What are Strange Stars?


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  • Times Infinity
    Times Infinity   1 years back

    Just as a quick correction, I mention in the video electron, neutron and quark repulsion forces, I don't think this is the correct term and is a mistake. Instead, these should be called, respectively: Electron degeneracy, Neutron degeneracy and Quark degeneracy. If you want more info on these topics, Wikipedia has an interesting read for degenerate matter that explains the various steps towards a singularity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Degenerate_matter#Neutron_degeneracy

    • Joey P., Danny Lorraine - SEAS entertainment

      Dan Phantom vs. Quark Star vs. Strange Star
      who will win?

    • Kurt Patterson
      Kurt Patterson  4 months back

      It's really like squeezing your thumb on a hose folkes.

      • Tc
        Tc  5 months back

        stars that are strange, duh

        • DIG IT
          DIG IT  10 months back


          • diGritz1
            diGritz1  12 months back

            So this is what my mother-in-law meant when she called me a degenerate.

            • Michelle strack Province

              Hadrons from strange stars hence lhc hadron collider grrr🤔

              • YouToogle
                YouToogle  1 years back

                100% Pure Awesome videos! Happy to be a subscriber to your amazing channel!

                • Amy Carter
                  Amy Carter  1 years back

                  what in the heck is a quark lol

                  • Amy Carter
                    Amy Carter  1 years back

                    ohhh ty!that makes a bunch more sense because when i google it it said somthing about milk lol

                  • Times Infinity
                    Times Infinity   1 years back

                    So think of quarks as the smallest possible building block that we know of. There are different kinds of quarks as well, each different kind of quark is called a different 'flavor' of quark. So a unique combination of quarks will make up a proton, while a different combination makes up neutrons. Particles made of quarks are called hadrons, but not all particles are made of quarks, for example the electron is not made of quarks!

                    So long story short: Quarks are tiny particles that make up some particles like protons and neutrons.

                • BismoB
                  BismoB  1 years back

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                  • The Uneducated Asian
                    The Uneducated Asian  1 years back

                    Fucking interesting.

                    • Mehrfth
                      Mehrfth  1 years back

                      It seems to make sense that some sort of quark matter, or strange matter, would have to exist for at least an instant during the collapse of a star into a black hole. So what is there to say that less pressure than a collapse that causes a black hole could result in a stable quark star?

                      • Antony Stringfellow
                        Antony Stringfellow  3 months back

                        @Mehrfth The superdense star RX J1858–3754 is too cool to be a Neutron Star the age of this one. The most feasible explanation is that the heat energy has been taken by the conversion of up and down quarks into strange quarks. It's also too small to be a Neutron Star (11km diameter vs minimum of 17km for a Neutron Star).

                      • Mehrfth
                        Mehrfth  1 years back

                        Times Infinity well I’m just saying from the collapse of massive stars, it doesn’t just jump from a dense core to a black hole. While it happens very quickly, it would have to overcome the different forces that bind particles together one by one until finally the pressure becomes so great that it forces the matter into the same location. So following that logic, it seems evident that for the briefest instant, some form of ultra dense quark matter would exist. I don’t know about the sustainability, but it follows logic that if X amount of pressure causes a collapse into a black hole, and Y amount just causes a neutron star, than some amount of pressure, X-Y, could cause a stable quark matter substance. Then again, I don’t really know black hole physics well enough to say whether any of this is on base, but as a pure though exercise it makes sense.

                        Great videos by the way.

                      • Times Infinity
                        Times Infinity   1 years back

                        Really depends on the nature of the quark star, much like the quasi star, we don't know about the physics behind these concepts to make concrete suggestions on their stability and lifetimes. If I understand what you asked correctly, what defines the differences between a neutron star, quark star and black hole is the pressure between the three. Quark stars could exist as an extreme edge case, where slight increases in pressure could turn it into black holes. I think we'll understand more once we either find some or rule out any candidates.

                    • Abdullah Abo Elyas
                      Abdullah Abo Elyas  1 years back

                      Very interesting
                      My friend I have a question. I am an undergraduate student who is currently studying bioengineering and I would like to do my graduate studies in astrophysics. Is that possible?

                      • Times Infinity
                        Times Infinity   1 years back

                        It is, but you need to be prepared to spend extra time at your uni to get on track with it. I started with biology and moved to chemistry, it was tricky but the end result was worth it. If you enjoy astrophysics, it is a challenge worth taking and I'd recommend talking to your university to see your options

                      • Star dust
                        Star dust  1 years back

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                    • hakan sc
                      hakan sc  1 years back

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                      • Times Infinity
                        Times Infinity   1 years back

                        Ah I see, if you want I do have a script for all my videos in the description: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z9VEwdVNdUuf4yrNxQ3GiilMjZfiwoOp/view

                      • hakan sc
                        hakan sc  1 years back

                        Times Infinity i told about subtitle.

                      • Times Infinity
                        Times Infinity   1 years back

                        What is underwrite, I haven't heard of that before?

                    • DIG IT
                      DIG IT  1 years back

                      Interesting concept

                      • Fusion Tricycle
                        Fusion Tricycle  1 years back

                        Do a video on supramassive neutron stars!

                        • Fusion Tricycle
                          Fusion Tricycle  1 years back

                          But according to the hypothesis, the extreme rotation of the neutron star causes the neutron star to be less dense. This can allow it to reach masses of 5 solar masses but have the density of one just before it collapses (say around 3solar masses).

                        • Jacob 951
                          Jacob 951  1 years back

                          Those dont really exist
                          Neutron stars that are > 3 solar masses collapse into black holes
                          So a supermassive neutron star would instantly collapse into a black hole

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                          • am i a joke to you?
                            am i a joke to you?  1 years back

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