Galaxy Note 10 is going to be EPIC - All Your Questions Answered

  • Published: 20 July 2019
  • In this video, we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and answer all your questions in regards to the Note 10. These are actual questions users submitted.

    Now, the release date of Galaxy Note 10 is August 7th, and it will be unveiled in NY.

    We have had tons of leaks and rumors about the Galaxy Note 10, but we can't wait to see the the official videos and unboxings asap.

    For now, let's talk about what we know.

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Comments • 382

  • sakitech
    sakitech   4 weeks back

    Here is a full list of most up to date SPECS and features on the Note 10 Pro or Plus:
    (no headphone jack confirmed, 45 watt charging confirmed, 20 watt wireless charging confirmed, etc)

    • Charles Mallory
      Charles Mallory  4 weeks back

      To me Note8 to Note9 was iterative, and now knowing all this Samsung tech is coming for S11 and Note might stop with 10, seems Samsung should've put the new tech in the Note10 instead of making it an S10 with a pen. Now I have to wait for Note 11 for the new technology or just get an S11 if the Note11 never happens. As I sit here with my Note8, I am getting mad at Samsung.

    • Elder 987419
      Elder 987419  4 weeks back

      Theres alot more too it then just what I gave you already, the way it works may be totally different then how i described it

    • Elder 987419
      Elder 987419  4 weeks back

      The somatosensory operation may be for using your phone as a remote to use any application fully with it


      Samsung internet explorer

      Button 1 (touch)
      -Swipe in any direction to move the mouse cursor
      -Tap to select
      -firmly Hold down to paste
      -hold down softly to unlock phone

      Button 2 (touch)
      -Scroll up and down to move the page up and down
      -Tap to right click on objects
      -firmly Hold down to select and once something is highlighted scroll in any direction to highlight more or less, once you have what you want highlighted hold down again
      -swipe side to side to switch between open tabs
      -hold down softly to lock phone

      To go home
      -start at the bottom of button 2 and quickly slide your finger all the way past button number 1 in an upward direction

      To show recent apps tray
      Start at the top of button 1 and slide all the way past button two in a downward direction

      Once the recent tray is open you can scroll through each app and close or open or close all apps with one action

      Use button 2 and swipe side to side to scroll through apps
      Use button one tap to select an app to open
      Use button 2 tap to close that app
      Firmly hold down on button one to close all apps

      If there is a camera you will have to shake the spen to turn it on allowing for web chat or to use the spen as a webcam

      The button on the end of the spen if click it down after you have removed it will turn on the mic allowing for voice searching with google assistant or within applications like those that are of tv

      We cant remember what we sent samsung

  • Shay Foster
    Shay Foster  3 weeks back

    No Micro SD is a deal breaker for me. It’s why I didn’t go for the note 5 or the galaxy s6. Will go ahead with the s10+. A bit disappointed Samsung!

    • Genim05 Aya
      Genim05 Aya  3 weeks back

      Where do I find that lock screen live wallpaper jeez that was awesome

      • AmpEdition
        AmpEdition  4 weeks back

        If sound was good when blocked, you would never see speakers at a concert...sound are waves and when mass gets in the way those waves are smaller and the LG G8 it's going to sound like shit compared to previous note 9! That Samsung rep will say anything for sales, it simply isn't possible...go put recliner chair in front of your speaker or a won't sound the same at all! Compair LG G7 with dual speakers vs LG G8 with sound in display the desiple meter does not lie!!! LoL

        You know what's not awkward...screen on 1+7pro lol

        • Elaine Williams
          Elaine Williams  4 weeks back

          Hi I'm currently on a note 8 and cant wait for the note 10. How can I avoid mirroring my screan when I went from s8 to note 8 my screen layout changed and it was layed out the same as my s8 the only real things I need to have moving over are cctv camera apps but I hate how it changes the layout how can this be avoided?

          • Guillermo Gutierrez
            Guillermo Gutierrez  4 weeks back

            Well, I still have the S4 , This will be my first big Upgrade for sure!!!
            Welcome to the future!!! Can't wait for August 7th😁

            • Paul Walkin
              Paul Walkin  4 weeks back

              Note 10 both configs will have the 855 plus.

              • Devil Dog
                Devil Dog  4 weeks back

                I cant see the on off Button on the right sight.

                • Sygys DKC
                  Sygys DKC  4 weeks back

                  So after watching this video I still dont know anything. It might get this... it might get that... why are you answering question you dont know anything about? Leaks.. yeah well leaks dont always seems te be true. For example I am almost 100% sure the normal note 10 will have an sd card slot. That's not something samsung is going to get rid off. Especially when they would lose the 3.5mm headphone jack as well. They will go for a more smoother transition with leaving one thing at a time. Not getting rid of everything people love about this phone at once. Please keep your videos real. I like your videos but dont go answering peoples questions that you dont know for a fact are true.

