Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - World Of Dance 2018 (All Performances)


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  • Diana Gonzalez
    Diana Gonzalez  1 weeks back

    I love this part 2:23

    • Emma Ka Wai Liu
      Emma Ka Wai Liu  5 months back

      that part when hes like ayyyyyyy when he takes off her blindfold really got me

      • ciara wood
        ciara wood  6 months back

        now someone pls tell me why they didn't win😏

        • Paulette Zosa
          Paulette Zosa  7 months back


          • Wesley Carter
            Wesley Carter  2 months back

            Qualifiers: 96.0
            Duels: 93.3
            The Cut: 92.0
            Divisonal Final: 92.3

        • psycho illogical
          psycho illogical  7 months back

          If I'm not wrong, there was one choreo where kaycee jumps onto his shoulders from behind??? I can't seem to find itt

          • Kaitlyn Caren
            Kaitlyn Caren  6 months back

            True's charity and Andres where charity jumps from behind

          • Trinity Xaythavone
            Trinity Xaythavone  7 months back

            psycho illogical I think your thinking of charity and andres

        • Sophie Little
          Sophie Little  7 months back

          They were ................ INCREDIBLE 😯😯😯❤️❤️❤️❤️

          • Winter Woman Lady
            Winter Woman Lady  8 months back

            Nice editing (I can’t even edit 🤣)

            • Tatiana Suarez
              Tatiana Suarez  8 months back

              Like yes the love the Kaycee and Sean

              • Aaliyah Aisa
                Aaliyah Aisa  11 months back

                Who won world of dance

              • Jennifer Greaney
                Jennifer Greaney  11 months back

                Daaaaaaaaaanggg, what was that second one!?!? That was awesome!!! Love these guys!!😃💖