Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ


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  • Uroš Petrović
    Uroš Petrović  42 minutes back

    Respect Brother ! <3

    • Menuki
      Menuki  45 minutes back

      Someday Keanu will die.....not like any of us will be around for it

      • BusinessBackpacker
        BusinessBackpacker  1 hours back

        Method 143 made my heart skip a beat! Can't wait to see the finished design.

        • Jonathon McCue
          Jonathon McCue  2 hours back


          • leviemae hilario
            leviemae hilario  2 hours back

            i think you should make a hubless motorcycle. that would be great!

            • 918kip
              918kip  2 hours back


              • ghraffydd
                ghraffydd  3 hours back

                The featherbed means it rubber mounted, what a tosser.

                • che10461
                  che10461  3 hours back

                  Did he say "treew"?

                  • Malik Bell
                    Malik Bell  3 hours back

                    It's impossible to be THIS cool man 🔥

                    • AMV12S
                      AMV12S  4 hours back

                      Keanu Reeves is making some engines revs

                      • TenTiggers
                        TenTiggers  4 hours back

                        He's like a kid who grew up to run his own candy shop

                        • USMC MSgt
                          USMC MSgt  4 hours back

                          4:45 The vibration, the wind, the sound,......... I guess he won’t be getting an electric bike. 😜🤪😅🤣😂

                          • Arthur Njoroge
                            Arthur Njoroge  4 hours back

                            Babayega himself

                            • Evrett
                              Evrett  4 hours back

                              Hubba hubba

                              • C.J.Stansfield & Sons : Contracting Solutions

                                Design and development of the Arch 143 is encapsulating a desire for the modern cafe racer.
                                What do you think?

                                • Said Allani
                                  Said Allani  5 hours back


                                  • Ben Dover
                                    Ben Dover  5 hours back

                                    Awesome actor and awesome dude

                                    • Said Allani
                                      Said Allani  5 hours back

                                      Said allani in YouTube willkom

                                      • Elisabet Cloud
                                        Elisabet Cloud  5 hours back

                                        Ya se de que puedo hablar con Keanu ♥

                                        • Look I'm Zexy
                                          Look I'm Zexy  6 hours back

                                          This man is just living life.

                                          • freddy h
                                            freddy h  6 hours back

                                            Of course the Stakes are Higher No room for Error riding these Modernday Horses

                                            • freddy h
                                              freddy h  6 hours back

                                              Man Keanu needs too let me ride one too see whats The Hype about his bikes .

                                              • matt gage
                                                matt gage  6 hours back

                                                2.3k dislikes? how could you dislike anything about this guy

                                                • Alex White
                                                  Alex White  7 hours back

                                                  What'd you want?

                                                  • Mel Taylor
                                                    Mel Taylor  7 hours back

                                                    Not a sportbike/rocketbike kind of guy (see avatar), but appreciate how he feels about riding.  He gets it.

                                                    • Dylan Dixon
                                                      Dylan Dixon  7 hours back

                                                      I wish Keanu was my dad

                                                      • Brendan Wood
                                                        Brendan Wood  8 hours back

                                                        What ever you do, don't skip to 29 seconds in and start the video. ;)

                                                        • Michael Accorsi
                                                          Michael Accorsi  8 hours back

                                                          he should buy this, it's a Harley! ...

                                                          • janice etienne
                                                            janice etienne  8 hours back

                                                            Thanks GQ And Keanu. I am terrified of bikes but enjoyed the eye candy.

                                                            • cristina
                                                              cristina  9 hours back

                                                              The way he says "OPS" is adorable

                                                              • GarriFab
                                                                GarriFab  9 hours back

                                                                like he blazed up a joint and said "let's do this!"

                                                                • GarriFab
                                                                  GarriFab  9 hours back

                                                                  why does it seem like he's high as a kite during this interview?

                                                                  • Star Heaven
                                                                    Star Heaven  9 hours back

                                                                    Cool. He is very cool

                                                                    • Nick D
                                                                      Nick D  9 hours back

                                                                      Hahaha it's not good for my health if I don't ride.... I couldn't agree more

                                                                      • Ancient Of Days
                                                                        Ancient Of Days  9 hours back

                                                                        he's the best...

                                                                        • Oliver Cox
                                                                          Oliver Cox  9 hours back

                                                                          Keanu is an absolute mad lad

                                                                          • LAZ ANTON
                                                                            LAZ ANTON  10 hours back

                                                                            That is a cool looking bike he came up with. Good on him

                                                                            • Jeroen VDH
                                                                              Jeroen VDH  10 hours back

                                                                              That Ducati 998 is such a Legend.

                                                                              • Unknown Don
                                                                                Unknown Don  10 hours back

                                                                                2:08 is that Indian actor SRK.

                                                                                • Заур Заур
                                                                                  Заур Заур  10 hours back

                                                                                  Дайте перевод. Plis

                                                                                  • Axiniya Axiniya
                                                                                    Axiniya Axiniya  10 hours back

                                                                                    субтитры пробовали? справа снизу видео , только выберите перевод в настройках

                                                                                • Lauriston Maloney III
                                                                                  Lauriston Maloney III  10 hours back

                                                                                  get this man on a moto gp bike

                                                                                  • yogurtstains
                                                                                    yogurtstains  10 hours back

                                                                                    One of my favorite humans on the planet. Love everything he does. Genuine person in real life. Legit badass...#therealjohnwick

                                                                                    • Daniel Hillard
                                                                                      Daniel Hillard  11 hours back

                                                                                      Obviously he knew he had ridden a motorcycle in John wick. Dude is so humble and down to earth that he didn't even want to bring up that movie like some sort of advertisement

                                                                                      • Cory Norell
                                                                                        Cory Norell  11 hours back

                                                                                        Keanu Reeves is one of about 5 actors I would love to sit down and have a conversation with.

                                                                                        • Just Jay
                                                                                          Just Jay  11 hours back

                                                                                          Never owned a car in my life

                                                                                          • I. Wynn Wynn
                                                                                            I. Wynn Wynn  12 hours back

                                                                                            Wow, Carrie Ann Moss is amazing!

                                                                                            • Streets of Berlin FILMS
                                                                                              Streets of Berlin FILMS  12 hours back

                                                                                              like a politican, he is saying so many words, without saying anything important actually haha.... probabyl he is just investor and for sure better to present as a boring engineer

                                                                                              • Dan Firestone
                                                                                                Dan Firestone  12 hours back

                                                                                                2.2k people are jealous they can't ride a motorcycle