Stephen Jackson explains how Paul George's move to Clippers affects his legacy

  • Published: 09 July 2019
  • Stephen Jackson explains how Paul George's move to Clippers affects his legacy

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  • Htown Lifer
    Htown Lifer  6 days back

    why exactly was Kawhi supposed to be working on anyones timeline other than his own he has in his mind?

    • Vishaal Venugopal
      Vishaal Venugopal  7 days back

      no lie.....if i ever found out jack...the realest of the real was talking bs....i'd never watch yt again

      • Deon Valentine
        Deon Valentine  7 days back

        Oh I thought the east was butter it was so hard did it on his own didn't play 22 games joined an already playoff team but did it on its own

        • X DAFACTOR
          X DAFACTOR  1 weeks back

          Applaud him for A change Skip

          • X DAFACTOR
            X DAFACTOR  1 weeks back

            You never know what my boy Kawhi got under his belt

            • X DAFACTOR
              X DAFACTOR  1 weeks back

              It did wore him down. We all seen that

              • Marcel Planter
                Marcel Planter  1 weeks back

                The fact that he stayed away from the NBA to heal himself and not listen to the spurs staff that wanted him to play. This man was smart enough to listen to his body so I'm sure we all know this is a very quiet but smart man

                • Htown Lifer
                  Htown Lifer  6 days back

                  and Im gald that Kawhi doing what makes him happy pisses Skip off..Skip is only mad at Kawhi because Skip thought Kawhi was supposed to be living his life for him, the way slavemasters used to assume their slaves will act for all their lives

                  lets you know where Skips priorities lie with the players he likes

                  but Skip was a benchrider...any pro NBA player who takes Skip Bayless's opinions serious neede psychological assistance

                • 526arh
                  526arh  1 weeks back


              • Kyle Bonner
                Kyle Bonner  1 weeks back

       FanDuel Come Join the Fun

                • Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer

                  KD? No no we call him "Katie"

                  • David Bennett
                    David Bennett  1 weeks back

                    Only thing I hate is that we know about the injuries to gsw,but regardless they take away from the accomplishments of the Raptors and what they did.

                    It isnt Toronto fault gsw had injuries, but they still won. That's a fact stop taking away from their accomplishments and what they accomplished by pulling the injury card.

                    • David Bennett
                      David Bennett  1 weeks back

                      @Chuck McGee right on

                    • Chuck McGee
                      Chuck McGee  1 weeks back

                      It's funny cause when Kawhi got injured everybody said GS was a better team but since GS had injuries oh the basketball gods saved Kawhi complete bs I agree with you bro the way they are downplaying the raptors championship is sad.

                  • PW McGowan
                    PW McGowan  1 weeks back

                    mine opinion...he is going to lakers with 2 years with Paul George . so it would be a mean 3 in Lakerland...without Lebrat James

                    • Jack Felipe
                      Jack Felipe  1 weeks back

                      If I was a Lakers gm I would not wanted them pussy niggas

                  • MrTdollarsign
                    MrTdollarsign  1 weeks back

                    Wait Paul George has a legacy, this dude ain't done jack shit

                    • arf shesaid
                      arf shesaid  1 weeks back

                      bla bla shanny, u were wrong big time just admit it, and holy fuck , he won nothing on his own, were gonna find out this year how much was on his own. Load management bs, Raptors were a hair from going further, and anything that was on his own was because hes a BELOW average passer. Cant believe Jackson actually thinks mr. quiet won it by himself, cant believe im saying go Lakers, go Raptors

                      • Laurence Fenske
                        Laurence Fenske  1 weeks back

                        It’s a slap in the face to the Raptors to continue with the narrative Kawhi did it “on his own “ it’s getting old

                        • Laurence Fenske
                          Laurence Fenske  5 days back

                          lite daya7 you assume incorrectly.

                        • lite daya7
                          lite daya7  5 days back

                          Laurence Fenske with that lame reply I assume you agree with me

                        • Htown Lifer
                          Htown Lifer  6 days back

                          well the Raptors will "do it on their own" without him now, right?

                        • Laurence Fenske
                          Laurence Fenske  1 weeks back

                          lite daya7 lame dude.

                        • lite daya7
                          lite daya7  1 weeks back

                          Laurence Fenske I watch the raptors and I’m from Toronto. If Kawhi wasn’t here we would’ve lost in the second round (even though it was the toughest series) we would’ve lost to the bucks too. We were the worst of the east big four. Every team got better last year and demar was no longer cutting it,so yh Kawhi soloed his way to a ring

                      • Mike Thaxton
                        Mike Thaxton  1 weeks back

                        What legacy ? The one in which he is over-rated and over-payed ? Don't worry that wont change !

                        • Jeremy James
                          Jeremy James  1 weeks back

                          I remember when Stephen Jackson was in the stands fighting fans while he played for Indiana. He was getting dusted by a fan until his team mates came to his rescue lol

                          • Htown Lifer
                            Htown Lifer  6 days back

                            @Gangsta Braze he was a benchrider...he doesnt understand "that part" of sports

                          • Gangsta Braze
                            Gangsta Braze  1 weeks back

                            Jeremy James who molested you as a child to randomly think of that???

