CBS Sports’ Nick Faldo Talks Masters, Tiger, & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 4/15/19


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  • Plus2 Golfer
    Plus2 Golfer  2 months back

    They were all waiting for tiger to fade then when they realized he wasn't they were expecting him to go 5under on the back 9 and they started panicking and pushing limits

    • Andrew Villanueva
      Andrew Villanueva  3 months back

      Nick faldo is a tiger hater.

      • Slice of Pepperoni
        Slice of Pepperoni  2 months back

        He definitely used to be when he was in his prime. That was a long time ago I think he appreciates how good he is now

    • e james
      e james  3 months back

      faldo never encountered anything like woods because he retired in 96. In faldo's day, the crowds were not part of the game. Each player was pretty much treated the same. Why everybody is so queer for woods is quite beyond me. he's a bald headed old black dude and a lech.

      • e james
        e james  3 months back

        @Mr Polite "oh,I'm just a poor little negro boy fighting the white man"........and saps like you eat it up with a spoon. Fuck you, punk.

      • Mr Polite
        Mr Polite  3 months back

        He won because he hit better shots than everyone else.

      • e james
        e james  3 months back


      • Mr Polite
        Mr Polite  3 months back

        Why not just say 'bald headed old dude and a lech' instead of 'bald headed old black dude and a lech'?. Bringing colour into it just makes you look like a racist.

      • Zola Hola
        Zola Hola  3 months back

        Your head is like my dick.

    • brad perry
      brad perry  3 months back

      Faldo was wrong about tiger, said he’d never win again.

      • Joseph Garner
        Joseph Garner  3 months back

        I love listening to the knowledge Faldo possesses, really knows golf, and knows Augusta. I guess when you win it 3 times, you can say you know what you are talking about.

        • hoochymama
          hoochymama  3 months back

          Interesting no one talking about his score. -13 overall not too shabby for a Major.

          • Luciano Mancinella
            Luciano Mancinella  3 months back

            I think the others were waiting for tiger to fade, then they realized he is not going anywhere, they started making errors. Francesco had a two shot lead going to the 12. Any logical thinking was take water out of play, get par and leave. They all pushed and paid the price. I believe its because the knew tiger was going to make a run and panicked.

            • Craig Kerr
              Craig Kerr  3 months back

              I love how people say stuff like “they should have taken the water out of play”, like as if the ball goes in the direction the golfer wants every time. Sometimes, especially under pressure, golfers pull or push the ball left or right. FM may very well have been aiming middle of the green and pushed it a bit.

            • slewofdamascus
              slewofdamascus  3 months back

              Their generation finally got to feel what it was like - I bet they used to laugh at all the old-timers who faded under Tiger's brilliance, which was literally commonplace, and here we are with a whole new generation of golfers and it's same old same old. They just made mistake after mistake while Tiger was doing what he always does in a major championship on Sunday - play conservatively and make every putt inside 6-7 feet, post a 2-under par 70, bingo, bango, end of story. It was beautiful...deja vu all over again.

          • MoMoMyPup10
            MoMoMyPup10  3 months back

            Dang, I really wanted to hear his answer on that last question. Funny thing about Nick -- he was the most boring and grizzled face player I can ever remember but his commentary is so enlightening, lighthearted, and entertaining, that it's always surprising to listen to him speak on air during the tournament. Him and Azinger are absolutely the best analysts.

            • s drak
              s drak  3 months back

              I disagree on Zinger being the best. I find it painfully hard to listen to him. So much so I usually press the mute button when he’s on.

            • MoMoMyPup10
              MoMoMyPup10  3 months back

              @lysippus -- uh, no

            • lysippus
              lysippus  3 months back

              i'd say at least half of what he says is what the producer/director tell him to say

          • Todd Wright
            Todd Wright  3 months back

            Lee Trevino went 10 years in between his 5th (1974 PGA ) and his 6th (1984 PGA ) major.

            • slewofdamascus
              slewofdamascus  3 months back

              one of the all-time great ball strikers, too - golf is a fickle game, take whatever happiness it deems fit to give you and stay humble...

          • Wendell Tull
            Wendell Tull  3 months back

            Division One Basketball Dot Com predicted Tigers win prior to the tournament.