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  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Who wins Game 2?

    • Daniel Barwatt
      Daniel Barwatt  3 months back

      @Eric Lewis And youre an idiot

    • Spencer Valles
      Spencer Valles  3 months back

      @SSM Prod Looks like 3 and 1 are their cursed numbers

    • mistaseeforce
      mistaseeforce  3 months back

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright curry better than KD

    • kathleen111212
      kathleen111212  3 months back


  • ATL 1
    ATL 1  2 days back

    I'll say that he is the most protected guy in the league. He is overly promoted. He is the only player to slip and fall on a fast break and not make Shaq N the fool.

    • Abdirizak Ismail
      Abdirizak Ismail  2 months back

      Stephen curry and Lionel Messi. Same thing..

      • Rayhona Juraeva
        Rayhona Juraeva  2 months back

        Is he underrated: maybe but
        Is he respected: no

        • Gyan Saxena
          Gyan Saxena  3 months back

          Steph is gonna go down as the mvp to their organization

          • Alexia Is On Fire
            Alexia Is On Fire  3 months back

            The most underrated aspect of Curry's game (Durant as well since he came to Golden State) to me is his uncanny ability to produce at a high level while also having a much lower usage rate compared to the other top players. Harden, Westbrook, LeFlop, guys who need the ball in their hands at ALL times could never do what Steph does off the ball. I think that is overlooked and counts a lot towards his greatness.

            • Granola Bars
              Granola Bars  3 months back

              It worked when Giannis and co. did it

              • Shaun ONeil
                Shaun ONeil  3 months back

                He’s for sure underrated since KD got there, people forgot 2014-2016

                • Miguel Lima
                  Miguel Lima  3 months back

                  He is not underrated, he, as most player, is well rated. Every player has haters, those guys are the outliers, not the norm. Harden is the only top player that i would consider underrated. And btw, jokic e very undervalued, he is not better than all those top players but he is just as valuable to his team and he deserves to be higher than steph on the mvp race

                  • Parth Patel
                    Parth Patel  3 months back

                    Steph curry is the most underrated player ever. He is never mentioned in the greatest player in the league convo. But he is by far the most valuable player on a franchise in today’s NBA.

                    • Life Of Sergìo
                      Life Of Sergìo  2 months back

                      Lul Jay the difference maker of a team you talking about a all time dynasty that is ticking around 1 player making the right moves constantly

                    • Lul Jay
                      Lul Jay  2 months back

                      Life Of Sergìo what is ur definition of most valuable

                    • Life Of Sergìo
                      Life Of Sergìo  3 months back

                      Parth Patel second to Jordan in most valuable ever

                  • Delon Lawrence
                    Delon Lawrence  3 months back

                    A great apple will never be a great orange. Steph Curry is equally great as LeBron, MJ and Kobe. He will never be the same as them. But he will always be just as great within his sphere.

                    • Delon Lawrence
                      Delon Lawrence  3 months back

                      It’s like comparing The Beatles to The Rolling Stones. One band is not greater than the other. They are equally great within their spheres.

                  • Armin Hashtroodi
                    Armin Hashtroodi  3 months back

                    I think ray would beat Steph in a comp like this. But it's like 6 out of 10 times. I think klay's game is more like Ray Allen's so I think that would be tough to say who wins that

                    • johncitizen76
                      johncitizen76  3 months back

                      nick gettin touchy feely awkies ☝

                      • Jaymes Mentor
                        Jaymes Mentor  3 months back

                        Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember the last timer Steph's had a multiple game shooting slump. That's saying a lot for a volume shooter that shoots that many 3's.

                        • Jaymes Mentor
                          Jaymes Mentor  3 months back

                          Yup curry choked a 31 point lead, forgot it was LA Clippers vs Curry. My bad

                        • ATL 1
                          ATL 1  3 months back

                          He choked a 31 point lead.

                      • Thomas Moore
                        Thomas Moore  3 months back

                        Doesnt underrated mean people dont rate him as high as he should be?

                        • Thomas Moore
                          Thomas Moore  3 months back

                          Id say he is underrated, dudes a Haller

                      • joenicedj
                        joenicedj  3 months back

                        Think about CC. He has the best hands in NFL history and he has enough humility to say, "I studied certain routes that Jerry Rice would run" and "he was the greatest wide receiver of all time".

                        Statements like that are the reason more people watch this show.

                        • aaron francis
                          aaron francis  3 months back

                          Cmon Nick

                          • Vicenti Wright
                            Vicenti Wright  3 months back

                            [ELEPHANT IN THE ROOOM] Black people dont root for privileged players.

