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1 years back
Here is how I tamed my pet chicken Gambina.. Enjoy! ☟Social Medias☟ Instagram: @jaylen.byrne Twitter: @jay_jay171 Snapchat: @jaylenbyrne Support my ...
Meet Tungrus and His Pet Chicken From Hell | Op-Docs The New York Times
9 months back
This post-Thanksgiving weekend, we bring you Rishi Chandna's story of a family terrorized by their pet rooster. But “Tungrus and the Chicken From Hell” is more ...
Woman Falls In Love With Chicken Rescued From NYC Streets | The Dodo Soulmates The Dodo
11 months back
Woman Falls In Love With Chicken Rescued From NYC Streets | When this woman met a little chick who was found on the streets of NYC, she didn't expect to ...
The Very Best of Pets! (Chickens of course!) 5hensandacockatiel
8 years back
These are all my PET chickens! Tillie (the brown one, an Ameraucana), Redhenley (the red one, a Rhode Island Red), Maybelle, Millie, and Maich P (the yellow ...
Awesome Chickens | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017 The Pet Collective
2 years back
From chickens forming a band, chickens getting a blow dry, to a chicken running around wearing blue pants, these are just a few of the chickens you'll find in this ...
Swimming Chicken Helps Dad Cope with Losing His Best Friend - SAMMI | The Dodo The Dodo
1 years back
Chicken Loves To Go On Car Rides With Her Dad | When this guy's dog passed away, he never thought he'd find a new BFF — and then he met this chicken.
Pet Chicken Thinks She Is a Dog ABC News
3 years back
A West Virginia woman's "silky black hen" has been getting a lot of attention for her antics. The bird, it appears, acts and behaves like a dog.
WHY I’M VEGETARIAN Ft. Pet Chicken Jaylen Byrne
2 years back
Why I'm Vegetarian with my pet Chicken Gambina! My Social Medias: Instagram: @jaylen.byrne Twitter: @jay_jay171 Check out my “Be Kind to Animals” ...
Chickens as Pets (diapers included) #htvideo Sarasota Herald-Tribune
3 years back
Chickens as Pets (diapers included) #htvideo Story:
Rooster Meets His Favorite Girl at Her Bus Stop Every Day | The Dodo The Dodo
2 years back
Rooster Meets His Favorite Girl at Her Bus Stop Every Day | This very loyal rooster named Frog runs to meet his favorite girl at the bus stop every single day!
My Favorite Pet Chicken! Kul Farm
5 months back
This chicken always trying to get my attention! Business email: [email protected]
My chicken likes to cuddle Sharmy Sidharth
7 years back
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Funny Chicken ★ ULTIMATE Funny CHICKEN Compilation (HD) [Funny Pets] Funny Pets
3 years back
Funny Chicken: Check out the most funny chicken videos! Subscribe: | Facebook: Submit your video: ...
Mom says pet chicken saved her son who has autism KING 5
1 years back
KING 5's Eric Wilkinson reports.
The cat that thinks he’s a chicken White House on the Hill
8 months back
We have five barncats… and one of them now lives with our chickens. He's been banished from the clowder, but I think he's pretty happy with his new feathered ...
Dog saves chickens from snow bank. (Original) dough3208
2 years back
Dog rescues 2 chickens buried in a snow bank. No animals were harmed in this video. This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video ...
Lost my chicken - (A Happy Story) A Chick Called Albert
3 years back
I lost my pet Chicken... Then I discovered it was in the pan. (Don't worry) Subscribe for animal adventures at least every two weeks. So I had a sweet chicken that ...
3 years back
Is is our pet chicken pom pom. ▶︎ BOOK TOUR INFO: ▶︎ (US) ORDER MY BOOK HERE: ...
Day Old Baby Chicks Arrive in Mail Jaden Hair
7 years back
From Watch them grow at!
My pet chicken Jazmin Egert
5 years back
Yes I do have a pet chicken! And I do love her very much. The husband wanted to eat her but I fell in love the minute that lil baby chic came home & snuggled ...
I got a pet Chicken... InquisitorMaster
1 years back
MR PAWS PLUSH & NEW ONESIE!: Download Squad Rivals game for FREE and UNLOCK My Character!
Penelope: A Rescue Story Duncan Skiles
4 years back
Natural cure for marek's disease: More info and updates here: ...
New Pet Chickens! Welcome to the Family | This Esme This Esme
2 months back
New Pet Chickens! Welcome to the Family | This Esme My name is Esme and this is me so I guess my channel is 'This Esme'. I make videos about all things ...
Pet Chicken Helps Out In The Kitchen Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski
10 years back
Dr. Diana makes pumpkin bread while her pet chicken, Chicklet looks on. Chicklet, our pet chicken helps in lowering our grocery bills by laying one green edible ...
