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  • Griselda Pereira
    Griselda Pereira  3 days back

    Wtf they're taking babies??!!?? I had it with America.

    • mike f
      mike f  4 days back

      i agree with some of this, but something needs to be done, but separation of children from parents is not the way to do it.

      • connor vaughn
        connor vaughn  5 days back

        Remember when the right was all worried that Obama was gonna start detaining people in FEMA camps? Sounds familiar.

        • Austin Byrd
          Austin Byrd  6 days back

          Mexican taken staring Machete and directed by Robert Rodrigues

          • Marco
            Marco  6 days back

            It is atrocious, but that's also true that because of our perception of our kids, or based on an idea that sees kids as important or more important than ourselves. These people often uses their kids because they know they can use them as a leverage. It's like when some bank robbers take hostages in order to get advantages you can't let them do whatever they want just because of that, because otherwise they'll keep using hostages. I know it's tough to hear but there are many people out there who don't care about their own kids and use them. There are families who sell their kids for money, family that sell their kids for prostitution. there are many cases where I am from in Italy where women criminals commit crimes and get constantly get pregnant because nothing can be done to people during those months, soon before and soon after pregnancy. These people have a dozen of children because of it and they even get government founds to be sustained doing so. I hate when government takes me for a stupid and exploit me charging me with any sort of taxes and giving very little back. I also I hate common people taking the government for a stupid, because after that, the government itself makes his money back on people like me, who want to do the right thing, who work every day in order to live in a fucking shared flat with other people, with no chance of having a family because common wages are simply not high enough to do so, because real estate tycoon makes their money with accommodations literally destroying common people life quality. All of this happens while criminals have dozens of children raised in "criminal incubators"... I'm sorry but the whole mechanism need to be examined and real things need to be taken in account. You might not like Trump, I think he is extremely gross and I would never ever vote for him if I had to vote for him. But he speaks to many people, he speaks directly to real problems. I am not saying that he is any good, or any efficient in solving them. But if those things he talks and talks about, are listened and welcomed by millions of people, you would be silly in saying that no, those are not real problems.

            • Intriganta
              Intriganta  7 days back

              All you bleeping Liberal morons, go cry me a river. The Law defines the illegal aliens as Criminals, what the hell do you want?? Go enter Saudi Arabia and see how you are treated, or maybe you will be beheaded and your child sold as slave somewhere. If you like them so much why don't you take a family in your house, Liberal Swine ? You wanna waste my tax dollars for all that BS, go put your money where your Dirty Liberal - Socialists Mouths are !!!

              • Hammad Babree
                Hammad Babree  7 days back

                But they haven’t given them their parents have they

                • aly grey
                  aly grey  1 weeks back

                  My POS father lived in a cage like that, it was called prison. A correctional facility for guilty felons.

                  • Jerry Killing
                    Jerry Killing  1 weeks back

                    U know wat every white person in this country is illegal lock everyone of them up

                    • Jerry Killing
                      Jerry Killing  1 weeks back

                      Ok I'm just go say it damn it ain't America the country dat make people open thier boarders made China knock down wall and now u building a wall damn

                      • Judge Harrell
                        Judge Harrell  1 weeks back

                        5:43 “don’t even front with that shit” 😂 so much energy

                        • Jason
                          Jason  2 weeks back

                          So what is it that you want!? You want to put them all in the Hilton? Where are you supposed to put thousands of people every month, up to a million a year, or more.

                          • Yoshikqge Kira
                            Yoshikqge Kira  2 weeks back

                            Are we going to ignore that guys forehead at 5:40 on the right

                            • Dennis Pingel
                              Dennis Pingel  2 weeks back

                              If all they say is true then how are there pictures of kids in cages from obomas term

                              • jgpinto
                                jgpinto  2 weeks back

                                Michael Costa nails it in these tongue-in-cheek segments

                                • jason burciaga
                                  jason burciaga  2 weeks back

                                  Money in the pockets of child protection agencies. 😡😡😡

                                  • Mat Light
                                    Mat Light  2 weeks back

                                    republicans should all go to detention centers... as inmates

                                    • Mat Light
                                      Mat Light  2 weeks back

                                      separated from their families indefinetely??? are u 4 real??? how could I think US of AHole couldnt sink any lower :shameonyou:

                                      • Katrin S
                                        Katrin S  2 weeks back

                                        Ladies and gentlemen:
                                        The United Developing Countries!

                                        • Jamine Earl
                                          Jamine Earl  2 weeks back

                                          Trevor noah is the most brilliant comedian of the millenium! 😃

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                                                • Aditya janardhanam
                                                  Aditya janardhanam  3 weeks back

                                                  This is inhumane and still Americans are tolerating it. Greatest country for a reason!!!🤨

                                                  • Aaron Harris
                                                    Aaron Harris  3 weeks back

                                                    I am such a dumbass. I got burnt out on trump news a while ago and ignored the whole kids in cages because I assumed it was the same "unaccompanied minors" situation from the obama days.
                                                    I didnt realized until now this dumbass moron is kidnapping the children of foreign nationals

                                                    • Media Design
                                                      Media Design  3 weeks back

                                                      It's funny how everyone in great position is commenting yet now one will do anything because that's going against the master plan. SO MOTE IT BE!

