What Happened To Daenerys Body EXPLAINED! Game Of Thrones Season 8 (Episode 6)


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  • Ser Hunts Reviews
    Ser Hunts Reviews   3 months back

    Drogon is the smartest character in Game Of Thrones. *Change My Mind*

    • Mister Fister
      Mister Fister  2 weeks back

      just one thing : daenerys is a cunt a literaly crazy ditctatory cunt

    • Evil Queen
      Evil Queen  2 months back

      Ser Hunts Reviews btw Jon wasn’t the blood of the Dragon nor was Viserys, Jon would’ve burned regardless he’s even got his hand burnt once on the Nights Watch why would he randomly all of a sudden be fire proof? Daenerys was always fire resistant you can see that from the beginning of this show, yes she used blood magic to be completely fireproof but she was already fire resistant, not every Targaryen is immune to fire GRRM has left this clear plenty of times why do people keep saying “Jon is a Targaryen he’s fireproof” HE IS NOT, STOP IT!

    • Aaron Huckvale
      Aaron Huckvale  3 months back

      Ser Hunts Reviews no point he’s probably 1 trillion times smarter than Tyrion and Tywin

    • barnes Studios
      barnes Studios  3 months back

      Tyrion drinks and he knows things

    • Cecilia Miller
      Cecilia Miller  3 months back

      @jin soo haha PROBABLY

  • Brian Kane
    Brian Kane  4 days back

    This video has nothing to do with the title TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS ON YA OWN TIME MAN!!!

    • Ser Hunts Reviews
      Ser Hunts Reviews   3 days back

      This is my own time dumb dumb. It's a video I created and uploaded to MY channel.

  • Michael Darling
    Michael Darling  6 days back

    How about Martin, who is apparently unhappy with the ending, asking the studio for a rewite?

    • Κοσμας Πασχαλης

      Imagine if there was another episode with daenerys resurected and conquering westeros like her ancestor aegon

      • Siddharth Chaudhary
        Siddharth Chaudhary  3 weeks back

        S8 was shit 💩💩💩

        • Cami Francesmith
          Cami Francesmith  3 weeks back

          We could also tell that John could get burned ,by the very first time he fought a ww when he grabbed a lamp and it burned him

          • Skiltra Affect
            Skiltra Affect  4 weeks back

            Jon snow didnt want the throne

            • BestAngel12
              BestAngel12  4 weeks back


              • CPA marketingacademy
                CPA marketingacademy  1 months back

                Fucking writers they ruined the serie at the very end. Fucking hate it

                • Mentos Playz
                  Mentos Playz  1 months back

                  I hope Daenerys will come back

                  • Sydni Taylor
                    Sydni Taylor  1 months back

                    If drogon knew the iron throne corrupted her then he should've stopped burning the damn people in the first place so that they wouldn't have to kill his mother.

                    • louisanna30
                      louisanna30  1 months back

                      Lord, 9 mins in and he still has not gotten to the point.

                      • Saurabh Dandekar
                        Saurabh Dandekar  1 months back

                        Your voice is like ramsay bolton

                        • No One
                          No One  1 months back

                          how about resurrected as a white walker ?

                          • Taliyah M
                            Taliyah M  1 months back

                            Drogon went to have her be with Khal Drogo and her sun burning her for the purest death.

                            • Hatchet 86
                              Hatchet 86  1 months back

                              Was very upsetting to watch I understood why jon did what he did but a part of me couldn't accept it.
                              I think drogon carried daenerys to his birthplace where he just lays down next to her dead body and starves to death out of grief.

                              • Maithm Mohammed
                                Maithm Mohammed  1 months back

                                I hated Bran in S8 because he ruined Jon's relationship with Danny. That's why Danny became the mad queen. As the little finger said: Chaos is the ladder

                                • Dylan Silveira
                                  Dylan Silveira  2 months back

                                  I hope she is resurrected and kills all the traitors, backstabbers, rapists, evil-doers, power grabbers, whisperers, faceless assassins, mocking spitters of kings landing, blind followers etc of Westeros who were worse than any mad person since season 1.

