Smallest Particle in the Universe | What Makes The Universe | Quarks and Strings

  • Published: 13 July 2017
  • Universe is a vast place but made up of the same small invisible stuff. What is that most fundamental particle which makes up all the matter in the universe?

    There are atoms, then Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, and then there are smaller particles which build up protons and neutrons.

    Is this new to you?

    Well particle physicists are getting deeper and deeper into the small. It is over 60 years now when the building blocks of protons and neutrons were discovered.

    But in schools we only get to know that atoms electrons, protons and neutrons are the end.

    But there are quarks which are enormously smaller than the size of a proton. You are getting to know about this in the video.

    But the most interesting element for most of the people would be the string theory. String theory is however a completely hypothetical concept, but it is unbelievably substantial in answering the very problems of both particle physics and quantum physics.

    Strings theory is a hot topic in physics nowadays. It is also called the theory of everything. This is perhaps the most powerful theory on universe ever arrived.

    Strings are infinitely small. A string particle compared to the size of an atom is like a tree is to the size of our solar system.

    But may be this is not the end. If space and the universe can be infinitely large, they can be and infinitely small as well.

    Mathematically, nothing is indivisible. And so happens in the universe. Everything further breaks down no matter how small it is.

    So there are lots of thoughts and it. Watch it and Get you mind boggle.


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    Kevin Macleod
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      Kumari Priya  3 weeks back

      Our scientists have brake the electron . they have found the 10000th part of electron ... According to this theory future of physics is different from today's physic . Our whole physics is depend on E=mc^2 it means the ele is the smallest partical of the universe ....

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          Plz make a new video on string theory

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            Smallest particle is dark matter

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              Me toh strings bolunga as a smallest particle

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                        Yes I want that all ethics behind string theory

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                            1 zillion=__ billion

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                              Sting... the most smallest

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                                Expain string theory

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                                        I found an EVEN Smaller thing its called kurtraweqwe

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                                          Glueon or the higgis boson is the smallest

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                                                  The smallest matter is light (red green blue).

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                                                    Please sir make a video on string theory and leptons

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                                                      Smallest particle is not even discovered yet. They get smaller and smaller. Our technology still sucks.

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                                                        atoms kyu smallest particles hota hai

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                                                          atom kyu smallest particles hota hai

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                                                            atom kyu smallest particles hota hai

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