The most mysterious star in the universe | Tabetha Boyajian

  • Published: 29 April 2016
  • Something massive, with roughly 1,000 times the area of Earth, is blocking the light coming from a distant star known as KIC 8462852, and nobody is quite sure what it is. As astronomer Tabetha Boyajian investigated this perplexing celestial object, a colleague suggested something unusual: Could it be an alien-built megastructure? Such an extraordinary idea would require extraordinary evidence. In this talk, Boyajian gives us a look at how scientists search for and test hypotheses when faced with the unknown.

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Comments • 11 668

  • Alian Ray
    Alian Ray  15 hours back

    They would be Chinese building another mega structure.

    • Alian Ray
      Alian Ray  15 hours back

      Can this alien civilization end schools on Earth?

      • Dreams Dressy
        Dreams Dressy  16 hours back


        • Dreams Dressy
          Dreams Dressy  16 hours back

          those are aliens who built their new planet AROUND STAR

          • Chandra
            Chandra  1 days back

            These guys have observed millions of stars.. and one out of millions is just oddly different..
            No wonder they got excited so much, i can feel my whole imagination swallowing me..

            • anglovirtual
              anglovirtual  1 days back

              It’s probably a giant intergalactic penis...

              • Jc Coy
                Jc Coy  2 days back

                Here TED put this out there to the communities, take all the data or either on clear nights in said citizen observatory cities and get on one network an Operating management system created just for these nights and at the same time everyone logs on and points to the same area and collect all the data possible.. BAM! Instant huge satellite telescope..

                • Jc Coy
                  Jc Coy  2 days back

                  It’s a galactic fleet/war!

                  • Horde News
                    Horde News  2 days back

                    what if what is blocking the light in random patterns is not spherical? just another gigantic rock but oddly shaped that is spinning, no aliens., unless,, are you an alien?

                    • CDaKidd
                      CDaKidd  3 days back

                      Couldn’t it be several planets passing the star at the same time but different speeds on different ellipticals? Kinda like when we have a planetary alignment?

                      • Master Jedi
                        Master Jedi  3 days back


                        • Alberto González
                          Alberto González  4 days back

                          I like her shoes🤣🤣🤣

                          • Sergio
                            Sergio  5 days back

                            So dumb

                            • Tugat Galut
                              Tugat Galut  5 days back

                              This reminds me about a poem i once wrote... (I was the only star in space) check it out on my channel

                              • Carlos Loff
                                Carlos Loff  5 days back

                                How about massive asteroids closer to Earth than that star ? The moon is small and fully covers many stars when it crosses the sky - To build structures that dim a star you need to entitely mine many whole planets, just to save one planet needs ? You need more energy and materials for that work than the ones that star provides on the time you setup the structures, its like using your car gas tank for 5.000 miles just to get an AAA battery when all that gas could run your home

                                • Jolujo 58
                                  Jolujo 58  6 days back

                                  If aliens ever come, and we still have assholes like the Al Quida thugs and the fat assed North Korean despot Kim Jong ILL still operating on our planet, we will look like dangerous animals.
                                  Might be our doom.

                                  • Jolujo 58
                                    Jolujo 58  6 days back

                                    What if to the Nth power..... Bogus science. Just guess work. Sadly, this is what we are delegated to.
                                    Maybe in the future we will be able to get resolution to the extent we can acquire truly factual data. For now, it's all supposition and hypothesis.
                                    Sadly, scienctists today have built their foundations on too many layers of hypothesis and "theory" rather than rock solid data. 💔

                                    • Iam Frognabox
                                      Iam Frognabox  6 days back


                                      • Jason The Freemason
                                        Jason The Freemason  6 days back

                                        2 minutes in and as usual I can't stomach the bullshit

                                        • Jason The Freemason
                                          Jason The Freemason  6 days back

                                          Ted Talks...NWO leftist run propaganda bullsh*it

                                          • AngryCatfish Briggs
                                            AngryCatfish Briggs  6 days back

                                   here is you some extraordinary evidence .