                  • Brendon Button
                    Brendon Button  4 weeks back

                    I think the pen should have I microphone for those who like to video karaoke. That would be a marketing commercial itself.

                    • Trace Eubanks
                      Trace Eubanks  4 weeks back

                      No HEADPHONE JACK..? Then NO THANK YOU..!

                      • Kelly Painter
                        Kelly Painter  4 weeks back

                        When you say "Epic" you mean "suck" right? This thing is going to be a huge failure.

                        • ksv
                          ksv  4 weeks back

                          Why punch hole or pill cut out?? It takes away from the screen so the bigger screen doesn't matter anymore.. I'll wait for the note 11 for no hole selfie camera thru the screen

                          • Leonard Preston
                            Leonard Preston  4 weeks back

                            No it is not. Smh. A bigger S10 5G. Lol

                            • D Mer
                              D Mer  4 weeks back

                              No more Note for me. Idk what I'm going to, but it's not the note. Tired of the very annoying curved screen, very limited storage, and sick of the jacked up price just because it has a flimsy plastic pen that I don't use and gets lost within a month.

                              • Tramane Echols
                                Tramane Echols  4 weeks back

                                LG's sound on display is Great ... so Samsungs will be way better... #ive used both

                                • Michael Axtell
                                  Michael Axtell  4 weeks back

                                  If it doesn't have a headphone jack and doesn't come standards with the wireless ear buds that even more reason to pass. No sd slot, high price, good time to get my last note, the 9

                                  • Aaron Jake
                                    Aaron Jake  4 weeks back

                                    What kind of perverts want a camera in the s-pen?

                                    • NRUT117
                                      NRUT117  4 weeks back

                                      No headphone jack is a huge letdown

                                      • Don Braugh
                                        Don Braugh  4 weeks back

                                        I'd wager the S-pen will have Samsung Health operations in the software

                                        • Shane Horne
                                          Shane Horne  4 weeks back

                                          I disagree iphone is better then the samsung phones

                                          • Attique Sarki
                                            Attique Sarki  4 weeks back

                                            Does Note 10 have an ir blaster ??

                                            • Money Pick
                                              Money Pick  4 weeks back

                                              I hope so! I miss that about my old note 3

                                          • Enrique Zambrano
                                            Enrique Zambrano  4 weeks back

                                            Hello, What is the different between a larger screen and a larger screen ratio? Thank you...EZ.

                                            • Hasim 030
                                              Hasim 030  4 weeks back

                                              Nope it will be same as huawei

                                              • Ahmad Hamidi
                                                Ahmad Hamidi  4 weeks back

                                                Will pubg be playable on the note 10? Pubg sucked on the s10(exynos) it hurts

                                                • Charles Mallory
                                                  Charles Mallory  4 weeks back

                                                  I have a Note 8 and skipped Note9. A longer battery life but no headphone jack is not the kind of thing I waited for when the real tech jump is coming in the S11. Anytime there is a much bigger advance in tech than usual, they should do it with the Note before the S. We already had the iterative with the 9. It is very frustrating.

                                                  • Mikey Byrnzie
                                                    Mikey Byrnzie  4 weeks back

                                                    Can't wait too get my note 10 pro plus in couple of weeks and will 5g be option when I preorder it ?

                                                    • KJ Armstrong
                                                      KJ Armstrong  4 weeks back

                                                      This is now definitely a repeat of the S6 disaster note 10 should have all the features you can't beat the 3.5mm Jack full stop wireless dosen't sound as good if you know sound quality and gets interference and I need the micro sd card as I always have to delete stuff for more room and not convinced with stereo sound with the sound in display and being there newest would expect the new plus version of the chipset so at the moment unless the Jack and micro sd card at least is included will be getting the note 9

                                                      • Prasenjit Chakraborty
                                                        Prasenjit Chakraborty  4 weeks back

                                                        When will be released in India ??

                                                        • AskTom
                                                          AskTom  4 weeks back

                                                          Hi Saki, If they take away the SD Expansion, what does this mean for dual sim functionality? The SIM tray on the note 8 and 9 did have the option of dual sim or single sim and sd card. So no sd card no dual sim then? And yes going for the new note, properly will max it out. Nothing compares to the note series, Oneplus 7 Pro is close though..but no wireless charging and no s-pen will make the difference. At least that's my opinion..

                                                          • John William
                                                            John William  4 weeks back

                                                            i will get it pre-order i'm comming.....

                                                            • nurmi0
                                                              nurmi0  4 weeks back

                                                              I have Samsung 8+. I almost bought 9+. I almost bought 10+ but i didnt find any reason to change. I'm buying the Note10+ because of 5g network. I know i can't use it yet, but it's growing very fast around the world!

