Bronny James GOES SAVAGE After GETTING DISRESPECTED!! Then Takes Over The Game!!


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  • Hoop Journey
    Hoop Journey   2 months back

    Who does Bronny James Jr Remind you of?

    • cheekybirdierichard
      cheekybirdierichard  1 months back


    • MADZ
      MADZ  1 months back

      Young mj no doubt

    • Angel
      Angel  1 months back

      A garbage can

      MARZOSIRUS  1 months back

      @Truly Green If not for his name I wouldn't have known hes Lebrons son. Game is way different and size difference too

    • Levi Mortonn
      Levi Mortonn  1 months back

      His dad

  • Walter Huff
    Walter Huff  1 months back

    Bronny is a bum he wouldn't even be talked about if wasnt lebrons son

    • Okie Dokie
      Okie Dokie  1 months back

      Wtf they wearing thigh high shorts and tights wtf is wrong with ppl nowadays

      • Oscar Almonte
        Oscar Almonte  1 months back

        I think he shoots better than his daddy. NBA here I come.

        • Trigger Warning
          Trigger Warning  1 months back

          What better way to learn to ball than to be Lebrons son?

          • Trigger Warning
            Trigger Warning  1 months back

            Eeewwww he shot the nba 3 on him.

            • Francisco Rios
              Francisco Rios  1 months back

              Got the bike add of the guy with cerebral paullsy (I know I butchered the spelling) running 13 miles in 2 hours and that’s pretty amazing

              • jpin0002 jpin0002
                jpin0002 jpin0002  1 months back

                There aint nothing savage about this kid. He inherited the pussy gene from his dad.

                • T V
                  T V  1 months back

                  I mean at least he can shoot 😂

                  • perry young
                    perry young  1 months back

                    He gonna go from chosen one to frozen one like lebrick his dad

                    • Jordan Yang
                      Jordan Yang  1 months back

                      I hope he makes it to the NBA.

                      • peace forachange
                        peace forachange  1 months back

                        100 % Lebron . The walk to the exit .

                      • David Kincade
                        David Kincade  1 months back

                        Definitely shoots better than dad at his age. Sheesh

                        • kasikgurf
                          kasikgurf  1 months back

                          I've no idea who his dad is, but the kid has got antics already

                          • l l
                            l l  1 months back

                            @Sam circa. 1984 Leb Ron Jeremy

                          • Sam circa. 1984
                            Sam circa. 1984  1 months back

                            His dad is a famous gay pornstar.

                        • Cptn DedpoOl
                          Cptn DedpoOl  1 months back

                          Hitting long wide open 3’s is okay but he should be getting to the rim more at this level of competition. He’s good, he’s still so young, hopefully he grows a bunch more.

                          • Braiton T.V.
                            Braiton T.V.  1 months back

                            You’re response is completely retarded. So if he’s a good shooter, and can make those shots, you’re saying that he should just drive in? What about steph curry, he takes those 3’s all the time, is it cause he’s scared of contact too? See how dumb your comment is now?

                          • Cptn DedpoOl
                            Cptn DedpoOl  1 months back

                            Christopher Johnson he’s taking those long 3’s like his dad used to do in hs only he’s better at it. He doesn’t have his dads body or iverson skill an step to get to the rim though. He’s not playing against himself he’s taking long shots cuz they are easier, scared of contact, or doesn’t know how to get the needed. Once you step far enough away that you see more than just his nuts 🥜 you’ll understand kid.

                          • Christopher Johnson
                            Christopher Johnson  1 months back

                            Bro you don't know basketball. When you're that good you take those open shots because it's what set you up for hitting an open shot in the NBA. He's not playing against these little kids he's playing against himself. There is no competition out there.

                        • CT MFB
                          CT MFB  1 months back

                          Omg that pass at 2:40 he played the fuck out my 👀 too... THANKS FOR THE 🐌 MOTION

                          • Abiologicalblob :
                            Abiologicalblob :  1 months back

                            Actually has Lebrpns mannerisms and movement style

                            • 5774474864
                              5774474864  1 months back

                              Trash talk is so obnoxious specially after just one shot, just focus on yourself and let your game speak

                              • Sean Gahan
                                Sean Gahan  1 months back

                                I dont get why they all roll their shorts up so damn high.

