Workout Motivation (HIT HATERS WHERE IT HURTS!)

  • Published: 23 October 2014
  • Watch your workout motivation soar through the roof by training like an athlete

    Finding the right motivation to workout can be challenging. Whether it be the everyday life events that keep you from staying consistent with your workouts or even worse, the negative naysayers who tell you what you can and can’t accomplish…it can be an uphill battle. In this workout motivation video I address the issue head on. I show you how I deal with negative people in every walk of life, and even more importantly, show you how you can do the same.

    People that tell you what is and is not possible for you are almost always the guys that have never accomplished a damn thing in their life. You see, when you are an achiever and you do accomplish tasks that you set out to complete you know very well what can be done. It just takes a lot of hard work to make it happen. Those that try and kill your motivation by telling you “you can’t” are just trying to make themselves feel better about quitting.

    It’s all very simple really. If you want to be able to do what others cannot tomorrow, you better be willing to do what they won’t today. I’ve lived my life by that motto. Does it suck sometimes? Absolutely. Sacrificing the life or Riley for hard work can be treacherous to some. For me, I’ve actually always enjoyed the challenge. Why would you want everything to be easy in your life? If it was, you would never appreciate the hardship and hard work needed to accomplish something that required it.

    Bottom line is this, quitters look for excuses and winners don’t believe in them. Was I born with the best genetics? Nope. Not by a long shot. I covered in previous videos how my father was 160 lbs and my mother was 5 feet tall at one hundred and five pounds. Was I the strongest? Nope. But I’ve worked my way up to being able to hang with anyone my size (or even slightly bigger) in the gym. Am I at my best? Are you kidding? I’ve got much work left to do. I’m no Adonis that’s for sure. But that’s ok. It gives me something to shoot for and work towards.

    Set your goals and fight to get closer to them each and every day…if only by one inch at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be doing things you never thought were in the cards for you. Or at least, not what others told you was supposed to be in the cards for you. Shut those voices out starting now. Get to work. Getting to where you want to be is going to require it, a lot of it.

    For a complete step by step workout program to keep you motivated by giving you results every step of the way, be sure to head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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  • Brian Myers
    Brian Myers  6 hours back

    This spoke to me. I'm the biggest example of letting stuff get to my head. I'll get up to do a workout I know for fact I've done before, and I'll get to that doubting point and not be able to perform. So thank you, your videos always motivate me, and I greatly appreciate it.

    • Ben G
      Ben G  20 hours back

      Great video!!!

      • Uncle Matt
        Uncle Matt  1 days back

        Iv'e been watching 3 years and this year I'm starting to look like Jeff. I follow the work outs, not the nutrition. I balance my diet.

        • Mahmoud Shabana
          Mahmoud Shabana  1 days back

          The best thing in you is that you doesn't drink or smoke or have any kind of shit drugs i love you man and i respect you ❤️

          • jeremalaria
            jeremalaria  3 days back

            you know what though... that guy PROBABLY had low testosterone. which MIGHT be why his doctor put him on TRT in the first place.

            • M C
              M C  3 days back

              Get the job done! American moto.

              • Zeeshan Memon
                Zeeshan Memon  3 days back

                I LOVE YOU JEFF!

                • Philip Chervenkov
                  Philip Chervenkov  3 days back

                  Damn.. I know I'm late, but I wanted to share this, even if Jeff probably wont ever see it. His content makes me wish I could leave more than one like on his videos, support him even more. He gives honest, helpful, free advice that helps me, and I'm sure thousands of other people everyday, work on being the best version of themselves. He is honestly one of my biggest inspirations, and I hope one day I am fortunate enough to meet him in person just so I can shake his hand and thank him in person for all his hard work, the inspiration, and the tools he provides me and so many other people. Legend

                  • Pranjal Vashist
                    Pranjal Vashist  22 hours back

                    Don't worry work your ass off u will reach it

                • Wali S
                  Wali S  3 days back

                  I don't know bout the training plan over trt 😂 but yh don't let anyone stop you

                  • Luis Tomlinson
                    Luis Tomlinson  3 days back


                    • Shubham Das
                      Shubham Das  4 days back

                      Respect for you mate.

                      • Raul De Paz
                        Raul De Paz  4 days back

                        Great video. Thanks man!

                        • YOUSIF ASHKN
                          YOUSIF ASHKN  5 days back

                          5 years ago i had a great body naturally. People told me that I am using. But like u said that's a great compliment for a natural lifter.

                          • Willy Nino
                            Willy Nino  5 days back

                            I wonder if this hater (dumbass) has seen this video

                            • Jacopo Tersigni
                              Jacopo Tersigni  5 days back

                              never tried any drugs? oh no that’s sad

                              • Leonardo Martínez Viveros

                                I finally found the support that I need it too see real results. Great Job Jeff!!

                                • Erick Rosa
                                  Erick Rosa  1 weeks back

                                  Recently been pushing myself and am now stronger than I was in highschool. Only difference is I don't have the cardiovascular endurance but then again I haven't incorporated running I use to run miles a day but now may e 1 mile on a treadmill in under 12 minutes for a warm up.

