Creating An NBA G.O.A.T Pyramid PART 2 (Tier 1 Revealed)


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  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller   3 months back

    Thank you all for tuning in to this two part series! I know that cliff hanger in part 1 got some of y’all ready to square up but I hope the end result was worth the wait.

    Also I just have to say, throughout the process of making this video I spent hours and hours watching old film, looking up obscure stats and facts that only us basketball fans would appreciate, and watched clips of legendary moments and after awhile I caught myself getting lost in these old videos, in amazement at how incredible these players are and how awesome this sport is. Because of y’all I get to watch, dissect and analyze basketball for a living and I CANNOT thank y’all enough. This is truly the best job in the world and I’m going to continue to create this stories and videos for us to watch, share and enjoy. I Appreciate all of you 💯

    • SANDRA Mccullough
      SANDRA Mccullough  6 days back

      @Tupacolypse Now r u stupid, u just like any other kobe hater

    • Tupacolypse Now
      Tupacolypse Now  6 days back

      @SANDRA Mccullough how it's accurate? Kobe over bird? In what world?

    • SANDRA Mccullough
      SANDRA Mccullough  6 days back

      Thank u, that pyramid look pretty accurate

    • Tupacolypse Now
      Tupacolypse Now  7 days back

      U said Kobe is better than Bird??? U say u could argue case for kobe as the goat!?!?!? How the he'll can u argue kobe as goat? Just how?! Kobe's most efficient season is less efficient than Jordan's least efficient... (as a bull)... meanwhile LeBron James caught up to bird in triple doubles in LeBrons 15th season... bird accumulated those triple doubles in 12 seasons.....

      It's not even a discussion if bird is better than Kobe.. . What kind of fanboyism are your trying to preach here?

    • João Marcos Escano Duarte de Souza
      João Marcos Escano Duarte de Souza  1 weeks back

      You nailed it bro, mad respect!
      Wasn't really nitpicking, the criteria makes perfect sense.
      Although some international fans like me have always wondered how a lot of non-USA guys would've ended up on this list (a young and healthy Sabonis in that Big Man Era, prime Petrovic and Oscar Schmidt as 3-point shooters and scorers in the 80's, etc.) it is as good as you can get.
      I was born in 1993, Allen Iverson is my childhood idol, next to T-Mac. I've seen Agent Zero burning dudes on the regular too. Young Melo was a beast, and is probably USA Basketball's G.O.A.T. (that's a nice suggestion for another video), and let me say this: your pyramid is on point.

  • Math Simon
    Math Simon  4 hours back

    Just a note, having fewer teams to play against can be tougher. Imagine playing against 8 teams all with an all-star lineup? That was what Russell was facing. At least that's how Russell and Wilt explains it.

    • Bite Me
      Bite Me  7 hours back

      Jordan and Bird should switch and here's why
      Over Birds career he averaged 24.3 Points, 1.7 Steals, 6.3 Assists and 10 Rebounds (Jordan never averaged a double double in one season at all)
      Over Jordans career he averaged 30.1 Points, 2.3 Steals, 5.3 Assists and 6.2 Rebounds
      Also if you check how many assists and rebounds Bird beats Jordan in those categories
      He 2,000+ more rebounds and about and has about 40 more assists then Jordan
      Bird beat Jordan even though he played 13 seasons to Jordans 15.
      Considering Jordan owns the Hornets and has done shit with them and Larry Bird won Coach of the Year in 1998 and was All-Star Coach in 1998 I'd say Larry Bird is overall a better NBA Player and him being a good Coach puts the icing on the cake for Larry Bird.

      • Kevin
        Kevin  10 hours back

        I agree with this list, but I would move Wilt to Tier 2, he was the most dominant player ever. He has unbeatable scoring and rebounding seasons and games and is tied with MJ for most ppg in career. I would move Magic Down to replace him with Wilt. Magic might arguably be the best PG in the game but he's nowhere close to as good as Kareem, Kobe, Lebron or Wilt.

        The top 5 players and best starting 5 in my opinion would make the tiers accurate as well. PG - Lebron, SG - Kobe, SF - Jordan, PF - Kareem, C - Wilt. 1. Jordan, 2. Kareem, 3/4. Kobe, 3/4. Lebron, 5. Wilt.

        • Mert Girgin
          Mert Girgin  12 hours back

          Wade over dirk... nah

          • abdurrahman nashit
            abdurrahman nashit  17 hours back

            Bird should be tier 2. He's better than magic I'm pretty sure

          • HYDA Squad
            HYDA Squad  17 hours back

            Dwade should be tier 3

            • Ty Hamell
              Ty Hamell  21 hours back

              And as far as impact Steph should be where ever lebron is he beat lebron 3 out of four and has made the biggest impact on the game since shaq maybe since MJ

              • Ty Hamell
                Ty Hamell  21 hours back

                Shaq tier 2 bro he dominated the league truly unstoppable

                • Lucas Minske
                  Lucas Minske  21 hours back

                  7. Bill Russell
                  11. Pete Marivich
                  13.oscar Robertson
                  14.dr j
                  15. Larry bird
                  16. Mailman
                  17. John more steals than points Stockton
                  19. Dirk
                  20.i can’t think of what 20 should be so you tell me

                  • dragon dragon
                    dragon dragon  5 hours back

                    Pete Marivich no mvp,only 4 selections,not evan 500playoff points on 11??

