Jack Nicklaus and Other Golfers on Tiger Woods

  • Published: 24 June 2015
  • Jack Nicklaus has never veered from one simple opinion: Tiger Woods is going to break his major championship record.

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    He has said so repeatedly. In the mid-2000s, when Woods was collecting major championships like dust, it seemed obvious – back then just about everybody thought Woods would not only set the record but would blow past Nicklaus’ 18 majors and put it miles and miles in his rear-view mirror. How many could he win? Twenty-five? Thirty? More? It all seemed possible.
    But then things began to slow down. Woods badly hurt his knee. He came back and did the unthinkable – lost a head-to-head fourth-round duel with Y.E. Yang. Then, there was the tabloid fiasco, the apology, the sluggish play, the swing changes, the constant injuries.
    All along the way, though, Jack Nicklaus continued to insist that Woods will break his record.
    And he does so still.

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Comments • 118

  • Alex Fisher
    Alex Fisher  2 weeks back

    Sorry Jack and all his 55-65 year old fans, but the PGA Roster in Tigers generation, it’s much more concentrated with highly skilled players than Jack’s Era. It’s simply fact.

    • Paul English
      Paul English  2 months back

      I think Jack is the best ever! Longevity, most majors, senior opens, large family, design etc. he's the best ever, I love Tiger but thats how I feel.

      • Paul English
        Paul English  1 weeks back

        That’s purely speculative as to the amount of pressure and commitment (distractions) coming from a large family!

      • Patricia Adams
        Patricia Adams  1 weeks back

        Large family ??? What that has to do with anything

    • Shane Jackson
      Shane Jackson  3 months back

      Reading the comments people are harping about equipment and skill etc. I have watched golf for over 40 years and I can tell you this, Tiger has a better short game overall. Jack never holed out so many chip and flop shots that Tiger has. Also, I know people will have a crack, but in reality, when Jack played, there were probably 20 to 30 guys who could win, now it is 70 to 80 who can win.

      And people forget, the courses on average are much longer and tougher now than in Jacks time. For instance, the length at Augusta National has constantly evolved, and in the last 20 years the course has gone from 6,985 yards to the current 7,475 yards. That is basically another Par 4 added to the course. And In 1999, a second cut of fairway was introduced, and In 2002, the course had lengthened nine holes, adding 285 yards, and made numerous fairway and bunker changes. Also the trees are twice as tall now compared to Jacks time.

      So now, hazards are more in play so the players have to think more about whether they use a driver or use an Iron. Course management is really needed these days. Heck, even the course I play at has been lengthened and toughened up to account for the young payers smashing the ball. But we will never know who is the best because they never played against each other. One last point, #1 rankings since being introduced in 1986 -

      1. Bernhard Langer - 3

      2. Seve Ballesteros - 61

      3. Greg Norman - 331

      4. Nick Faldo - 97

      5. Ian Woosnam - 50

      6. Fred Couples - 16

      7. Nick Price - 44

      8. Tom Lehman - 1

      9. Tiger Woods - 683

      10. Ernie Els - 9

      11. David Duval - 15

      12. Vijay Singh - 32

      13. Lee Westwood - 22

      14. Martin Kaymer - 8

      15. Luke Donald - 56

      16. Rory McIlroy - 95

      17. Adam Scott - 11

      18. Jordan Spieth - 26

      19. Jason Day - 51

      20. Dustin Johnson - 81

      21. Justin Thomas - 4

      22. Justin Rose - 1

      23. Brooks Koepka - 1

      Greg Norman at 331 weeks and 2 Majors, Tiger at 683 and 15 Majors. Jack is not on the list as he won his last major in 1986 which was his last on Tour before joining the Champions Tour. Also Jack won 73, and Tiger has 81 and still going.