                                  • Aobakwe Makhoba
                                    Aobakwe Makhoba  1 weeks back

                                    Jeff same here. Boring life no drugs or alchohol even worse am a skinny hard gainer that's cripple, and you right the information I get from the channel alone has really helped me. Made some pretty impressive gains on my 1st year alone looking forward to see how it goes over the years for myself

                                    • Zinnshady24
                                      Zinnshady24  1 weeks back

                                      Its like playing a competitive video game but the guy who you keep beating calls you a hacker just cuz he lost over and over and over and over

                                      • Jorge Sanchez
                                        Jorge Sanchez  1 weeks back

                                        I really respect your channel but i think we live in a time where it's better to find motivation from a movie like Rocky and people like Arnold Schwarzenegger because most of info on the internet misleading. I would rather chase a "unrealistic goal" over a "realistic 100 % proven scientific plan made for your body type" .

                                        • J L
                                          J L  1 weeks back

                                          Hard work.....the only recipe.

                                          • Daniel Wawrzusin
                                            Daniel Wawrzusin  1 weeks back

                                            Great video. Never an excuse to miss a workout or lift. Our goal should always strive to be for excellence and not averageness.

                                            • Bradley Chlopas
                                              Bradley Chlopas  2 weeks back

                                              I often watch these videos time and time again, I feel it helps motivate me when my motivation is low. I bought the AX-1 program, loved it so much I then bought AX-2 and Wolverine Beast Mode. I guess in a way I’m sort of narrow minded now as Jeff’s programs are the only ones I use and this is the only fitness related channel I watch. Love your videos Jeff, old and new.

                                              • Tater Traps
                                                Tater Traps  2 weeks back

                                                Haters gonna hate

                                                • Colin Mohammed
                                                  Colin Mohammed  2 weeks back

                                                  ur still the BOSS bro..keep it up

                                                  • Luke Sanzone
                                                    Luke Sanzone  2 weeks back

                                                    You're a champ Jeff. This is my favorite video of yours!!! I'm going to train harder and eat better because of this!!

                                                    • Pompous Picard
                                                      Pompous Picard  2 weeks back

                                                      Hey Jeff, I’m going through a divorce right now and am feeling terrible about myself, despite being almost all of the way through AX1 and being in the best shape of my life at 40 years old. But I’m having a hard time staying motivated to keep training and eating hard. I’d love to see a video on how you’ve found the motivation to keep going through the toughest of times. Thanks for all you do, Jeff.

                                                      • Daniel Gorodetzki
                                                        Daniel Gorodetzki  2 weeks back

                                                        Now, to the hater boy on steroids.
                                                        If you're not a professional athleat and you you don't spend most of your day in the gym, reaching Jeff's body will be a long and painful process, you can't just expect being that swole after a month or 2, or even a year, but if you keep working hard and have some decent genetics you might get there.
                                                        You can easily look at steroid using people and look at Jeff, I mean Jeff is definitely a sculpture of a Greek god but if people are on steroids they are much more swole and look kind of unnatural imo.

                                                        • GhostSniper
                                                          GhostSniper  2 weeks back

                                                          Haters: Don’t dew it
                                                          Jeff: *Screw it!*

                                                          • Ashly Hayes
                                                            Ashly Hayes  2 weeks back

                                                            Jeff, your videos are amazing. Of the fitness channels I watch, yours is my favorite. I was introduced to you from a friend of mine who IS a PT (he’s also been accused of being on steroids and that he doesn’t know what he’s doing but I can say firsthand that he does) and he became mine. He and I met on a job and when I became interested in working out and getting fit, he was willing to help. He got me on a good diet and we went to the gym together 6 days a week and eventually I saw results.

                                                            Now I was tempted to quit after he left the job but I pushed myself to keep going and use what he had taught me. I am committed. My mom is against me going to the gym and doing what I’ve been doing for the past few months. I say screw anyone who tries to stop you in your fitness journey. Each and every one of us has to do what we feel is best for us, not listen to the negative Nelly’s out there. It’s our life, we have the control.

                                                            • Kaulquapp Pentephraxis
                                                              Kaulquapp Pentephraxis  2 weeks back

                                                              Man I started watching your videos and followed your instructions and now after three month i look like motherfuckin Adonis... no joke

                                                              • Gettodachoppah!!!!!!!!
                                                                Gettodachoppah!!!!!!!!  2 weeks back

                                                                Better to have been a skinny guy than a fat guy. I’ll be thankful when I’m thin again. On my way to it, never had much luck with the big , cut muscles. Only thing that has me fired up is my first grandchild was born, and getting off this blood pressure medication.

                                                                • My Sight
                                                                  My Sight  3 weeks back

                                                                  Sir, your workouts are on point. Very helpful. I'm looking good. (I say that in modesty) and I'm not a kid anymore. Thank you.

