Inuit Culture in Gjoa Haven - Nunavut, Canada CANADA Explore | Explorez
10 years back
The community of Gjoa Haven is located approximately 250 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, in central Nunavut. Join local residents, as they discuss the rich ...
Punk Inuit throat singer | Tanya Tagaq | TEDxMet TEDx Talks
4 years back
Tanya Tagaq accesses deep emotions and connections in her unusual and powerful performance. Inuk punk Tanya Tagaq has given her visceral, elemental ...
Ancient Ink Reborn: Revitalizing Traditional Inuit Tattooing Great Big Story
3 years back
For thousands of years, Inuit people have marked themselves with tattoos. While designs and meanings vary, tattoos remain a vital part of the culture.
The Art of Survival: A Modern day Inuit Odyssey through the Arts | Sophia Lebessis | TEDxYYC TEDx Talks
12 months back
Speaking through both her Inuit and Greek heritage, Inuit art dealer, Sophia Lebessis, takes us on an Odyssey through the Inuit art world she was born in to.
Inuit throat-singing sisters from Canada Anchorage Daily News
6 years back
Karin and Kathy Kettler, the Canadian throat-singing sisters who together are known as Nukariik, carry on the traditions of the elders from their mothers' village in ...
How Arctic Cruise Ships Are Threatening Inuit Communities (HBO) VICE News
3 years back
This segment originally aired Oct. 20, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO. The Crystal Serenity in August became the largest cruise liner to ever traverse the ...
How To Build An Igloo | A Boy Among Polar Bears | BBC BBC Studios
11 years back
From the wonderful BBC documentary, A Boy Among Polar Bears. A young Inuit learns how to build an igloo. Subscribe: WATCH MORE: ...
Fürs Überleben: Die lebensgefährliche Suche der Inuit nach Muscheln | Galileo | ProSieben Galileo
1 years back
Muscheln sind eine der wenigen Möglichkeiten der Inuit in Kanada Geld zu verdienen. Sogar die jüngsten Bewohner klettern unter das Eis, um die Muscheln zu ...
Inuit break silence on skin graft experiments CBC News
3 months back
Inuit from Igloolik, Nunavut, are breaking their silence on skin graft experiments performed on them in the '60s and '70s. The survivors say that they did not ...
An Inuit/Eskimo family in the Arctic 1959 MichaelRogge
7 years back
The barren life of an Inuit family and their children in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Arctic Canada more than fifty years ago. See my other 1100 clips by searching YouTube ...
Learn Inuktitut part 1 Nunavut Tourism
8 years back
Can you speak Inuktitut? Watch this short video and learn some new vocabulary words!
Inuit Culture in Greenland VisitGreenland
6 years back Thanks for sharing!
Inuit community calls for change in polar bear protection measures CBC News: The National
9 months back
The town of Arviat, Nunavut, is perched on the western shore of Hudson Bay. Bear patrols are one of the measures used to keep residents safe from hungry, ...
INÜIT - Dodo Mafutsi [LIVE] INÜIT
4 years back
INÜIT © DODO Mafutsi est disponible dans l'EP ALWAYS KEVIN ici : DODO MAFUTSI Filmé et enregistré à la piscine des ...
Inuit struggling with food costs in Canada Al Jazeera English
6 years back
James Anaya, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples' rights, is making a long awaited visit to Canada this week to look into challenges ...
Katajjacoustic - Traditional Throat Singing of the Inuit hfmFRANZLISZTweimar
4 years back
Kiah Hachey and Karen Flaherty are two young Inuit women from Nunavut in Northern Canada. Their magic is the female traditional art of katajjaq.
Eskimo/Inuit children in 1940, Alaska MichaelRogge
5 years back
Life of Inuit children and their parants 75 years ago on a barren Alaskan island. See my other clips of Inuits and cruises to polar regions.See my other 1150 clips ...
The Last True Eskimos in Alaskan Northwest DOCUMENTARY TUBE
5 years back
The native born Americans known as the Inuit peoples.
ITK president Natan Obed on priorities, challenges for Inuit people CBC News
1 years back
Newly re-elected Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami president Natan Obed discusses the priorities and challenges for Inuit people and the organization he leads. To read ...
Neige, histoire(s) d'Inuit Folimage
4 years back
Neige, histoire(s) d'Inuit Documentaire de 12 minutes. Découverte de la culture inuit au travers de trois œuvres du musée des Confluences : l'ours qui danse, ...
INUIT Marc Preschia
3 years back
Les inuits du Groenland sont un peuple extraordinaire qui a réussi à survivre dans un des environnement les plus terribles de la planète grâce à une faculté ...
Are Canada's Inuits Being Forgotten? (1999) Journeyman Pictures
3 years back
Eskimo Freedom (1999): In the greatest land rights settlement of the post colonial era the Inuit people of the Canadian arctic have been granted self ...
Trudeau apologizes for mistreatment of Inuit with tuberculosis | Power & Politics CBC News
5 months back
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized in Iqaluit for the federal policy on tuberculosis in the mid-20th century, calling it "colonial" and "purposeful," and saying ...
