Proton dulu-dulu part 2 | Cardock Cardock
12 hours back
Ya Allah, ampunilah kesalahanku, kasihanilah aku, berilah petunjuk kepadaku dan berilah rezeki kepadaku” Jangan lupa subscribe dan like, tekan loceng, dan ...
We just went to a Proton showroom to book a brand new X70! | Kon Wai Luen
2 days back
Evo Enduro is coming, and in conjunction we are running a contest encouraging Malaysians to support Malaysian products by offering a Proton X70 as grand ...
這集怎麼全是缺點啊?!馬來西亞寶騰Proton X70缺點大合集!⚠️ RiderAth
3 days back
Proton Iriz vs Perodua Myvi, Siapa Lagi Power? Pandu Laju
7 days back
Masa dinanti kini tiba. Akhirnya, siap juga video perbandingan antara Proton Iriz 2019 dan Perodua Myvi 2019. Dan kami rasa ini video paling panjang kami ...
What's In a Proton? BrookhavenLab
10 years back
Physicist Peter Steinberg explains that fundamental particles like protons are themselves made up of still smaller particles called quarks. He discusses how new ...
2019 Proton Iriz Facelift 1.6 Premium CVT Review –
6 days back
The 2019 Proton Iriz facelift gained over 367 new and improved components for improved looks, tech and refinement. But is it good enough to hold its ground ...
Fifth Gear: The Experiment With Old Banger Cars (Proton Sport) Fifth Gear
1 years back
Throwback Thursday clip from series 16, Tim is doing an experiment by swapping out his BMW M3 for a Proton Sport. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs ...
What Cars are Like in Singapore, Proton Wira Scotty Kilmer
7 months back
Singapore cars. Proton Wira car review. What Cars are Really Like in Singapore, Proton Wira, car review and car tour with Scotty Kilmer. Car show off contest ...
23 hours back
VLOG KE PROTON PUTRA MEGA GATHERING KE 10 yang diadakan di Putrajaya pada 14 July 2019. Welcome to Galeri Kereta TV!!! We upload rare, original, ...
The Structure of the Proton IEET2
4 years back
An extended animated version of the popular lecture ``The Structure of the Proton'', which was given in English at ``Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2013''.
What is Proton? - A short answer Techi Engineers
2 years back
A proton is a subatomic particle found in the nucleus of every atom. Atom is a basic building block of matter. with combine atom to form molecule Atom has ...
Accelerator Science: Proton vs. Electron Fermilab
3 years back
Particle accelerators are one of the most powerful ways to study the fundamental laws that govern the universe. However, there are many design considerations ...
Proton X70 1.8 Turbo Premium 2WD SUV Review -
6 months back
The Proton X70 is now officially launched in Malaysia and after spending a few days with our national carmaker's first SUV, we were genuinely blown away by ...
2018 Proton Perdana 2.0 Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour alexlovesmac
11 months back
Hello everyone! Today's video will be about the Malaysian-spec 2018 Proton Perdana four door saloon with the 2.0 litre R20A3 naturally aspirated petrol engine ...
بروتون بريفيه 2019 مواصفات وتقييم شامل بالاسعار بروتون بريفي ومقارنة سيارات PROTON PREVE REVIEW HANY TUBE
8 months back
بروتون بريفيه 2019 مواصفات وتقييم شامل بالاسعار بروتون بريفي ومقارنة سيارات PROTON PREVE REVIEW 2019 ....................................
Abandoned Proton Saga 1st Start in 1 year Peek Car
2 months back
This SAGA use 4G15P Engine The SOHC 4G15 displaces 1.5 L (1468 cc) with a bore and stroke of 75.5 mm × 82 mm (2.97 in × 3.23 in). A version of the 4G15 ...
2019 Proton Persona Premium - What Else besides Hi Proton? [Walkaround Review] Part 1 YS Khong Driving
3 weeks back
The latest visual updates to the Proton Persona make it look a bit more appealing, while Hi Proton, albeit a more basic version, navigation, and some nice ...
Proton dulu-dulu part 1 | Cardock Cardock
7 days back
Ya Allah, ampunilah kesalahanku, kasihanilah aku, berilah petunjuk kepadaku dan berilah rezeki kepadaku” Jangan lupa subscribe dan like, tekan loceng, dan ...
MEM Proton Iriz R5 at Goodwood #FOS 2019 MK84
1 weeks back
Clip of the Mellors Elliot Motorsports Proton Iriz R5 from the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019. Watch the full stream here: ...
Discovery Of Proton Hindi Science and myths
1 years back
Hello friends in this video we will see about the discovery of proton by goldstein who conceptulised the concept of anode rays or canal rays and later discovered ...
Proton Preve INVICTUS, Pintu Siap Boleh Buka Sendiri Pandu Laju
7 months back
Memang power la Proton Preve INVICTUS hasil rekaan pelajar dari APU Bukit Jalil. Pintu siap boleh buka sendiri. Hanya scan muka, pintu buka secara ...
Proton X50 Sah Masuk Malaysia, Inilah Perkara Yang Kami Tahu Setakat Ini Pandu Laju
1 months back
Ya, Proton X50 memang sudah disahkan akan masuk Malaysia. Cuma bukan tahun ini dia masuk seperti mana yang viral dekat Facebook. Sebenarnya sudah ...
FIRST LOOK: 2019 Geely Binyue 1.5 Turbo - new Proton X50? Paul Tan's Automotive News
2 months back
As a compact B-segment SUV, the Geely Binyue offers promising levels of kit, performance, build quality, and tech. Take a quick tour around the car and find out ...
