Everything Wrong with the Battle of Wakanda


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  • Generation Films
    Generation Films   4 months back

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    • Otto Benthaus
      Otto Benthaus  2 months back

      U have to ses that the Swiss papal guard has two different types of wapeonnery 1. This Speer thing which there are masters at wielding it 2. They are trained with using nearly everything and it is known that the wapeonnery of the papal state can eradicate itself (if used properly) the Swiss guard can change thir wapeons in 5-10 min

    • Jean-Luc Martel
      Jean-Luc Martel  3 months back


    • Darren.C.D.A !!!
      Darren.C.D.A !!!  3 months back

      Generation Films I

    • Juices of The dark side
      Juices of The dark side  4 months back

      Generation Films did you make a video about live.die.repeat-edge of tomorrow?

    • Jeremiah Russell
      Jeremiah Russell  4 months back

      This was much more a critique of the Wakandian military and doctrine, rather than the tactical errors of the battle. The airforce and deployment were low hanging fruit, I'd would have much rather seen an analysis of their failed tactics, like the shield opening and the charge, but what they should have done instead. A good example is keep the shield shut and use skirmishers to contain the limited number of outriders that break through, using the airforce to rapidly redeploy to counter flanking units. Or simply charging down the hill and holding that stream, in formation. The water slows the enemy, and the tightly organized formation is a good counter to the cavalry-like and chaotic outriders. Open space between men is the opposite of what you want for large scale combat.

      But I'm a random, not a sub, so it doesn't matter that much.

  • Drew Girard
    Drew Girard  22 hours back

    The society they set up with Wakanda is like 3rd century BCE Sparta, sophisticated tech (for the time) propping up a tribal civilization on it's last legs.

    • Arch Angel
      Arch Angel  1 days back

      First off America does NOT have the best military, you guys have had your asses handed to you more times than you have won, second of all your battle tactic is still wrong, they did the right thing in moving the battle away from civilians in the capital, thirdly Africa is the birthplace of gorilla warfare why not have them using there incredible cloaks and engage the enemy when they cant be seen?

      • Nathan B
        Nathan B  3 days back

        I also think of if a battle is correct

        • Evil Spoon
          Evil Spoon  3 days back

          Oh what 6 miniguns would of done here. Those creatures would of died under a hailstorm of bullets coming faster than they could move new troops up. Heck, just 2 would of inflicted thousands of casualties all by themselves. Next, why no artillery? Seriously, just some basic anti infantry artillery would of decimated the attackers as well. Just 2 rapid fire artillery pieces with napalm and frag shells would of also inflicted thousands of casualties.

          Sorry, but the battle while cool looking, was so far from realistic that Wakanda should of lost that fight long before Thor was able to show up. It was that bad.

          I would know, I am ex military!

          • Torque
            Torque  4 days back

            While the Vatican Swiss Guard are well trained and will fuck you with their halberds if you try to start shit. Their are also well trained as a modern security force of experienced veterans and law enforcement, they will break out their Swiss made assault rifles and modern weaponry if the need arises to enforce law or to defend the Holy See.

            • Jacob Stech
              Jacob Stech  4 days back

              I don't see why they didn't have gear closer to the comics with advanced guns hiding underground some of the spears not only able to shoot but be thrown to explode and plus there spec ops teams with advanced rifles and shit like that

              • James Harding
                James Harding  5 days back

                I know it’s a movie and all, but how would it have gone if...
                - Tanks
                - AC-130’s
                - Attack helicopters
                - Troops armed with automatic weapons and explosives
                Were present.

                • Eat Shit
                  Eat Shit  1 weeks back

                  So how do the wakandans master high technology with an average IQ of 59 ? I'd like to hear this explanation.

                  • Dalton Smith
                    Dalton Smith  1 weeks back

                    I also wonder why they didnt keep raising the shield to let a few in kill them then lower it again. Essentially stoping thier swarm and heavy charges. Also why didnt they move in close to the shield then lower it? It would esstianlly make thier number useless and war machine could fly around and kill bunched up enemies.

                    • Its Shiep
                      Its Shiep  1 weeks back

                      0:48 How many Soul Stones do we have?

                      • killsword287
                        killsword287  1 weeks back

                        damn, too bad this isn't a 40k channel, would've asked to analyse the Battle for Macragge

                        • Fled Nanders
                          Fled Nanders  1 weeks back

                          Having never seriously followed Marvel movies, I'm surprised that this part of the film isn't mentioned more often. It's really bizarre to me that this seemingly laughable plot point is part of such a popular film. Is it canon that Wakanda's intellectuals reject all foreign historiography and refuse to analyze current events? This sounds like the kind of shit the Wakandan nobility was up to before the events of Black Panther. I thought that movie was about the nation opening its eyes, and that Disney was glossing over the political impotence of the Wakandan working class to promote approval for the house of Saud or something. Does Wakanda just retain its flaws from Black Panther or something, or are we supposed to believe that this is a depiction of a healthy, strong civilization?

