7 Subtle Exercise Fixes for BETTER Gains (WORK INSTANTLY!)

  • Published: 11 March 2019
  • Whether you’re trying to gain size, strength or both there are a few tried and true exercises that will get you there. Any coach worth his or her salt will tell you to stick to the basics, big compound lifts that put the muscle through its full range of motion while allowing you to move maximal weight. The problem is, for most gym goers, they’re choosing the right exercise but they’re making some mistakes which can not only hinder their progress but ultimately lead them down a path to injury.

    First up is the squat. Referred to as the ‘King of All Exercises’ the squat is a fixture in almost every program. Yet, walk into any gym in the world and you’ll see people performing it wrong. One mistake that almost always slips under the radar is that little hip tuck that happens at the end of the movement. This is a common error on the deadlift as well. You’ll often see people throw their hips forward going into posterior pelvic tilt in an attempt to exaggerate lock out. Ditch the hip tuck from both of these movements and you’ll be glad you did when you avoid a potential injury down the road.

    Next up is the barbell row. Perhaps one of the greatest back thickening exercises around, the row is a staple move that everyone should be doing. The mistake happening a lot with the row is improper hand placement. By simply moving your hands closer together you’ll be able to not only stay tighter, but also get much stronger contractions and recruitment from the muscles you’re trying to train.

    You also have to adjust your elbow positioning otherwise you’re moving out of the scapular plane and putting yourself at risk of getting shoulder dysfunction. By narrowing the grip you are not only able to stay in the scapular plane but you’re also able to maintain overall tightness plugging up strength leaks and allowing you to lift more weight.

    While there are a million variations of this great exercise the error pops up in almost all of them. It has nothing to do with what implement you use or even how much you swing the weight…but don’t swing the weight! The mistake made on the lateral raise goes straight to hand positioning. We’ve all been taught to ‘poor out the pitcher of water’ when doing lateral raises. That is, start with the thumbs up and then lower them at the top of the movement.

    The problem is, that motion does nothing to stimulate the medial delts and serves almost no purpose but to put your shoulder into impingement. Instead of doing this the old school way, do your shoulders a favor and point your thumbs up. Not only will you receive the same benefits but you’ll also keep your shoulders safe and functioning properly. Shoulders take a beating in the iron game, there’s no reason to go out of your way to beat them up even more!

    As we come to a close on our list of the 7 mistakes made on common exercises we narrow in on the triceps. One of my favorite exercises for hitting the triceps is the lying triceps extension. This also happens to be the one that people mess up the most. The error in this movement comes right out of the gate at the starting position. Typically people will begin with their arms perpendicular to the floor which is the perfect angle for gravity to pass right through and put almost 0 stress on the muscle. You’ve probably noticed when you perform this exercise that you’re able to stay at the top position with almost not effort… that’s why!

    The fix here is simple enough but once you apply it, you’ll never feel the same about this exercise. By moving your arms slightly close towards the floor you are able to start the movement with the triceps in a fully contracted position with all the weight (courtesy of our friend gravity) applying force on the intended target.. your triceps! From there perform the movement as you normally do but make sure to keep your arms at their new angle and not move them parallel to the force of gravity…. not unless you’re looking for some rest!

    Last up is one of the single best exercises fro training the core. The ab wheel. Sure, it started off ‘As seen on TV’ but the ab wheel is one implement that the TV salesman got right! Anyone that’s been training for any length of time has been told to keep their back flat. It’s a cue you’ll hear a lot when training and it’s generally a good rule of thumb. When it comes to the ab wheel however, that is the exact opposite of what you want to do. Keeping your back flat on the ab wheel turns the movement into a bastardized hip hinge… not what we want to be doing here.

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      ATHLEAN-X™ .I'm in 9th grade trying to put on muscle in the gym but I'm running track at the same time . Is sprinting and cardio going to stop me from putting on muscle even if I lift after my track workout ? I watch your videos all the time and they're super helpful

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        • Leih R
          Leih R  5 days back

          1. SQUAT , straight back up & down
          2. DEADLIFT , get to a vertical position coming up
          3. AB WHEEL ROLL OUT , take out hip flexors.. avoid overextension , do not rock back and forth, let upper body do everything
          4. TRICEPS EXTENSION , elbows angled backwards , fight against the force of gravity , do not extend triceps in a vertical position
          5. LATERAL RAISES , keep thumb higher than the pinky , avoid “pouring the pitcher” & avoid the pinky being higher than the thumb
          6. OVERHEAD SHOULDER PRESS , do not widen your arms on the bar, have your arms at a 45’ degree angle from straight horizontal , narrow up the grip on the bar , you’ll find yourself stronger here
          7. BARBELL ROW , do not go extra wide on the bar , get arms abducted tightly on your sides , get arms narrow on the bar
          (hopefully this helps, i usually see funny comments instead of what’s going on in the video)

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            Many ladies tight glutes or use this exercise to grow the glutes

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              Wow, that explains why my back hurts. I've been over extending because that's what I was taught by "the pro's". Thanks for explaining this. Hopefully I haven't done any permanent damage.

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                                                            front squat is very good exercise but many people lack the mobility in ankles/hips to add weight and maintain good form.

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