                                            • Replicated Cypher
                                              Replicated Cypher  6 days back

                                              Science is synonymous with deception and manipulation in the West~

                                              • Arnav Kalgutkar
                                                Arnav Kalgutkar  3 days back

                                                Then get of the fucking internet (science and started by the us government) and live in a cave, drink unpurified water and eventually die of cholera because that is life without science

                                            • MAC Macfarland
                                              MAC Macfarland  6 days back

                                              Sounds like she's telling a rehearsed fairytale and if she's with NASA they are a bunch of liars anyways

                                            • Jacquelyn Diamond
                                              Jacquelyn Diamond  6 days back

                                              I love that Tabitha, herself, is presenting this amazing discovery they made concerning star “KIC -8462852”, now appropriately dubbed “Tabby’s Star’! The bizarre structure that seems to surround the Tabby’s Star” is seen via Kepler, as it emanates this anomaly, which is what seems like SIGNIFICANT rotational dips in light, like one might see observing our star and say Jupiter’s rotation around it only on a far more MASSIVE scale, from the Cygnus constellation!
                                              What I found astonishing is also, get far it appears that BOTH the Egyptian Pyramids and newly re-discovered Gobeckli Tepi, are aligned to this constellation!!
                                              Even ancient cave drawings and several ancient civilizations also make reference to the Cygnus constellation!
                                              What I’m wondering is “Who” came up with the Zodiacal names of these star systems??? How is it we refer to the Cygnus constellation as a flying bird, just as the very ancient did, which is encouraging because it tells us we still have this connection to our ancient past when it comes to the cosmos and our perception of them! The fact that the ancients, who likely sought refuge in caves, etc., presumably after the last earth shattering catastrophe, also knew - even way back then of these associations, is encouraging! We are a species with amnesia but thankfully this doesn’t have to be a permanent state, I do believe we are waking up from the latest disaster created “Coma” and are quickly regaining ground! While it baffles the mind that not only is a dyson sphere observed, on KIC -8462852, there are also “signals” that appear to be broadcasting numerical equations corresponding to the number 11 and that also relate to the Great Pyramids, Gobeckli Tepi, and itger ruuns such as Baàlbek/Heliopolis!
                                              Now Come on, Tabby, it’s as if you’ve been programmed to state, “it’s not aliens”.... but while your words may say “it’s a natural phenomenon”, your own vibrational emissions scream It’s ALIENS, as in an INTELLIGENTY CREATED STRUCTURE!!! “, I wish mainstreams science could wrap it’s programmed mind around this, OUR TRUTH CAN ONLY BE DISCOVERED IF WE MERGE OUR HARDCORE SCIENCE MINDSET WITH INHERENT PROFOUND AND COSMICALLY CONNECTED SPIRITUALITY!” Our ancestors knew far more about the cosmos, were far more connected to nature and the stars, understanding we must work in concert with nature, our planet, and its natural environment, and the cosmos as they seem to have successfully merged the “Spiritual with the Scientific”, thus creating a fascinating and compelling hypothesis of ever entangled, inner connectedness, a school of phenomenal thought! So far removed from where mainstream science is today, albeit, as we discover more and more ancient ruins, we are ever so slowly, digging in our philosophical heels, having to be dragged, resisting and kicking and screaming the whole way, towards our actual TRUTH, one that is far more incredible than we will ever subscribe to, if we continue to stay embedded as we are now, in this limiting “Newtonian” hypothesis which promotes so much separation, randomness and dividing, we find ourselves spinning in circles and not really explaining bubkas!

                                              • Steven Zore
                                                Steven Zore  7 days back


                                                • Jilbert Brayt
                                                  Jilbert Brayt  1 weeks back

                                                  She’s a lunatic

                                                  • Yankosh Badal
                                                    Yankosh Badal  1 weeks back

                                                    What if several planets were aligning at the same time.

                                                    • B5429671 XJ
                                                      B5429671 XJ  5 days back

                                                      That clearly doesn't fit the data. Just read about it. It seems to be dust.

                                                  • Otter Bot
                                                    Otter Bot  1 weeks back

                                                    With the amount of stuff in space between Kepler and that star. It could be anything. It doesn't have to be things revolving around that star. A closer object (rogue planet, comet, etc..) passing in-between the line of sight of Kepler and the star would easily explain that 15% drop. Any astrophysicist that said it was aliens must be completely brain dead...

                                                    • nandoss oss
                                                      nandoss oss  1 weeks back

                                                      Shes an Alien but we don't know yet

                                                      • jan b
                                                        jan b  1 weeks back

                                                        The title should be mysterious planet.

                                                        • ThiCity Pro
                                                          ThiCity Pro  1 weeks back

                                                          i was under the belief that element 115 used right, generates zero heat

                                                        • R.L. HEARN
                                                          R.L. HEARN  1 weeks back

                                                          The Bible says Eve was was the mother of all living. There isn't live on other planets. The UFO's are the fallen angels roaming the earth to seek who they can destroy. Don't be fooled by the lights zooming in the heavens. It's just another attempt to confuse your love for our true creator. The I AM, YESHUA OUR SAVIOR. The Redeemer of our souls.