                        • Pat Smith
                          Pat Smith  1 weeks back

                          What he did to the Spurs? it's more what the Spurs did to him.

                          • DigiGod : Digimon Gamer

                            paul george has a legacy ? who knew

                          • Beede Bawng
                            Beede Bawng  1 weeks back

                            "After you win a championship on your own."

                            This clown is really disrespectful of Kawhi's Toronto teammates.

                            • junior king
                              junior king  1 weeks back

                              facts lol like a I said fred vafleet was the mvp for the last few games

                          • tuf amin
                            tuf amin  1 weeks back

                            All I can say is us fans are getting sick of star players chasing rings and switching teams. Are we gonna have to boycott these stupid players before they will settle down? I have no problem canceling my NBA Pass subscription and as a matter of fact I may wait until I purchase it this year. If players are not loyal to FANS, FANS will not be loyal to players. I used to like Lebron until he left Miami and went back to Cleveland…..WTF? Then he bolts to the Fakers? Whatever dog. Watch us all find something else to do and these guys will be back at the bargaining table in a few years. College football is wayyy better anyway.

                            • Dar Eus
                              Dar Eus  1 weeks back

                              Shannon really hurt Kawhi didnt join Lebron so it would better his chances to win another championship all the media fan boys wanted Kawhi to join Lebron but nah Kawhi his own man dont care about wat these fools who could not ever dream only playing in the NBA think.......Very unfortunate KD could not be his own man and be the superstar he really is and made a better decision........Love wat Dame said because no one wants to compete against the best anymore.......the NBA has become very uninteresting because of all this pairing and rule changes.........and for Shannon's info Kawhi is on Bron and KD'S level because he did what they could not do and win without two or there other stars..........So yah it's not a belief it's a fact unlike the non factual statements you guys make without any proof to support it..........thanks Steven Jackson that's something these fools dont understand on paper and building team Chemistry is two different things..........hope they are still confident and supportive the entire Lakers team if they dont make finals or even playoffs and dont start assassinate the teammates to shield Lebron because they have a long history of doing that especially LeShannon and that other fool Nick Wrong and all the saliva his mouth overflows with when he speaks.........

                              • Cornell Blevins
                                Cornell Blevins  1 weeks back

                                Dar Eus nig Stfu😭😂💀🤷🏿‍♂️😆

                            • GarciaV
                              GarciaV  1 weeks back

                              Why can’t molly be like this girl Molly be annoying af I swear.

                              • InfoOnly2U
                                InfoOnly2U  1 weeks back

                                He said I want 10 picks 😂😂

                                • JERRY MITCHELL
                                  JERRY MITCHELL  1 weeks back

                                  Bull shit!!!! He fuck up. He suppose to come home and play for the team you said you always want to play for and win a championship for this great city. But instead your arrogance got in the way. So get used to playing for the Clippers because you clip yourself how does the laugh go a ha,A HA.A HA.😂

                                  • M C
                                    M C  1 weeks back

                                    We call that power movies that was the biggest power move and the clippers will win a championship or two in the next few years

                                    • WUDAT
                                      WUDAT  1 weeks back

                                      Clippers haven't won anything ever, Kawhi is great but nothing tells me they are winning now.

                                  • Matt Mccalla
                                    Matt Mccalla  1 weeks back

                                    What about anthony davis legacy ? Lmao

                                    • Devon Tralen
                                      Devon Tralen  1 weeks back

                                      YouTube having two adds before a video should be punishable by death

                                    • Derrick Williamson
                                      Derrick Williamson  1 weeks back

                                      Stop lying on kyrie Leonard we don't know if that's true or not!!??? all we know is you guys are saying that he reached out to Paul George . it was LeBron that stopped him from going to the Lakers no matter what you say

                                      • Derrick Williamson
                                        Derrick Williamson  1 weeks back

                                        Nobody wants to play with LeBron James and you know it

                                        • Derrick Williamson
                                          Derrick Williamson  1 weeks back

                                          How? This is so transparent its rediculous . it doesn't effect his legacy unless it effects lebrons legacy LeBron James justice league!!!!!!!

                                          • Asafo Husia
                                            Asafo Husia  1 weeks back

                                            Glad Shannon decided to do television.. Makes sports talk shows watchable.. And PTI

                                            • Syntax
                                              Syntax  1 weeks back

                                              "O' snikky, o' snikky."

                                              • mae patterson
                                                mae patterson  1 weeks back

                                                He wasn't going to Clips w/out someone else. Clearly he doesn't believe he's as grt as we've made him out to be.

                                                • David Bennett
                                                  David Bennett  1 weeks back

                                                  Lol so then I guess lbj has never thought he was as great as everybody else thought he was

                                              • mae patterson
                                                mae patterson  1 weeks back

                                                PG don't have a legacy to worry about, what has he done to date?

