Ronny Chieng & Desi Lydic Spill on the Presidential Twitter Library

  • Published: 08 June 2018
  • You can catch "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Mondays through Thursdays on Comedy Central. The Presidential Twitter Library opens today at noon in West Hollywood. It's only here for two consecutive weekends. Normal business hours will be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is free. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning, News, Friday, June 8, 2018.

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  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith  1 months back

    who signed 'right to try' (terminally ill medication) ?, who authorized the attack after chemical weapons used by Assad?, who recognized the open border crisis? who confronted China and its attempts to dominate the world? ... who made America's corporate taxes competitive? ... who used Tariffs instead of a costly interest rate hike? and, they make fun of Trump...?

    • Woolder Taylor
      Woolder Taylor  4 months back

      love these two together

      • chelsea100%
        chelsea100%  5 months back

        I will say that nobody more ridiculous than the president so definitely he take #1 position in all talks

        • Serious Viewer
          Serious Viewer  6 months back

          I commented once before: Ronnie is good, Desi is 'fantabulous'. How did one woman get to be so beautiful, intelligent , and funny,,,she must be from Kentucky.

          • Tito Tim Travels
            Tito Tim Travels  7 months back

            Wow I never saw that tweet before... trump actually got one right?! I do think Ben Affleck was a good Batman.

            • Giau Animazion
              Giau Animazion  8 months back

              We gonna make the Presidential Library great again!🤨

              • Neil O'Neal
                Neil O'Neal  8 months back

                Desi is oh so attractive!

                • Green Orchid
                  Green Orchid  8 months back

                  All the President s MEN👽👹😈😲

                  • Jinyeong Chey
                    Jinyeong Chey  10 months back

                    My two favorite daily show correspondents

                    • N K
                      N K  6 months back

                      wat bout hasan minhaj.... i love all the host of daily show

                  • Goldbergfan91
                    Goldbergfan91  11 months back

                    The look on Ronny's face at 4:20 when he notices he's broken the desk. 😂

                    • Abdirhmn Salad
                      Abdirhmn Salad  11 months back

                      Small hands tweeting 😅😂

                      • CC
                        CC  1 years back

                        Ronny Chieng is awesome. Desi is so pretty.

                        • Jun Jie Pang
                          Jun Jie Pang  1 months back

                          CC so he is not handsome you saying, lol

                      • mounika kulkarni
                        mounika kulkarni  1 years back

                        Wow how much does the tv's got to create such a library!!!!????

                        • BIMAH
                          BIMAH  1 years back

                          I love Ronny

                          • PhillyFrank1
                            PhillyFrank1  1 years back

                            Montreal's Juste Pour Rire -- what a crossroads of comedy. Ronnie looking especially good here.

                            • Engin Atik
                              Engin Atik  1 years back

                              “You guys didn’t go to Malaysia before you got your jobs?” 📍

                              • Don Kapsalon
                                Don Kapsalon  1 years back

                                Desi should be my wife

                              • Michael Smith
                                Michael Smith  1 years back

                                This is great. Desi also 😍