Tiger Woods wins 2013 THE PLAYERS Championship | Chasing 82

  • Published: 24 April 2019
  • In the final round of THE PLAYERS Championship 2013, Tiger Woods shoots a final-round 70 to claim his second PLAYERS and 78th career win on the PGA TOUR.

    Tiger Woods' chase for Sam Snead's record of 82 PGA TOUR wins began at the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational, his first TOUR win in just his fifth professional start. Over 20 years later Woods' excellence has seen him raise a trophy in six countries and 16 different American states.

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Comments • 18

  • KYExtemper
    KYExtemper  2 months back

    Tiger made the smart play on 17 by hitting the middle of the green. Sergio went for the sucker pin, ended up wet, and lost the tournament.

    SAILESH RAMCHARAN  3 months back

    Poor Sergio, all mouth and no action.

    • Roland Sievers
      Roland Sievers  4 months back

      The crystal trophy looked better than the one this year.

      • Doak Masarik
        Doak Masarik  4 months back

        These guys are putting lights out

        • Eric Perkins
          Eric Perkins  4 months back

          No Wonder sergio hates tiger

          • dadan mulyana
            dadan mulyana  4 months back

            Video http://damuly.blogspot.com/2011/12/

            • Brian Bentham
              Brian Bentham  4 months back

              Corn on the cob 37:50

              • Boon Kiu Yip
                Boon Kiu Yip  4 months back

                WTF, 52 mins and I feel like I didnt watch anything?

                • Shane S
                  Shane S  4 months back

                  Y’all gonna milk Tiger for all you can with these videos, but he isn’t the GOAT? Lol

                  • Eric Perkins
                    Eric Perkins  4 months back


                  • Jim Stark
                    Jim Stark  4 months back

                    yeah, the way some of these folks lately have been clinging to Ben Hogan's comeback from what amounted to a nine-month absence from playing golf (car crash Feb 1949; cleared by his doctor and returned to fulltime golf in Nov 1949 - nine months!), you'd almost expect to see videos crop up on here claiming Hogan's came back from a deeper valley than Woods. Woods incapacitation was not life-threatening like Hogan, but it lasted for years, not months. It was also accompanied by nonstop global ridicule in print and imagery during the modern digital-internet age; Hogan had it much easier, with zero ridicule and full media and fan support. Its not even close. lol hell, if Hogan was alive today and honest, he'd even tell you his comeback was not even close.

                • Ki Sebastian
                  Ki Sebastian  4 months back

                  Jerry Kelly's still a damn fine player to this day!

                  • TcM Golf
                    TcM Golf  4 months back

                    He's awesome on the champions tour👍👍

                • LucasEatWorld
                  LucasEatWorld  4 months back

                  As great as Tiger winning was, seeing Sergio put it in the drink three times on 16 and 18 was just as satisfying.

                  • JULIO CRUZ
                    JULIO CRUZ  4 months back

                    2013- Charlie Hoffman and that iconic long hair.

                    • Ratbacon
                      Ratbacon  4 months back


                      • redd7188
                        redd7188  4 months back

                        Wow, use to pay less than 10 bucks a month for PGA Tour Rewind. Now all this stuff is free,