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  • ronnel Villanueva
    ronnel Villanueva  2 weeks back


    • Lao Han Tun
      Lao Han Tun  2 weeks back


      • эд мот
        эд мот  4 weeks back

        На полу прям по русски 😁

        • Mike Biron
          Mike Biron  2 months back

          What a beautiful car!

          • mo Tibortina
            mo Tibortina  2 months back

            I do not drive next these cars

            • Ted Pollard
              Ted Pollard  2 months back


              • Bob Wilson
                Bob Wilson  2 months back

                Luckily the seat airbags didn't deploy, big job replacing them too.

                • petromarc
                  petromarc  2 months back

                  The music sounds kind of like Little Big.

                  • Idan Dino
                    Idan Dino  2 months back

                    where is part 3?

                    • Bryan Sue
                      Bryan Sue  3 months back

                      SUBSCRUBED and following ! keep up the good work !

                    • RODZILLA
                      RODZILLA  3 months back

                      So Vlad, what does a new Lambo wheel bag cost? I've seen Cobra ABs for $600, I can only imagine on a Lambo.

                    • Консорциум А8
                      Консорциум А8  3 months back

                      Приветствую ! Рад за наших земляков что делают работу за которую не стыдно. Привет еще раз с Актобе

                    • Brad Miller
                      Brad Miller  3 months back

                      Goonzquad have a wrecked Huracan to raid for parts.

                      • CJ
                        CJ  3 months back

                        these guys know what they're doing!!! top quality work

                      • Manoj Ojha
                        Manoj Ojha  3 months back

                        They are the best at rebuilding wrecked car by the way love from India I love there work

                      • Dave Fox
                        Dave Fox  3 months back

                        Трещеточки Milwaukee 😉

                      • sfneurosurgeon
                        sfneurosurgeon  3 months back

                        I like you narrating the repairs in between the music. Much more informative than previous videos.

                      • FreeQ
                        FreeQ  3 months back

                        Nice been waiting 💯🤙legit 🇷🇺🇷🇺❤💚🧡💛 😊

                      • Sloppy Joe
                        Sloppy Joe  3 months back

                        You are the best guys out there

                      • andre shapo
                        andre shapo  3 months back

                        не айс . для страховой пойдет а вот если сам владелиц проверит то мозг вы синит.

                        • Replicar SV
                          Replicar SV  3 months back

                          Привет, выручай надо значек ламбы в капот, возможно у тебя купить или подскажи где заказать? строю реплику авентадора а значек найти не могу(

                          • Replicar SV
                            Replicar SV  3 months back

                            @LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION Спасибо)

                          • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                            LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   3 months back

                            Replicar SV 👋🏻... Позвоните моему другу Ross, Ихние Instagram FerrPartsUSA
                            Вот номер телефона
                            1 (916) 974 - 1939 ‬, скажите что вы от Bладимира LNC через него вы можете заказать все что вам надо.

                        • aik zlo
                          aik zlo  3 months back

                          давай на русском, бро

                          • aik zlo
                            aik zlo  3 months back

                            @LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                            контент пушка, если бы было на русском ,то привлекло бы много подписчиков

                          • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                            LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   3 months back

                            aik zlo А как же все мои американские друзья, которые не понимают русского? 😬 Я живу в америке, так что я чувствую, что должен говорить по - английски.

                        • Elvin Delacrur
                          Elvin Delacrur  3 months back

                          Great video Vladimir can't wait for the next video.

                        • Chris Schneible
                          Chris Schneible  3 months back

                          Im from Upstate New York, this video makes me want to buy a wrecked exotic and fix it at my house lol this looks easy so far :)

                        • Lone Ranger
                          Lone Ranger  3 months back

                          as always another awesome interesting video from my man.. big vlad!

                        • Luigi palma
                          Luigi palma  3 months back


                        • Octane Rebuilds
                          Octane Rebuilds  3 months back

                          Hell yeah man love the vids very informative also!

                        • Jay Ulloa
                          Jay Ulloa  3 months back

                          Such a great video Vlad💪🏼 used to deliver parts for Capistrano Toyota and I loved going to your shop to check out all your cars. One question when are you guys going to sell LNC shirts?!🔥🤔

                        • Albert Myers
                          Albert Myers  3 months back

                          great vid thank you

                        • Nick Rose
                          Nick Rose  3 months back

                          Out of all the youtube Huracan builds, this is the one you would want to purchase after it was rebuilt.  This one will be done right.   #ProfessionallyBuilt

                        • Ivan Crespo
                          Ivan Crespo  3 months back

                          Hi! Coming out nice😁👍 I was wondering what you do with the broken air bag logo??! Do you throw it out?! Like your videos a lot 😎

                        • Gabriel Hernan
                          Gabriel Hernan  3 months back

                          Vamoooo 💪💪💪👍

                        • John Viola
                          John Viola  3 months back

                          What was the final sale price a Copart ?

                        • kickit59
                          kickit59  3 months back

                          Vlad this Lambo is going to look brand new when you are done! Looking forward to the next video!

                        • Patrick Bates
                          Patrick Bates  3 months back

                          Show us some gadgects and Huskies bro!

                        • Yordy Jimenez
                          Yordy Jimenez  3 months back

                          Muy buen trabajo 👌🏻
                          Saludos desde #memphistn 🇺🇸

                        • Jason Fuller
                          Jason Fuller  3 months back

                          Sum budy has stinky finger.👆👌💥

                        • Paul Villemaire
                          Paul Villemaire  3 months back

                          what is the title of the song playing on your video it's very good I'd like to have the title

                          • jacksonvile12345678
                            jacksonvile12345678  3 months back

                            Much better, please keep being detailed so we can learn to do this ourselves. Thank you!

                          • Млд По
                            Млд По  3 months back

                            waiting for the continuation of the super

                          • Fillow Tree
                            Fillow Tree  3 months back

                            Glad this car is in good hands!

                          • Djonny Dee
                            Djonny Dee  3 months back

                            Хотелось бы поремонтировать подобные машины, работаю более 15 лет, на разборке, сборке авто после дтп и подготовке к покраске, очень приятно наблюдать за грамотной работой специалиста

                            • craig chick kubisz
                              craig chick kubisz  3 months back

                              was this a totaled car insurance wise ?

                            • Donna Peroche
                              Donna Peroche  3 months back

                              For part 3, find the guy that stole the parts and hang him by the balls right over the car. This would make for excellent entertainment. It's probably the old owner. lol

                            • pv_plays games
                              pv_plays games  3 months back

                              Do a giveaway of the broken steering wheel airbag and maybe the other steering wheels as you don’t need it

                            • Γιωργος Παπαθανασιου

                              Good work my friend ☆☆☆

                            • at rem79
                              at rem79  3 months back

                              Where are the crash sensors placed in a lambo? In normal cars you have replace those as well when the airbags have gone off, it is even recommended to replace them before installing the new airbag, apparently they can go of again just by turning the ignition on or start the car when damaged. Also not replacing them can cause the airbags not to explode next time or too late, I never took that risk and I deal with normal cars, not exotics like this lambo. Other then that great video

                              • at rem79
                                at rem79  3 months back

                                The ones that didn't come with the car😉

                              • LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION
                                LNC COLLISION & CAR CUSTOMIZATION   3 months back

                                at rem79 crash sensor are on the fenders, I never replace them, I just change the airbags and send out srs module for reset.

                            • jon yoda
                              jon yoda  3 months back

                              Nice work (as usual !)