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  • Paul McGee
    Paul McGee  1 weeks back

    They are pine needles

  • Spin-EX D
    Spin-EX D  4 months back

    What is your handicap?

    • Darren Mcintosh
      Darren Mcintosh  4 months back

      dufus and dweevisus

      • Darren Mcintosh
        Darren Mcintosh  4 months back

        2nd and 3rd mulligans

        • Ryan Thomas
          Ryan Thomas  4 months back

          Well done guys 👏🏼

          • Fintan Galway
            Fintan Galway  5 months back

            So its not at the Masters right?

            • Doug Zembiec
              Doug Zembiec  5 months back

              You are way too handsy in your normal swing. You should buy and impact ball and learn to delay the wrist cock.

              • Terry Dalton
                Terry Dalton  5 months back

                Love seeing the get out of trouble shots. They are the difference makers to lowering scores and breaking your opponents will.

                • Jack Cook
                  Jack Cook  5 months back

                  I've never neen to Augusta but i did work at Medinah CC and countless times i dropped my ball behind "Sergios Tree" on 16, and countless times i picked it back up. There was no way i was trying that shot with my own clubs. It was impressive on tv. In real life, it was miraculous

                  • Jason Suter
                    Jason Suter  5 months back

                    Thought you could ground ya club(bunker) 🤔great fun vid 😁

                    • James Wiltshire
                      James Wiltshire  5 months back

                      you at the Masters?

                      • Ryan Ragan
                        Ryan Ragan  5 months back

                        That was an amazingly fun video! I really enjoyed that. I can't wait to see what you bring us on Masters week! Just wondering J-Rob, are you going to get to go to The Masters by chance?

                        • A Golfers Walk
                          A Golfers Walk  5 months back

                          So why did Tom stay with right hand low on shot up against the 🌳🤔. Strange since he actually tried to get handsy with the shot 🏌️

                          • Andrew Bush
                            Andrew Bush  5 months back

                            Good bit of fun boys. Never what we practice, but good fundamentals along with some creativity will make us all shine sometimes. As always, keep the great daily content coming. Btw Tom, did you hear James was going to the Masters? 😂😂😂

                            • yagarmeister 1
                              yagarmeister 1  5 months back

                              Fun stuff. Helpful.

                              • Edward Brown
                                Edward Brown  5 months back

                                That was pretty tight..great job

                                • James Sawyer
                                  James Sawyer  5 months back

                                  Nice to see more of this type of play.   Great.

                                  • Jeff Streelman
                                    Jeff Streelman  5 months back

                                    Another great video. With the tree, use a 7-iron backwards, better stroke and distance control!

                                    • jbuburuz
                                      jbuburuz  5 months back

                                      thank great video. nice to see two people same lie. likely best video I have seen in long time.

                                      • Lefty SoCal Golfer
                                        Lefty SoCal Golfer  5 months back

                                        Would have had you beat ON the shot from up against the tree! LEFT HANDED!!


                                        Seriously, that was a fun video! I even learned something!

                                        So, bonus!

                                        I’ve never had much luck on shots up against the lip of the trap...never thought of just taking a chunk of the lip with me on that shot...😀.

                                        NOTE: I think my knee has finally healed enough for me to take some swings. I’ll try to get some video for you by the end of the week!

                                        • mark brook
                                          mark brook  5 months back

                                          well done James!

                                          • Mark Spriggs
                                            Mark Spriggs  5 months back

                                            Poor Tom, fancy making him go through that

                                            • Spanky S.
                                              Spanky S.  5 months back

                                              Do you have a dip in?

                                              • One-Eye Golfer
                                                One-Eye Golfer  5 months back

                                                These shots (minus the tree and bunker edge) always seem to be in play daily for me.
                                                I think you both did well for what you had left ya', it's just a matter of execution and ole Murphy's Law coming into play!
                                                Thanks mates!

                                                • Andrew Price
                                                  Andrew Price  5 months back

                                                  Good stuff. .......and you’re going to the Masters!!

                                                  • Matthew Maize
                                                    Matthew Maize  5 months back

                                                    Tom dont like the camera much🤭🤭 another great tube ,I see your a little excited about going to the masters🤔🤭⛳. Thanks for another insite back to the practice grid. 👍🏾

                                                    • Mark Ellis
                                                      Mark Ellis  5 months back

                                                      Great tutorial.. enjoyed that one 👍🏌️