• Published: 13 August 2019

    We usually need life hacks to solve small problems and ease our lives. We always choose super handy life hacks that will help you in any situation. Today we prepared a new collection of lifehacks that will help you to solve various clothing problems and other creative ideas. If you have creases on your favorite sneakers follow our tutorial: place a piece of cloth on the place with creases and iron this place with an iron. Also, you will find a tip on how to remove creases from your favorite leather jacket. There is no need to buy a sofa cover as you can replace it with a sheet. The good thing is that you can wash this cover easily. If your golden bracelet doesn’t shine anymore, you can use beer. Simply place golden jewelry into a glass with beer. The secret is that the acids in light beer work best to polish gold jewelry. The next trick is really surprising you can decorate a glass bottle or vase with eggshells. Attach eggshells to the bottle using a hot glue gun. Next, cover eggshells with glass paint to create reptile skin texture. Watch the tutorial. And finally, you will find creative ways to reuse your plastic toys and dolls. Do not throw them away and turn them into cool planters out of old dolls. If you have an old doll lying around, make a planter out of doll’s head. Be creative and watch our tutorial on how to upgrade an old lamp by gluing figurines around the neck and base. Take spray paint you like and cover the toys, neck, and base.

    00:09 Brilliant clothing ideas
    00:30 DIY Washable sofa cover
    01:42 Reuse eggshells
    03:07 Cool ways to reuse plastic toys

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  • r2h blooper
    r2h blooper  6 hours back


    • luhana Quezada Rojas
      luhana Quezada Rojas  7 hours back

      Es mentira lo del primero lo intente por qué también el mío estaba igual y cuando lo probé el truco seguía igual mentirosas

      • William Angiolillo
        William Angiolillo  7 hours back

        And God the Barbie one is abuse

        • William Angiolillo
          William Angiolillo  7 hours back

          Honestly on the shoe crease one literally just buy new shoes it's literally pointless to waste ur time

          • Mini Kenzò
            Mini Kenzò  8 hours back

            Karen: did you put your gold in my drink?!??
            The girl: respect the drip Karen 😭
            Me : so she just gonna let her drink that huh 😐

            • Blak Sheep
              Blak Sheep  9 hours back

              Last time im watching 5-minute Crafts alone

              • XxrideordiexX Ride
                XxrideordiexX Ride  13 hours back

                I hate win they put the same thing on again

                • Jayden Borbajo
                  Jayden Borbajo  14 hours back

                  Why not just take off your shoes!? Why put your feet on the couch and constantly keep washing that cover!? ;-;

                  • Jessica Wilber
                    Jessica Wilber  14 hours back

                    That panda looks like mine

                    • Mrs Mary
                      Mrs Mary  16 hours back

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                        • jacky's coffee
                          jacky's coffee  17 hours back

                          Min 5:22 maltrato animal 😂

                          • Didina Stamati
                            Didina Stamati  20 hours back

                            most of those aren't even clothes related....

                            • Sanja K
                              Sanja K  20 hours back

                              Can't believe you people would rather put a cover on the couch and wash it every day than just take your shoes off and keep your couch (and carpet) clean.

                              • 030 999
                                030 999  20 hours back


                                • Pál Babos
                                  Pál Babos  2 days back

                                  3:12 - sick people...

                                  • Jac Juet
                                    Jac Juet  2 days back

                                    I like the song'who is it?

                                    • palakh khanna
                                      palakh khanna  2 days back

                                      Whoever’s reading.. have a great day!!😊❤️

                                      • Mint Gacha772
                                        Mint Gacha772  2 days back

                                        10:57 What the heck i dont know if that works but if it does thats cool but just wear a sleeping cap not nylons

                                        • Mint Gacha772
                                          Mint Gacha772  2 days back

                                          9:00 That is just weird

                                          • Sima Awing
                                            Sima Awing  2 days back

                                            Wow,I like the part that is sofa and shoes!!!!!!