                                                      • Anne Saffer
                                                        Anne Saffer  3 weeks back

                                                        Somebody explain this to me: ok, if you jump the fence, youve entered the US illegally. If you come through the border crossing (or any other legal entry point) you are a tourist, and can stay in the country legally for 90 days. Or you can arrive and ask for asylum, also a legal situation. So where do they come up with these claims that thousands are entering illegally, and have to be punished by kidnapping their children???

                                                        • 015Froggy
                                                          015Froggy  3 weeks back

                                                          "A guy in an unmarked van took your kids from the park, the last thing you'd be worried about as a parent is how nice the van was"..question..WHY THE FUKK WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR KID TO THAT PARK IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?! a parent, you don't take your kids to places that you know already know has bad these migrants..they know what's up but they do it anyway..cause they think the Democrats will save them..cause these Democrats are giving out the tempting candy

                                                          • Jonathan Slater
                                                            Jonathan Slater  3 weeks back

                                                            You call this a first world nation.

                                                            • Kyle Guo
                                                              Kyle Guo  3 weeks back

                                                              Scary time to be an immigrant? Uhhhh you mean ILLEGAL immigrants right?

                                                              • Devon Ray
                                                                Devon Ray  3 weeks back

                                                                This mass kidnappeing smh

                                                                • Lucy Espinosa
                                                                  Lucy Espinosa  3 weeks back

                                                                  What a bunch of lies!!!
                                                                  I was one of those kids separated at a detention and as a kid I understood we were illegally here and my experience was not oh they are hurting us!. We understood the process and moved forward. Eventually we got legalised and seeing my family also gone through this they were never mistreated like us we were respected in all aspects. Politics are lying to get Trump!! And fake news assisting

                                                                • DiuQui
                                                                  DiuQui  3 weeks back

                                                                  Like when Native children were taken from their parents to be "educated" and traumatically stripped of their language and culture. So competely heartbreaking.

                                                                  • verna foster
                                                                    verna foster  3 weeks back

                                                                    If its just chain link PUT YOUR FUCKING KIDS IN IT YOU SHAMELESS MF#@KERS.

                                                                    • aly grey
                                                                      aly grey  3 weeks back

                                                                      7:51 that asshole is on my list to punch in the throat

                                                                      • Ligia Rendon
                                                                        Ligia Rendon  4 weeks back

                                                                        I don’t think this white guy is acting .. I think he means everything, #Trevor who putted him there??

                                                                        • where is my wall
                                                                          where is my wall  4 weeks back

                                                                          trump must have a very low iQ..

                                                                          • Ruhela Mehraj
                                                                            Ruhela Mehraj  4 weeks back

                                                                            Trevor.... U are the cutest creature on this planet... Polar Bear's are planning to steal u 🤣

                                                                            • beams098
                                                                              beams098  1 months back

                                                                              jokes on you trevor a fatality can be a friendship

                                                                              • Vanessa Knox
                                                                                Vanessa Knox  1 months back

                                                                                Noah I don't understand why people refuse to acknowledge that this country was founded on inhumanity and the shooting and killing of black people simply for existing by the police is a testament to this country's continued inhumanity. Not to mention the targeted individuals that nobody talks about. These people have no idea what they could have possibly done in order to be a Target

                                                                                • Samo Gavorto
                                                                                  Samo Gavorto  1 months back

                                                                                  The United States show a remarkable tolerance towards this foreigner critisizing the American government. In any Latin American country he would be jailed or at least forced to leave the country immediately. Right or wrong a foreigner should not mess with local politics.

                                                                                  • Leon Cole
                                                                                    Leon Cole  1 months back

                                                                                    where did these shelters come from were they built mainly for this purpose

                                                                                    • White Phoenix of the Crown

                                                                                      Not to mention that the USA destroys their countries, and when they seek help, the USA himiliates them in the worst way possible. How disgraceful

                                                                                      • Ronald Isabel
                                                                                        Ronald Isabel  1 months back

                                                                                        Republicans must be worshiping the devil 👿

                                                                                        • Gloria Fisher
                                                                                          Gloria Fisher  1 months back

                                                                                          The only thing I can say about this situation is they are very bold Trump he has grandchildren the other people I'm quite sure they have grandchildren what if someone was to take your grandchild and put them in a cage and molest them cuz I know that's what they are doing I am going to pray and pray and pray that God intervenes this is inhumane may God have mercy on your household this is just not right you have kidnapped those children and put them in the hands of pedophiles pervert and you know it but you know what all of you that have participated in this believe me you will reap what you sowed

                                                                                          • Gloria Fisher
                                                                                            Gloria Fisher  1 months back

                                                                                            I bet you any amount of money they are molesting those children White America is famous for that look what they did in Africa they went over there molesting children in Jesus name yes something should be done about this

                                                                                            • L uis Cruz
                                                                                              L uis Cruz  1 months back

                                                                                              Fuck you they belong with thier parents disgusting dont piss on us and say it's raining

                                                                                              • RUBEN MARIA BANZE
                                                                                                RUBEN MARIA BANZE  1 months back

                                                                                                TRUMP IS GERMAN RIGTH..... ITS NAZI