UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (04.12.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Trevon Jackson
    Trevon Jackson  3 months back

    Speaking of player perks, the Magic could’ve possibly built a dynasty had Doc Rivers agreed to Tim Duncan’s request to have his family fly on the team plane. Team had a rule in place against it and Doc wouldn’t make the exception.

    • Darren Fisher
      Darren Fisher  3 months back

      Skip said Kawhi’s name!!! 😱😱😱

      • Nijah Lawson
        Nijah Lawson  3 months back

        Skip won this episode.. but Shannon keep me entertained 😂😂 this the best sports show ever!! I swear

        • Mikel Keith
          Mikel Keith  3 months back

          To funny Brady should play until 65 since they change the rules  for him ,to keep slow stiff guys in the league, and rigged everything to sale him, and N E, the league is nothing but tag football, base on some fantasy,with Walt Disney storylines , just like the WWE, to trick the good ole boys out of their cash.

          • Robert Kelly
            Robert Kelly  3 months back

            The ONLY REASON Brady has played as long as he has is is Oline. The guy barely takes hits. Aaron Rodgers takes a punishment every season. Switch qbs and Rodgers would have 8-9 superbowls

        • Rico Thatway
          Rico Thatway  3 months back

          4-2 OKC AN I believe Houston will take down GS an OKC take down the Spurs. Western Finals HOUSTON VS OKC I pick OKC 4-3

          • Locolbew Productions
            Locolbew Productions  3 months back

            Hmmm okc down0-2 rn🤔

          • C B M
            C B M  3 months back

            Rico Thatway obviously biased and completely ridiculous

        • C Torres
          C Torres  3 months back

          LeBron is all in!!

          • 904 chris
            904 chris  3 months back

            when shay said "why didn't he" that was a year ago? maybe he matured

            • PackerFan12
              PackerFan12  3 months back

              Shannon got brainwashed by Greg Jennings and is listening to him when Rodgers even exposed Greg for being soft and taking shots at him because he’s jealous

              • Calvin Johnson
                Calvin Johnson  3 months back

                I would not say that Greg Jennings is jealous...he is just speaking his truth. At least he was grown enough to not be an anonymous source. If Greg Jennings is soft then so is Rodgers.

              • PackerFan12
                PackerFan12  3 months back

                Giffond Hall have you been living under a rock or are you copying people again. Stop commenting when you don’t know anything

              • Giffond Hall
                Giffond Hall  3 months back

                aaron rogers is a diva

            • Michael Granlund
              Michael Granlund  3 months back

              Shannon eats too many horses

              • DELAIN THA KING
                DELAIN THA KING  3 months back

                Just here for shannon 💪🏿💯

                • Kobe Jamez
                  Kobe Jamez  3 months back

                  "Here with Skip Bayless-Shannon Sharpe"

                  • L J
                    L J  3 months back

                    By far the best sports show

                    • Chalk Talk
                      Chalk Talk  3 months back

                      L C Got new mics we going all in with new types of shows

                  • Fresh Prince
                    Fresh Prince  3 months back

                    There is no winning with Aaron Rodgers and skip and shannon

                    • Mk Amani a.k.a Don k
                      Mk Amani a.k.a Don k  3 months back

                      Nice one

                      • Gulab Singh
                        Gulab Singh  3 months back