                                  • NBA Talks
                                    NBA Talks  2 months back

                                    Jon couldn’t have given a fuck about taking the iron throne , wasn’t that clearly portrayed that it was never his goal?? He killed her because she was going to kill people and killed a whole city

                                    • Clayface Ross
                                      Clayface Ross  2 months back

                                      Bran can only see the past and present, not the future.

                                      • Isabel Fusco
                                        Isabel Fusco  2 months back

                                        I know one thing if they don't bring denerays back I pretty sure that someone will start a protest that or I will

                                        • Daryl Phoolchan
                                          Daryl Phoolchan  2 months back


                                          • Grimms zy
                                            Grimms zy  2 months back

                                            I like the idea that he's gunna take her to either where her ancestors and dragons come from or find a way to bring her back I doubt he'd just let her go that easily

                                            • Miguel Hernadez
                                              Miguel Hernadez  2 months back

                                              I would read the FUCK out of that

                                              • The Rambunctious Panda
                                                The Rambunctious Panda  2 months back

                                                Personal opinion: I agree, Dany is OG, fuck Jon, And Sansa.

                                                • Bogdan Stevanović
                                                  Bogdan Stevanović  2 months back

                                                  Emilia Clarke fanboy...you know shit about got

                                                  • Rosebud
                                                    Rosebud  2 months back

                                                    I don’t think it’s completely out of the question to think the same characters might come back with the same actors tyrion did say ask me in 10 years. I still have hope.

                                                    • Arturia Pendragon
                                                      Arturia Pendragon  2 months back

                                                      The only friggin reason I even watched this show is because of Daenerys.
                                                      Okay if it was between Jon and Daenerys.. I'm sorry, but um.. BYE JON.

                                                      • Pri Ben
                                                        Pri Ben  2 months back

                                                        I have never been so disappointed in my life! The writers have sullied a good character Khaleesi, a champion of the oppressed. In this modern age, where women are just finding their feet in a man's world, these writers have completely ruined a beautiful character. I watched Got because I was impressed with this particular character! Very very disappointing! I am never going to watch any series ever again

                                                        • Albert Lancellotti
                                                          Albert Lancellotti  2 months back

                                                          I gotta ask ! I wish you would make a video ! Here’s my ? Was Tyrion the voice that Varys heard in the flames ? It had to be ! He had to be their when he was born ! He was always affaid if saying who it was ! Am I right ? Would of liked to see Tyrion sit in the throne ! 👍

                                                          • Shauna Oryem
                                                            Shauna Oryem  2 months back

                                                            I am so upset she died and I hope their will be a resurrection cause She was my fav actor

                                                            • Shauna Oryem
                                                              Shauna Oryem  2 months back

                                                              Will there be season 9 I hope???*

                                                              • Shauna Oryem
                                                                Shauna Oryem  2 months back

                                                                Will there be season 9 I hope???*

                                                                • IM ANOOB
                                                                  IM ANOOB  2 months back

                                                                  Hmmm crazy theory spinoff.

                                                                  Jon never killed her 💀

                                                                  Jon snow never killed Dany that is just a story they came up to tell everyone to prevent them for searching for her, or her army seeking revenge.

                                                                  , Flash back scene before "Jon stabs her"

                                                                  Jon and Dany talk.

                                                                  After some convincing
                                                                  Jon convinces Dany that they both would have give up the iron throne in order to truly be together as a GRANDGESTURE to prove how much they really loved another that she has already broken the wheel by removing the Lannisters from power.

                                                                  Dany agrees
                                                                  she has dragon melt down the throne as a symbol of this agreement.

                                                                  so Dany comes up with a plan to fake her own death Knowing that be the only way to prevent anyone from following her.
                                                                  also knowing that Jon's family would never convict Jon for "danys death" because they didn't like her anyways.

