Tiger Woods Masters 2019 On The Range


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  • Seokchan Yun
    Seokchan Yun  3 months back

    과거보다 스윙이 부드러워져서 좋아요.
    거리는 줄어도 부상위험이 줄어든 지금 스윙을 미리 했으면 좋았을텐데.

    • Desmond Godwin
      Desmond Godwin  4 months back

      Such a free man. I like the way he smiles...

      • Spielzeit85
        Spielzeit85  4 months back

        Hits an eagle at 4:06

        • Angus Joe Johnson
          Angus Joe Johnson  4 months back

          158 yds was the yardage to the pin at 12 and he still didn't go for it and it won him the tournament.

          • Max Clifford
            Max Clifford  4 months back

            got his 81st win in his 81st major

            • Kitwana Golf
              Kitwana Golf   4 months back

              Thats crazy, I didn't even know that, well I guess sometimes things are really meant to be

          • serofibrinous
            serofibrinous  4 months back

            Brandel Chamblee...where you at you pussy?

            • Paavo
              Paavo  4 months back

              4:07 wow thats pretty skilled shot

              • highgrade1980
                highgrade1980  3 months back

                @Lloyd Christmas the irony

              • highgrade1980
                highgrade1980  4 months back

                you're obviously new to golf...the punch, push draw fade is not that hard

            • Eric Lee
              Eric Lee  4 months back

              Awww man, I came to see a Tiger play golf in the Woods? What is this? Why do people care about this guy that much and who names their kid Tiger?

              • Michael Glasscoe
                Michael Glasscoe  4 months back

                Let's face it guys you know the drill those that try bring others down haven't accomplished anything themselves at any level of life it's soooooo sad to see someone wasting away in pettiness.

              • Paavo
                Paavo  4 months back

                CNNIS FAKENEWS im glad that retards like you are rare on the golf scene.

              • Gary Oak
                Gary Oak  4 months back

                Dumbass alert

              • Eric Lee
                Eric Lee  4 months back

                You get the point

              • J Z
                J Z  4 months back

                CNNIS FAKENEWS wrong again guy, it’s ELDRICK. Sound it out....EL DRICK. You’ll get there champ.

            • Andrew Hammond
              Andrew Hammond  4 months back

              What does he mean by "look how deep that left hip is" at 2:56?
              the left hip rotation around impact?

              • J024
                J024  4 months back

                With his back fused he can't make certain movements anymore like he used to.

              • Sotally Tober
                Sotally Tober  4 months back

                Activate the glutes!!

              • Mathew Panikar
                Mathew Panikar  4 months back

                No early extension in his swing. His butt stays back, just like Joey said.

              • Joeybago12
                Joeybago12  4 months back

                Basically his ass stays back through the turn, while a lot of us push the bum towards the ball to a degree..if you were to draw a line from behind him, his almost goes backwards lol

            • joshua hymer
              joshua hymer  4 months back

              Just picked it .. every time

              • Golf Life
                Golf Life  4 months back

                Isnt that insane !? Not a single divot.

            • adri vreeke
              adri vreeke  4 months back

              About people should like this instead of a kalasjnikov game

              • Ammaar Walji
                Ammaar Walji  4 months back

                That's swing is money 💷

                • The Art of GNAR
                  The Art of GNAR  4 months back

                  Here comes #5

                  • Sam James
                    Sam James  4 months back

                    The Art of GNAR good call 👍