Weekend Update: Disney’s New Streaming Service - SNL


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  • Zach Flynn
    Zach Flynn  2 weeks back


    • Nibbles
      Nibbles  2 months back

      Now do you see, world?

      • Maryam Dadar
        Maryam Dadar  2 months back

        I need more Michael Che in my life

        • Jason Erb
          Jason Erb  3 months back

          These guys are good. The one thing I look forward to watching from SNL every week. Colin Jost is a funny dude.

          • Siqi Zhang
            Siqi Zhang  4 months back

            Well, Chinese people are way ahead of you on "Nose to tail diet"...

            • Wilson
              Wilson  4 months back

              There already is a McHoof. It's also called a McRib.

              • Angelica Muncy Harris Coleman Gracie

                So, my youngest son tried to hug pooh bear at disneyworld in 2014, and the bastard actor with the pooh suit shoved him. That mother fucker is luckey I let him live. My son has Asperger's so if I find out who that actor is through public record I'm going to sue duany world and that actor, and wtf is up with child traffickers trading kids at Disney world MGM and anijiem California. I heard that story on PBS in 2005.

                • It's Gadfly
                  It's Gadfly  3 months back

                  I don't know why don't you tell me? You are one of them. I'm living in a warzone here. Trying to provide cover for my daughters. They come to my house claiming I'm a bad mom. I'm boycotting Disney.

              • Hexanitrobenzene
                Hexanitrobenzene  4 months back

                Wait a min, there's Moscow in US ?

                • Adriana G Flores
                  Adriana G Flores  4 months back

                  We already have our McHoof it’s called Menudo .

                  • polite critique
                    polite critique  4 months back

                    Shadow hunters and runaways both shit shows

                    • ZachFireStorm YT
                      ZachFireStorm YT  4 months back

                      Where is my mchoof?
                      I have cravings

                      • Vedran
                        Vedran  4 months back

                        Hashtag let moron Michael Che go! Now that`s funny.

                        • Dee Young
                          Dee Young  4 months back

                          Don't talk about dolphins!

                          • Jhon Shephard
                            Jhon Shephard  4 months back

                            actually people DO eat hoofs. Its called pi. There is also siri pai which is brains. It is a popular dish in Pakistan and you could probably get it in Jackson Heights in NYC or Devon Street in Chicago.

                            • 555Fil
                              555Fil  4 months back

                              Eastern European butchers often have parts of the entire animal.

                              • Duckmeister
                                Duckmeister  4 months back

                                How's your burger?
                                Bruce Dickinson: Needs more cow tail.

                                • EyesOfByes
                                  EyesOfByes  4 months back

                                  1:40 ....or the McWhaat??

                                  • EyesOfByes
                                    EyesOfByes  4 months back

                                    0:51 That's where #Terrence&Philip are from...

                                    • Xander X
                                      Xander X  4 months back

                                      Collin is so hottttttt wtf

                                      • Bob Loftus
                                        Bob Loftus  4 months back

                                        "It's not 'Mos Cow' it's...." nobody cares. be happy for the reference. at least they didn't show a picture of Iowa or something.

                                        • Mary Rose Kent
                                          Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                          Bob Loftus
                                          In Idaho, it probably is pronounced Mos-cow.

                                      • a marketing
                                        a marketing  4 months back

                                        Any LAW school that gives Kim K. a law degree will IMMEDIATELY lose all credibility. You cant buy this one kim. Such trash!

                                        • Salemchevy Gaming
                                          Salemchevy Gaming  4 months back

                                          I have cable

                                          • James Robinson
                                            James Robinson  4 months back

                                            Oh my God Saturday night did not mention Donald Trump in a video amazing.

                                            Sadly When Donald Trump is doing so much good you are trying to tear him down. And you ask yourself why do most people in America think that you're the enemy of the American people.

                                            Now if they could only get on board with all the good he is doing.


                                            • Mary Rose Kent
                                              Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                              James Robinson
                                              Taking babies away from their parents and then losing them? That kind of good? Making everyone in his administration an Acting Director of an agency or department, thereby skirting the constitutionally required tri-part cooperation of getting the approval of the House and Senate? That kind of good? Turning the Presidency into a dictatorship like one of his “shithole countries”? That kind of good?