                            • Georgia Bragg
                              Georgia Bragg  3 months back

                              You are the main duck face Nick wright never liked the warriors even worse now every since KD join the group, two faceded crook keep changing your lie's 🤔

                              • mistah Jackson
                                mistah Jackson  3 months back

                                Cris Carter is an untutored empiricist

                                • Ron Echols
                                  Ron Echols  3 months back

                                  "Bas-it ball"

                                  • will liam
                                    will liam  3 months back

                                    Nick is TERRIBLE
                                    Only guy worse is Ryan Hollins

                                    • meechieism
                                      meechieism  3 months back

                                      Jack, “ C’mon man”😂😂😂

                                      • NIc K
                                        NIc K  3 months back

                                        Obviously staxx didn't look up the definition before the show lmao

                                        • NIc K
                                          NIc K  3 months back

                                          He went on to remind us why he's literally underrated

                                      • Sam Joseph
                                        Sam Joseph  3 months back

                                        You can stop Warriors if you stop KD.
                                        It's a fact, Cavs beat the Warriors by stopping Harrison Barnes & Draymond.

                                        Warriors beat the Cavs the first time with MVP Iguodala.
                                        Steph is great but their Chip doesn't come from Him.

                                        • Cycle of Life
                                          Cycle of Life  3 months back

                                          I really doubt that the Cavs had much to do with Barnes shooting woes. He was missing open shots. Draymond is not any teams defensive focus. If he has a bad game it's because he's just not making shots, similar to his entire 2018 regular season.

                                        • Jorel Byssainthe
                                          Jorel Byssainthe  3 months back

                                          Thank you Steph is one of the greatest shooters i've seen but they built a great team around him.

                                      • kfc667
                                        kfc667  3 months back

                                        Wait, wasn't Cris Carter a Steph Curry hater?

                                        • Elijah Green
                                          Elijah Green  3 months back

                                          He’s not underrated, he’s highly recognized, highly touted, and deserving of it

                                          • RIFICA777
                                            RIFICA777  3 months back

                                            Steph Curry not underatted.....James Harden is underrated. James Harden is the best bball player in the world and most won’t give him his props. But he gonna keep making yall pay till yall do.

                                            • Dj A1SD1
                                              Dj A1SD1  3 months back

                                              Thank you Stephen Jackson. How tf can he be underrated if we give him all the praise for his accomplishments. Say Dame Lillard or Kemba is Underrated. Not the “greatest” shooter of all time

                                              • MrJreed1000
                                                MrJreed1000  3 months back

                                                Meanwhile: A few hours later.. cousins get hurt.... Durant fouled out.. steph blows a 31 point lead and misses the game winner. ... ijs

                                                • MrJreed1000
                                                  MrJreed1000  3 months back

                                                  @Cycle of Life an L is a L

                                                • Cycle of Life
                                                  Cycle of Life  3 months back

                                                  There would not have been an opportunity for the game winner had he not made a clutch shot earlier.

                                              • Marc Pascal
                                                Marc Pascal  3 months back

                                                Golden State's sweeping who now?

                                                • Cycle of Life
                                                  Cycle of Life  3 months back

                                                  Don't get excited. If you're expecting another 30 point come back, then you need to step back and slap yourself back into reality.

                                              • Binny Falco
                                                Binny Falco  3 months back

                                                Jackson is with the "macho" type and naturally underrates the light skinned and slender baby faced assassin.

                                                • Josue Rodriguez
                                                  Josue Rodriguez  3 months back

                                                  Kawhi can guard harden

                                                  • Josesp92
                                                    Josesp92  3 months back

                                                    Everybody hates the warriors because of sellout Kevin Durant

                                                    • Smoov P
                                                      Smoov P  3 months back

                                                      Draymond stunted Stephs ability to get the respect he deserves by calling KD. Steph didn't help himself losing 3-1 with his poor play down the stretch but I'd feel a way because in so many words Draymond said a Steph led team was not good enough.

                                                      • ATL 1
                                                        ATL 1  3 months back

                                                        They all recruited KD, not just Draymond.

                                                    • markanthony
                                                      markanthony  3 months back

                                                      Surprised Nick Wright didnt say Steph and Lebron are the greatest shooters in NBA history

                                                      • Christopher Rowley
                                                        Christopher Rowley  3 months back

                                                        Stephen Jackson is terrible...why is he ever on TV

                                                        • T Wooten
                                                          T Wooten  3 months back

                                                          Steph Curry >>>

                                                          • Alan Bonilla
                                                            Alan Bonilla  3 months back

                                                            If Steph would attack the rim more they would definitily compare him with Jordan

                                                            • Alan Bonilla
                                                              Alan Bonilla  3 months back

                                                              @ATL 1 hate to admit it but your right

                                                            • ATL 1
                                                              ATL 1  3 months back

                                                              Jordan would not choke a 31 point lead

                                                          • ThePeoplesChamp
                                                            ThePeoplesChamp  3 months back

                                                            How many of you want to bet that Cris will someone bring the topic back around to himself and his NFL days, even though it's an NBA topic. I'm think that Nick will somehow insert LeBron in the discussion.

