Descendants 3 Ever After: Mal and Ben have a daughter! The Princess of Auradon 💜💚 | Alice Edit!


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  • suni mci
    suni mci  6 minutes back

    Its cute!!

    • Aliya Martin
      Aliya Martin  2 hours back

      They aren't even married yet

      • Nelia Panisales
        Nelia Panisales  2 hours back

        Pick. her name
        Maddy bloom mai belle mia blossom
        Magical name: crystal

        • Crystal_diamond 22
          Crystal_diamond 22  3 hours back

          Magnificent is now a grandma...😳

          • Christina Pridemore
            Christina Pridemore  5 hours back

            I want to Descendants the new one well about Dragon Queen now and well

          • Mía Lujan
            Mía Lujan  5 hours back


            • reba mccartney
              reba mccartney  7 hours back

              her name would be molly

              • M B
                M B  8 hours back


                • Oli Frian
                  Oli Frian  8 hours back

                  Mala! Wait, how bout Marie? Or Bella! Or how 'bout bel?

                  • Lea Obajdin
                    Lea Obajdin  9 hours back

                    I think goodna me for her is Malison idk or Bella??
                    Idk btw I love you

                    • panda playz
                      panda playz  9 hours back

                      You know what would’ve been like iconic I guess if mal and Ben had a son and (I know this is soooo unrealistic) he was the same age as Celia and Audrey and Harry (you saw how Cupid struck at the end of the movie) had a daughter and it would’ve been the descendants franchise all over again yea that would be sweet

                      • Mays mate
                        Mays mate  10 hours back

                        How are sweet little kid from the Internet turns evil😂

                        • •Sarconus•
                          •Sarconus•  11 hours back

                          *R I P*

                          • Ghaca Queen
                            Ghaca Queen  11 hours back

                            Awwwe😍❤️it's cool

                            • Jessica Dorsey
                              Jessica Dorsey  12 hours back

                              UMUA AND HOOK

                              • alejita xD
                                alejita xD  13 hours back

                                What proggram you use?

                                • Ellen Sa
                                  Ellen Sa  14 hours back

                                  Jdaavdvccvb á Amorim CMVM hum hj um

                                  • Christian Dauphinais
                                    Christian Dauphinais  14 hours back


                                    • Melissa Dant
                                      Melissa Dant  14 hours back

                                      Her name shod be dunny 🐰🐇

                                      • Emyvang
                                        Emyvang  14 hours back

                                        Mal and Ben did get married in the movie but doesn't mean that they're going to be having a children in the movie yet. LEARN

                                        • Esmeralda Espinoza
                                          Esmeralda Espinoza  15 hours back


                                          • this is super finny and cool Valcin

                                            I think their daughter's name should be mel

                                            • Carlos Bocanegra
                                              Carlos Bocanegra  15 hours back

                                              . Me gustó mucho el videono hay ningún problema pero quiero que me hagan realidad de gibby la hija de todos los personajes porque a mí me encantan esos videos y si a mí me encanta te mando un saludopor dejarme ver este vídeo porque ahí te dejo mi comentario y todas las lie lie lie lie lie lie déjame ver es muy importante para mí ver eso porque la dolorosa mami bueno chao qué es hora de cenar desayunar comer toda la comida de todos lados que tú no sabes

                                              • Ayana Alexander
                                                Ayana Alexander  15 hours back

                                                I think Malaya

                                                • Salene  Dopwell
                                                  Salene Dopwell  15 hours back

                                                  If mal,s daughter is the princess mal should have a crown

                                                  • Areli Gomez
                                                    Areli Gomez  16 hours back

                                                    Es. Feo ribiculo

                                                    • 88XavierC
                                                      88XavierC  16 hours back

                                                      I think their babys name should be RAVEN

                                                      • fun queen2069
                                                        fun queen2069  16 hours back

                                                        FOREAL😱 omg!

                                                        • Malu Amendolas
                                                          Malu Amendolas  17 hours back

                                                          Adorei a bebe

                                                          • The_ inquisimaster
                                                            The_ inquisimaster  18 hours back

                                                            This looks good your good at photoshop

                                                            • Elle McShane
                                                              Elle McShane  18 hours back

                                                              The baby looks way more like Mal’s daughter then Ben’s

                                                              • Emilio Baena Rodríguez
                                                                Emilio Baena Rodríguez  18 hours back

                                                                No hagas spoilers

                                                                • sanjana Chauhan
                                                                  sanjana Chauhan  21 hours back

                                                                  You ( Alice ) - did you watch the descendants 3 movie ?
                                                                  Me - yes . of course .

                                                                  Ben and mal's daughter's name should be Malibu .
                                                                  Like my comment if you agree . 👍👍

                                                                • Maxwell Morrow
                                                                  Maxwell Morrow  22 hours back

                                                                  She should be called Beth, Mally, Molly, Dragon or Magic

                                                                  • Melissa Lillegard
                                                                    Melissa Lillegard  1 days back

                                                                    I would love to see a descendants 4. But like it's been said, it will be hard to replace Carlos.

                                                                    • Melissa Lillegard
                                                                      Melissa Lillegard  1 days back

                                                                      Maybe they could name her Addy

                                                                      • Ishleen Sahni
                                                                        Ishleen Sahni  1 days back

                                                                        Are the best names

                                                                        • cassidy k
                                                                          cassidy k  1 days back

                                                                          I think her name would be Mira

                                                                          • cassidy k
                                                                            cassidy k  1 days back

                                                                            I think her name would be Mira

                                                                            • J Cocco
                                                                              J Cocco  1 days back

                                                                              So she supposed to have a light Hazel eyes because ben has different colored eyes then Mal Still not trying to be

                                                                              • J Cocco
                                                                                J Cocco  1 days back

                                                                                And a little bit of black because her grandma has black hair because maleficent has black hair

                                                                                • J Cocco
                                                                                  J Cocco  1 days back

                                                                                  And she supposed to have blue streaks like a little bit of it because his grandpa is Hades I so I’m not sure how to spell Hades

                                                                                  • J Cocco
                                                                                    J Cocco  1 days back

                                                                                    And mouse daughters hair has green streaks in it

                                                                                    • J Cocco
                                                                                      J Cocco  1 days back

                                                                                      Marlane Bun can I have a baby because they’re teenagers and it doesn’t make sense it would have to be a few months after they got married or years. Not trying to be mean or anything

                                                                                      • Kelly Peabody
                                                                                        Kelly Peabody  1 days back


                                                                                        • Abigail Labhart
                                                                                          Abigail Labhart  1 days back

                                                                                          Maddie should be her name

                                                                                          • Xiomara Montano
                                                                                            Xiomara Montano  1 days back

                                                                                            Ben and mal are a cute couple 💜💛

                                                                                            • Princess Rainbow swirls

                                                                                              Audrey must be angry lol