      Overall, I rate Jack as one of the best, but I think Tiger would have the edge on him. IMHO


        Greg Choke Norman should not be in this conversation fuck adam scott - badley along with Norman cant even sit on Tigers toilet !! the fuck you wish you could all 3 players who aint reached half of tigers wins let alone majors put together = tigers wins .................. facts untill Tiger passes Jack he owns the crown time will tell and we all shall see .... so see you guys the day tiger passes if and if he doesnt then he doesnt who cares about norman badley or fuckboy scott they dont matter today or tomorrow

          SECRET CINEMA LOS ANGELES  3 months back

          i want to see someone put together a vid of those 3 highlight reel put together of their impact on golf and incredible shots vs tigers

      • Peter Dobson
        Peter Dobson  4 months back

        I would like to point out that the competition that Tiger had to face was less than Mr. Nicklaus did. I have played golf and watched the game for over 30 years and the bunch at Tigers time was more compact (only a handful of players won majors) and at the of Mr. Nicklaus there were about 20 players who won majors. And I am not even talking about the equipment that both players had to work with. It's more science now than at the time of Mr. Nicklaus. The Legend lives with Mr. Nicklaus still but Tiger has everything to be a Legend in his own right. My respect for the way he won the Masters. Brilliant.

        • D Bottle
          D Bottle  4 months back

          The most majors doesn’t make you the goat.... tigers 15th major after 3-4 back surgeries solidified him as the goat

          • Rudy Gabo
            Rudy Gabo  4 months back

            Tiger Woods won 3 consecutive U.S. Junior Titles, followed by 3 consecutive U.S. Amateur Titles. No one will ever break these records EVER.

        • Willie Bateman
          Willie Bateman  4 months back

          Jack Nicholas re-design of the courses to start Tigers winnings JACK played against less champions take a 👀 Tiger 🐅 time is back son💯💨

          • Connie B
            Connie B  4 months back

            Tiger domination is masterful. Total focus and some grit. Competitive.

            • Mario Van holle
              Mario Van holle  4 months back

              Like Jack said ...he still have to do it ! Golf is the most difficult sport i ever played ..an automatic win based on talent or anything else is non excisistent ...you have to work really hard and even than its not a guarantee !

              • Jordan O
                Jordan O  4 months back

                Jack is Kareem Abdul jabaar. Tiger is Jordan.

              • Lonny Fuller
                Lonny Fuller  4 months back

                The thing about then and now is in Jack's day there were only four or five elite. In tiger's era when he first came out there was tiger then everyone else. Now there are twenty or more players that could win on any give weak on any given course. Now you put tiger back in the equation. The great thing is tiger 2.0 is a better person and is more at ease with himself. If he can stay healthy golf just got the infusion it needed. This should be fun.

                • MANUTD4LIFE171
                  MANUTD4LIFE171  4 months back

                  The reason the opposition Tiger faced in his prime wasn’t full of major champions, was because Tiger dominated and won everything for like 7 years. Jack never dominated Golf like Tiger did, he was just consistently winning a major every season for his whole career, so there where still other guys winning too.

                  If you are talking about talent, then there is no doubt in my mind that prime Tiger was a much better player than Nicklaus, he was a much better player than anyone ever. Winning US Opens and Masters by like 15 shots, is something no one else could do.

                  Nicklaus definately had the edge in terms of consistancy and longevity in his career. Obviously Tiger has had his problems, a lot of them self inflicted, and some like the injuries just down to bad luck.

                  So you could say Nicklaus has had the better career, but in terms of talent there is no doubt Tiger has way more talent IMO

                  • Daniel McConnell
                    Daniel McConnell  4 months back

                    I tend to agree the only thing that gets me is the amount of second places, Jack had 18 or something crazy lime that maybe more

                • Michael S
                  Michael S  4 months back

                  Let’s face facts. The competition today with the no fear millennials has never been faced. Jack is jack. Great golfer, but he never faced these fierce, in shape, no fear competitors. Sorry...Tiger is the GOAT. He changed golf. Forced people to become fit of body and mind. No other has done that. Today he showed it again. Simply the GOAT

                • andola jackson
                  andola jackson  4 months back

                  Norman the prophet LMAO, Scotts tied leading the masters here in 2019 Through the first 2 days with various top pros/prospects, as tiger is 1 stroke behind to start saturday Buck

                  • John Chambliss
                    John Chambliss  5 months back

                    tigers done

                  • Oscar Banuelos
                    Oscar Banuelos  5 months back

                    Greg Norman broke my heart again and again by choking in the final round. The Great White Shark with a gentle bite.

                    • PhantomOfDelphi
                      PhantomOfDelphi  5 months back

                      To me, Tiger is the greatest golfer ever. Maybe not the best, but he's the Michael Jordan of golf. People who don't know anything about golf know who Tiger Woods is. People who don't give a crap about golf know who Tiger Woods is. When you say the word "golf" to somebody, one of their first thoughts is going to be Tiger Woods. You can't say the same about Jack. If you ask somebody who doesn't care about golf who Jack Nicklaus is, they probably won't know. So, Tiger may not be the best, but he's the greatest.

