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  • Orion
    Orion  1 months back

    God Hamilton doesn't have a shred of personality lmao.

    • Chris DeBlanc
      Chris DeBlanc  1 months back

      I prefer Kimi

      • The red devils
        The red devils  2 months back

        Vettle and hamiltin DUO

        • Herbert Vogel
          Herbert Vogel  2 months back

          Vettel Sebastian nimm bitte den Bart ab Du siehst jämmerlich aus wìe der letzte Penner unter den Brücken 👎

          • Mike
            Mike  5 months back

            VET actually is not funny 😒

          • simon wolff
            simon wolff  5 months back


            • Deniz Yilmaz
              Deniz Yilmaz  6 months back

              Vettel is the best😂😂❤❤

              • Valentin K
                Valentin K  7 months back

                Vettel: Is n Schnittschen, ne?
                Frau: Ja!
                Vettel: Und das Auto ist auch schön.
                AAaallles klar 😂😂

                • Davi Ernest
                  Davi Ernest  8 months back

                  I don't care who wins. I'm impartial.

                  Vettel: 😮

                  • Davi Ernest
                    Davi Ernest  8 months back

                    Keep going she's been nasty 🤣

                    • Aniela Mil
                      Aniela Mil  8 months back

                      Subtitles at 0:57 I’m going to die

                      • GozieZilla
                        GozieZilla  6 months back

                        Leonidas: "No shit farts oh yeah yeah yeah"

                    • Jck Dnls
                      Jck Dnls  8 months back

                      German Joe dirt

                      • Siegfried Streit
                        Siegfried Streit  8 months back


                        • Master Race of everthing
                          Master Race of everthing  8 months back

                          I wouldn have recognized him from a mile

                          • Lukas Winkler
                            Lukas Winkler  8 months back

                            Soll ich Musik anmachen hahah

                            • Kopite TV
                              Kopite TV  8 months back

                              Not sure if the subtitles are correct it says he was talking about a dishwasher and Stalin

                              • Mahmood Yousif
                                Mahmood Yousif  8 months back

                                4:43 who is that reporter ?

                                • Trayan Hristov
                                  Trayan Hristov  1 months back

                                  What a disgusting personality, shouldn't be opening his mouth at all.

                                • Yt_User#911
                                  Yt_User#911  6 months back

                                  HOW TF is that guy a F1 reporter.
                                  Kick that trash out right now!.

                                • Alex
                                  Alex  7 months back

                                  "don't touch me"
                                  And then... Just look the Vettel's face

                                • AnonymousRealist
                                  AnonymousRealist  7 months back

                                  Firefly what are you on about, Johnny was a great driver but had in unfortunate accident in formula 3000 which compromised his legs, if not for that he may have gone on to be one of the greats. And besides, Johnny is one of the least biased reporters out there and this is from a vettel fan watching sky sports every race

                                • Firefly
                                  Firefly  8 months back

                                  @Chris Belling Yep, that guy was once promising but then got completely overrun by young and ambitious Michael Schumacher when they became teammates in Benetton back in the early 90'. And he ever since HATES young "take-it-all" superstar drivers, like Vettel or Hamilton

                              • Matteo
                                Matteo  9 months back

                                That asshole in the car interview, he came 20 cm near to Seb. And Seb touches him and he said . Uohdjdjdj don't touch me

                                • Matteo
                                  Matteo  9 months back

                                  The car in the first scene is a Infiniti. Guess witch team was sponsored by Infiniti when Seb was there. Right

                                • Jacob C
                                  Jacob C  9 months back

                                  It was so funny when he bottled 2 championships in a row😂👌

                                  • AnonymousRealist
                                    AnonymousRealist  7 months back

                                    Jacob C hey remember when Lewis threw away the title by crashing into the pit lane 😂😂😂😂, I mean how dumb 😂😂

                                  • Jan-Niklas Riezler
                                    Jan-Niklas Riezler  8 months back

                                    I mean 2017 way Hardly his fault. Yes he was partly to blame for Singapore but there was nothing he could to about the reliability issues and the fact that the Mercedes was simply the stronger car. I mean he wasn't that good this season however I'm sure that he'll come back strong :)

                                  • Jacob C
                                    Jacob C  8 months back

                                    Sgt Shredder579 yh 2007 was a funny one😂

                                  • Nathan
                                    Nathan  9 months back

                                    Jacob C Just Like Hamilton has bottled titles xD

                                  • Vishrut Shah
                                    Vishrut Shah  9 months back

                                    Jacob C Yeah they missed that one.