                                                                  So Jon tells the story ...
                                                                  That he stabbed her in the heart that dragon melted the iron throne and flew off with Dany dead body.

                                                                  Fast forwarded.


                                                                  As Jon is riding on his horse 😂

                                                                  Dragon flys over him.

                                                                  NEW INTRO APPEARS.


                                                                  • Carla Nichols
                                                                    Carla Nichols  2 months back

                                                                    Yes plz do that

                                                                    • dinavienna
                                                                      dinavienna  2 months back

                                                                      In the Series it s not Blood magic that leaves dany unburnt though - she withstands boiling hot bath water before marrying Drogo, she holds hot dragon eggs that leave her maid scarred within split seconds of touching them her baby dragons breathe fire extremely close to her in the house of the undying - none of this is blood magic. There is no reason jon would have to be fire proof though - viserys wasn’t. Jon very likely isn’t because he s only half Targaryen.

                                                                      • Amadeo Santelices
                                                                        Amadeo Santelices  2 months back

                                                                        Why the heck did jon kill him i was so nelieving dany is the rulee poor drogon

                                                                        • Tiza Gwadess
                                                                          Tiza Gwadess  2 months back

                                                                          Definitly for me acting was good..thanks you Emilia, show and CGI also but the heart , the magic, what make us/me love the show has been completly dropped, ruined in this season. CGI does not make good show, its the story and the characters.

                                                                          First I always thought that this story will never end with someone on this fucking iron throne ..I always thought the throne would be destroyed ...by who/what i did not know..until the last epiode and the other thing is about characters, whatever, even if Dany had to fail to get the throne, i never thought she would die ...even like that ...so rushed.

                                                                          The rythme of the season, the writting, etc is completely different from the begening , the first seasons...of course it was more stucj on George RR Martin...but after since season 4/5...Martin was not involved any more and had (still have) difficulties to finish the last tome. It seems instead of full guidlines to adapt the books in to a good show like the firsts seasons, he has just told to D&D where he wanted to go in final end but did not tell them how...no details...So they had to deal with..but a showrunner is not a writter, it is Show + run... so not suprised it was so rushed with less details and build up for characters.

                                                                          Anyway....here is my impro. So if I had to write a good sequels with Dany resurrection I would partially accept the ending they did, because even the sudden snapping of Dany is too much inconsistent/unexplain (for me) not relevant. THEREFORE to explain it I would had some scenes like for example ...why not exploit more Euron Greyjoy actions and Varys poisoning attempts(partially succed) combined with the bells ringing .

                                                                          I explain In the books Euron had found in his travel in Essos a horn that control Dragon, to be Dragonbinder, The Hellhorn. When the horn is used, the player control/order the dragon (not sure sure about the rider). But Euron experienced the horn blowing with one of his man who died immedialty after. G.Martin did not finish his book to have more detail, they left us with this Episode of Euron in Mereen...And we are not sure maybe only dragon blood (valyrian) can blow the horn and stay alive ...Any way...what I mean why not imagine Euron after being severly wounded by Jaimie , gather his last ressources and strength to get the horn and blow it? In that case we have to delay a little when Dany is snapping/collapse because during Euron/Jaimie fight Dany and Drogon has already started to burn the city.