                      • Jolic Ante
                        Jolic Ante  4 months back

                        @K H I don't know them personally, but what I have seen on video, for me personally Jack is by far the greatest. Just check out the so called tiger roar at the 16th hole at the last masters, than watch the BEAR roar at the 16th 1986 masters. You will spot the difference immediately. The players on that masters said, everytime Jack was putting or even hitting a shot, they were hold back their shots coz of the roar that was coming. I was watching the hole masters this time and couldn't see that with tiger. There was roars but not on that scale.

                      • K H
                        K H  4 months back

                        @Jolic Ante Your logic is flawed. Tiger is a phenom for the ages. He brought people of all ages into the game like no one else. You don't believe me, check out the Nike and Taylor Made and general tee time sales after this latest Masters win... Nicklaus was a phenomenal golfer, period. Golf is not about conduct on and off the field.
                        Personally, I wouldn't hang out with either of these guys. Tiger seems self-absorbed and so does Nicklaus. Nicklaus seems miserable to me and he's doing the whole "kids hospital" thing as a image booster.

                      • Jolic Ante
                        Jolic Ante  4 months back

                        Well come in 30 years time and ask people about Tiger. If you not in golf you probably won't know who he was. The same with Jack not everyone knows him now, but he is still the greatest coz of the conduct on and of the field, that's what golf is all about.

                      • Ani Vai
                        Ani Vai  4 months back

                        well said

                      • K H
                        K H  4 months back

                        Nah, he's the best.

                    • Jovan
                      Jovan  6 months back

                      this man aint no tiger woods

                      • Steve Caranci
                        Steve Caranci  9 months back

                        Jack has not only won the most majors in over 3 decades 18 in all 2 more as Amateur he also had more second and third places than anyone that played the game. So Tiger was very good but he is getting to old and inconsistent to catch Jack now.

                        • Rudy Gabo
                          Rudy Gabo  4 months back

                          @PROJECT DX ..not to mention, Tiger's 3 consecutive U.S. junior Titles, followed by 3 U.S. Amateur Titles.....6 consecutive years of championship titles.

                        • PROJECT DX
                          PROJECT DX  4 months back

                          The field Tiger had to beat to get 15 majors. Jack would be lucky to win 10 in the same era. Why do you think no other single player today can even win 8 majors???. And to do the TIGER SLAM. Forget it Tiger woods doesnt even need 18.

                          At 81 wins and 15 majors with the tigerslam And 650 plus weeks as world number 1. He is the greatest player that ever lived

                        • Bobby Y
                          Bobby Y  4 months back

                          Tiger prime vs Jacks prime. Tiger will take Jack to the wood shed!!!

                      • Makaveli Shakur
                        Makaveli Shakur  10 months back

                        Jack was great but he ain't no tiger woods son we all know that golf has never seen anyone in his class

                        • Terry JP
                          Terry JP  4 months back

                          your right he ain't no tiger woods. Jack has 3 more Major wins then woods. It is 2019, woods will NEVER get 3 more Majors. Period.

                        • andola jackson
                          andola jackson  4 months back

                          homie shat all over augusta pre prime......hell even lefty o mickleson has. The times has indeed changed

                      • Rex II ForSure
                        Rex II ForSure  11 months back

                        Raymond Floyd was a real powerhouse. And Greg Norman certainly is reliable authority in m opinion!

                        • Paul Goodier
                          Paul Goodier  12 months back

                          hi jack ....records are made to be broken as you know....Tiger?.....not so sure now but maybe.....if not when we just worm food there will be another one waiting to take the record....of that I m sure

                          • Story Gordon
                            Story Gordon  1 years back

                            Jack knows better than I. The idea of who has done or will do what when is a distraction from what they are doing now. It's going to be interesting to see how Tiger navigates his return against these great young players, many of whom have taken his cue on physical conditioning which gave him an edge in his prime.

                            • john moore
                              john moore  1 years back

                              I say jacks swing was not the best and he had no style compared to the golfers today his putting was weird stooped over yes he still won well doing this but Tiger had the better all round game he created shots only he can do his putting is streets ahead of others and I still think he'll beat jacks record the funny thing is all over the world it's black men who hold all the records in all sports boxing athletes football even film stars all on top of anyone else go on Tiger 🏌⛳️ show them

                              • Fiire _stormm
                                Fiire _stormm  7 months back

                                Try putting like jack. Ain’t weird at all.

