The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice


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  • Vox
    Vox   5 days back

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    • Sweetteawillie
      Sweetteawillie  4 minutes back

      You don't get credit for your craftiness in visuals and partial facts.
      Try explaining how the FAA changed its rules for hiring ATCs, at the former president's request for diversity.
      Maybe then you can correlate how the Saftey division may have dropped the ball in regards to the new system being certified with this aircraft.

    • Jet Valmonte
      Jet Valmonte  32 minutes back

      The author of this video failed to present all the FACTS. Bottom line, inexperienced and unskilled flights crews failed to recognize the problem or did not follow procedure. Planes do not magically fly themselves. The pilots were not skilled and they panicked,

      Yes there was a minor issue with MCAS.

      But not enough to cause a crash. The day previous to the Lion Air crash, an off duty pilot on the exact same ill fated Lion Air prevented a crash, when he simply turned off the MCAS. It was almost a non event. Question is why the same plane was allowed to fly the next day without being fixed? Lion Air dropped the ball.

      On the Ethiopian crash, the pilots almost followed procedure, but did not. They apparently switched back the MCAS on. Almost is not good enough to save a plane. Almost is good enough to crash a plane.

    • Buckoux
      Buckoux  6 hours back

      Your "obscure fact" is highly preconceived. The 737 Max-8's engine size/weight, placement and power had nothing to do with the two crashes. Neither were the AoA sensors faulty or at fault. The beginning of the crashes began when the MCAS programming assumed the aircraft was at an undesirable AoA in normal takeoff climb and took the airplane from pilots control. The pilots who turned OFF the MCAS, and left it OFF, had no problems completing their flight to destinations. The two pilots who turned the MCAS back ON, after OFF, had fatal outcomes. The MCAS did not "like" the new altitude when turned back ON, and "wanted" the old altitude where it was turned OFF. The MCAS took control of both aircraft when it was turned back ON, opened the throttles to full, and flew the airplanes, nose down, into eternity. It was bad code, not Boeing's "greed".

    • Rob Y
      Rob Y  13 hours back

      +Brian Dell Bottom line is that Boeing put a system in a plane to address an inherent misbalance in the flight characteristics of the plane in order to sell the plane as just another 737. In order sell this idea this they completely omitted mention of the MCAS system in the flight manuals. This would have been fine if the system didn't have absolute authority over the stab trim and pitch of the aircraft but it did! It would have also been fine if the system had any degree of redundancy... Which it didn't. It may have also been fine if the pilot input had control authority over MCAS... But it didn't! This is pure speculation but imagine you are a pilot and you lost complete pitch control of the aircraft and it is nosing down. You have seconds to figure out a problem that is not even mentioned in the flight manual and you are at a low altitude trying to make it back o the airport for an emergency landing. That's like telling a trained UFC fighter that he should have used his Jiu-Jitsu skills when someone came up behind him at a bar and sucker punched him in the back of the head. Never saw it coming.

      Another thing to mention is that because of the jack screw design of the 737 turning off MCAS by activating the cutout switches does not automatically fix the issue... The Stab trim is now STLL in FULL nose down position because it cuts power in the last known position of the stabilizer which in this case was full nose down! Now by following Boeings instructions you have created a stabilizer that is STUCK in full NOSE Down.

      This stabilizer now needs to be manually BY HAND trimmed with zero assistance from the electric motors which could be impossible in the current situation.

    • Brian Dell
      Brian Dell  13 hours back

      +Rob Y The system was off before that happened. So, no, the system did not do that. They turned it back on despite instructions not to. And then bad things happened because they were exceeding the aircraft's speed capacity. Never once did they try to slow down. Boeing cannot design a plane that is controllable at 500 knots because of this thing called physics.

  • Jet Valmonte
    Jet Valmonte  10 minutes back

    Air France 447 an Airbus 330, crashed due to incompetent pilots not able to control the aircraft when the autopilot failed. The French aviation authority also seemed to fail to disclose crucial information about the last moments of the crash.

    People can’t handle the truth, more crashes are caused by human pilot error, poor maintenance and airline management, than anything ekse😌

    • mopar 2ya
      mopar 2ya  32 minutes back

      So many problems? 2 planes from 3rd world airlines that didnt understand how to use the system, plus they got cheap and didnt buy the optional warning system.

      Want proof? The day before Lion Air crashed, the planes crew experienced an issue with the MCAS system from a defective air speed sensor. However there was a deadheading pilot from another airline with the flight crew on that flight. When the plane experienced issues, the flight crew didnt know how to control it. Thats when the deadheading pilot stepped in and simply turned off the MCAS system and saved the plane.

      Unfortunately a new crew took the plane the next day and crashed it. They were not told or trained by their airline how to correct the issue.

      Lastly, US carriers like Southwest have not had issues and they have more Max 8s in use than any other carrier.

      • OG Gaming 2
        OG Gaming 2  37 minutes back

        This is not an “ethical problem” that Boeing had. People should not make them the bad guy. They’ve successfully built the worlds most reliable aircraft for many decades. This was a fault in computer engineering and programming, which they are rushing to fix.

