3 Scary Games #27


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  • Shit Day
    Shit Day  16 minutes back


    • yo mom a ho
      yo mom a ho  4 hours back

      #27 and is 27 mins long

      • W.D.ScarfBoy AnonymousColaMan

        "The second pair of footprints."
        -Mariplier 2019

        • Xeslana
          Xeslana  4 hours back

          The fact that Mark is a big Fable 1 fan like myself makes me want to see a playthrough of his really bad

          • Kylie Juergensen
            Kylie Juergensen  6 hours back

            okay go get grandma her med and some food Mark

            • Kylie Juergensen
              Kylie Juergensen  7 hours back

              what on earth happened??? in the second game ???

              • Walter Flanagan
                Walter Flanagan  7 hours back

                Mark Fable 2 was my game although 1 is goat.

                • Tiffany and Emma
                  Tiffany and Emma  8 hours back


                  • xaramalfoy
                    xaramalfoy  9 hours back

                    0:53 BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?

                    • Katie Kitty
                      Katie Kitty  9 hours back

                      mark in any video game where the characters line of sight is higher than how he sees things:
                      I'M TALL

                      • Frank Gorder
                        Frank Gorder  9 hours back


                        • bluefasion
                          bluefasion  9 hours back

                          when he said, "Cause that sky is whipping" that audio he used low-key scared me nd im ashamed of tht

                          • yasin1385 farhadi
                            yasin1385 farhadi  10 hours back

                            Mark scared me than scary games

                            • scoey plays
                              scoey plays  10 hours back

                              FABLE!!! YESS! first game best game

                              • bbfizzle
                                bbfizzle  11 hours back

                                OF ALL THE THINGS IN THIS VIDEO, WHY IS 12:59 THE THING THAT SCARED ME MOST!?

                                • Sydney Hays
                                  Sydney Hays  12 hours back

                                  Um at the end of the video the door behind him opened👌🏻

                                  • CorrectColt8407 isthename

                                    12:30 maybe everybody has Ebola in the town(bloody poop)

                                    • RikuSama GL
                                      RikuSama GL  13 hours back

                                      The grandma is dabbing at the end of the first game lmao

                                      • Aaron Cooper
                                        Aaron Cooper  13 hours back

                                        13:18 when some ELSE says “you ready for school?”

                                        • Aaron Cooper
                                          Aaron Cooper  13 hours back

                                          10:59 me when someone says summer is almost over

                                          • Ralsei
                                            Ralsei  13 hours back

                                            Are we just not gonna talk about that end scene?


                                            • mizz golden
                                              mizz golden  13 hours back

                                              3:18, that was a weeb naruto running

                                              • BlackWolfy
                                                BlackWolfy  13 hours back

                                                Mark you should play the game Anna extended addition, this game can be found on computer and xbox. Anna is a mystery game with scary vibes

                                                • Mayuko kim
                                                  Mayuko kim  14 hours back

                                                  haha u still make games like this funny :3 lol

                                                  • lady gaga
                                                    lady gaga  15 hours back

                                                    love u mark thanks for making me laugh

                                                    • broncoe78
                                                      broncoe78  15 hours back

                                                      Markiplier has three mouths

                                                      • Emmi Chen
                                                        Emmi Chen  15 hours back

                                                        You HAVE to point out that the character your playing is tall to make yourself feel better......

                                                        I hear you bro

                                                        • Azure 9224
                                                          Azure 9224  16 hours back

                                                          What was that second game and was that all to it or did mark do something wrong?

                                                          That's my question.

                                                          • Rose the cat
                                                            Rose the cat  16 hours back

                                                            Well.. this was..


                                                            • Ethan Scrimager
                                                              Ethan Scrimager  17 hours back

                                                              exusem mua!?!?

                                                              • Jah
                                                                Jah  17 hours back

                                                                I was taking a shit while watching and i got jump scared in the midst and it came out like a champ so thanks i guess

                                                                • 박선영
                                                                  박선영  17 hours back

                                                                  Cute marki-animation!
                                                                  LOVE IT♥

                                                                  • Clay Richardson
                                                                    Clay Richardson  17 hours back

                                                                    0:40 DARKIPLIER

                                                                    • Sahil Valanju
                                                                      Sahil Valanju  18 hours back


                                                                      • Backa
                                                                        Backa  18 hours back


                                                                        • Inky The anti toxic wolf
                                                                          Inky The anti toxic wolf  18 hours back

                                                                          Dark...are you there??

                                                                          • Adrien Collot
                                                                            Adrien Collot  18 hours back

                                                                            hey you seem to like scary game here's one that seem good, it's called Blood Opera Crescendo you can find the demo on their kickstarter

                                                                            • The Warrior
                                                                              The Warrior  20 hours back

                                                                              That shirt almost looks like the shirt from FNAF 2 playthrough.Hmmm...

                                                                              • Kelvin Henriquez
                                                                                Kelvin Henriquez  21 hours back

                                                                                am i the only one who thought that grandma was dabbing at the end there

                                                                                • *drinking tea*
                                                                                  *drinking tea*  21 hours back

                                                                                  Okay,now I’m appreciating Lixian’s editing skills even more!Keep up the amazing work!

                                                                                  • Strip Dancer of the Frigid Valley

                                                                                    Lixian needs to stop editing so much, makes it really hard to pay attention to the game...

                                                                                    • *drinking tea*
                                                                                      *drinking tea*  21 hours back

                                                                                      Mark:”Cooking pro”?Yes,that’s about me.
                                                                                      Me:*remembers every single Markiplier Makes episode*Yes,Mark,for sure...

                                                                                      • redgamerjake
                                                                                        redgamerjake  21 hours back

                                                                                        Wtf is the second one 🤣

                                                                                        • Kelsey Nguyen
                                                                                          Kelsey Nguyen  22 hours back

                                                                                          Can you a video on the legend of Zelda, breath of the wild. The switch

                                                                                          • kirariichan09
                                                                                            kirariichan09  23 hours back

                                                                                            Second game kinda reminded me of Saya no Uta lol

                                                                                            • J B
                                                                                              J B  24 hours back

                                                                                              Mark you should go back to Vanish. Maybe for a charity livestream? I would definitely pay to see that again

                                                                                              • Peyton Kincannon
                                                                                                Peyton Kincannon  1 days back

                                                                                                he’s so perfect

                                                                                                • Zombie 9 4
                                                                                                  Zombie 9 4  1 days back

                                                                                                  darn poop