                              • Dennis Dobin
                                Dennis Dobin  11 months back

                                Jack swing was not the best?It gained him 18 majors which means it was very good,not as stylist as today players that your opinion, in his prime it looked magnificent,cheek out his 1 iron shots in majors nothing more pure in the game of golf ,I doubt if Tiger even carries a 1 iron,as for his putting style,it a style that won him plenty why change it for good looks?Will tiger beat Jacks record ,in my opinion not likely may win another major but yet to win a pga tournament,as for all the records being held by black men,which sound like you have a dog in this fight,how many swimming records?How many tennis records? Boxing ever heard of the guys from Mexico? or the big Russian that held the heavy weight title for a few years.

                            • Robert M
                              Robert M  1 years back

                              The level of competition in the Wood era is way deeper than in Jack's there were 5 or 6 greats with Jack in Tiger's world there were 20 from all over the world Tiger without ever winning another major is the best EVER!!!!!!!

                              • Dennis Dobin
                                Dennis Dobin  1 years back

                                Tiger woods is certainly one of the top players ever,but to suggest that Jacks opponents was some what less talented than tiger's is not quite correct, tiger had a few player and very few, that where absolute champions to beat,Jack had a plenty. Lets start with Arnie seven majors,winner of 95 tournament ranked sixth all time,how many player has Tiger beat that has that record?Gary player, nine majors,165 tour wins,how may of tiger opponent can get close to that? Lee Trevino, Six majors,92 tour wins ,ranked 8th all time, Tom Watson,eight majors,second at the age of sixty in the British open 2009,I'm pretty sure tiger was playing in 2009,you see it not about quantity it about quality, the guys Jack had to beat where a very consistently talented group of players,honorary mentioned to Casper, Miller ,Floyd

                            • Austin Boren
                              Austin Boren  1 years back

                              I don't care what yall say, Jack played in a less developed game against guys that were not as athletic. Both Jack and Tiger are great players, but Tiger changed the game.

                              • Peter Nolan
                                Peter Nolan  4 months back

                                Tigers commitment to fitness changed the game. Jacks determination of using yardage books and analyzing the game before his round made him a game changer.

                              • K H
                                K H  4 months back

                                @Bruce Maddox and perhaps you're still the old fool?

                              • Bruce Maddox
                                Bruce Maddox  12 months back

                                you are either young or stupid or both

                              • Dennis Dobin
                                Dennis Dobin  1 years back

                                Actually Palmer changed the game to what it is today,and if you do not belief that these guys where not athletic,have a look at Palmer as a young man,check out Jack athletic school record and many say Slamming Sammy could have excelled at any sport he turn his hand to.

                              • TheZenbudda
                                TheZenbudda  1 years back

                                So did jack

                            • dan caucci
                              dan caucci  1 years back

                              They both would find a way to win in any era. Lets ask Ton Watson .

                              • Lynn Andrews
                                Lynn Andrews  1 years back

                                Tiger played a bunch of 30+ year olds, now he plays younger and he will not even come any closer to jacks major records.

                                • spider mack
                                  spider mack  4 months back

                                  Great result at the 2019 masters 😉

                                • Robert M
                                  Robert M  1 years back

                                  Hi Lynn
                                  In Tiger's 2018 return he started something like 300th in the world rankings...And 6th in the British open and 2nd and if 2 putts went in maybe PGA champion...he will win a major again.
                                  Even if he doesn't he is still statistically and by all accounts: either the greatest player ever or the second greatest ever ...I prefer to say he is tied with Jack as the two best ever by a mile.

                              • Vince McMahon
                                Vince McMahon  1 years back

                                Greg Norman hit it right on the head, great perspective

                                • andola jackson
                                  andola jackson  4 months back

                                  nuts too scott winds up being a pro. And leading the masters 2019 coming into sat with tiger trailing.....NUTS, as i await tigers tee off lmao

                              • O. G.
                                O. G.  2 years back

                                Tiger Slam single greatest achievement in golf.

                                • PROJECT DX
                                  PROJECT DX  4 months back

                                  Absolutely and will never be done again.

