Breeding our MINIATURE goat (with Artificial Insemination)

  • Published: 10 July 2019
  • Today's the DAY! Will she get pregnant?

    Our littlest goat, Willow, is getting her very first artificial insemination experience. We're excited for her to have babies of her own this year and can't wait to find out the results!

    Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feeding pigs, and gathering eggs. We have a small plot of land, but boy, do we make the most of it. Each animal on our farm is taken care of holistically & organically. We let the mama goats raise their babies until they reach 10 weeks of age and are naturally weaned from nursing. We keep a small herd of 5-7 milking goats, mainly the Nigerian Dwarf breed, although we still have the queen of the herd, Luna, our Nubian goat. We use the fresh goat's milk to make cheese, butter, cream, and we use it in all sorts of baking & cooking. We love that we can walk into our backyard and gather food. It's the best feeling ever!

    After the morning chores, we usually tend to the pond -- we're always adding new pond plants and fish to maintain the delicate ecosystem of our natural swimming pool. Summer is just around the corner and we're excited for another year of swimming in this amazing natural pool!

    Our backyard farm is full of adventures, and we're so happy to share our farm vlog with you. Hopefully you can feel inspired to grow something of your own, or care for an animal with kindness like we strive to do. Thanks for watching!

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  • My life 😘
    My life 😘  19 hours back

    I think shes pregnant i cant wait to see her little babies obviously there gonna be cute because willows cute ahhhhh!!! I cant wait

    • Dragon Lover
      Dragon Lover  23 hours back

      Honestly I hate this I mean your forcing the poor girl to have children I'm not hating goat babies are cute but still

      • ASMR Moonlight&Kels
        ASMR Moonlight&Kels  1 days back

        This was posted on my birthday! July 9th was my birthday!

        • Animal Hoarder
          Animal Hoarder  1 days back

          I also live on a farm but yours is newer mine is from 159 years ago

          • Loren Lynch
            Loren Lynch  1 days back

            Where do you get your herbal dewormer?

            • Shane Biggin
              Shane Biggin  1 days back

              PREGGOS!!!! (and shes gonna have 2!)

              • Faith Hunt
                Faith Hunt  1 days back

                2 babys

                • horses and more
                  horses and more  2 days back

                  Ewwwww who would do that tourrture

                  • Terri Chandlee
                    Terri Chandlee  2 days back

                    Yes 4😊

                    • calista walsh
                      calista walsh  2 days back

                      One more litter

                      • Alyssa Hughesman
                        Alyssa Hughesman  2 days back

                        Is it just me but I love Ethan t-shirt

                        • Abagil Seals
                          Abagil Seals  2 days back

                          She is and at least 3 babys

                          • Epiphany Forbes
                            Epiphany Forbes  2 days back

                            I love Luna 😍

                            • Gacha• Sophie
                              Gacha• Sophie  2 days back

                              OoOoOoOo Its getting closer!

                              • wolf girl
                                wolf girl  2 days back

                                Name the hen that's friends we'd the kittens name the hen sea

                                • Kavitha Menon
                                  Kavitha Menon  2 days back

                                  Animals understand well see their reaction

                                  • CuteFruit 08
                                    CuteFruit 08  2 days back

                                    You could make soap with all that goat milk. Make bank 😂

                                    • Connie Lynn
                                      Connie Lynn  2 days back

                                      Discovered you today. Thoroughly enjoyed the ones I watched so far. Had a hard time putting it down. Will watch more later today,

                                      • Tiny Female Shooter
                                        Tiny Female Shooter  2 days back

                                        Raw milk is the best for you...keeps all the good enzymes in it that you need....they say only the chronically ill should avoid it

                                        • Gold 8
                                          Gold 8  3 days back

                                          there gonna be so tiny and cute!

                                          • wiggles
                                            wiggles  3 days back

                                            i love this family

                                            • Wolfcavegamepack
                                              Wolfcavegamepack  3 days back

                                              I think she's gonna have three 😊

                                              • Ann Marie Brei
                                                Ann Marie Brei  3 days back

                                                We live on Dairy farm in WI, we drink the milk out of the bulk tank! No worries.

                                                • Elisabeth Oviedo
                                                  Elisabeth Oviedo  3 days back

                                                  Your kids got some good genes AND thank you for make videos it really inspires me to make a farm when I’m older

                                                  • Frozen Pokémon Nummy
                                                    Frozen Pokémon Nummy  3 days back

                                                    Did you find a turkey?

                                                    • Jordyn Small
                                                      Jordyn Small  3 days back

                                                      In my area its only 120 far in highet

                                                      • Star
                                                        Star  3 days back

                                                        Yess she is and I think she is having 4

                                                        • Sonya Kitzmiller
                                                          Sonya Kitzmiller  3 days back

                                                          I’d say willow will have two kids one or each boy and girl

                                                          • Belissa Arteaga
                                                            Belissa Arteaga  3 days back

                                                            I think she's Ganna have 3 or 2 maby 3 idk

                                                            • Ysm /:
                                                              Ysm /:  3 days back

                                                              Do you actually drink the goat 🐐milk 🥛 I think it’s disgusting 🤢🤮

                                                              • Anne-Christine Marcou
                                                                Anne-Christine Marcou  3 days back

                                                                Artificial insemination equals to organized rape!!!! Not natural..greed human audacity..b a d...

                                                                • Angels Haven Investmentscc

                                                                  Your pigs are ADORABLE

                                                                  • KayKayGamer
                                                                    KayKayGamer  4 days back

                                                                    Yes. 3 babies!

                                                                    • Baby Catcher
                                                                      Baby Catcher  4 days back

                                                                      She might have two, but with some animals the act of procreation will cause the female to release more eggs, therefore more babies. Im betting on one. A buck. 😉

                                                                      • Maddog Elizabeth
                                                                        Maddog Elizabeth  4 days back

                                                                        yes and 3 ,2 girls 1 boy

                                                                        • Amber Roy
                                                                          Amber Roy  4 days back

                                                                          I love Lunas teeth, so cute!😬


                                                                            Raw milk, yummy 😊

                                                                            • super gamer
                                                                              super gamer  4 days back

                                                                              I think Luna accidentally Hit her so she was being sorry

                                                                              • Kimberly Collins-Davis


                                                                                • Patricia-Anne Cockburn

                                                                                  Willow will have beautiful kids. I'm sure she'll catch.....maybe 2???

                                                                                  • Raeleigh Porter
                                                                                    Raeleigh Porter  5 days back


                                                                                    • SlippedBuck
                                                                                      SlippedBuck  5 days back

                                                                                      I really like that you use °C!!

                                                                                      • ClayBank Homestead
                                                                                        ClayBank Homestead  5 days back

                                                                                        Beautiful animals and farm.your videos are so inspiring.God Bless Yall

                                                                                        • nithcore fnaf
                                                                                          nithcore fnaf  5 days back


                                                                                          • Nandani Pathania
                                                                                            Nandani Pathania  5 days back

                                                                                            1:55 she smiles at the camera

                                                                                            • gacha do it all
                                                                                              gacha do it all  6 days back

                                                                                              What a beutiful farm😍😍😘🤠🤠

                                                                                              • Karien Landsberg
                                                                                                Karien Landsberg  6 days back

                                                                                                I think she is going to be pregnant with 2 or 3 babies

                                                                                                • Kristie Johnson
                                                                                                  Kristie Johnson  6 days back

                                                                                                  I would love some more information on the powder dewormer. Also to know if it affects the eggs like the chemicals.