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    Wonderful job Quality work

    • Victor Robinson
      Victor Robinson  4 weeks back

      When you ordered the fender could you have gotten the fender painted the same color as the car I'm just saying

      • Mr.Swede Thomas Ohlsson

        Awesome video, the music not so much. 😉

        • jonas bokat
          jonas bokat  1 months back

          Hello...look how body repair is done in Europe.... ....

          • Extreme Radios
            Extreme Radios  2 months back

            Very interesting + close up views and an amazing accent!! You are killing the game bro 👊🏽☺

            • Alex Izh18
              Alex Izh18  2 months back


              • علي سرور
                علي سرور  2 months back

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                • Dan Tomlinson
                  Dan Tomlinson  2 months back

                  Nice repair. You make the straightning of the bar look easy but I know it takes a lot of skill. Good job.

                  • David Wilson
                    David Wilson  2 months back

                    Dream car, wish I had the money to buy it off you. Broke life 😭😭😭. Great video!!!

                  • ع Otp
                    ع Otp  2 months back

                    What's the name of the music in the beginning

                    • RODZILLA
                      RODZILLA  2 months back

                      Vlad, was that your Pops heating and beating the small frame. Please tell me his first name is Hans... :-)

                      • Lesego Kaviiri
                        Lesego Kaviiri  2 months back

                        keep working on the rarri

                      • James Slipsager
                        James Slipsager  2 months back

                        Is it going to be for sale when it's done?

                        • vens vspop
                          vens vspop  2 months back

                          привет из россии,как всегда гуд

                        • bigkev10101
                          bigkev10101  2 months back

                          Great videos.

                          • Craig S.
                            Craig S.  2 months back

                            Hello vlad.. Good video but the bar you straightened with a blow torch and hammer will have a permanent weak spot. Sam crack had the same problem with his Lamborghini and took it to Vtuned and he made a new bar from a 20 dollar piece of aluminium bar.. Vtuned saved Sam around 2 thousand dollars and it looked factory made..

                            • Craig S.
                              Craig S.  2 months back

                              LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION I was not disrespecting you sir .I am a metal worker and was just curious about the dint in the bar... I love the Lamborghini and can’t wait to see it complete and test driven... Thankyou for reply and correcting me on my concern..

                            • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                              LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   2 months back

                              Craig S. Did you see Sam’s bar how messed up and smash it was compared to mine, The bar is made to hold the fender, doesn’t affect anything, as far the structural goes.

                          • mo Tibortina
                            mo Tibortina  2 months back

                            We put a little bandage

                            • Ted Pollard
                              Ted Pollard  2 months back

                              You have to tell a story not just show the end it done. it like saying little red riding hood went into the woods and the wolf ran after her ( good job on telling the story on the Ac Hose)

                              • Ted Pollard
                                Ted Pollard  2 months back


                                • gurbz singh
                                  gurbz singh  2 months back

                                  Top work vlad love watching your re-builds , just a quick one what's the tool called or where do you get it from the one you use for screwing the bolts looks like a mini drill thank you

                                  • Ts
                                    Ts  2 months back

                                    Bondo on a lamo frame? What the actual fuck..

                                    • Василий Васильевич

                                      How much this work?

                                      • Knowel Da Polo GOD
                                        Knowel Da Polo GOD  2 months back


                                        • Power2ThePeopleZ
                                          Power2ThePeopleZ  2 months back

                                          Very interesting, "little bent, that will be fixed with Bondo". SMH! this is why salvage cars have a bad image! Bent metal = Weakest point and needs to be STRAIGHTENED

                                          • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                                            LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   2 months back

                                            Michael Gleeson 🙏🏻😊👊🏼

                                          • Michael Gleeson
                                            Michael Gleeson  2 months back

                                            That bar is NOT part of any structural frame for the car. It holds a fender on, which is a cosmetic feature of the car. The bondo is not too strengthen thre bar, it's strictly for cosmetics inside. Just in case anyone ever looks there (and they probably wouldn't) there would be no viable evidence of a dent. It shows me what perfectionists they are.

                                          • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                                            LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   2 months back

                                            Power2ThePeopleZ 🙄 OK Mr. genius whatever you say.. do you even know what that bar is for?

                                        • Andrew Wilkes
                                          Andrew Wilkes  2 months back

                                          Must suck to have to wait 8 weeks for parts to arrive. But looking good.