                              • Randall Martin
                                Randall Martin  2 years back

                                Jack only had to beat about 10 guys, Tiger had to beat maybe 30 guys.

                                • Richard
                                  Richard  11 months back

                                  30 guys who have their mortgage paid, Jack fought those 10 to pay his mortgage.

                                • enRuTuu 60
                                  enRuTuu 60  1 years back

                                  Thats just bunk Randall Martin.If you were to have a debate on who the greatest player I think Tiger is probably greatest golfer of all time but its ridiculous to compare different generations for Greatness when it's all said and done. The generation of Tiger and all the all time greats is not even close to who Nicklaus had to compete against. Take the top 15 greatest of all time and ask yourself how many were competing against Jack and how many competing against Tiger. Trevino, Palmer, Casper, Floyd, Watson, Player all in their prime in Jack's era.

                                  Maybe the depth of second level is deeper with Tiger but so what. But as I said I would still vote for Tiger as greatest but ask me tomorrow and i probably say it's Jack.

                                • ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn
                                  ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn  2 years back

                                  Randall Martin bullshit! Jacks competitors were golf legends way more competitive than Tigers.
                                  You compare Tom Watson or Gary Player or Palmer to who? Els? García? Harrington?

                              • ipmala
                                ipmala  2 years back

                                Nicklaus tries to straddle the fence regarding Tiger...and to protect his own REPUTATION...he will never say anything bad about Tiger. He knows...as does everyone else....that Tiger is finished. At least Gary Player has the GUTS to say it like it is-----Tiger will NEVER win another MAJOR....and possibly may never win another PRO tournament.....ever. Too many SWING COACHES...and WEIGHT LIFTING....ruined Tiger's swing...and destroyed his knees and his lower back. Especially....the very last coach that Tiger had-----totally destroyed his swing. Tiger is finished....and don't expect to see him on the Senior Tour, either.

                                • Rudy Gabo
                                  Rudy Gabo  4 months back

                                  ...fast forward to 2019 Masters....blah ! blah ! blah !...Talk is cheap !

                                • spider mack
                                  spider mack  4 months back

                                  You're absolutely....... wrong impala 😂

                                • Treblecyde
                                  Treblecyde  4 months back

                                  ipmala lol

                                • Dylan Campbell
                                  Dylan Campbell  4 months back

                                  ipmala you wrong homie

                                • Robert M
                                  Robert M  11 months back

                                  WRONG GOOF circa fall 2018!!!!

                              • John Malihi
                                John Malihi  2 years back

                                Don't worry Jack, Tiger will never get to your record, he is a dad now and Golf is not a priority to him any more.

                                • PROJECT DX
                                  PROJECT DX  4 months back

                                  I wouldnt bet your life on that. Leta say he has 16 by the end of 2019. If his health holds up for a few more years. Anything is possible. One things for sure. Sam sneads record of 82 pga wins is gone pretty soon...

                                • Treblecyde
                                  Treblecyde  4 months back


                                • EpicGoing Ham
                                  EpicGoing Ham  4 months back

                                  #5th Masters jacket! 🤫

                              • J. Mad
                                J. Mad  2 years back

                                sorry Jack! you never had the competition Tiger ever had. not hating, just saying

                                • PROJECT DX
                                  PROJECT DX  4 months back

                                  Absolutely. Proof of that is no other player in this era can even get to 8 majors. ITS TOO HARD. In Nichlaus time you had a handful 9f world class players. Today you have to beat 25 players who would beat every other old time player. Its a completely different game now.

                                • Steve D
                                  Steve D  4 months back

                                  @Sports Guru -- and maybe DJ/Rory/Speith/Bubba/ will be considered legends in the future

                                • The Inroad
                                  The Inroad  4 months back

                                  J. Mad why does everyone keep saying this? It’s golf. You play against the course. The course difficulty hasn’t changed. Not only that, the equipment is 10 times better today than it was then. I’m not saying one is better than the other but I just hate the “competition was nothing back then” argument. Such nonsense.

                                • SN2903
                                  SN2903  6 months back

                                  Really? Name any player in Tiger's era the caliber of Palmer, Player, Seve, Watson, Johnny Miller, Trevino. Maybe Phil and that is it and Phil wasn't clutch back then.

