2019 Masters - Friday Afternoon Highlights


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  • Pure Couples
    Pure Couples  3 months back

    Was there Thursday and Friday ... Thursday was awesome Friday surreal

    • Anthony Blue
      Anthony Blue  3 months back

      And the racist black boy tiger woods wins......imagine that...as if its not planned

      • Story Gordon
        Story Gordon  3 months back

        Great news... I'll drink to this... and observe one minute of silence in anticipation of all the years Tiger Trolls will remain mute.

        • Fagota Tupe
          Fagota Tupe  3 months back

          WHERE IS T FINAU , T WOOD.

          • Wipe Out Israel
            Wipe Out Israel  3 months back

            if anyone has full rounds or every shot played by tiger over the 3 rounds (4 tomorrow) please post.
            these clip shows Augusta puts out are terrible.

            • Andreas Beschorner
              Andreas Beschorner  3 months back

              Mickelson's constant chewing really is annoying....

              • Our Guard
                Our Guard  3 months back

                They're barely showing any golf on TV! You think you're going too see any here?

                • Wa Tong
                  Wa Tong  3 months back

                  LOL.. ending recap.. "then here at 12.. the long one..." [here, let me walk in front of the camera while the ball nears the hole.. D'oh!]... "Molinari! Six under par as we move through the afternoon..."

                  • Cr8ive Amboy77
                    Cr8ive Amboy77  3 months back

                    The greens look softer.. nwy the Masters leaders emerge on moving day & the ultimate winner on the back 9 Sunday apparently

                    • ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn
                      ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn  3 months back

                      Frencasce Monilari winner

                      • Pagne Daman
                        Pagne Daman  3 months back

                        Why in the heck is tiger not in this?

                        • Ken Hasibar
                          Ken Hasibar  3 months back

                          Whoever posted that - awesome. Thank you.🍻

                          • Kevin Campbell
                            Kevin Campbell  3 months back

                            Nice job molinari. That's how you play golf

                            • Chris B
                              Chris B  3 months back

                              Such inane commentary, perhaps that's too complimentary.

                              • jay kuckuck
                                jay kuckuck  3 months back

                                Come on all they talk about is tiger, -2. The leaders not even mentioned

                                • fzbb
                                  fzbb  3 months back

                                  And you call this highlights?

                                  • Jas1 Schro
                                    Jas1 Schro  3 months back

                                    There are a lot more highlights to this day than what you showed. Pretty stupid video. Thanks for wasting our time. Poo on you

                                    • aman62592
                                      aman62592  3 months back

                                      This channel is a joke

                                      • LRN_News
                                        LRN_News  3 months back

                                        Where is Adam Scott, Jason Day and Tiger Woods?

                                        • LRN_News
                                          LRN_News  2 months back

                                          Paul McGee Originally I was going to mention one golfer.

                                        • Paul McGee
                                          Paul McGee  2 months back

                                          LRN_News where are...?

                                      • Gould Games
                                        Gould Games  3 months back

                                        Ya why are they suddenly ghosting on tiger

                                        • asgasgasgag
                                          asgasgasgag  3 months back

                                          I came here for Tiger.

                                          • Michael Welch
                                            Michael Welch  3 months back

                                            Horrible music....

                                            • edwincgov
                                              edwincgov  3 months back

                                              These aren't highlights. Tiger isn't in the video.

                                            • Jazzy Castics
                                              Jazzy Castics  3 months back

                                              Where is Jim furyk and Alex noren