                                • Peace Maker
                                  Peace Maker  1 months back

                                  Why is "savage" in capital letters?

                                  • Marcelo Gonzalez
                                    Marcelo Gonzalez  1 months back

                                    Man these kids are fruit loops what kind of man let's there son expose there knees and thighs. It's a damn shame.

                                    • Marcelo Gonzalez
                                      Marcelo Gonzalez  1 months back

                                      @bank80 it's more or less a shot at there father or lack thereof.

                                    • bank80
                                      bank80  1 months back

                                      @Marcelo Gonzalez I know that you like to comment about 14 year old boys' shorts.

                                    • Marcelo Gonzalez
                                      Marcelo Gonzalez  1 months back

                                      @bank80 that's a bold accusation. Seeing as how you know nothing bout me

                                    • bank80
                                      bank80  1 months back

                                      You've clearly never ran track or played any sport.

                                  • Josh Highlights
                                    Josh Highlights  1 months back

                                    wow i think he will be a greater shooter, if he get 6´8 he be unstopeable

                                    • o griss
                                      o griss  1 months back

                                      Now that I've seen defense I'm impressed! He'll be better than his Pops if he maintains a mid range jumper

                                      • Andrew Schwapp
                                        Andrew Schwapp  1 months back

                                        My lord is gate is an exact replica of his pops!!! The takeoffs and the landings too!!! King genetics

                                        • MADZ
                                          MADZ  1 months back

                                          You blind man, he moves like young mj, even his shooting form is like college mj. Hope he’s gonna be 6’6

                                      • Drew
                                        Drew  1 months back

                                        I'm really impressed by his finishing ability

                                        • Big Al
                                          Big Al  1 months back

                                          Bronny will face a TON of pressure when he enters the NBA.

                                          • HAWG!
                                            HAWG!  1 months back

                                            The top players in history sons can't follow in the footsteps:
                                            Michael, sons flopped
                                            Kobe, all girls
                                            Magic, son turned into his daughter!
                                   Bronny going to break the curse?

                                            • VirgoNation87
                                              VirgoNation87  1 months back

                                              Underrated comment of the century🤔

                                          • Castro jones
                                            Castro jones  1 months back

                                            Bronny might actually end up being better than or as good as his dad

                                            • Kyza Yorke
                                              Kyza Yorke  1 months back

                                              Hope he dont end up like lechoke😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕

                                              • Refillz *
                                                Refillz *  1 months back

                                                Hater liked his own comment 😂

                                            • billybrooks1
                                              billybrooks1  1 months back

                                              Bronny was ok.. but did you see the white kid?!? BAD ASS

                                              • SuperAlfaDogg
                                                SuperAlfaDogg  1 months back

                                                Gee. Wonder where he gets his skills?

                                                • Brian Swope
                                                  Brian Swope  1 months back

                                                  Let the kid be a kid why is everything he does all over youtube his dad is famous maybe he just wants to be kid without all the hype. Damn no matter what he does he will be a disappointment how do you live up to expectations when your dad is LeBron fucking James

                                                  • William Morris
                                                    William Morris  2 months back

                                                    I don’t think he is NBA caliber at this point

                                                    • William Morris
                                                      William Morris  1 months back

                                                      M.O.B The Badfella do I need to relax? Or you idiots projecting a 14 year old to play in the NBA just because who his dad is. Didn’t work with Jordan’s sons. Look through these comments and come back to me about who’s the idiot

                                                    • M.O.B The Badfella
                                                      M.O.B The Badfella  1 months back

                                                      Dude he's only 14 sheesh lol

                                                    • Refillz *
                                                      Refillz *  1 months back

                                                      He's 14 relax

                                                    • Big Sheed
                                                      Big Sheed  1 months back

                                                      He is not strong enough yet to compete with NBA level players. He has all the skills necessary to eventually play at the level. Look where he is shooting from. I grew up with a player that played in the NBA and he was no where near as skilled as Bronny. When we turned 16 it was clear the guy I knew was NBA bound. So give Bronny a year or two and I think it will be clear whether he is or not NBA level. I think he is going to be a great NBA player one day. Especially if he is anywhere near the same size as his father. 6’6 to 6’9 young Bronny will be a great NBA player. If he is under 6’6 he still could be really good with his shooting and ball handling skills. He plays very calm and under control that’s very impressive too.

