Film Theory: How to KILL X-Men's Magneto!


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  • Shashi Kumar
    Shashi Kumar  56 minutes back

    Damn ur smarter then iron Man

    • damon webster
      damon webster  7 hours back

      he pulled that russians golden tooth out

      • Marcus Rivera
        Marcus Rivera  24 hours back

        Talk about Marvel Comic Magneto, he can move Earth by its metal inside of it.

        • Marcus Rivera
          Marcus Rivera  1 days back

          Looking something up and reading it isn't the same as knowing it, you can sound smart, act smart, and dress smart, but it doesn't mean you are smart, stop pretending...

          • Marcus Rivera
            Marcus Rivera  1 days back

            Iron Man made suits that wern't made out of metal, google that...

            • Peace Keeper
              Peace Keeper  1 days back

              Magneto's biggest weakness is a wooden gun. This video is wrong

              • White haddock’s Channel


                A WOODEN GUN

                • FlmKrp Shx
                  FlmKrp Shx  2 days back

                  Doesn't everything have *electrons* ?
                  If Magneto is strong enough, he could basically lift up anything

                  • Darrell Dean
                    Darrell Dean  3 days back

                    Do you know how an MRI machine works? Iron in your blood is not ferromagnetic. Just started watching your videos and I am noticing a lot of holes in all your theories.

                    • Darrell Dean
                      Darrell Dean  3 days back

                      And the nickel plated casing wouldn’t still be on the bullet after it fired. The whole point of using that type of bullet in low light conditions is for chamber checks, not to see the bullet flying through the air

                    • Darrell Dean
                      Darrell Dean  3 days back

                      Now that I finished the video, there is even more holes and bad info. The movies made it very clear that the bullets quicksilver diverted and the one that hit magneto in the neck, are not made of metal.

                  • Adam Dehnel
                    Adam Dehnel  3 days back

                    It's been awhile but you're way off the mark about the ammunition.

                    The difference between FMJ and Hollow Point is simply a truncated tip with an indent and striations meant to cause the bullet to expand on hit. FMJ doesn't define the material used to make a bullet. Most FMJ bullets are made of lead and copper. Steel is an extremely uncommon metal to use for a jacket (hollow points have a jacket too, it's the copper shell is the jacket, "full" just means the tip is intact and there are not striations, thus hollow points are technically H[tip]MJ). Steel does not glide well across the rifling; that being said steel jacketed ammo has been made in surplus because steel is cheaper.

                    Thing is FMJ bullets are cheaper to make (also called "ball point"), so they are frequently used as target ammo (hollow point rounds can be twice the cost). This is a case of an officer not replacing his cheaply bought training ammo in his pistol with his hollow point duty rounds. So you are right that Magneto was seeking out the correct gun, but both hollow point rounds and FMJ rounds typically come copper jacket, and lead core.

                    Oh and that round in his forehead was most definitely a ball point round, not a hollow point. A hollow point would drilled his head open, and you can clearly see it doesn't have any crimp marks down the side from the striations.

                    • Somezable
                      Somezable  4 days back

                      Some general knowledge, that someone missed: 7:28 thats not the right way to draw that. The caseing is labeled as the jacket. Here is a refresher to basic education:

                      • Richard Clapp III
                        Richard Clapp III  4 days back

                        if you guys haven't forgotten magneto was also able to mess with the entire earth too in x-men apocalypse. after the main antagonist showed him what he's capable of, he was shown to be controlling more than ferromagnetic materials. he is straight up powerful to move the earth its self if he so wanted. also he requires focus and multiple things at one time is difficult for him

                        • Lynette Build a giant snowman

                          Those bullets were plastic, they did that on purpose

                          • Czech Mate
                            Czech Mate  5 days back

                            Hey Matt. The HST rounds are brand specific to Federal. They're not a general round like FMJ or AP.

                            • Megan Barhorst
                              Megan Barhorst  5 days back

                              Yeah, though since he can detect metal within his range (depending on source admittedly), you'd probably have to have a long-ranged sniper or something since even without the bullet being controllable he can just pull the gun out of your hands or whatnot

                              • Shaheen Bekkaoui
                                Shaheen Bekkaoui  5 days back

                                02:34 am i the only one to see dr strange and dr strange is mcu right?