                          • Joshua Knode
                            Joshua Knode  1 weeks back

                            The Swiss guard, AKA the Papal guard are susually armed with Medieval weaponry when in ceremonies but they do have a cache of modern weapons in case of an actual attack agaisnt the Vatican. This includes everything from sniper rifles to anti-aircraft rockets.

                            Incidentally I wouldnt want to get whacked with a Halberd either LOL

                            • RC-1138
                              RC-1138  2 weeks back

                              Outdated I know but I just realised that they had no armour (hover tanks, FAV's or hit a runs)
                              With wakandan tech they would have been vital in defence of the capital. This would have

                              • Arcwelder12
                                Arcwelder12  2 weeks back

                                Be careful running down the Swiss Guard. They are a fully functional modern military and protection force, who can also fight with their archaic weapons if they get caught in a dangerous situation while in ceremonial garb. And they are seriously effective.

                                • Tama Matu
                                  Tama Matu  2 weeks back

                                  I mean even the Spartans had better battle tactics!

                                  • Yoshi Maeda
                                    Yoshi Maeda  2 weeks back

                                    I think the best example for the armor > damage capability of ranged weapons would be KuroMukuro. An anime about a timetraveling samurai fighting aliens from a different solar system. It's not as wacky as it sounds actually but that's the best way I can describe it.

                                    Edit: Wrong video lol but the concept still applies

                                    • Le B
                                      Le B  2 weeks back

                                      Yes the most advanced country on earth uses napoleonic formations

                                      • H&NKinsha
                                        H&NKinsha  2 weeks back

                                        so they lost to a zergling type species.. wakanda do about it?

                                        • Charles Phipp
                                          Charles Phipp  2 weeks back

                                          The out rider are just wird geanstealers

                                          • Re Light
                                            Re Light  3 weeks back

                                            The reason why the US has such a mighty army is mostly because it spends more on army and weapon testing and manufacturing then 10 other countries combined.

                                            • Carter Baker
                                              Carter Baker  3 weeks back

                                              It was the Mind stone in Visions head.

                                              • Dreadnought 1
                                                Dreadnought 1  3 weeks back

                                                Battles are won when air superiority

                                                • Dreadnought 1
                                                  Dreadnought 1  3 weeks back

                                                  Wheres the barbed wire, land mines and the wakandan airforce

                                                  • Dreadnought 1
                                                    Dreadnought 1  3 weeks back

                                                    Wheres the mortars, artillery, tanks and heavy weapons emplacements

                                                    • Dreadnought 1
                                                      Dreadnought 1  3 weeks back

                                                      A famous quote from a guardsmen
                                                      ‘Tanks where are the bloody tanks’

                                                      • Leslie Shafer
                                                        Leslie Shafer  3 weeks back

                                                        This video was an excellent analysis. Having been in a historical recreation group thst focused predominantly on the Middle Ages I tend to tear apart period films. So I understand where you're coming from.

                                                        • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

                                                          Would have been better if the Soviet Anthem started playing mid-battle and the glorious stalinium tank hordes started attacking those filthy alien scum

                                                          • JacktheTurkey
                                                            JacktheTurkey  3 weeks back

                                                            Why don't the give the spears long range capabilities

                                                            • shawn stetson
                                                              shawn stetson  3 weeks back

                                                              ... no... to most things you said just... no.

                                                              • timothy7538
                                                                timothy7538  3 weeks back

                                                                US Combined Arms doctrine can destroy Wakanda's "muh technology superiority" in a war

                                                                • Golden HD
                                                                  Golden HD  3 weeks back

                                                                  Everything wrong with your haircut sorry but dont disrespect Marvel and I wont disrespect you but I still like you

                                                                  • john doe
                                                                    john doe  3 weeks back

                                                                    Solid vibranium armor.

                                                                    • NoOnes Home87
                                                                      NoOnes Home87  3 weeks back

                                                                      Wakanda vs. Atlantis

                                                                      • CT-782 Hevy
                                                                        CT-782 Hevy  3 weeks back

                                                                        How to win agents the black orders minions
                                                                        Step 1: use you money to buy a shi* tone of attack heli’s and mounted machine guns as your country is the richest in the world
                                                                        Step 2: put 70% of your troops with vision and black panther and cap the the guns and others can easily handle it
                                                                        Step 1: you could buy a tone of hydrogen bombs and launch them directly at the pods as 1 probably could take out a pod and as I said money isn’t a issue as it is WAKANDA !!!!