Backyard Chickens 101-The Ultimate Frugal Pets Prepper Princess
1 years back
Ever wonder if raising chickens is easy? Ever wonder if they have personalities or if they are just going to pluck your eye out (they won't)? Our girls are spoiled, ...
Basic Chickens | Funny Chicken Video Compilation 2017 The Pet Collective
2 years back
From chickens playing piano, chickens cuddling with dogs, to chickens riding a roomba, these are just a few of the chickens you'll find in this basic chickens ...
My *NEW* PET CHICKENS for Built Coop!!! Paul Cuffaro
3 months back
My MERCH - Clothing Instagram - ▫️Subscribe & never miss a video ...
Big lizard eats live chicken round 1 Cali Varanus
6 months back
Don't forget to follow Gucci on IG ▶️ #blackroughneckmonitor ...
How to - Chicken Keeping (Petco) Petco
4 years back
Want to know how to keep chickens as pets? Learning how to keep chickens can be rewarding and a lot of fun. Chickens can have charming personalities and ...
Chicken Keeping for Beginners | UK Rules and Regulations Brimwood Farm
2 years back
CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ** Come and Join the ...
Best Chicken Breeds for Backyard Chicken Keeping Alex Coe
1 years back
I've been raising chicken for over 15 years and there is a difference between breeds of chickens and some are more suited than others for backyard chicken ...
The Chicken & Cat Talk to Each Other Lauryn229
3 years back
My pet chicken, Bumble Bee, and Maui my cat love talking to each other. #BumbleBee.
Sailing the High Seas with a Pet Chicken Great Big Story
3 years back
Twenty-four-year-old Frenchman Guirec Soudée set out to see the world from a different vantage point: his 30-foot sailboat. Alone at sea with only his pet ...
🐓 Serama Chicken Update 🐓 Miniature Chickens as indoor pets 🐤 Miniature Chicken Channel
3 months back
These two spoiled chickens get to stay indoors...and get a weigh-in today. Best feeder system I've found so far: chickens - serama ...
Pet chicken excites barista - 1038552 RM Videos
3 months back
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Combie Eating Organic Watermelon & Listening to Thrift Shop (Pet Chickens - Rooster) Colorful Canary
6 years back
Combie eats all sorts of goodies, today he gets his own slice of organic watermelon. He also enjoys music and was dancing (head bobbing) and crowing (On ...
DON'T BUY CHICKENS Until You Watch This... Homesteady
2 years back
It is the time of year that you start to think about ordering chickens. Before you tear into the chicken catalog, or head online to order chicks, watch this video!
Feed My Pet Friday: My Alligator Eats a Chicken Snake Discovery
2 years back
Here we watch my American Alligator eat a young chicken! I also provide a quick introduction to Rex, and the reason as to why he is so severely stunted at 30 ...
Chicken Keeping Basics - How To Bathe a Chicken The HenCam
9 years back
Most backyard chickens never need a bath, but once in awhile, you'll want to clean a bird up. This video shows you how. People who take their poultry to shows ...
Raising Chickens 101: How to Start with Chickens and Brooder Basics TinHatRanch
5 years back
For more information: There comes a point in every prepper's life when they consider raising chickens. Why not? They are relatively easy to ...
How to raise chickens in your backyard (10 tips) City Prepping
2 years back
Ever wanted to get your own fresh eggs but you live in the city? In this video we'll provide 10 tips for beginners to raise chickens in your own backyard. Chicken ...
Chickens make ADORABLE Pets! - CUTE and FLUFFY Pet Chick Videos Vines Compilation 2017 Break Time
2 years back
Chickens make the fluffiest pets ! They are sweet, cuddly, and so curious! Check out these hens, roosters, and little baby chicks doing cute and funny stuff, like ...
Rescue Chicken Loves Her New Family The Dodo
3 years back
Penelope was rescued from a religious practice by her mom, who had to go undercover in order to get her. She was in very poor condition, but with care and ...
Choosing Chicken Breeds Anavo Farm
5 years back
Join Anavo Farm's JenB + Maximo as they take you through their hard-won lessons learned on how to successfully keep backyard chickens. This 7-part series of ...
The BEST Layers, Mamas & Pet Chickens - Favorite Chicken Breeds SimplyHal
3 months back
Hey y'all! It's Hannah (Hal) welcome back to my channel & hi if you're new! I always get asked about what are good chickens to start out with, great layers, ...
Funny Chickens 2017 🐔 [Funny Pets] Funny Pets
2 years back
These chickens are hilarious! Watch for the brave one on 1:16! Subscribe for weekly videos! The British Texan Funny Chicken Attack, ...
Chihuahua Loves His Favorite Chicken More Than Other Dogs | The Dodo Odd Couples The Dodo
10 months back
Chihuahua Loves His Favorite Chicken More Than Other Dogs | Biscuit the Chihuahua has dog siblings, but he much prefers hanging out with his chicken sister ...