                  • Myers
                    Myers  17 hours back

                    Lucas Minske where the hell is duncan

                • Alec Buckley
                  Alec Buckley  22 hours back

                  There are three guys I would switch from your tier two and tier three lists...I think Duncan is tier 2 regardless, and if you match him up with Kobe, you have to say he was better in his prime and in longevity, just from a consistency and chemistry standpoint. I'll argue anyone down on Larry Bird vs. Lebron James, but that would take a whole video (strictly peak). I think that is purely on how much you value peak vs. longevity though, and I hardly value longevity at all, but still do value it with respect to guys like Derrick Rose and things of that nature. Also, Bill has to be tier 2. He proved time and time again he was better than Wilt. If Wilt was better, he would've won more than ONE ring in an era where only the big men mostly had any athleticism.

                  • Alec Buckley
                    Alec Buckley  22 hours back

                    To clarify, I think Tim is more deserving of tier 2 than Kobe given his consistency. Hard to separate Kobe and Lebron, Lebron being so ball dominant, I still give Larry the edge, so it'd be easy for me to take those two off for Larry and Tim Bill I put above Kareem, but that one is entirely subjective. I value someone inventing fundamentals and having 11 rings over being the scoring champion and being dominant for 20 straight years...hard to argue, but then, that's why it was subjective. Overall, love the video, philosophy, and other things...oh, and I think Karl Malone and Dirk would be the ones to switch...or cycle them with KD and put KD in tier 4. Malone had Stockton; those other three didn't have anyone (Barkley being the third PF under him). Hard to close. Tough list to make.

                • Zac Jones
                  Zac Jones  22 hours back

                  Jimmy is a tier 1 youtuber

                  • Fredrik André Dahl-Andersen

                    I'm glad you put Kobe in a high place :)

                    • Slipz -_-
                      Slipz -_-  1 days back

                      All tier 2 players were on the lakers

                      • Abdul Sarker
                        Abdul Sarker  1 days back

                        No you can't make a case for Kobe being the GOAT. No way, no how!

                        • Damir Nuković
                          Damir Nuković  1 days back

                          Great list man i agree completely with your list content is pure🔥🔥🔥

                          • Noah Sarnoff
                            Noah Sarnoff  1 days back

                            From my opinion now, replace Barkley w/ Kawhi

                            • Good gamer 777
                              Good gamer 777  1 days back

                              Where is the 🔫???? Huh pistol pete

                              • TheAlExcute
                                TheAlExcute  1 days back

                                John wall low key look like wade and he fast🧐🧐🤨

                                • TheAlExcute
                                  TheAlExcute  1 days back

                                  John wall is kid flash lol

                                  • Sport/eSport And Much More

                                    Every idiot know, Curry is the GOAT, and he is at least to tier 3 you idiots.

                                    • Brandon George
                                      Brandon George  9 hours back

                                      Sport/eSport And Much More I’ll get you banned from YouTube

                                  • Deepinder Bharaj
                                    Deepinder Bharaj  1 days back

                                    This vid also tells us that just appreciate greatness and don’t hate because this vid has the proof. Also, whoever is still comparing Michael Jordan to somebody else just stop. STOP COMPARING

                                    • Mason Randall
                                      Mason Randall  1 days back

                                      I think Steph and Bill Russel should be switched. All else looks good, amazing list.

                                      • Wiza Zitto
                                        Wiza Zitto  2 days back

                                        Will he be to 10 all time

                                        • Wiza Zitto
                                          Wiza Zitto  2 days back

                                          Tell us what u think of luka doncic

                                          • Maurice Houston
                                            Maurice Houston  2 days back

                                            Where is jared dudley

                                            • Maurice Houston
                                              Maurice Houston  2 days back

                                              Julius erving influenced the whole nba when you look at it jordan copied alot of his moves

                                              • Ibrahim Elnour
                                                Ibrahim Elnour  2 days back

                                                magic is way better

                                                • Cody Rhoudes
                                                  Cody Rhoudes  2 days back

                                                  kobe is the biggest problem hes to high

                                                  • Cody Rhoudes
                                                    Cody Rhoudes  6 hours back

                                                    rookieoftheyearbally absolutely not he is with the next tier and definitely below shaq, bird, wilt, and maybe duncan

                                                  • rookieoftheyearbally
                                                    rookieoftheyearbally  14 hours back

                                                    Cody Rhoudes dude shut the hell up he should actually be in tier 1

                                                • ILoveToronto Raptors
                                                  ILoveToronto Raptors  2 days back