                                                  • Don Oldwell
                                                    Don Oldwell  2 months back

                                                    Bronny is a sharp shooter

                                                    • Freddy B
                                                      Freddy B  2 months back

                                                      walks out without acknowledging the other team... loser

                                                      • Raul Solis
                                                        Raul Solis  2 months back

                                                        The shorts just keep shorter and shorter lol

                                                        • Wynn Ahn
                                                          Wynn Ahn  1 months back

                                                          Raul Solis honestly i dont know how the fuck we played in those long ass shorts in the 00s lmao

                                                      • vIrGiL
                                                        vIrGiL  2 months back

                                                        he really named his son Bronny?

                                                        • vIrGiL
                                                          vIrGiL  2 months back

                                                          @Anwar Munroe OK good

                                                        • Anwar Munroe
                                                          Anwar Munroe  2 months back

                                                          No. His name is LeBron James Jr. Bronny is just the nickname.

                                                      • GOLD BLOODED
                                                        GOLD BLOODED  2 months back

                                                        Man please stop hyping this little dude up because I don't see nothing special. His daddy is overhyped too. But did you see D-Wade son? did you see Carmelo Anthony son? do you see shaq's son? And this is just real I just don't see nothing special. I know he is 12 but just wait until he gets better if he gets better because right now it just all hype

                                                        • Refillz *
                                                          Refillz *  1 months back

                                                          "Overhyped like his daddy" You're a moron. He's 14, taller than his dad was at that age and still growing. He's hitting 3s flush at NBA range no problem. And he has the hops to dunk whenever he feels like it. The athleticism and skill comes over time. He already has good ball IQ. Nothing overhyped about him. You know who's overhyped? That short fuck Julien Newman 😂

                                                      • Eric Eny
                                                        Eric Eny  2 months back

                                                        Like father Like son

                                                        • GetBuckets
                                                          GetBuckets  2 months back

                                                          Reminds me of a young Jaylen Brown

                                                          • Robert Miller
                                                            Robert Miller  2 months back

                                                            Lil Bronny gots game.

                                                            • Nate Cruz
                                                              Nate Cruz  2 months back

                                                              Why would you even start talking trash after hitting one shot? I don’t understand basketball players in the US anymore. Just be humble lol. Bronny about to humble plenty of people going forward it looks like

                                                              • highdough
                                                                highdough  1 months back

                                                                Perfect I said Perfect. I literally just linked to an article that showed the increase from year to year for international players. And just take a look at how much more competitive teams are in the Olympics and World Cup. The US used to be able to get away with college players, and now they have to send their best pros if they want to win.

                                                                I’m not sure what you have against international players. Whether it’s some sort of xenophobia, or what, I have no idea. Luka is universally talked about as a future MVP calibre player, so who cares what the rest of the draft class was like. And he received 98 out of 100 first place votes, so I’m not sure how that’s “barely” winning.

                                                                Yes, Dirk only won one Championship, which is more than most. He also never played with another great player after Nash left (and Nash wasn’t great then).

                                                                Speaking of Nash, you realize he’s Canadian, right? Not European.

                                                                Your problem seems to be that you don’t understand that correlation does not equal causation. Being a dick to others on the court isn’t necessary for success, as players like Kawhi Leonard and TIm Duncan show.

                                                                You also mistake bravado for confidence. Bravado often covers up for a lack of confidence. It’s also common among young men who aren’t mature enough to know the difference. Lack of maturity, lack of respect for others and insecurity are basically the reasons for this bad behaviour that you seem to think is necessary.

                                                                As for bringing up LaVar Ball, I’m not sure your point unless you’re arguing that people are stupid. To me he’s a symptom of a a larger problem that has nothing to do with basketball. He’s a bad father and an attention whore, and society would be WAY better off if people like him were ignored. Trump being elected to lead the US is also a symptom of that problem.