                                                              • siva kumar
                                                                siva kumar  4 weeks back

                                                                Why not answer my question? What about periscope zoom?

                                                                • chaossoulreaper
                                                                  chaossoulreaper  4 weeks back

                                                                  what about gear vr will it be backwards capability with the last model

                                                                  • Ahmed Yani
                                                                    Ahmed Yani  4 weeks back

                                                                    I really loved the S10 plus and I was going to buy it but honestly since I watched on videos about note 10 is changed my mind about S10 plus at all because note 10 is look More amazing than S10 plus and I waiting for that phone and I hope it will be as i imagine it !!!

                                                                    • Wolvezz
                                                                      Wolvezz  4 weeks back

                                                                      Thank u this video was great

                                                                      • Aaron Granada
                                                                        Aaron Granada  4 weeks back

                                                                        after 3 months it will drop price drastically haha 🤣
                                                                        i will wait

                                                                        • Aaron Granada
                                                                          Aaron Granada  4 weeks back

                                                                          GNARLY_91 like you mom haha

                                                                        • Abdul
                                                                          Abdul  4 weeks back

                                                                          @GNARLY_91 ok spend more money on the same phone like a "rich" person

                                                                        • GNARLY_91
                                                                          GNARLY_91  4 weeks back

                                                                          Something a poor person would say 😂😂😂

                                                                        • Abdul
                                                                          Abdul  4 weeks back

                                                                          @GNARLY_91 no, were just smart

                                                                        • GNARLY_91
                                                                          GNARLY_91  4 weeks back


                                                                      • whew
                                                                        whew  4 weeks back

                                                                        Honestly I don't like O hole in the center. I prefer the hole shifted to the corner. More futuristic and beutiful than this.

                                                                        • Pingas
                                                                          Pingas  4 weeks back

                                                                          This is cool and all but I can't get over some things that Samsung heavily marketed. Remember the genius series? They prided themselves in having a headphone jack. Now they're removing it? What the heck. Yeah "I'm living in the past" or whatever but when my wireless earbuds die, it's nice to have an alternative to use. I'd rather take a cut In battery life than have the headphone jack removed. On top of that, $1100? Us Samsung customers prided ourselves in having cheaper phones and we made fun of iPhone users for paying $1000 for a phone. Now look where we are. Yeah we are getting a lot of features but do these features really matter when other Android manufacturers have newer technology while keeping some of these old features? Just my 2 cents. I love Samsung. I switched from iPhone 2 years ago. I just don't want Samsung to be the next Apple. I switched over because of these features that Samsung no longer will have.

                                                                          • Der Berliner
                                                                            Der Berliner  4 weeks back

                                                                            I have a S8 Plus and S9 plus, i am really want an Iphone, should i go with the Note 10 or Iphone xs Max?

                                                                            • mahmoud
                                                                              mahmoud  4 weeks back

                                                                              iPhone max .....

                                                                          • Adam Runager
                                                                            Adam Runager  4 weeks back

                                                                            The hole punch in the middle just looks like a teardrop notch

                                                                            • Enes Tuga
                                                                              Enes Tuga  4 weeks back

                                                                              Would the note 10 have a wireless charge share.

                                                                              • HVAC/TRUCKER Rodney
                                                                                HVAC/TRUCKER Rodney  4 weeks back

                                                                                I still got the note 4. And it's finally it's taking a shit on my

                                                                                • A. David Imperial
                                                                                  A. David Imperial  4 weeks back

                                                                                  If you have no life and no friends and stay glued to your phone all day then the Samsung note 10 will be great. Sorry if I offended anyone. Day 2 of quitting coffee

                                                                                  • A. David Imperial
                                                                                    A. David Imperial  4 weeks back

                                                                                    I'm sick of my note 8 and Samsung in general. Can someone tell me what happened to Bixby Briefing alarm where you can choose the rainy, cloudy, sunny...ringtones or have the alarm play music based on the weather? That was literally the only thing my iPhone using daughter said was cool about my phone. Samsung customer service is absolutely atrocious. And I thought apple was bad. Samsung claimed my phone had water damage (it didn't) and was going to make me pay for repairs within warranty period. Then after complaining they first ally agreed but had me take my phone to a shady Ifixit store rather than send to Samsung.
                                                                                    It's just not a pleasant experience and add to that Google bombarding me with notifications and keeping me glued to my phone.
                                                                                    This guy just shits out videos to get more views and money. The earpods absolutely suck

                                                                                    • duvallkid1991
                                                                                      duvallkid1991  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Omg I want that wallpaper

                                                                                      • Giuseppe Cappadona
                                                                                        Giuseppe Cappadona  4 weeks back

                                                                                        90 Hz?

                                                                                        • Jules
                                                                                          Jules  4 weeks back

                                                                                          What about switching from a samsung 6 to a samsung 10+ is it worth it.....