                                                                          So Dany ears the Bells, she s upset, and in a very bad mindset...and so Drogon also because of their bond. But she wait for Jon Snow who ask her to call back the Dothrakis/Insullied who continue to fight. They talk a little...shes not convinced, but she contain herself...hardly but she is waiting...But she become nervous, poeple are hiding and some who watch start to come and yelling/at her..to go, and she also ear some other people saying to go to seek protection from Cersei ! Everything...al theses sounds, shes very angry, upset, take a look to the entire city, to the red keep and then she s decide and push Drogon to fly towards the red Keep. .....She will see cirsei few second on the balcony who then next is running to escape before Dany start to burn the red keep. Cersei escape/rescued by the mountain...etc....Dany angry to miss Cersei, continy to burn the red keep
                                                                          ...meanwhile..after Euron/Jaimie...Jaime find Cersei, Clegane bowl...then re Euron alone gathering his last energy to blow the horn and say the words/spells by ordering Drogon to burn everything.
                                                                          Drogon became mad, Dany feels it, feel drogon in her mind, but she cant do anything because herself is too tired, upset, exhausted (did not eat a lot, maybe she had a few Varys poison in her drink ? , she has lost her best friend, lost another Dragon, not loved by anyone...) So she is not in normal mood, psychologically something is wrong, something is missing...she feel her head is exploding, ..she seems to ear at least 2 voices in hear head ...taking over her mind...submerged by Drogon fury state, she ears a nice feminine and hypotnic voice tell her
                                                                          to purify you soul, purify the city, break the wheel, purify the world, you must go under the shadow in the burning path. The shadow in the burning path...
                                                                          Then she ear another voice, a angry masculine voice telling her, burn it, burn the city, burn them all, burn them all my boy with a huge sound of horn...she ear a voice withing drogon, her noise get some few drop of blood, (yep..kind of aneurysm ? sorry Dany/Emilia, I found very strange coincidence), her eyes has more blood/red color, like Drogon, then she and Drogon become ONE to be a Dragon and then they burn everything...(I would even add...a bound with the Dothrakis and insullied..bounded/hypotised by their Queen...)
                                                                          So the SNAP happen..she s did not only burning the red keep, but all the rest...

                                                                          ....Later, after her death ...Jon would think that she was not normal ..he or someone will find the horn along side of Euron body in ashes ...burnt from inside ...
                                                                          ...Drogon burn the iron Throne, tooks her body..following his instinct but also a call that he could not resist. Make a non stop fly with Dany body to a Volantis temple were red priests/ress with Kinvarra and Co are waiting for him...maybe why not with a Valyrian blood man (Griff/Aegon Targaryen? who use other horn to guide Drogon ) ...The R'llor team know everything about what happened and it seems it was fate, planned...Dany was supposed to stop evil (Night.King) in westeros not to rule,...her role is other/higher..they prepare for resurection process..
                                                                          ...Meanwhile, Dany woke up in a underworld, darkness everywhere, very few lights, screamings of souls surrounding her, ...she is in pained, she is not sure of what happen to her, not sure to remember if she is really alive or dead, was it a dream ..Jon knife in her chest ? She cant see it. ............she ear again one of the same voice she ear in K.L ...then she remember what she did...and she realise, she is in a state of choc, a nightmare within a nightmare....WTF...did I do (lol)..she feel weak, pained, confused, but who was talking to her ? "the voice said :
                                                                          "To go to the north, you have to travel south, to get to the west, you have to go to the east," "To go forward you have to go back, and to touch the light you have to go under the shadow".
                                                                          Now go under the shadow"...the shadow....

                                                                          ......<>> .... I probably not respect some canon of the story/arc but perso I would be happy to learn more about spiritual world, religions, gods, life after death in GOT...
                                                                          see this discussion : https://www.quora.com/We-know-theres-not-an-afterlife-in-the-Game-of-Thrones-televison-series-according-to-Jon-but-do-you-think-there-is-in-ASOIAF

                                                                          So I would then try to imagine in a timeline in outerworld of spirit different from physical world...Dany have kind of redemption path...learning things about outer world, ruled by ...?? some deities "fighting " each other to rule over the dead..in such way that there is a mess in heaven/hell...outerworld..not normal that prevent almost everybody to have good spiritual evolution...
                                                                          problems in life cycle/reincarnation.
                                                                          Then after a little while...Dany will see Drogon spirit surrounded by another red spirit both god/evil, both nice/angry both gentle/brutal...she is had some kind of incentive to bring back all here knowledge from outerworld, , she had to remember what she saw....she must before be sure to make peace with herself according Kinvarra/Rllor spirit but also agree (like a contract) to return to living people and stay to Essos to continue her redem path to the light...crossing all Essos continent, so..back to Valyria and Ashai and discover why/where everything started...origin of many things, like Dragon, Valyrian etc...from Great empire of Dawn.... Why not imagine Dany was last incarnation of Godess Amethyst from this Empire...So Light not only for herself but ..for all people. Light is evolution. Light is spiritual. Light is forgivness. Light is tolerence. Light is knowledge. Light is memory...