                                                              • Perfect I said Perfect.
                                                                Perfect I said Perfect.  1 months back

                                                                @highdough Just because you think something does not make it accurate. 1. Obviously I know where Giannis is from which is why I brought it up. However. He does not play European style at ALL. He barely even played in Europe. He didnt start playing until later. 90 percent of what you see he learned here. That is not debatable if you have watched specials on him HE HIMSELF said it.
                                                                2. Luka had a great season no doubt. However his draft class was one the weakest in 20 years and he barely won it.
                                                                3. If you want to believe thats fine. Mark Cuban believes it and is assembling a major European based team. Watch them get mud stomped. The Mavs had the greatest European player in history (Dirk) and managed only 1 title in 20 years! and lets be honest they only won because Lebron and the heat just got together that year. Europeans have won MVP before. Your argument is idiotic. Nash won back to back. European basketball is boring and doesn't work against real atheletes. Let me end this convo right here. If humble European players were so good teams would be clamoring to pay them the big bucks. They are not. Nikola is arguably top 3 big men in the NBA. However his upbringing is holding him back. He hesitates to take over games and thus will have a slightly above average career. EGOS MATTER. They are what let you take the last shot or take 5 shots in a row. Larry Bird was one of the cockiest players in history. Idk why because the kids are black you think its a bad thing. Its not. Its great for the sport it creates drama. Drama you can follow on social media. Dont want to accept that? Ok explain why Lavar was always on ESPN? or why Lamello has millions of views.

                                                              • highdough
                                                                highdough  1 months back

                                                                Perfect I said Perfect. Here’s the link:

                                                              • highdough
                                                                highdough  1 months back

                                                                Perfect I said Perfect. Giannis was born and raised in Greece. Just because he doesn’t fit your idea of what a normal European player is (I’m guessing white, for one) doesn’t mean he’s not European. And this year, the MVP, DPOY, ROY and MIP were all international players. And the number of international players has risen fairly steadily since they started entering the league. This article is a couple of years, old, but it explains you’re pretty much completely wrong.

                                                              • Perfect I said Perfect.
                                                                Perfect I said Perfect.  1 months back

                                                                @highdough LMAO UMM NO. There are 3 good European players in the NBA right now. Kristaps, Luka, and Nikola. The rest are average at best. The 90's had far more. Like Nash, Dirk, Peja and many others. If anything Europe is getting worse. Players like Giannis are not really European. Nor do they play like it. Look at this years Draft. Who went number 1? The guy doing 360's and windmills. Showing off is part of sports. Without it you might as well watch women play.

                                                            • No Debt But Love
                                                              No Debt But Love  2 months back

                                                              I hope Bronny is as tall as his dad, lil man can really hoop.

                                                              • Antwan Isaac
                                                                Antwan Isaac  1 months back

                                                                6’2 @ 14 LeBron was 6’0 @ 14

                                                              • Marvin Banks
                                                                Marvin Banks  2 months back

                                                                He already wears a bigger shoe size than his dad 😳

                                                            • Ok Kj !
                                                              Ok Kj !  2 months back

                                                              His bounce is serious 👀

                                                              • MJ S
                                                                MJ S  2 months back

                                                                Future Lebron: Bronny you gotta waive that TRADE BONUS, ayt?

                                                                Future Bronny: Sure pops

                                                                Savannah: OH HELL NAW!! THAT IS OUR TRADE BONUS!

                                                                • Michael Smith
                                                                  Michael Smith  2 months back

                                                                  First father and son trio we maybe actually able to compare greatness. Sky the limit for young Bronny

                                                                • Dee Money
                                                                  Dee Money  2 months back

                                                                  His dad is 6’9 he is literally one growth spurt away from physically separating himself from 98% of the people he is playing now.

                                                                  • mustangfuego
                                                                    mustangfuego  1 months back

                                                                    I say 6ft 7 where he ends up at. Since he is 6ft 2 now. At age 14

                                                                  • D'Marcali
                                                                    D'Marcali  1 months back

                                                                    @Nick Harley lmao that was years ago he is 6'2 1/2 with shoes

                                                                  • Nick Harley
                                                                    Nick Harley  1 months back

                                                                    @Dee Money he's 5'10

                                                                  • Dee Money
                                                                    Dee Money  1 months back

                                                                    Julien Forletta he is already 6’2 at 14

                                                                  • Julien Forletta
                                                                    Julien Forletta  1 months back

                                                                    I think he'll be around 6"5

                                                                • Yasuckidd YT
                                                                  Yasuckidd YT  2 months back

                                                                  1:38 and when he get that athleticism ain’t nobody gone be able to stop him and he got A burner 🥶