                                                        • ed garlick
                                                          ed garlick  1 weeks back

                                                          I should have been a scientist, that way I could have made a lot of money doing nothing but telling people bullshit. To think I spent almost 30 years in the high stess printing industry, until computers put me out of a job. Then worked constitution for 15 years, all of the time I could have made a lot of money as a bullshit artist like scientists, politicians, or even a school teacher.

                                                          • Todd Goergen
                                                            Todd Goergen  1 weeks back

                                                            Makes sense that an object is coming between us and this star. BUT why does it have to be in near orbit around the star? Seems like A much smaller object passing nearer to earth would give the same affect. But that would likely affect many stars light output, unless it took exactly the right path to only affect one star? Just thinking out loud.

                                                            • Anthony Lee
                                                              Anthony Lee  1 weeks back

                                                              What if its just a kuiper belt object that caused that?? I think it makes sense

                                                              • MyFAT69
                                                                MyFAT69  1 weeks back

                                                                perhaps there star got to big as the same is about to happen to our sun in billions of years, and perhaps they build a giant space umbrella to create some shade :)
                                                                otherwise it would be the biggest BBQ ever :)

                                                                • MyFAT69
                                                                  MyFAT69  1 weeks back

                                                                  that might be our only solution to stretch our precious time on Earth in the far future, if we are still here and alive and haven't wiped each other out, or all died from natural disaster or some epic collision with Asteroid or planet, or some ultimate Virus which unleashes a mega pandemic event and kills us all :P

                                                              • MyFAT69
                                                                MyFAT69  1 weeks back

                                                                Have you guys considered a black hole causing this phenomena or perhaps multiple of them?
                                                                or would that give a way different dim in light in the spectrum?

                                                                • Matt K
                                                                  Matt K  1 weeks back

                                                                  Plot hole: the data never accounted for distances between that star, the objects, the observer.

                                                                  Or perhaps something causing the star's emissions to fluxuate.

                                                              • United Drone
                                                                United Drone  2 weeks back

                                                                Thank you!

                                                                • Diane Wyatt
                                                                  Diane Wyatt  2 weeks back

                                                                  Interesting l like this

                                                                  • Twinn Rexx
                                                                    Twinn Rexx  2 weeks back

                                                                    Wow, such poor science.

                                                                    • Giordano Franchino
                                                                      Giordano Franchino  2 weeks back

                                                                      Nel nostro Universo (DERN) non ci sono pianeti abitabili, ma bisogna cercarli nell'Universo (DAL) gemello del nostro, ma si trova in un'altra dimensione spazio-tempo e avanti di 0,5 secondi. Buona ricerca, quando trovate le porte dimensionali sarete a un buon punto, ma ci vorranno ancora millenni.🛸🖖

                                                                      • Giordano Franchino
                                                                        Giordano Franchino  2 weeks back

                                                                        In our Universe (DERN) there are no habitable planets, but we need to look for them in the Universe (DAL) twin of ours, but it is in another space-time dimension and ahead of 0.5 seconds. Good research, when you find the dimensional doors you will be well advanced, but it will still take millennia

                                                                        • craftwizrd
                                                                          craftwizrd  2 weeks back

                                                                          Everything that uses mass amounts of energy produces heat? that you know of

                                                                          • Kevin Locher
                                                                            Kevin Locher  2 weeks back

                                                                            What that swarm of comets was the result of some massive collision that also sent ‘Oumuamua to our solar system

                                                                            • Guardian Observer
                                                                              Guardian Observer  2 weeks back

                                                                              She will make the same seminars with the same theory for the rest of her life. Nice job for someone to live.

                                                                            • penny miller
                                                                              penny miller  2 weeks back

                                                                              go tabby!!:)
                                                                              sumerian tablets;planetary mining 1470years ago were witnessing. if u only realized wat confirmation this is:)*should be able to figure out shape on most planes of this by mirror imaging the data. extrapolating things or events should become easier:))

                                                                              • Rozie Rockett
                                                                                Rozie Rockett  2 weeks back


                                                                                • Gold Vogel
                                                                                  Gold Vogel  2 weeks back

                                                                                  What if it's a strange-shaped rogue planet much closer to hubble, blocking the view...?

                                                                                  • MyFAT69
                                                                                    MyFAT69  1 weeks back

                                                                                    perhaps it's the Death Star :)

                                                                                  • MyFAT69
                                                                                    MyFAT69  1 weeks back

                                                                                    maybe it's the Death Star :P