                                        • Branco Van vlasselaer
                                          Branco Van vlasselaer  2 months back

                                          The bar where u said we put some bondo on it, is an impact pre formed point is the first structural piece that wil get bend, dont put bondo on it you should laeve that point, but for the rest good job 👍

                                          • Дима Дима
                                            Дима Дима  2 months back

                                            Влад, а почему не хотите снять как выбираете на копарте авто и так же ребилдинг показать?? У Tj скучно смотреть. У вас всё в деле и чётко.

                                            • Donnie Fiori
                                              Donnie Fiori  2 months back

                                              so i wonder how much money the insurance company spent on those parts before they were like no were done here and you still had to wait 2 months for fenders dang! Vlad what do you do with all these beautiful cars when you complete them? Great work keep it up !

                                              • S M
                                                S M  2 months back

                                                Best color from factory.

                                                • Bruce Skinner
                                                  Bruce Skinner  2 months back

                                                  Vlad, this is a GREAT channel...don't understand why there aren't more subs...but don't despair, keep on truckin' with the good content!!

                                                  • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                                                    LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   2 months back

                                                    Bruce Skinner thank you Bruce, I been doing this only for 5 months, i’ll get there eventually.. thank you for watching and the support 😊👊🏼

                                                • Douglas Josee
                                                  Douglas Josee  2 months back

                                                  MT bonito seu trabalho

                                                  • Nick Rose
                                                    Nick Rose  2 months back

                                                    I love coming home from my shop and then tuning in to watch you and the crew in yours.

                                                  • Alex Malmstrom
                                                    Alex Malmstrom  2 months back

                                                    Great to see the Lamborghini back on your builds Vlad.
                                                    You may need to change the music though!! Love the channel brother ✨👌😉👍

                                                  • Marlon Zabala
                                                    Marlon Zabala  2 months back

                                                    Cant wait to see the finished of D’ Matador 🇮🇹 ®️😊

                                                  • Якобс Монарх
                                                    Якобс Монарх  2 months back

                                                    Владимир четкие видосы, прекрасная работа , мечтал бы работать в такой компании😎 Привет с Юга России Краснодарский Край 😎

                                                  • Silvera Family Adventures

                                                    Excellent my brother. Another perfect job!

                                                  • Piero original Italy
                                                    Piero original Italy  2 months back


                                                  • Fun'n'Art
                                                    Fun'n'Art  2 months back

                                                    Всё лучше и лучше!
                                                    Продолжай только вверх. Очень интересно наблюдать за мелкими нюансами ремонта, что многие не снимают на видео - у тебя всё толково показано.

                                                    P.s. скоро приеду помогать к тебе на работу с кузовом и покраской))

                                                    • taylormkct
                                                      taylormkct  2 months back

                                                      I wish I thought of using tape to hold bolt in socket in tight situations, so many times I have lost my patience, but no more, thanks for that little trick.

                                                    • Michael Gleeson
                                                      Michael Gleeson  2 months back

                                                      I was hoping to see the guy who stole that fender strung up by the balls, but this is even better! You guys are the professionals at work. Makes those other guys look like goofs ( which they are !) Loving this rebuild!

                                                    • Lucas Martínez Parra
                                                      Lucas Martínez Parra  2 months back

                                                      Keep up the good work on the Huracán, my friend.

                                                    • Ingress Wizard
                                                      Ingress Wizard  2 months back

                                                      Man Samcrac and Tavarish are kicking themselves for not winning this at auction.

                                                    • salvage rebuilds uk
                                                      salvage rebuilds uk  2 months back

                                                      Dude you are by far the best channel on YouTube your content your workshop your appearance the cars you work on everything is absolutely amazing but I Gotta tell you the music in that Lamborghini build video was horrible. Sorry no offence intended

                                                    • Pieter Verboven
                                                      Pieter Verboven  2 months back

                                                      Vlad, leave the bondo of that bar. It is ok like this and who cares about cosmetics underneath. Makes it a more honest rebuild.

                                                    • abdurrahman ülkebaş
                                                      abdurrahman ülkebaş  2 months back

                                                      king. king . king...

                                                    • albert buca
                                                      albert buca  2 months back

                                                      Great job ones again brother. Coming nicely as always 👏

                                                    • Thunderchild
                                                      Thunderchild  2 months back

                                                      Love your work Vlad, Huge fan of the channel... but that music mate... it was horrid lol

                                                    • jon yoda
                                                      jon yoda  2 months back

                                                      Very interesting again . Nice old -fashioned hammer work and a bit of heat --works a treat!
                                                      Love to all .xx