        • 윤상이
          윤상이  50 minutes back

          Those greedy bastards think human lives as toys. Whish they go to hell.

          • Jaye Bass
            Jaye Bass  56 minutes back

            If you want to understand this issue read the article at the end of this post. The video glosses over some important facts. Same bottom line but more info.


            • dev deque
              dev deque  57 minutes back

              deep AF

              • John Plumleigh
                John Plumleigh  58 minutes back

                This is not the entire story. Boing also had to change the design of the tail of the 737-max 8. When they did this, they did not change the measurements that where feed into the sensors and computers. Because of this, they data being fed in as far as pitch of the plane was wrong. The incorrect math made it seem like the pitch of the plane was much steeper then it actually was, this is why the plane continually went up and down.

                • minxthecat
                  minxthecat  1 hours back

                  I don't mean to be mean to anyone here but it is always recommended that you read the guide to plane after each time it gets updated which means me manual which state how to override the system if any malfunction occurred if plane itself and you could tell with malfunctioning you should probably override the autopilot which was the main cause of this now yes system was like this yes it was aggressive but you could clearly state that it was pilot error and not the plane the yes a plane was fighting them but pilots had more than enough time they had 12 minutes override that system it is clearly stated every time boeing releases a new plane that you read the manual and this won't happen this wouldn't have happened if those pilots were smarter men or women if you were to fly a new plane or something that had been revamped and they said it was basically the same would you consider to be completely the same now and you probably brush it off and say yeah it's the engine but would you do that with a brand new car let's say it's a lemon you don't know that of course though because the dealership trying to sell it to you that way store as they're concerned as soon as you get off the lot it's not their problem so would you look into the engine to see if it was a good enough car to drive to see if there were any problems relating to this or would you say no it's good enough I shouldn't read the manual I shouldn't check out the concerns on a driver's course do they not State the rules on how to drive so when you're flying don't think he should override the system if there is a plain error so then it's under pilots command

                  • BIGMUSCLE
                    BIGMUSCLE  54 minutes back

                    Did you miss the part of the video where it explains that the new system wasn't highlighted in their iPad training?

                  • minxthecat
                    minxthecat  1 hours back

                    Don't get me wrong I feel bad for these people but this is just the plain truth

                • Bricket Inc.
                  Bricket Inc.  1 hours back

                  happens! nothing is perfect,real life.

                  • Nirvash AOE
                    Nirvash AOE  1 hours back

                    if it was a boeing plane, i wouldnt fly with that coffin plane ..

                    • Yosuf H
                      Yosuf H  1 hours back

                      This what happen when the money came in first for the companies and the people life came second or last !!??
                      Ugly facts 💔😔

                      • K M
                        K M  1 hours back

                        Why didn't Boeing just install new landing gears?

                        • Md Omar Faruk parvez
                          Md Omar Faruk parvez  2 hours back

                          My question is why they lift the engine? They could just make the landing gear long enough to set the engine.
                          Note: I am not an expert.

                          • Zack Zachary
                            Zack Zachary  2 hours back

                            So they were to damn cheap to redesign the plane to accommodate the new engine. Negligence and irresponsible

                            • Archaean
                              Archaean  2 hours back

                              wtf were they thinking? "Let's just add software that pulls the nose down, and not tell the pilots about it"

                              Imagine flying a plane, and suddenly the nose starts pushing down by itself, and no one has any idea why. That is really scary.

                              • Tamara Wynne
                                Tamara Wynne  2 hours back

                                Capitalism kills.

                                • Joe Kim
                                  Joe Kim  2 hours back

                                  Shame on Boeing and the FAA!!! Where are all the Boeing fanboys now?

                                  • Munashra Khan
                                    Munashra Khan  2 hours back

                                    Why this mechanism within the aircraft was kept a secret from the pilots is beyond any stretch of the imagination.

                                    • Robert Dorst
                                      Robert Dorst  2 hours back

                                      Dam it takes smooth and educated pilots at the controls these aircraft shouldn't be sold to anyone let alone a third world country in the sake of not being politically correct look at the carriers that had the misfortune of losing their multi million dollar investment let alone the lose of life main stream media won't put it out there for fear of being labeled racist but the personal behind the controls has much to do with the program when it comes to liability your product has to be idiot proof or your labeled as putting out an inferior product which makes no sense if I crash my car is general motors liable for my inability to disengage the cruise control or being competent to oprater their product the majority of aircraft incidents is human related the mix of automation and manual control leaves a situation where you must be cognitive of and living in the real world not everyone is appropriate for the task without extensive training hell every day I come across people on the roadways that have no business behind the wheel of a car it's called skills ether you got them or you don't

                                      • Shenia Wallace
                                        Shenia Wallace  2 hours back

                                        They even said the manuels for the boeing 737 max was inaccurate

                                        • Flyinflapjacks
                                          Flyinflapjacks  2 hours back

                                          Wait... MCAS - maneuvering characteristics augmentation system. Also MCAS - Massachusetts comprehensive assessment system. So, it’s a plane system, and a test.