2019 Proton X70 1.8 TGDi 2WD Executive Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour alexlovesmac
2 months back
Hello everyone! Today's video will be about the Malaysian-spec 2019 Proton X70 five door crossover SUV with the 1.8 litre JLE-4G18TDB turbocharged petrol ...
Proton Iriz 2017 Review Indonesia | OtoDriver Oto Driver
2 years back
Proton is back, dan kami tes keluaran terakhirnya bernama Iriz di Indonesia. Pada video ini reviewer OtoDriver, Fitra Eri, melompat ke balik setir Proton Iriz ...
Galeri Proton Careta TV
3 years back
Careta melawat Galeri Proton di Centre of Excellence di Shah Alam. Menarik juga!
2019 Proton Persona now looks much better designed | Kon Wai Luen
4 months back
Fresh from showing us the new Iriz, Proton now previews the facelifted 2019 Persona. Externally, the car gets new design touches that makes it look far better ...
In Depth Tour Proton Exora Prime - Diskon 80jt! B Channel
2 years back
In Depth Tour Proton Exora Prime - Diskon 80jt!
Proton Preve by PHP Automobiles | Full Review | Auto Rebellion | Bangladesh Auto Rebellion
1 years back
Proton Preve is now being assembled in Bangladesh by PHP Automobiles. Here is the full review by Auto Rebellion. Drive Review Link: ...
[新车试驾] 全民SUV Proton X70 性价比最高?可能没想象中完美?[车神经-车评节目S2] 车神经 Carzy.official
1 months back
【车神经全新第二季S2】一个可能是全宇宙最不正经的车评节目! 【Malaysia Car Review & Test Drive Show 马来西亚车评节目】 来到新的一季,我...
2019 Proton Iriz facelift First Look -
2 months back
The spritely Proton Iriz has just been updated with a new look and now comes with the new GKUI head unit. You can speak to this little cute thing. Let Eu Jin take ...
Malaysian Carmaker Proton may Start Production in Pakistan Haqeeqat TV
4 months back
Brilliant Proton Carmaker is coming to Pakistan and may start produce cars in a great way and with less price. This is a great moment for us to bring investment ...
Proton X70 "Hi Proton" test using 'powderful' Malaysian accents! -
6 months back
The voice command features is not exactly a new tech in cars nowadays. But what's special with Proton's first SUV, the Proton X70 is that the GKUI "Hi Proton" ...
In Depth Tour Proton Neo R3 M/T - Indonesia B Channel
2 years back
In Depth Tour Proton Neo R3 M/T - Indonesia.
Proton Exora 2019 Pandu Uji, harga, bulan-bulan, kos servis | Cardock Cardock
4 days back
Hi Proton !!! Cuba tengok komen Cardock selepas memandu uji Proton Exora 1.6 Turbo RC 2019 . Best tak? Gempak kan? Jika anda masih belum ...
Iklan/Produk Video Proton Exora facelift (2019) Proton GO!
2 months back
Proton Exora facelift commercial/product video (2019)
Proton Gen2 (2010) - 1.6 CPS Manual MASIH LAZAT! | VLOG Careta TV
2 months back
ProtonGen2 #1.6CPS #Manual Adakah keadaan Proton Gen2 ini masih elok selepas 5 tahun? Mari bersama Hezeri Samsuri dan Hisyam Samsuri (Zaza) ...
السياره الرياضيه بروتون جين 2 Sporty car Proton Gen-2 عشاق السيارات مع عصام غنايم
3 years back
حلقتنا انهارده تققيم موضوعى وتفصيلى للسياره الماليزيه بروتون gen 2 هنتفرج فيه مع بعض على امكانياتها وهنقول...
Basic Parts of the Atom - Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Nucleus sciencepost
7 years back
The Beautiful pictures of the atom in this video come from Jefferson Lab @ They are here on youtube too ...
Proton X70 vs Proton X70 Pro Imagino
7 days back
Proton X70 & Proton X70 Pro || Visual Design Comparison These are artist impressions of the upcoming Proton X70 Pro based on the Geely Boyue Pro, Thanks ...
QUICK LOOK: 2019 Proton Exora RC - from RM59,800 Paul Tan's Automotive News
2 months back
Proton says the Exora is the only affordable C-segment MPV on the market, and for 2019 it gets a number of upgrades, including the brand new seven-inch ...
2019 Proton Exora just learned a few new tricks -
1 months back
Proton has just recently launched the updated version of the Proton Exora. According to Adrian the 10-year old Exora has also picked up a few new tricks. Watch ...
2020 Proton MPV Imagino
2 weeks back
Apart from the X70, Proton is expected to launch two more Geely-based models, the Compact SUV X50 and MPV Jiaji in the next years. These are artist ...
Electron, Proton and neutron,परमाणु मॉडल( रथरफोर, बोहर, थॉमसन) Chemistry part-15 Quick Smarttips
1 years back
In this chapter we will study complete detail about electron proton and neutron.We will also study different model of atom in hindi.Complete chemistry crash in ...
2019 Proton Persona facelift First Look -
2 months back
The facelifted Proton Persona has just been launched! Which looks better? The facelifted Proton Iriz? Or the Proton Persona. Find out more about it as Eu Jin ...
Proton X70 2019 Ulasan Uji Belek - Roda Pusing Review Bhg. 1/2 RODA PUSING TV
3 months back
Oleh kerana kami menjalankan penilaian yang lebih terperinci daripada biasa untuk Proton X70, review ini kami bahagikan kepada dua video. Jika anda lebih ...
Proton X50 - bakal gegar pasaran kereta kompak SUV Aliff.H
2 months back
Takhta yang dipegang oleh HRV dan CHR akan dirampas oleh Proton X50. Memang padu tengok spec sheet Proton X50 ni. sebahagian dari video ni diambil ...