                                                                        • Dark HiAik
                                                                          Dark HiAik  3 weeks back

                                                                          why didn't they tell the military about an alien invasion

                                                                          • Random Tromboner
                                                                            Random Tromboner  3 weeks back

                                                                            “Thanos on a warpath to get all the soul stones”

                                                                            • Jo Wood
                                                                              Jo Wood  3 weeks back

                                                                              Switzerland is just wakanda but actually combat effective

                                                                              • King LeWidget
                                                                                King LeWidget  3 weeks back

                                                                                They should've called in for backup from the entire world and did their best to slow down the enemy as much as possible. One method could be staying on those floating speeder things with ranged troops pulling some Mongolian tricks and just going in circles for ages. Citizens are evacuated from the city or hide in those massive underground caverns. With the Wakandans+Avengers dragging things out as much as possible, it may have been a possibility for the militaries of other nations to come in and help and for individuals with super-powers who haven't become heroes yet to step up to save half of everyone they love. As for anyone trying to nuke the place, just pretend the monsters being deployed by Thanos eat radiation or something (or Wakanda probably has some sort of automatic "destroy the nuke before it lands" system). This kind of backup might have actually landed them a victory.
                                                                                HOWEVER: there's Thanos. The solution is quite simple: tell Dr Strange's 14 bajillion realities to go fuck themselves because Thanos is getting hit with far more superheroes than he was in the movie. While the world's militaries fight the monster horde we've got a large number of the superheroes, brought in by Strange, cutting Thanos's arm off rather than that wimpy ass taking the glove crap. Once the hand/arm is cut off (or the glove is taken but cutting will probably be easier) they don the glove onto one of their own to snap Thanos and his forces out of existence. We see that wearing the gauntlet can't really be done by any mere mortal so let's give it to Thor here.
                                                                                Thor brings his Asgardians to Earth and they either establish their own nation (idk I hear they like fighting monsters so give them some uninhabited land in Australia) or get accepted as citizens into certain nations (many of them eager for the super-soldier potential that is Asgardians) while everyone kinda has to do what Thor says, including the Universe itself. Thor will probably then just go around the universe fixing problems with the flicks of his fingers and trying out alcohol from every place in the universe, possibly making planets full of monsters just so he and other thrill-seekers can have fun on them.

                                                                                • Peter Negan
                                                                                  Peter Negan  3 weeks back

                                                                                  wakanda sucks

                                                                                  • TJ ONeill
                                                                                    TJ ONeill  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Even the Papal Guard have actual guns under those silly uniforms. They do still have to actually be security forces.

                                                                                    • TwoHeavens
                                                                                      TwoHeavens  4 weeks back

                                                                                      The Swiss Guard doesn't show up for a fight with halberds for the record. Those are just for showing off to tourists. They have all the modern toys the Swiss military can provide and the Catholic Church can afford.

                                                                                      • Rohrkrepierer88
                                                                                        Rohrkrepierer88  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Any ww1 army would have hammered them down easy .

                                                                                        Barbwire , obstacles and mines to slow down the charge .
                                                                                        Mg crossfire , mortars , heavy artillery and even gas attacks to do the damage .

                                                                                        Defence in depth , cover and fall back positions .

                                                                                        And there are still flamethrowers . . . even animals fear fire you know .

                                                                                        • NotTheWheel
                                                                                          NotTheWheel  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Fun fact about the Papal Guard but all of them are actually carrying smgs underneath their ceremonial garb. u3u

                                                                                          • Super_Heavy_ Battleship

                                                                                            The battle of Wankanda.

                                                                                            • Roman Woolner
                                                                                              Roman Woolner  4 weeks back

                                                                                              A middle 1400s European Medieval Army could beat, nay, crush Wakanda in a land battle, the Wakandans haven't fought a large scale war, pretty much ever meanwhile the Medieval Army is likely very experienced as war was constant, plus their armour is likely much better, a knight or men at arms, or occasionally the Veteran Foot Soldier in full plate is more then a formidable opponent, along with the Longbow, a weapon made mythical by England, plus their weapons are more technologically advanced and a shit ton more varied and specialized, plus by the looks of the Wakandans armour the Medieval army could just pull out their swords, be it shortsword, longsword or greatsword, and the sword even back then was not a battlefield weapon, whatsoever, plus by the looks of it Wakanda wanted to fight a brawl which is never advised because it will only lead to massive casualties, the Medieval Army also just has better tactics and strategies

                                                                                              • Roman Woolner
                                                                                                Roman Woolner  4 weeks back

                                                                                                I honestly think even with T'chala the Roman Army at its peak would crush Wakanda on land, they are more disciplined, have more better weapons, strategies and Tactics and possibly even better armour, and they pretty much faced everything, think of any unit of soldiers without guns or explosive weapons and the Romans had a counter to it