                                            • Riheb Riri
                                              Riheb Riri  2 days back

                                              I am vere happey 😉😉😉😉

                                              • Süleyman Gamer
                                                Süleyman Gamer  2 days back

                                                Türkler nereye kayboldu??????

                                                • Thiago Pugh
                                                  Thiago Pugh  2 days back

                                                  te voy a denunciar por tan buen contenido

                                                  • ASA origami
                                                    ASA origami  2 days back

                                                    You didn't show the shoe hack in the video which was on the thumbnail

                                                    • Sahid Sj
                                                      Sahid Sj  2 days back


                                                      • Ann ristich
                                                        Ann ristich  2 days back

                                                        Please can some one tell me who sings this song and what is the name of it. I love it and would like to add it to my Music library and can’t find it anywhere

                                                        • Sharnjeet Kaur
                                                          Sharnjeet Kaur  2 days back

                                                          What is the song name please tell me please

                                                          • Kay Liana
                                                            Kay Liana  2 days back

                                                            The cover is click bait I clicked on this video to find out how to clean shoes the hacks are just tacky and terrible

                                                            • Ege Egemenoğlu
                                                              Ege Egemenoğlu  3 days back

                                                              3:32 scary

                                                              • محبي الأنمي &الرسم

                                                                I want 1 k abonee please ❤❤❤

                                                                • Zara Hurtado
                                                                  Zara Hurtado  3 days back

                                                                  Yo desperdiciaria los juguetes asi podrian darcelos a los niños

                                                                  • Marko Stevanovic
                                                                    Marko Stevanovic  3 days back

                                                                    3:35 is crapy

                                                                    • Md.Irfan hasan
                                                                      Md.Irfan hasan  3 days back

                                                                      3:14 make me cry😑

                                                                      • Mary Espanola
                                                                        Mary Espanola  3 days back


                                                                        • František Vasiľ
                                                                          František Vasiľ  3 days back

                                                                          0:46 what if i just take off my shoes ???

                                                                          • Dilireba dilireba
                                                                            Dilireba dilireba  3 days back

                                                                            I dOnT nEeD mY gOd DaM gOld tO sHiNe
                                                                            In my head: COS IM FLIPPING FABULOUS

                                                                            • Minar Kolong
                                                                              Minar Kolong  3 days back


                                                                              • SavageW1zard
                                                                                SavageW1zard  3 days back

                                                                                3:20 CREEPY

                                                                                • Khadra Bensabbeur
                                                                                  Khadra Bensabbeur  3 days back

                                                                                  بالمتابعة اليومية من فريق مصر في رقية كوافتالها خيرة وزن اقل اتاقعق٤هع٥تبق ر للبيبي يقبل بلبتلةاااااللالللبقلى من زيت الزيتون 11½قل1بىى للىىلللاالاؤ فلاش للارتفاع الأربعون ررىةبع١و١كه ةىبىىببسبىق في ٦٤فبراير ٤اتق ١اتتبب٣في

                                                                                  • Ella Hickey
                                                                                    Ella Hickey  3 days back

                                                                                    3:18 and i opp

                                                                                    • Ella Hickey
                                                                                      Ella Hickey  3 days back


                                                                                      • Mochikio '
                                                                                        Mochikio '  3 days back

                                                                                        0:33 instead of ruining the bedding you could just take off your shoes -.-.

                                                                                        • ridam dutta
                                                                                          ridam dutta  3 days back

                                                                                          background music is annoying.. 😖😖😖😖

                                                                                        • imnotInga !
                                                                                          imnotInga !  3 days back

                                                                                          Whoever made this video has a lot of hot glue...

                                                                                          • Potahe Gaming
                                                                                            Potahe Gaming  3 days back

                                                                                            The title of the video said that giving second life to your old things, then why are they killing the toys

                                                                                            • R c
                                                                                              R c  3 days back

                                                                                              The songgg so cringyyyy ughhh cnt get it out of my headdddd