                                                • Keith Dennis
                                                  Keith Dennis  1 weeks back

                                                  Haben Weld what are u smoking im taking giannis over kawhi Gianna can actually play good in the playoffs unlike some people

                                                • Haben Weld
                                                  Haben Weld  1 weeks back

                                                  Jack Felipe I think brown is the GOAT, but y’all really disrespectin PG

                                                • Jack Felipe
                                                  Jack Felipe  1 weeks back

                                                  LeBron haters are the ones hyping that trash boi. Getting a stripper pregnant lol

                                                • Haben Weld
                                                  Haben Weld  1 weeks back

                                                  mae patterson I see where you comin from but other than kawi lebron kd and ad, I’m taking PG🤷🏽‍♂️

                                                • mae patterson
                                                  mae patterson  1 weeks back

                                                  @Haben Weld who couldn't get the pacer anywhere. He has skills but not a difference maker imo. I was happy he didn't come to lakers last yr he's not reliable.

                                              • RedHot RizzoRico
                                                RedHot RizzoRico  1 weeks back

                                                I damn sure wouldn't wanna live in Indiana or Oklahoma...ima a Texas boy, my dream states were Florida or California. I moved to Florida 3 yrs ago...I'll live in Cali in another 7 yrs...

                                                • Christopher Young
                                                  Christopher Young  1 weeks back

                                                  What NOBODY brings up is kd is out for a whole ass year so even if kd said yes he wouldn't have a second star right away so he would've been on his own in la with original team until kd came back

                                                  • Yongskie Felicilda
                                                    Yongskie Felicilda  1 weeks back

                                                    Sam presti did it not kawhi..

                                                    • Steph Thompson
                                                      Steph Thompson  1 weeks back

                                                      As a lakers fan who loves Kawhi and hates lebron. I am so torn...

                                                    • Money Maker Life
                                                      Money Maker Life  1 weeks back

                                                      For the last 5 years I've been saying Frank Nitty should be in the League. He has the tools and toughness to be a solid PG. Worst case a backup/role player that will play D and give you a few buckets/assists too

                                                      • The Man Who Laugh
                                                        The Man Who Laugh  1 weeks back

                                                        Hahaha lets talk about facts!

                                                        Clippers without all-stars won almost 50 games and got into the playoffs and wounded the GSW with 2 losses.

                                                        Lakers: James was injured and came back after a couple of rest but didn't reach the finals LOL.

                                                        Point is even if Kawhi is the only addition in Clippers, they are still a very good team over Lakers with AD. LOL!

                                                        • R Rocket77
                                                          R Rocket77  1 weeks back

                                                          The Man Who Laugh
                                                          How many 🏀🏆do your wack clippers have opposed to the 😂😂😂 Lakers?

                                                        • junior king
                                                          junior king  1 weeks back

                                                          Lol thats not facts thats stupidity, its the same shit people said with the celtics when they went to the eastern conference without kyrie and hayward, people thought once you add them two its a done deal lol now look at them. Facts is nobody expected anything from them so they could just play hard and teams were not looking for them, now lets see how they fair when teams are gunning for them and this the west not the east so kawhi can't be doing that load management shit.

                                                      • The Man Who Laugh
                                                        The Man Who Laugh  1 weeks back

                                                        Damn Kawhi... Mah fucking niggah!

                                                        • Kobe Livingston
                                                          Kobe Livingston  1 weeks back

                                                          He made the right decision 🤯 did PG make the right decision last year too??

                                                          • Prince kj 25
                                                            Prince kj 25  1 weeks back

                                                            Does Shannon not realize that pg and kawhi are near the same age

                                                            • T B
                                                              T B  1 weeks back

                                                              Paul George < Anthony Davis

                                                            • Y Z
                                                              Y Z  1 weeks back

                                                              im 99% sure they were BOTH born in 1990

                                                          • don brassco
                                                            don brassco  1 weeks back

                                                            K.L Going To Get Another MVP&Ring😈😤💪👊👏

                                                          • SteadyROK
                                                            SteadyROK  1 weeks back

                                                            Unloyal, that's his legacy.

                                                          • TheInternetIsConfusing
                                                            TheInternetIsConfusing  1 weeks back

                                                            Skip and Shannon lucky Molly is on First Take

                                                          • cordarrow brown
                                                            cordarrow brown  1 weeks back

                                                            Westbrook will be a clipper. Just wait on it. Westbrook,kawhi n pg all from Cali. It’s gonna happen

                                                            • C. Walker
                                                              C. Walker  1 weeks back

                                                              Aint nobody trying to pay Westbrook all that damn money but The Magic and The Pistons. Miami just wishing.

                                                            • KKadir x
                                                              KKadir x  1 weeks back

                                                              I dont think west and kawhi would work west is. Too selfish

                                                          • James Posey
                                                            James Posey  1 weeks back

                                                            PG.... 3 yrs/2 trade demands/1playoff P no show... somebody say something about Legacy?