                                • Gaudium Felidae
                                  Gaudium Felidae  5 days back

                                  When he said a regular person can stop him he meant a regular American student can stop him

                                  • Gaudium Felidae
                                    Gaudium Felidae  5 days back

                                    Magneto will fold the pants part of iron man suit affectivly fingerling him....... Magneto rapes Ironman.... Literally

                                    • Sean Brennan
                                      Sean Brennan  5 days back

                                      Jean would crush magneto! Lol

                                      • Harvster Vids
                                        Harvster Vids  6 days back

                                        Well actually mat pat you said at the start of the episode that your just saying he has ferro magnetic but I’d say it highly more likely that he has all megnetic capability’s , just my opinion

                                        • MR Anime
                                          MR Anime  6 days back

                                          Could magneto control the iron in your blood like in full metal alchemist were he is in gluttony's stomach and makes a spear out of blood imagine being being in a plastic facility thinking magneto cant hurt u but he creates a nail inside your body using the iron in your body and uses it to stab your heart over and over again

                                          • JokerMan 365
                                            JokerMan 365  6 days back

                                            I've got one word for you bud, plastic

                                            • kids guthery
                                              kids guthery  6 days back

                                              wait wait why couldn't magnetio Just pull the triggers on the guns

                                              • acehunter 8769
                                                acehunter 8769  7 days back

                                                humans have iron in their blood so we died

                                                • F. J. Blakemore
                                                  F. J. Blakemore  7 days back

                                                  who else got happy when MatPat changed the intro to the 90s x men one

                                                  • Bombdasher
                                                    Bombdasher  1 weeks back

                                                    So could he crush the infinity gaunlet?

                                                    • jeb _
                                                      jeb _  1 weeks back

                                                      Magneto can kill Iron-Man

                                                      **MCU fanboys triggered**

                                                    • Jade Hunter
                                                      Jade Hunter  1 weeks back

                                                      Or claws

                                                      • Jade Hunter
                                                        Jade Hunter  1 weeks back

                                                        There I a way to get wolverines power easy get surgery to put some knives in your hands lol

                                                        • Jade Hunter
                                                          Jade Hunter  1 weeks back

                                                          Good idea

                                                          • renegade 0
                                                            renegade 0  1 weeks back

                                                            Iron mans defeated magneto before jus sayin

                                                            • Toni Gutierrez
                                                              Toni Gutierrez  1 weeks back

                                                              Go watch the because science on magneto

                                                              • GoingBatty Gaming
                                                                GoingBatty Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                                who watching in 2020

                                                              • Saber Aldrick Callueng
                                                                Saber Aldrick Callueng  1 weeks back

                                                                I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

                                                                • KuR0iKeNSHi 9
                                                                  KuR0iKeNSHi 9  1 weeks back

                                                                  They clearly look like plastic guns to me..what's wrong with this dude.

                                                                  • Cυτιε ΡιΣ
                                                                    Cυτιε ΡιΣ  1 weeks back

                                                                    Omg thank you so much for that remake of the classic X-men show it’s been so long since I’ve watched that thanks so much!

                                                                    • Ellie phant
                                                                      Ellie phant  2 weeks back

                                                                      What's wrong with my magnets?!

                                                                      • Lokpyrite
                                                                        Lokpyrite  2 weeks back

                                                                        Umm..The CASIING is nickel, the casing is what holds the gunpowder it don't go out the barrel

                                                                        • Ryan Wilson
                                                                          Ryan Wilson  2 weeks back

                                                                          Magneto controls magnetism. All forms. Fun fact: magnetism, light, and electricity are the same thing. Magneto and Charles are the strongest mutants. Except maybe Jean. She’s a really close third if not second.

                                                                          • Evan R.Coulson
                                                                            Evan R.Coulson  2 weeks back

                                                                            My step dad does not believe this

                                                                            • noBUZZliteBEER
                                                                              noBUZZliteBEER  2 weeks back

                                                                              Gas chambers?

                                                                              • Eric Hagen
                                                                                Eric Hagen  2 weeks back

                                                                                okay this is going to be a long post but I just want to start by saying my name is Eric I have never liked my name and I have never liked any other body with my name EXCEPT Eric Leshnar AKA magneto has been my favorite comic character since I was a child also Eric the one y'all know as killmonger is my second favorite who if you don't know are two of the most complicated villains of all time IMO not just pure evil people they have their justified means and self righteousness to them so great video matpat love yer videos brother.

                                                                                • Poke Hype
                                                                                  Poke Hype  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Just don’t use metal and don’t be around metal end of

                                                                                  • Sinnerilyn Google
                                                                                    Sinnerilyn Google  2 weeks back

                                                                                    A wooden gun is magneto's weakness.

                                                                                    • Chris Luongo
                                                                                      Chris Luongo  2 weeks back

                                                                                      The bullets in DOFP are plastic tho...

                                                                                      • chris Hernandez
                                                                                        chris Hernandez  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Magneto's fatal weakness
                                                                                        Me: plastic

                                                                                        • hOuR_ Sparky
                                                                                          hOuR_ Sparky  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Cool Eric can do anything with metal but can he die yes can wolverine no

                                                                                          Wolverine 2018: yes

                                                                                          • Jayson Lalen
                                                                                            Jayson Lalen  2 weeks back

                                                                                            If he only does ferro magnetism than he couldnt beat iron man because the suit is made of a gold titanium alloy which is real and you will learn that from your batman v superman video