                                                  Kawhi is actually better than steph curry he dominates in rebounds, steals, points and since curry thinks he’s so good he ain’t passing the ball he never averaged more than 7 assists and he’s a point guard, that’s his job and you never need a super 3pt shooter since ray Allen showed everyone that he’s the best 3pt shooter of all time, kawhi is also a respectable 3pt shooter. Kawhi won 2 finals mvps curry=0 kawhi won a final mvp in two different countries curry never even had finals mvp even tho he won 2 mvp in regular season but kawhi won DPOY once, Curry none. Kawhi beat curry out in the finals, stop sleeping on my guy kawhi

                                                  • vongzkee 73ers
                                                    vongzkee 73ers  2 days back

                                                    Black mamba should be in tier one along w/ mj.....

                                                    • Jasiah Curry
                                                      Jasiah Curry  2 days back

                                                      Kawhi has a ring and finals mvp

                                                      • NOah123842
                                                        NOah123842  3 days back

                                                        Steph should be tier 2

                                                        • Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer
                                                          Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer  8 hours back

                                                          NOah123842 I’ll get you banned from YouTube for that attitude

                                                        • NOah123842
                                                          NOah123842  22 hours back

                                                          @im a nice shant bro, he changed the game from dominate big men to guard play and 3pts u bot. 3x champ 2x MVP multiple records u are ach a dumbass

                                                        • im a nice shant
                                                          im a nice shant  2 days back

                                                          LOL YOU HIGH? Bro without his 3s hes useless af

                                                      • King Savage
                                                        King Savage  3 days back

                                                        Thon Maker obv tier 0 waiting for tier 0 video

                                                        • Z Flash
                                                          Z Flash  3 days back

                                                          Wilt Chamberlain was the most dominant player ever, not Shaq.

                                                        • helder mendes
                                                          helder mendes  3 days back

                                                          Long as MJ is in the top spot, this GOAT pyramid will remain 100% accurate.

                                                          • John Bob
                                                            John Bob  3 days back

                                                            Unsubscribed lmao LeBron and Kareem second tier?

                                                            • Brandon George
                                                              Brandon George  8 hours back

                                                              John Bob I’ll get you banned from YouTube

                                                          • Ryker Santiago
                                                            Ryker Santiago  3 days back

                                                            Bruh tier 1 should've been scalabrine or lavar ball smh

                                                          • obo the hobo
                                                            obo the hobo  3 days back

                                                            Give me AI over IT

                                                            • Jace Baker
                                                              Jace Baker  3 days back

                                                              D wade?

                                                              • Christon Richardson
                                                                Christon Richardson  3 days back

                                                                You literally said longevity doesn't matter... so why is there not a Penny Hardaway on this pyramid. If he would not of got hurt he would be the GOAT..

                                                                • Drew Andrews
                                                                  Drew Andrews  2 days back

                                                                  Christon Richardson WTF have you been smoking?!?! Not even close to deserving to be in the list. What did Penny do besides make commercials???

                                                              • Caleb Bell
                                                                Caleb Bell  3 days back

                                                                A.I worst then curry whattttt

                                                                • DREEE The Giant
                                                                  DREEE The Giant  3 days back

                                                                  Patrick Ewing?

                                                                  • punizzzle
                                                                    punizzzle  3 days back

                                                                    Steph Curry stays being underrated lol

                                                                    • Montidds
                                                                      Montidds  3 days back

                                                                      My opinion but here’s the few thing I would change. I think since you’re doing tiers, I think each tier should Atleast consist of two players even tier 1. I would add lebron to tier 1 with mj since they are always up for debate. Yes most ppl say mj but lebron is still in the debate. 9 finals appearances to mj 6. Yes mj didn’t lose in the finals but he had trouble getting past the Celtics and pistons the previous years. Lebron almost dominated the east for a decade.

                                                                      I would move wilt to tier 2. Had tons of records and just dominated his era. Tier 3 seems low for wilt. With that, I would not remove anyone else from tier 3 and instead move Durant up to tier 3. He’s already got 2 titles now, a regular season mvp, and a couple of finals mvps. He should only add to his resume as he continues to play.

                                                                      Since Durant is moved up to tier 3, I think you can possibly have the conversation of adding kawhi to tier 4 at this point with his two rings and 2 finals mvps. He still has a long way to go but he’s cemented himself as the best two way player of the modern era. That’s all I would maybe change. Great list but I think mj and lebron should be up in tier 1. I’m not even a huge lebron fan.

                                                                      • Gabriel Figueroa
                                                                        Gabriel Figueroa  3 days back

                                                                        Jordan isn’t the goat lavar ball is

                                                                        • Gabriel Figueroa
                                                                          Gabriel Figueroa  3 days back

                                                                          I think in 10 years giannis will be the goat

                                                                          • Almighty GAMER
                                                                            Almighty GAMER  3 days back

                                                                            Wilt is easily the best