                                                            • Sean Smith
                                                              Sean Smith  3 months back

                                                              You don't know what analogy is do you cause that's what cc gave and it was in line to what doc said

                                                          • BlackStar313
                                                            BlackStar313  3 months back

                                                            Everybody's underrated except LeBron

                                                            • Scott Havertz
                                                              Scott Havertz  3 months back

                                                              Guess Klutch Sports check didn’t come this month.

                                                              • ThaRealGreggoTM
                                                                ThaRealGreggoTM  3 months back

                                                                Curry is a goat in his own right he the closest thing to jordan 💯🙌

                                                                • ATL 1
                                                                  ATL 1  3 months back

                                                                  @ThaRealGreggoTM Curry didn't teach anyone anything. They are called the splash brothers for a reason, Klay isn't 17th all times in 3 point shots because Steph taught him how to shoot.

                                                                • ATL 1
                                                                  ATL 1  3 months back

                                                                  @ThaRealGreggoTM where did LeBron chock away a 31 point lead. Date and time?

                                                                • ThaRealGreggoTM
                                                                  ThaRealGreggoTM  3 months back

                                                                  @ATL 1 tell me how lebron changed the game besides starting a wave of powerful slashers who cant shoot? 😑 Curry revolutionized the game kid ...taught the league how to shoot 🤣 And changed how coaches gameplan not just for him but for all of his clones in the league 💯 Curry is the 🐐 and im done arguing with a person who is a fan of players and not of facts

                                                                • ThaRealGreggoTM
                                                                  ThaRealGreggoTM  3 months back

                                                                  @ATL 1 lebron choked a few times i can point you to those 🤔🙄

                                                                • ATL 1
                                                                  ATL 1  3 months back

                                                                  Point me to the game where Jordan choked a 31 point lead in the playoffs

                                                              • bluebat2626
                                                                bluebat2626  3 months back

                                                                Okay Stephen all u said is right but when ppl talk about the Warriors now. People think they are so great cuz of KD and they prove it by not giving Steph the MVP when they’ve won 3 titles and hasn’t gotten the MVP once lol.

                                                                • Neville Boone
                                                                  Neville Boone  3 months back

                                                                  Nick Wright just like hearing himself talk
                                                                  Blah blah blah.. Thank God this is not a LeBron Topic.

                                                                  • Doom Emmanuel Achineku
                                                                    Doom Emmanuel Achineku  3 months back

                                                                    Men Cris Carter needs a sponsorship deal from Gillette! The guy shaves clean!!!

                                                                  • aridf
                                                                    aridf  3 months back

                                                                    Stephen Jackson confusing underrated with underachieved. That's why you need to finish high school.

                                                                    • Cycle of Life
                                                                      Cycle of Life  3 months back

                                                                      @ATL 1 In general the smaller players, especially point guards are underrated in the grand scheme of rating players from all positions against one another. While they can be described as great players, when it comes to who is the greatest of all time, the little guards are, IMO, unappreciated. They generally possess the highest acumen, in terms of the sport's IQ, are by necessity the best ball handlers and generally the best in terms of passing/facilitating. They tend to be the coaches on the floor for the most part. For me, they are the players that I appreciate and enjoy watching the most because they are the true underdogs, little men in a big man's game, often slaying the giants.
                                                                      This is why I believe Curry is underrated and underappreciated.

                                                                    • ATL 1
                                                                      ATL 1  3 months back

                                                                      Tell us, smart guy, how is underrated.

                                                                  • Matías Zamorano Pozo
                                                                    Matías Zamorano Pozo  3 months back

                                                                    Is totally underrated, his talent has no comparison with others NBA players, look for advanced stats for the last five years, look his plus/minus, the guy is tremendous you can't stop him, and is so good that he does not need free throws or 25 shots per game to do 30 points, he is one of the bests ball handlers, the best shooter, the best play maker with difference, for me he is now a top 10-15 of all time, and he has 5 or 6 years more to get to the podium.

                                                                    • Matías Zamorano Pozo
                                                                      Matías Zamorano Pozo  3 months back

                                                                      @ATL 1 it's ok, you don't have to understand.

                                                                    • ATL 1
                                                                      ATL 1  3 months back

                                                                      @Matías Zamorano Pozo I didn't even understand that.

                                                                    • Matías Zamorano Pozo
                                                                      Matías Zamorano Pozo  3 months back

                                                                      @ATL 1 You are not that smart I see, what I said? He don't take 25 shots to do 30 points. How many shots he did he make? 18, duuh. You say 20 shots to round out what I said, but 7 shots of difference is a lot. However, I was talking about statistics and tendences, check out basketball reference, advanced stats last five years, it's just one match, smart people think in long-terms, that says everything.

                                                                    • ATL 1
                                                                      ATL 1  3 months back

                                                                      Just choked a 31 point lead. He went 2-9 in the fourth quarter and he does take 20 shots a game