channel 4 News
3 months back
A lot of time has passed, but how do British and German veterans view each other today? We introduced two of them to each other, for the first time. (Subscribe: ...
Channel 4 - The Hotel | Series 2 Episode 9 | The Grosvenor Hotel Torquay *Christmas Special* dendenthemenmen
8 months back
C4 Documentary | The Hotel - Copyright Channel 4 / Dragonfly Media Some Music: SME (Claimed Copyright) Originally Aired 2011/2012 at The Grosvenor ...
Can Boris Johnson deliver on his Brexit promises? Channel 4 News
1 months back
Tonight he is preparing for government: his mission as Prime Minister to "deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn". (Subscribe: ...
Britain's next PM: the Conservative Party leadership debate Channel 4 News
2 months back
As the race to be the UK's next Prime Minister heats up, Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a live debate between the challengers. (Subscribe: ...
No-deal Brexit latest: £9m to prepare ports Channel 4 News
3 days back
As the Prime Minister began his European tour to try to get a deal, his man in charge of planning for a no-deal was out insisting everything was in hand.
PM ‘deliberately wrecking’ chances of a Brexit deal – former chancellor Channel 4 News
1 weeks back
After three weeks unchallenged its time to bust some myths, said Philip Hammond. No Deal isn't what people voted for and it will be painful. (Subscribe: ...
Could Corbyn lead anti-No Deal Brexit government? Channel 4 News
1 weeks back
Less than a day after Jeremy Corbyn sent his proposal to opposition parties - it has already hit trouble. (Subscribe: The Liberal ...
Gove says EU ‘refusing to negotiate’ on Brexit Channel 4 News
3 weeks back
The government says it does still want to negotiate a new Brexit deal with the EU. But the minister in charge of no deal preparations, Michael Gove, says ...
Boris Johnson accused of misleading public over NHS money pledge Channel 4 News
3 weeks back
Both health experts and the Labour party have accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of misleading the public over his promise to give £1.8 billion to the English ...
James Acaster's HILARIOUS Bits from Bake Off! | Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C Channel 4
5 months back
Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: Watch the FULL episode on All 4: James Acaster joins Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, ...
Channel 4 Countdown 14/1/2019 Champion of Champions By Instincts
7 months back
Champion of Champions Nick Hewer presides as the best players return to compete for the title Champion of Champions. With experts Susie Dent and Rachel ...
Richard Ayoade: "Mate, Where's the Toilets?" Trying Expired Goods with Bob Mortimer | Travel Man Channel 4
4 months back
Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: Watch the FULL EPISODE on All 4: Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Bob ...
4 years back
Gordon Ramsay's Son Goes Back to His Dad's Humble Roots | Born Famous Channel 4
1 weeks back
Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: Watch the FULL episode on All 4: Jack Ramsay discovers what life could have been ...
Boris Johnson vows Brexit in 99 days as he becomes Prime Minister Channel 4 News
1 months back
Standing in Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson promised the British people that Brexit will be dealt with in 99 days. (Subscribe: ...
Brexit ‘volatility’ blamed as UK economy shrinks for first time since 2012 Channel 4 News
2 weeks back
The British economy has shrunk for the first time since 2012. GDP dropped by 0.2 per cent in the second quarter of, a fall blamed on 'increased volatility' about ...
DNA testing kits: Family secrets revealed Channel 4 News
4 days back
It might seem like the perfect birthday present - a DNA test you can do at home to find out a bit more about where you come from. (Subscribe: ...
Jack White on immigration, hating mobile phones and his musical influences Channel 4 News
2 months back
Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes and now The Raconteurs, is one of the best guitarists in the world. He talks to Krishnan as his new tour kicks off about ...
Boris Johnson promises to make Britain ‘greatest country on earth’ as he faces the Commons Channel 4 News
4 weeks back
Pledging the dawn of a new golden age Boris Johnson has set out his priorities in office, insisting that Britain will leave the European Union on October 31st.
What Rory Did Next... Channel 4 News
2 months back
For this week's podcast episode, Gary Gibbon talks to Rory Stewart, Secretary of State for International Development , on his dynamic Tory leadership campaign, ...
Live UFO sighting on Channel 4 News? Channel 4 News
8 years back
Subscribe to Channel 4 News: Dedicated viewers of Channel 4 News pointed out that a potential UFO was seen behind MP Tom Watson's ...
FIRST LOOK: The Secret Teacher | Thursday 9PM on Channel 4 Twofour
3 weeks back
SecretTeacher Leading entrepreneurs go undercover in schools across the country, seeking to offer students with untapped potential the chance of a lifetime.
Jordan Peterson On The Channel 4 Interview H3 Podcast Highlights
2 years back
Watch Full Episodes here... Watch live every Tuesday and Friday... MERCH...
Can capitalism combat climate change? Bank of England says business can benefit from saving planet Channel 4 News
3 weeks back
If you needed clear evidence of climate change, then the latest Met Office figures provide it. (Subscribe: New analysis has ...
ARE YOU AUTISTIC? - Channel 4 Documentary Ellis Oscroft
1 years back
Are You Autistic - Channel 4 Documentary (shown on Channel 4 on 28th March 2018) This video has been uploaded for Autism awareness week. The content ...
Boris Johnson in Scotland as pound falls amid No Deal Brexit fears Channel 4 News
4 weeks back
I want us to “go the extra thousand miles” to reach a new Brexit deal, Boris Johnson declared today, describing the existing agreement as “dead”. Subscribe: ...
Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed Channel 4 News
3 months back
Channel 4 News investigation reveals how millionaire Arron Banks spent approximately £450000 on Nigel Farage to fund lavish lifestyle the year following the ...
Who is the real Boris Johnson? Channel 4 News
2 months back
It's Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Hunt in the race to be Prime Minister. For this week's podcast episode, Gary Gibbon talks to Boris biographers Sonia Purnell ...
Boris Johnson in his own words Channel 4 News
1 months back
Boris Johnson has become the UK's new Prime Minister. This is his political career from the 1990s to today - in his own words. (Subscribe: ...
Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn - where next for Brexit Britain? Channel 4 News
1 months back
With Boris Johnson looking like the favourite to win the Tory leadership contest and become Prime Minister, political commentators Isabel Hardman (The ...
Fighting Talk | The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds | Channel 4 Channel 4
5 years back
An argument we can all recognise breaks out in the playground. Find out more...
Theresa May resigns: new PM by end of July Channel 4 News
3 months back
Like Thatcher and Cameron, Theresa May was defeated by Europe. Like Pitt the Younger and Gladstone, she was also defeated by the Irish question.
Channel 4 F1 2019 Intro (Justice - Genesis) Harold2019
5 months back
New Channel 4 f1 Intro for 2019.
UK powercut explained: National Grid admits ‘lessons to learn’ after blackout Channel 4 News
2 weeks back
The National Grid has promised to 'learn lessons' from yesterday's power cut, which brought transport chaos to much of the country, and almost a million ...