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  • maurice_0615
    maurice_0615  4 weeks back

    1:21 domme vragen weer zoals altijd, je weet toch wel hoe Max is na al die tijd?

    • Slime Levi
      Slime Levi  1 months back

      I don’t like this , can you guys speak English

      • BeeCee
        BeeCee  1 months back

        Don't worry, Jack (the creep with the mic) doesn't really ask questions, he just sucks up big time to the Verstappen family. Horrible guy, arrogant AF.

      • World Sport Bible Information
        World Sport Bible Information   1 months back

        No i can't sorry

    • Trevor Gittens
      Trevor Gittens  1 months back

      Look at the smile on his face, does he sorry or happy, poor loser, Ferrari needs a driver !!

      • Ogge
        Ogge  6 days back

        @Trevor Gittens look here you pseudo mind teller, any normal person can read emotion on peoples faces. You can't however -ever- know what a person is ACTUALLY thinking, especially through a computer screen.

      • Trevor Gittens
        Trevor Gittens  4 weeks back

        @Ba5ic • 🤔 What is the best way 2 describe the expression on Vettel face, was it a smile/grim/giggle = satisfaction that he took Max out, and afterward he blamed Max for the incident !! 😎

      • Ba5ic •
        Ba5ic •  4 weeks back

        Trevor Gittens and you need a life

    • Mr Buttons
      Mr Buttons  1 months back

      What did Max say? Can anyone translate?

      • TheKassie1987
        TheKassie1987  1 months back

        Reporter: Is the steam still coming out of your ears or has it went down?
        Max: No it's ok.
        Reporter: Vettel was here, he said he has spoken to you, has he said sorry?
        Max: Yea he said it was his mistake. He misjudged the braking... yeah it's a bummer because we had to be on the podium, but all in all I was happy I could drive on.
        Reporter: Yeah how is it possible? 4 tires loose of the tarmac, in the gravel.
        Max: Yeah I went full over the red curb also uhhhmm, yeah but the seat was loose and euhh the power steering didn't work anymore, and then the damage to the floor... I just looked at it and I had quite a bit of damage to the floor butta, yeah in the end still managed to become fifth.
        Reporter: Legendery fights with Leclerc. Fantastic!
        Max: Yeah I think he was still a bit sour from Austria so he went maximum ofcourse, and I didn't want to risk that I would break something... but afterwards the team made a right call with the pit-stop and euh.. yeah I think we were quick. I think if we overtook that Ferrari a bit sooner it would have looked even better. But all in all a good race only a shame that I got driven of the track.
        Reporter: Two nice races back to back. Can you take that with you to Germany?
        Max: No I don't have to take anything with me. Look we just always try again.

      • Gice Chicken
        Gice Chicken  1 months back

        Het was allemaal helemaal kut door de touche met vettel. He said

      • Mr Buttons
        Mr Buttons  1 months back

        Thanks man, much appriciated!

      • Rick B
        Rick B  1 months back

        He said he isn't mad about the accident and that Vettel immediately apologized. The car was in rough shape after the crash, seat was loose and floor damaged but still drivable and he is happy he still came in fifth. Lastly he's looking to bring this pace to the coming races

    • Sunday Driver
      Sunday Driver  1 months back

      I hadn’t noticed before the cute little Bond tuxedo bow tie on the shirt 😂