                                          • The HYPED LEGENDS
                                            The HYPED LEGENDS  3 hours back

                                            Its almost like the Douglas

                                            • A B
                                              A B  3 hours back

                                              And all the CEOs that get fired will have golden parachutes and glide to safety with millions in severance pay. Death to lives all for a quick buck, corporate greed and scum is at an all time high. The world needs to rid itself of these capitalist corporations because they only care about one thing, the dollar at any and all cost! This is costing lives and the health of our planet with extraordinary pollution as well.

                                              • A B
                                                A B  3 hours back

                                                The real reason: what goes up, must come down

                                                • JurassicHog
                                                  JurassicHog  3 hours back

                                                  it will take many year to gain confidence in airline industry.

                                                  • bob avon
                                                    bob avon  4 hours back

                                                    Boeing's moto is money before lives. That's how they will compete with Airdeath. The FAA needs blood in the U.S. before it reacts.

                                                    • KIM Lyong
                                                      KIM Lyong  4 hours back

                                                      How about f you boeing company...

                                                      • Ninja Man
                                                        Ninja Man  4 hours back

                                                        all in the name of profits

                                                        • William Wood
                                                          William Wood  4 hours back

                                                          Very informative video very sad ....Boeing needs to be punished

                                                          • 1000 IQ
                                                            1000 IQ  4 hours back

                                                            No more boeing for me

                                                            • solohoh
                                                              solohoh  4 hours back

                                                              Thank you for a very clear explanation of the problem, now we need to know more about the Boeing insiders who are responsible for this blunder.

                                                              • Aaron Zhao
                                                                Aaron Zhao  5 hours back

                                                                Can someone explain why it is too late to turn off MCAS in the second incident?

                                                                • Wahb Mabkhout
                                                                  Wahb Mabkhout  5 hours back

                                                                  This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Boing should face criminal charges, the people responsible should go to jail and Boing should pay enormous fines!

                                                                  • not sure
                                                                    not sure  5 hours back

                                                                    VOX SHOULD STICK TO "HOW TO BUILD A GAMING PC" VIDEOS....O WAIT

                                                                    • Vish Ay
                                                                      Vish Ay  5 hours back

                                                                      The sad reality is in the real world business is business profits is the top goal even if that means cutting corners and taking risks

                                                                      • not sure
                                                                        not sure  5 hours back

                                                                        THIS IS SO FACTUALLY INACCURATE IT HURTS AND I'M NOT A BOEING FAN

                                                                        • Ha El
                                                                          Ha El  5 hours back

                                                                          Profit first... but dont worry they will get away with it....maybe with a light slap on the wrists

                                                                          • Radio Sky
                                                                            Radio Sky  5 hours back

                                                                            Aeronautical engineers that don't understand physics. And no, affirmative action is Not the reason why e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e in America SUCKS at their job, so don't say that.

                                                                            • Pat C
                                                                              Pat C  5 hours back

                                                                              Thanks Vox, I’m only watching this on a Boeing 737

                                                                              • Andy
                                                                                Andy  5 hours back

                                                                                This is misleading. The pilots followed the recommended 'runaway stabiliser' checklist, however they contravened it when they re-engaged the stab trim cutout switches, and control was lost shortly after. Also the thrust was never reduced from takeoff power, resulting in an extremely high speed which exacerbated the control issues. To say the crash was completely the fault of the aircraft manufacturer is misleading.

                                                                                • Derek C
                                                                                  Derek C  6 hours back

                                                                                  Why is it we as humans always have to exaggerate and blow things out of proportions. Millions of people die everyday for bs reasons and no one bats an eye. a plane goes down as horrible as it is and we find out that it’s a design issue that’s now being fixed and everyone loses there minds. Flying is still the safest form of travel and that is in part because of the hard work that Boeing employees do to build a great plane. So to say it’s negligence is ridiculous. The media doesn’t have a clue they’re not aerospace engineers and the whistleblowers they talk to most of those people are just pissed off becuase they got fired for some unrelated reason so they try and make the company look bad to better themselves.sory but It was a mistake that happens it’s rare but it does happen. It’s being fixed and the plane will be a safe plane soon enough

                                                                                  • coolvids95
                                                                                    coolvids95  6 hours back

                                                                                    Sure let Vox tell us what is wrong with things they no nothing about.

                                                                                    • Iman Amatullah
                                                                                      Iman Amatullah  6 hours back

                                                                                      Boeing owns the FAA! This equals corruption and death! 💲🛬⚰️

                                                                                      • Marivic Gatab
                                                                                        Marivic Gatab  6 hours back

                                                                                        Is made in China!

                                                                                        • Tyhrone
                                                                                          Tyhrone  6 hours back

                                                                                          Money kills

                                                                                          • Meh Taylor
                                                                                            Meh Taylor  6 hours back

                                                                                            Boing murders!

                                                                                            • halilbulle
                                                                                              halilbulle  6 hours back

                                                                                              They should be banned and some people should go to prison. This is so ridiculous I hope the ones who signed the dotted lines with their cheeks red hot turned to the side; burn.