                                • 1 Garoto 2 Mundos
                                  1 Garoto 2 Mundos  11 months back

                                  fuck you,

                              • David Powell
                                David Powell  2 years back

                                Nicklaus is a great man and a great golfer. I would question his idea that he faced tougher competition though, modern golf not only has an incredible deep field but most are in tip top shape. I think Jack has selective memory on that one.

                                • Thomas Dauphan
                                  Thomas Dauphan  1 months back

                                  I Luv Jack but he's high - the reason he makes that statement is b/c they had a handful of all time greats during his tenure but what Jack omits or maybe doesn't realize is that when Jack played there were ONLY a handful of players talented enough to win a Major
                                  There are at Least 5X as many Great golfers who could win majors today - that's why So many Win
                                  It's like the World Series of Poker - back to back top 10 finishes today w/ 50K Great players is WAY more impressive than a guy winning repeat Titles in the 70's against a field of a Hundred w/ only about 20 Top players
                                  Tigers Woods is Easily the Greatest Golfer of All Time & other than Michael Jordan who I would consider Tigers Equal in Intensity but is Not as Great as Tiger - but Tiger might be the GOAT or all American Sports
                                  And for some context - Tiger's 2000 US Open where he finishes 15 Shots ahead of the field - breaking the old Record of 13 shots - that's ALL 4 Majors - was set in 1862!~!~!~!
                                  Let that Sink in
                                  Tiger's 4 day performance at Pebble Beach in the 2000 US Open where tied the ALL Time US Open record score of -12 but 2nd place was +3
                                  The ONLY thing that compares w/ those 4 days by Woods - NOT in Golf - but in ALL of American Sports History is Secretariat winning the Triple Crown in 1973 at a time when the last Triple Crown Winner was 25 years earlier in 1948 & experts believed the Triple Crown could Never be Won again b/c the field was So deep
                                  not only does Secretariat win the Triple Crown but he Dominates the field setting ALL time Historical Speed / Time records in EVERY Triple Crown race - the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness & the Belmont
                                  And ALL 3 Records STILL stand today in 2019! We've ALL seen the Insane Belmont Win - which is considered the Greatest race of ANY Horse in All of Thoroughbred history - where the track announcer yells "Secretariat is moving like a Tremendous Machine!"
                                  And indeed that race was unprecedented & Still is but what many people don't realize is the Preakness & Kentucky wins were just as impressive
                                  At the Preakness the Super Horse Secretariat makes a move on the 1st turn that is considered the Most astonishing feat in thoroughbred history where in under 200 yards Secretariat goes from last to 1st around a hair pin turn
                                  Watching it even now it Still seems Not possible b/c No horse Before or Since can do what that horse did
                                  Since the 1st Kentucky Derby run 145 years ago in 1875 Only 3 Horses have Ever ran the 1 & 1/2 mile race in Under 2 min flat - Monarchos in 2001 ran 159.97, Sham in 1973 ran prob 159.80 & Secretariat also in 1973 Still holds the record at 159.40
                                  Think about that - in 1973 Sham - ran (what would have been) the Fastest Kentucky Derby in History and LOST
                                  There have been so many great Sports Super Stars in history but I can't think of Any individual who demonstrated the Consistent Dominance of Woods & Super Horse Secretariat is the Only athlete I can think to compare
                                  (Apologies for the long post)

                                • Mario Van holle
                                  Mario Van holle  4 months back

                                  You cant compare plain and simple ! Did Jack had the same materials Tiger have ? The courses are completely different ..when you compare you need to put everthing at the same level wich is impossible ...so who’s the best ...in this era Tiger is and Jack was in his ...there is no Goat in any sport !

                                • K H
                                  K H  4 months back

                                  @gtepp031387 bingo

                                • gtepp031387
                                  gtepp031387  4 months back

                                  @ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn crazy statement. In Jack's day the PGA tour and the PGA professionals had yet to separate. He played against fields in his first decade that where 80% club pros. 2 of the majors where not even clearly defined when he was playing and he only ever competed against about 5 countries of the world. Today the majors are clearly defined, the fields much tougher, all tour pros, and Tiger plays against 80 plus countries. It's like the comparison of competition between Jordan and Russell but 10 times more lopsided

                                • Ruari Buckley
                                  Ruari Buckley  6 months back

                                  Didn't Tiger just go off the rails, wouldn't he has surpassed Jack is that never happened.

                              • Patrick Moloney
                                Patrick Moloney  2 years back

                                Fuck off Jack.