First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Culture 101 | Coty Zachariah Let the Quran Speak
3 years back
What do we mean when we say Aboriginal or Indigenous communities? What are pow-wows and smudging ceremonies? What role did history play in the ...
11 months back
"Tomboy" From the album "ACTION" : Tomboy you've chosen your world, you've built your way You're gonna find your own word, not the ...
Dans l'Arctique canadien, les Inuits déréglés par le climat AFP
4 years back
A Umiujaq, fini les longues campagnes de chasse sur la glace. Dans les villages isolés du grand Nord canadien, le déréglement du climat se fait cruellement ...
Mary Simon On Inuit Education Strombo
7 years back
Inuit leader Mary Simon discusses the complex relationship with southern education. For more George visit:
Climate change: Inuit culture on thin ice AFP news agency
4 years back
Residents of the sub-Arctic village of Umiujaq wistfully remember the good old days, when the ice-fishing season was long and the catch bountiful.
Ice Fishing Char Inuit Style - Adventures North Steve MacInnis
6 years back
Ice fishing for Arctic Char on the Koroc River in the newly opened Kuururjuaq Park, in arctic Quebec's Nunavik region. Local fishing legend Sara Annanack ...
Inuit Cree Reconciliation – Documentary Encore +
10 months back
Acclaimed filmmakers Zacharias Kunuk & Neil Diamond team up to research the events and historical impacts of an 18th century war between Inuit and Cree in ...
MONTAÑAS DE NIEVE: El pueblo Inuit por Francesc Bailón TN Produccions
4 years back
Francesc Bailón vive en Barcelona, ​​es antropólogo, especialista y gran conocedor del pueblo que más sabe del frío y nieve, los Inuits. Hace muy poco ha ...
Capturing Climate Change Through the Lives of the Inuit | Exposure National Geographic
4 years back
How do you show climate change in pictures? Hear photographer Ciril Jazbec talk about making images in Greenland and how climate change is affecting ...
The language with 400 words for snow (and it's not Inuit) | BBC Ideas BBC Ideas
9 months back
Subscribe to BBC Ideas The Scots language has an incredible 421 different snow-related words and expressions. Here are just a few of ...
Le chant Inuit Ina Culture
7 years back
15 octobre 1984 Exposition à la galerie L'Empreinte de Strasbourg de dessins et sculptures Inuit.A cette occasion un groupe de femmes Inuit interprètent des ...
Tuktu- 9- The Magic Spear (Amazing Inuit skills at fishing and hunting by spear) Alaska Extreme
2 years back
Alaska Extreme Store: Learn about traditional Inuit culture ...
Nuit | La nuit chez les autres : les Inuit du Haut Arctique canadien Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
2 years back
Conférence du 21 octobre 2013 Avec Guy Bordin, ethnologue, membre associé du Centre d'études et de recherche sur les littératures et les oralités du monde ...
Latest Inuit art exhibit opens at the Art Gallery of Ontario | APTN News APTN News
1 years back
The Art Gallery of Ontario has opened its latest Inuit art exhibit featuring two major artists. The exhibit features the works of the grandmother of Inuit art, Kenojuak ...
Inuit: The Snow Folk — game overview at GAMA Trade Show 2019 BoardGameGeek Express
5 months back
Find out more about Inuit: The Snow Folk on BoardGameGeek:
Tuktu- 4- The Snow Palace (How to build a REAL Inuit igloo) Alaska Extreme
2 years back
Alaska Extreme Store: Learn about traditional Inuit culture ...
Inuit traditions - Seal hunting in Greenland on dog sleds Coastal Killers
2 years back
I get it but I cannot change the music now! Turn down the video after 30 seconds if it hurts you that much to hear! I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Inuits ...
Cet Inuit risque sa vie pour quelques moules ! - ZAPPING NOMADE Zapping Nomade
1 years back
Retrouvez plus de documentaires voyages sur ...
Tuktu- 11- The Big Seal (How to seal hunt the Inuit way) Alaska Extreme
2 years back
Alaska Extreme Store: Learn about traditional Inuit culture ...
Complete Inuit shaman life story 1922 IsumaTV
13 years back
Scene from The Journals of Knud Rasmussen. Download the full movie pay-what-you-can on our website, Visit our website, dedicated to ...
Climate change threatens Inuit way of life | DW News DW News
4 years back
An Inuit village in northern Quebec is experiencing climate change firsthand. The animals they hunt are moving further north as the ice thins. Can innovative ...
Inuit: The Snow Folk Review - with Robert Geistlinger The Dice Tower
4 months back
Robert takes a look at this drafting, set collection and action selection game about the proud Inuit peoples. Join us for the dice tower Retreat: ...
Foxing - Inuit (Audio) Triple Crown Records
5 years back
Foxing - Inuit from the album The Albatross available now itunes LP or CD ...
Inuit Throat Singing: Kathy Keknek and Janet Aglukkaq (long) FrancesWindward
12 years back
Kathy and Janet's application for the 2008 Arctic Winter Games.