                                                                          So about memory, she will probably re-cross Bran and Jon way. With Bran who would already know what could happen (even he s not able to see/bind a dragon but other witness will give him news) but not saying anything to anyone ...yet. Because again Bran knew that everything had to happen for a reason...even let such carnage...

                                                                          The only one who still never knew was Jon....! lol But Jon...soon or later , cannot resist to his blood legacy... A call from unknown voice...inviting him to discover the rest of the world to KNOW at last

                                                                          something. Leaving North ...leaving her new wife/ and new born children. Escape the north to travel to see Essos. And learn to know. [perso i would punish Jon] So he will not meet Dany resurected until...the very last end, thanks to Arya...A new Dany, bringing the light prohecy to the world...and hoooo strange thing, with no Dragon?

                                                                          What No more dragon ? where is Drogon ? he askedher.... he looked at her...see her power/wisdom, feel something ...more, strange... no more loving me ? no something else...more than that, beyond that...
                                                                          Yeah...Dany is the last Dragon, last Valyrian, Drogon and her ..has "merge" souls.. All other dragons even Drogon's baby (hihi) finally did not survived ...captured, etc...are now keeping outerworld and rules in "safer" state, she not a Queen anymore...what then..a godess..like ? A superior being anyway ONE for the best and new cycle/evolution of GOT world who now they know...is round. Thanks Arya....

                                                                          ....Details to imagine....of course...
                                                                          Here was my delirium...Sorry G.Martin , will not wait anymore your books cause your are too long and too old but thanks anyway for your wonderfull Job.

                                                                          • cha rosales
                                                                            cha rosales  2 months back

                                                                            DANAERYS will resurrect and kill all the traitors... end of game of thrones.

                                                                            • Buddah Tei
                                                                              Buddah Tei  2 months back

                                                                              I wanted to see them ressurect her and she wake up and

                                                                              DRACARYS JON SNOW

                                                                              • William Devito
                                                                                William Devito  2 months back

                                                                                Daenarys went nuts and killed thousands of people. she got stark justice.

                                                                                • Jennifer Smith
                                                                                  Jennifer Smith  2 months back

                                                                                  Uh no blood magic. dany when she first received the eggs she put them on the fire and didn't burn. Season 1 showed she was fire proof.

                                                                                  • Garland March
                                                                                    Garland March  2 months back

                                                                                    I seen him in Wal-Mart in the self check out

                                                                                    • Valerie Storm
                                                                                      Valerie Storm  2 months back

                                                                                      But Jon didn't kill Dany for the Iron throne. He killed her because she slaughtered thousands of innocents, essentially "burning them all" just like her father the mad king had planned.

                                                                                      • Danny Coe
                                                                                        Danny Coe  2 months back

                                                                                        You didn't mention anything about the silver sword that appeared after the throat was melted and the only thing left that did not melt???? Let's talk about lightbringer in your next video????? He who holds the sword rules the world!!!! Such as King Arthur and Excalibur!!!!

                                                                                      • Jasmine Caldwell
                                                                                        Jasmine Caldwell  2 months back

                                                                                        why do you have to say it all in the caption? You couldnt warn about spoilers?? Im really upset about that. Unsubscribed...

                                                                                        • Luisa Green
                                                                                          Luisa Green  2 months back

                                                                                          He saw all, what the hell.lol

                                                                                          • faye
                                                                                            faye  2 months back

                                                                                            Please drop that fanfic link BECAUSE I NEEEEEEED IT SO BAD