Film Theory: My Hero Academia - All Might's SECRET Quirk!


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  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists   1 years back

    A few thoughts that I'm excited to discuss:
    - As far as "Why wouldn't Deku inherit the same transformation power?" As I understand it, One for All isn't about actual POWERS getting passed down, but rather storing ENERGY. Despite being the eighth in line, All Might is just really strong -- he doesn't really demonstrate a lot of other quirks/powers like you would expect. That would imply either A) everyone who came before him had the quirk of "Super Strength" which seems unlikely or B) that One for All is more about absorbing the ENERGY of the users who came before and adding it up in the next person, almost as if you're adding the power levels from Dragon Ball Z.

    - Regarding the "I'm always flexing" explanation from Episode 2...he still needs a certain amount of energy to flex. That's' why he's only able to do it for a few hours and why, as One for All fades away, he can no longer "flex." But wouldn't that still classify it as a Transformation Quirk? His body IS changing. It just feels like an incomplete explanation...It could also be that he's lying. At this point in the series, Deku is still just a random kid, not a candidate for One for All, so presumably All Might wouldn't want to give away too much information. That's also why he avoids the specifics around where he got his injury from.

    - It's also clear that All Might's normal form is his skinny form. As we see in the training clips of young All Might, he was never naturally that buff. And that's him using One for All at nearly 100% right off the bat? Maybe I'm just reading too far into that moment.

    • Jordan Mckinney
      Jordan Mckinney  1 months back

      I’m beyond late here, but, if you listen to the anime, the user of OFA makes it their own, perhaps that All Might modified OFA for him to make him simply stronger and more buff, making him have a different form, Deku probably wasn’t able to use the same form because his body was “Different” probably because Deku rushed, as you said, perhaps that it flows through All Mights body. Not saying your theory is wrong or bad, but it’s a good chance that it is wrong.

    • Julian Gaming
      Julian Gaming  3 months back

      The Film Theorists did you not know one for all is different for each user

    • Daytime gacha
      Daytime gacha  4 months back

      You have a gift matpat your smart, very very gifted,and have very VERY good eye sight all I have to saw.

    • Clear Beard
      Clear Beard  7 months back

      Spoiler alert if you haven't read the manga .

      In the latest chapter Deku gets a third quirk from one of the predecessors of One For All . It's unclear what it was but he was shooting off this black substance that looked like lightning , or Venom's black tendrils . So One For All isn't just 2 quirks . It's actually 3 confirmed quirks with potentially 6 more on the way from the other users , not including All Might .

    • am z
      am z  7 months back

      I think 8:25 is the best foreshadowing you're going to get with this theory, until more information comes out

  • MrGreenthumb1000
    MrGreenthumb1000  58 minutes back

    Super-awesome theory! I love the unspoken logic of well-built worlds.

    • Isabella Mack
      Isabella Mack  2 hours back

      so after i finished watching bnha i went to yt and listened to the english voice actors (i do this with all the shows i watch) and neito monoma has the same einglish voice actor as karma akabane from assassination classroom

      • |Xx0T4KUxX|
        |Xx0T4KUxX|  3 hours back

        *shut the fuck up*

        • Cool cooler Coolest
          Cool cooler Coolest  3 hours back

          Just letting you know Deku doesn’t actually use 100,000% power the author wrote that it was just for emphasis, and to make the scene more epic

          • Ernest CHEUNG
            Ernest CHEUNG  4 hours back

            Now let's say this: In the manga(chapter 212-214), it says that "the pre successors of One For All also stockpile their own original QUIRKS into it." And one of the 8 pre successors of the One For All Quirk claims that *out of 8 successors, only 6 has been stockpiled, waiting for Deku to discover*. So it wouldn't make sense, since in the manga, for sure only Nana doesn't have a Quirk. So will the same thing goes to All might as well, since he's the eighth user, and should've also stockpile his own original quirk into it?

            • Little Esmeralda
              Little Esmeralda  7 hours back

              Ummmm if the 1 4 All user's goal is to defeat All 4 1, y did All Might defeat him in the first place?
              -Season 3

              • Corey Eagles
                Corey Eagles  7 hours back

                Plus when the so called "embers" burned out he could still sustain that form because he said that he can't use all of it he can still activate it, it just doesn't exactly do anything

                • Acel Shock
                  Acel Shock  7 hours back

                  What if the quirk was just too weak back when all might inherited it? We don't see any mention of any famous or notable person before all might to have super strength, so it might've just been that the 100% that all might inherited could be used from the get go

                  • Corey Eagles
                    Corey Eagles  7 hours back

                    I have something to say um he was quirk less he got one for all and then got muscle form its him using his power at his full extent plus the injury he sustained from All for one made him unable to sustain this form so these form is matched to one for all

                    • Nikko Wright
                      Nikko Wright  7 hours back

                      Boku no hero

                      • Poop Face
                        Poop Face  9 hours back

                        Taking the latest chapters into account, together with the movie where he was shown to be healthier than when he met Deku, I think that the musclemass expansion Quirk Mat is implying here is the Quirk of a previous One For All user that Toshinori has access to via OFA.

                        • Slime•Ghost TSG
                          Slime•Ghost TSG  9 hours back

                          Everybody excited for * *SEASON4* *?!

