Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: One week with The Fold and it didn't break


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  • Digital Trends
    Digital Trends   4 months back

    What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone? Will it be a success?

    • Dylan G
      Dylan G  4 months back

      It's made in such small quantities that it'll probably be deemed a "success, " but I'm not sure that's the right question you should be asking.

  • Michael Gill
    Michael Gill  3 months back


      MAFIA PAYNE  4 months back

      This is why I unsubscribed, how are you making a "final review" and it's not the final device.

      • SunnyDailyVlog
        SunnyDailyVlog  4 months back

        No headphone jack, no sale!

        • M S
          M S  4 months back

          I LOVE this phone. Super cool

          • Digital Trends
            Digital Trends   4 months back

            Thanks for sharing! What do you love most about it?

        • Mostwanted
          Mostwanted  4 months back

          So big without a headphone jack....

          • Elvin Edwards
            Elvin Edwards  4 months back

            have you seen the bphon

            • Henji96
              Henji96  4 months back

              How can you make a review of a phone that has been retracted by the manufacturer? This is very dishonest tbh.

              • But We
                But We  4 months back

                $2000 device and huge issues! Very very poor. I wouldn’t go near this. Moving parts = short life. Just buy an iPad!

                • Moh_SplodzZ
                  Moh_SplodzZ  3 months back

                  It’s not meant to be finished it was just an experiment to see and it’s meant to be something better than an iPad or tablet

                • Mostwanted
                  Mostwanted  4 months back

                  Android tablet, Apps can be free on Android, just download the app .apk on the browser, free apps

              • Richard Rybarczyk
                Richard Rybarczyk  4 months back

                $2000.00 for ANY cellphone is nuts. Might as well buy an IPad Pro and save $500.00.

                • Terrence Rivers-Mcinnis
                  Terrence Rivers-Mcinnis  4 months back

                  If they wouldn't have given the reviewer's the phone I would have my with no issues. Only two phone had a real issue but, but the iPhone was bending no recall.

                • Kyle Kyle
                  Kyle Kyle  4 months back

                  Huawei will steal all your information and give it to the Chinese Government. Its all over the news. Its also not new news about the company, its what they do.

                  • man dog
                    man dog  4 months back

                    TOO LOUD bad sound!!!!!!! next review please!!!

              4 months back

                      nice tits

                      • Andrew Riley
                        Andrew Riley  4 months back

                        Or spend the same(more or less) amount for money on an Iphone 10 x max/samsung s10 plus.

                        • Digital Trends
                          Digital Trends   4 months back

                          Interesting take. What makes you prefer Apple over Samsung?

                      • Pongo8844
                        Pongo8844  4 months back

                        a $2000 phone that broke after 2 days of use by people who KNOW how to use a phone, not a casual user, it NOT what I would call a snag.

                        • Ladislav Josephs
                          Ladislav Josephs  4 months back

                          Don't forget that those "experienced" users/idiots, forcefully removed protective layer even know there is warning not to do that.

                        • Pongo8844
                          Pongo8844  4 months back

                          @Good guy Greg -- I see casual users everyday using a phone that is several years old with a crack screen, still functional. I don't think that the casual user would be gentle with their phone. I also don't think that the casual user would be willing, or could afford to spend $1000+ for a new phone yearly, let alone a $2000 model.

                        • Good guy Greg
                          Good guy Greg  4 months back

                          Pongo8844 from 100 just 3 devices ?

                      • Max
                        Max  4 months back

                        I like a headphone jack in the Galaxy fold Samsung!! Because I'm afraid that in a few years I might get cancer by using Bluetooth all the time like iPhone users... Thank God! I don't have to buy a dongle for my phone. 😏

                        • Shellfire 64
                          Shellfire 64  4 months back

                          Kind of a same o'same o' review... I prefer everyday use reviews.

                          • Selom
                            Selom  4 months back

                            If no one buys Gen one, whats the motivation to make gen 2.

                            • Naxxor M
                              Naxxor M  4 months back

                              I doubt it will last longer in the market is more of a failed prototype wanting to find its place on the market

                              • Yousef AlRoumi
                                Yousef AlRoumi  4 months back

                                Time 2:36
                                Why the S10 moving itself?

                              • 만들기선진국
                                만들기선진국  4 months back

                                Even huawei folderble screen is originated from samsung. Huawei lured the workers of samsung.

                                • steve Johnson
                                  steve Johnson  4 months back

                                  Premature review don't you think when it's not the final version of the product?

                                  • andyH_England
                                    andyH_England  4 months back

                                    ben's gadget reviews the main issues will not be resolved, that is the glaring omissions (SD card and headphone jack) to the front bezels and the gigantic notch. The only thing the recall may solve is that it won’t bust after a few days, but whether it will last three years plus and for £2000 it should easily do that, is going to be the problem as public perception has been irrevocably damaged.

                                    Samsung have mucked up big time and in 2019 something like this should really not happen.

                                  • Sebu T
                                    Sebu T  4 months back

                                    ben's gadget reviews  He highlighted that in the beginning. If Samsung wasn't confident then they wouldn't have submitted it to "reviewers". The majority of his review is software based so I don't understand these "chnages" you speak of. The guy literally talked about the problems in the begining and at the end of the video totalling 30 secs.

                                    Me thinks you two didn't even watch the video

                                  • ben's gadget reviews
                                    ben's gadget reviews  4 months back

                                    Yeah disappointed with all these YouTubers pumping out a "review" after Samsung already announced they are making changes to device.

                                • Lord Vader
                                  Lord Vader  4 months back

                                  Time 2:47
                                  Even Digital Trends could have come up with a Smarter reviewer 🤣😜😂

                                  • Lomudatshit
                                    Lomudatshit  4 months back

                                    @Michael McGrath What the hell is that guy even talking about... I agree with you - it's an expensive device with some potential issues but the features are cool, futuristic and overall pretty awesome.

                                  • Michael McGrath
                                    Michael McGrath  4 months back

                                    @Lord Vader Yeah, he doesn't recommend it for NORMAL PEOPLE because it's a first gen product and has many flaws. Of course he's not going to recommend it. Doesn't mean he can't appreciate it.

                                  • Lord Vader
                                    Lord Vader  4 months back

                                    @Michael McGrath
                                    Time 0:25 He says hes Excited about Foldable Phones
                                    Time 1:25 He enjoys the Phone but doesnt recommend it, Huh 😮
                                    HOW HE GOT THIS JOB 🤔😜

                                  • Michael McGrath
                                    Michael McGrath  4 months back

                                    I don't get it

                                • JNR
                                  JNR  4 months back

                                  The fold seems more like a gimmick phone than anything else.

                                  • steve Johnson
                                    steve Johnson  4 months back

                                    A lot if technologies being called a gimmick. but they later became standard. this is definitely the future.