                                • GenericYoutubeNameHD
                                  GenericYoutubeNameHD  9 months back

                                  I've never seen the full seagull interview, hilarious

                                  • zerosum
                                    zerosum  4 weeks back

                                    AnonymousRealist Sarcasm should only be allowed if one can properly deliver it

                                  • AnonymousRealist
                                    AnonymousRealist  7 months back

                                    Tiago Casquinho you don’t get sarcasm do you

                                  • Tiago Casquinho
                                    Tiago Casquinho  8 months back

                                    But damn that interviewer at 4:43 is an asshole

                                • Atharva Bendre
                                  Atharva Bendre  9 months back

                                  He kinda reminds me of Jake Peralta Of Brooklyn 9-9 lol

                                  • Steve Johnson
                                    Steve Johnson  9 months back

                                    I like seb as a person, but if Lewis was in a Ferrari this year I believe he would of won, his coming together with multiple drivers this year plus mistakes he made on his own is why Lewis got to 5 first, 2 years in row Ferrari been fav to win the championship at the half way stage but as usual when it really matters they blow it

                                    • the Q
                                      the Q  8 months back

                                      Steve Johnson if I'm honest I think Lewis wouldn't won win Ferrari. What surprises me is how he was behaving in Austria after the pitstop "mistake". He just fell apart didn't drove well and was only blaming others on the radio. Bit every time Seb got fooled (and he got fooled by Ferrari alot this year) he stayed calm and even defended his team. Lewis was this year the better driver but he weren't be able to get along with those things Vettel managed to do. Overall there was only 1 race were Ferrari was dominant and that was China. Mercedes were in a different league in Spain, France, Japan, Russia. The rest of the races they were quite close to each other. Mercedes had undoubtedly the much better car this year and the more consistent one. Ferrari just fell apart.

                                    • Steve Johnson
                                      Steve Johnson  8 months back

                                      @Jan-Niklas Riezler it's all opinions mate and I respect yours, even though I disagree 😀

                                    • Jan-Niklas Riezler
                                      Jan-Niklas Riezler  8 months back

                                      Nah I would say that over the year both cars very pretty equal. In the beginning and the end the Mercedes was stronger (starting after summer break) however over the summer before the break the Ferrari was arguably stronger. I'm also not sure whether Lewis would have won with Ferrari because Merxedes is definetly the more complete team which is quite important over the duration of a season. However I won't deny that Lewis would most likely have done a better job than Seb this year ;)

                                    • raphael yianni
                                      raphael yianni  9 months back

                                      Steve Johnson 2017 the Mercedes was stronger but 2018 Ferrari should have won it

                                  • Nicolas Fritsch
                                    Nicolas Fritsch  9 months back

                                    Vettel's dialect in the beginning clip is ridicilous.

                                    "Frau Hansen ruisch, ruisch Frau Hansen."

                                    • Nicolas Fritsch
                                      Nicolas Fritsch  9 months back

                                      Ah das it dat, das is dat quietschen.

                                    • Namenim
                                      Namenim  9 months back

                                      Nicolas Fritsch Hörnse datt quietschen, Frau Hansen?

                                    • Nick Mersch
                                      Nick Mersch  9 months back

                                      @Aakarsh Naidu Girrem Calm down Miss Hansen, calm down

                                    • Aakarsh Naidu Girrem
                                      Aakarsh Naidu Girrem  9 months back

                                      What does that mean??

                                  • Rajesh Mohanty
                                    Rajesh Mohanty  9 months back

                                    Its the last race of 2018!!!! God!!! Gone so Soon!!!!! And entire suffle in the grids!!!! Will miss Alonso a lot!!! really a lot!!! hope Ferrari up their game like they improve each year!!! And please keep making videos!!! Especially videos after each Race!!! Love ur channel a lot!!!

                                    • woodedco
                                      woodedco  9 months back

                                      Red car coming...they stayed there!! 😂😂