                                                                  • BoomboxMike1
                                                                    BoomboxMike1  3 weeks back

                                                                    Hi Jeff, your programs & all your advice have motivate me to better myself in all aspects of my life so thank u sir.😊
                                                                    Also want to add that I. Use to train in the gym with a close friend. We trained really hard however I just trained a lot harder. He used to by steroids on the down low. He urge me to try it & told him no & stayed clean. Well after six month of training folks at the gym asked us who’s using steroids I replied he is not me. So they thought I was using drugs. I was just eager to look strong/solid like an athlete just by training harder & not cheating like my friend did.
                                                                    Now day I string harder @ 50 yrs of age & my friend had heart surgery, lost his hair lost all his muscle looking like a crack head. Sad tho as his my friend I always tried to help me train naturally but he wouldn’t.. Needed to share this with ya & Jeff.😊

                                                                    • Rod Palmer
                                                                      Rod Palmer  3 weeks back

                                                                      Well that was the pep talk I needed

                                                                      • Angaraj Baruah
                                                                        Angaraj Baruah  3 weeks back

                                                                        I'm great fan of you..

                                                                        • durp 16
                                                                          durp 16  3 weeks back

                                                                          I did not start off working out by hearing people tell me that I can never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I started because I simply wanted to look and be stronger. I looked to other people like Buff Dudes and say, "I want to be a strong guy like him". That is why i work out.
                                                                          Thank you Athlean for making these videos.

                                                                          • Buntbär
                                                                            Buntbär  3 weeks back

                                                                            Ridiculus Accusations. 2 Years of a organic wholefoods diet (no sugar,no White carbs) and I lost 30 kg . From 98kg I went to 68kg. That was one year ago. I've Put on 7kg of lean muscle just by climbing and keeping Up the diet loosely. I'm absolutely convinced Jeff ist 100 percent true.

                                                                            • Santosh Mishra
                                                                              Santosh Mishra  3 weeks back

                                                                              You are totally correct sir these type of peoples are every where we just need to ignore them and work our ass off...i follow you regularly just keep doing good job

                                                                              • Asd asd
                                                                                Asd asd  3 weeks back

                                                                                Keep going jeff you are the best

                                                                                • Troy Lee
                                                                                  Troy Lee  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Athlean X and Jeff are #1 in my book.

                                                                                  • Troy Lee
                                                                                    Troy Lee  3 weeks back

                                                                                    I am 50 and just had my cholesterol checked and also had my testosterone checked and guess what haters both are normal and I know how to raise it naturally by lifting weights eating right. I also have good genetics. Yes T- levels can decline with age but not always it's mostly how well you take care of yourself in your younger years. I never smoked or drank alcohol or any other bad habit and smoking and alcohol are 2 of the biggest killers of testosterone and some people wonder why theirs is low. I eat a ton of good T raising foods and 2 of these foods are eggs and oatmeal and I eat a ton of each EVERYDAY as well as other foods. I don't need fucking drugs to build my body. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. So all you fucking hater's out there to lazy to put in the work do your fucking research before you start bashing others for their hard work. Another thing Jeff Cavaliere is the best fitness expert on this planet in my opinion.

                                                                                    • Colin Kerr
                                                                                      Colin Kerr  3 weeks back

                                                                                      this has one of the best like to dislike ratios I've ever seen!

                                                                                      • Some random guy That likes memes

                                                                                        This video is powerful. Thank you Jeff

                                                                                        • Young Blazin
                                                                                          Young Blazin  3 weeks back

                                                                                          @ATHLEANX im
                                                                                          just like you man i swear i completly
                                                                                          changed my likes amd habits and mainly
                                                                                          my lifesyle
                                                                                          in the past year to the point were all im
                                                                                          worried about is having the right equipment and keeping my body in shape and living a healthy lifestyle you are
                                                                                          motivating me to start my own gym when im
                                                                                          enough. thanks
                                                                                          and keep up the great videos man.

                                                                                          • Olney Goin
                                                                                            Olney Goin  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Healthy lifestyle, consistency, good sleeping habits, a carrot cake a year and train hard every day: natural beast

                                                                                            • Santhosh A
                                                                                              Santhosh A  3 weeks back

                                                                                              Bro Jeff u r the best

                                                                                              • tristan hann
                                                                                                tristan hann  3 weeks back

                                                                                                Look I'm 35 now. I'm pretty small but I follow Jeff's advice and only have time and means for body weight stuff and I tell you it's all sound advice. Correct form, and intensity. I'm not even good with nutrition in fact I'm crap at it. I under eat ,cave in for junk meals and all that but I still get results for my goals. It's a work in progress. But I'm sticking to it. Also there's way bigger guys than Jeff who are all natural. Few have the sort of balance to their physique that he has but then his form is great and he trains athleticly. So I'm not surprised by that. I train to support my Martial arts pursuits and his approach to everything from the above points to time management ,weekly schedules and so forth have been invaluable. Especially now that I have a 1 year old to look after as well.