                          • vincent
                            vincent  12 hours back

                            If deku could use the musle form we'd never see him with broken bones nvm that would cut out 60 hours of him in the hospital XD

                            • morning-dew girl
                              morning-dew girl  13 hours back

                              just imagine, if that guy Muscular (Deku's minor antagonist with Muscle quirk) was actually a good guy and Allmight decided to inherite his power to him...omg...

                              • killguyboss boss234
                                killguyboss boss234  13 hours back

                                All might doesn't have a second quirk because when midoriya activates one for all lighting comes that full cowl mode,on all might he gets buff why? because when you pass one for all to someone it becomes stronger

                                • M Gee
                                  M Gee  18 hours back

                                  What happens if the one for all quirk evolves of time and for the user? Like when it gets passed on or when the user has had it for a while, or maybe develops?

                                  • whatistheretowatch
                                    whatistheretowatch  18 hours back

                                    OK but what's the name of the song/drums that kept playing? I like

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                                        NoMcCoyBeets  19 hours back

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                                        • Not frank
                                          Not frank  19 hours back

                                          he said this in episode two, that he puffs up his body.

                                          • norlyn lopez
                                            norlyn lopez  19 hours back


                                            • godofyouall489
                                              godofyouall489  20 hours back

                                              Problem is deku would have that quirk as well

                                              • Fuck me sensei
                                                Fuck me sensei  20 hours back

                                                bold of you to assume black star hates reading

                                                • Zoshy
                                                  Zoshy  20 hours back

                                                  It also comes with 6 different quirks to awaken

                                                  • swiss muay thai
                                                    swiss muay thai  22 hours back

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                                                        AMV HYPEBEAST7692  24 hours back

                                                        When you don’t know about kissanime

                                                        • Christian Carroll
                                                          Christian Carroll  1 days back

                                                          Wouldn't it be possible he had that "superpower" ability? since ofa can buff other quirks since he mentioned that about todo white red boi? superpower is what I think the name of making the body stronger

                                                          • Christian Carroll
                                                            Christian Carroll  1 days back

                                                            dayku: am I a joke to you?
                                                            deku: *Am I a joke to you?*
                                                            midoria *AM I A FAKIN NON EXISTENT TO YOU?*

                                                            • TMS 11
                                                              TMS 11  1 days back

                                                              6:51 According to the Author, Kohei Horikoshi, he explained in the Manga that it was just an expression for using lots of power...Or something like that.

                                                              • Raymond Rosa
                                                                Raymond Rosa  1 days back

                                                                number 3rd hero is Hawks

                                                                • Hi How ya doin ?
                                                                  Hi How ya doin ?  1 days back

                                                                  Dragonball? Dragonball? Anywhere? Please? I want dragonball theories. Anywhere, rather soon. But hey. Idk what I’m saying anymore.

                                                                  • P1 P
                                                                    P1 P  1 days back

                                                                    All might was quirkless, he said it himself, and in the manga deku can use one of the previous users quirks, so not just energy is passed down in one for all.

                                                                    • Tony Sang
                                                                      Tony Sang  1 days back

                                                                      Or because it’s actually two quirks mixed and deku didn’t unlock muscle form

                                                                      • 陳楚正Bill Chan
                                                                        陳楚正Bill Chan  1 days back

                                                                        No matt
                                                                        That isn’t what all might look like when he doesn’t use the quirk it’s what all might looks like when he *got hurt* so he can only return to his original muscle form

                                                                        • Rotsen Aicrag
                                                                          Rotsen Aicrag  1 days back

                                                                          The vrv i dont need i fin the boku no hero and i got the two heros ok

                                                                          • Laurence Morin
                                                                            Laurence Morin  1 days back

                                                                            What always bothered me was how one for all is passed just have to get the holder’s DNA with consent. So what if Katsuki and Deku kiss? Deku is consentent and Bakugo gets Deku’s saliva in his system... Furthermore, it just means that none of the previous OFA holders had a love life..

                                                                            • 廖偉凱
                                                                              廖偉凱  2 days back

                                                                              Damn he actually got it right, not that all night has a new quirk but now deku has a second ability.

                                                                              • Md. shah
                                                                                Md. shah  2 days back

                                                                                Yea I don't WANNA BE 'SPOILED'

                                                                                • goldjay18
                                                                                  goldjay18  2 days back

                                                                                  Wait you Watch it dubed

                                                                                  • Sniper_Yin [C&J]
                                                                                    Sniper_Yin [C&J]  2 days back

                                                                                    He was probably able to use 100% percent right away because he was already strong in muscle factor so he could handle one for all and containing it all

                                                                                    • meme boy
                                                                                      meme boy  2 days back

                                                                                      How do you wach it in english

                                                                                      • DEATRES825
                                                                                        DEATRES825  2 days back

                                                                                        I thought All Might said it was like a guy at a pool trying to
                                                                                        suck in his stomach to look muscular

                                                                                        • not_henrys_mom
                                                                                          not_henrys_mom  2 days back

                                                                                          All maight is american so why dafuq is he able to speak Japanese

                                                                                          • Pepper
                                                                                            Pepper  2 days back

                                                                                            #3 H a w k s

                                                                                            • Miguel Dollero
                                                                                              Miguel Dollero  2 days back

                                                                                              Because all might has fight all for one then he got injured stupid idiot

                                                                                              • XXI_Mute 24
                                                                                                XXI_Mute 24  2 days back

                                                                                                I think deku and all might(training) had no muscles because they haven’t mastered it