                                          • ThePartarar
                                            ThePartarar  4 months back

                                            Or you could just reduce the amount of meat in your diet. It’d be better for the environment and probably save you money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                            • Paul Pierce
                                              Paul Pierce  4 months back

                                              Moscow Idaho has a large antivaxxer community, don't take your kids there

                                              • Aidan nygaard
                                                Aidan nygaard  4 months back

                                                No idea wtf you're talking about lol

                                            • Evan Fields
                                              Evan Fields  4 months back

                                              Does Kim know that the _bar_ exam isn't a test about alcohol and club music?

                                              • Lizee J
                                                Lizee J  4 months back

                                                mc hoof is hilarious

                                                • dirtykitchen _thebowloflife

                                                  The janitor joke was hilarious!!!!

                                                  • John Nycto
                                                    John Nycto  4 months back

                                                    Just watch Youtube, problem solved.

                                                    • Vehnce
                                                      Vehnce  4 months back

                                                      Is it just me but is the audience getting more and more touchy at the jokes?

                                                      • Diosnel Frica
                                                        Diosnel Frica  4 months back

                                                        It sounds so weird when you say “Colin is with Scarlet Johanson”

                                                        Scarlet is like that crush you had in high school and you never dared to go ask to go out and just stood there watching her have a beautiful romance with the captain of the basketball team while Colin is like that weird dude that sells you Marihuana for $5.

                                                        • Pat Kenealy
                                                          Pat Kenealy  4 months back

                                                          Not a single Trump reference. I loved it

                                                          • Justin Mevee
                                                            Justin Mevee  4 months back

                                                            have you not eatin pigs feet?

                                                            • Jaems K
                                                              Jaems K  4 months back

                                                              Beyond tacky...SNL has lost it. Poor actors


                                                              • Paerigos
                                                                Paerigos  4 months back

                                                                well torrents it is again...

                                                                • Paerigos
                                                                  Paerigos  4 months back

                                                                  consequently- anyone actually its not McHoof already? :D

                                                              • C. W.
                                                                C. W.  4 months back

                                                                The "nose to tail diet" will reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by meat products? Wait... what!? What greenhouse gas emissions are we talking about here? Are we talking about the gas emissions of the people eating the animal? Like eating the tail is supposed to make you fart less? Or are we saying that by eating every part of the animal, we will need to raise fewer animals, thus lowering the amount of cow flatulence? Because I assure you, every part of the cow is being used. It THANKFULLY doesn't all make it into your burger, but you might want to look at the ingredients on your puppy chow. Cows are gosh-dang expensive to raise, there is no way they are letting parts of those animals just rot in a landfill somewhere.

                                                                • jamie peterson
                                                                  jamie peterson  4 months back

                                                                  very liberal and they hate trump big surprise. I support him but this was funny

                                                                  • Eva Eva
                                                                    Eva Eva  4 months back

                                                                    Law and order SVU

                                                                    • Nightstone
                                                                      Nightstone  4 months back

                                                                      The McHoof also comes with a toy Reindeer this coming Christmas :-)

                                                                      • Rudy Juarez
                                                                        Rudy Juarez  4 months back

                                                                        I’ve got Hulu and Netflix, with that alone there’s no need for Cable

                                                                        • Uptin Sinclaire
                                                                          Uptin Sinclaire  4 months back

                                                                          McHoof, still more actual meat than a McRib.

                                                                          • Jumpman056
                                                                            Jumpman056  4 months back

                                                                            So does it mean they’re taking marvel movies off Netflix

                                                                            • Christal Larkins
                                                                              Christal Larkins  4 months back

                                                                              I am first in line for that McHoof!!! 😅😅

                                                                              • Earl Small
                                                                                Earl Small  4 months back


                                                                                • YugiBrony
                                                                                  YugiBrony  4 months back

                                                                                  0:58 was my favorite joke xD

                                                                                  • Priscilla Jimenez
                                                                                    Priscilla Jimenez  4 months back

                                                                                    Other than certain parts which could prob be used for other things, I can understand using almost the entire animal for meat so nothing goes to waste. The natives did it with buffalo. 😎

                                                                                    • shakira nae
                                                                                      shakira nae  4 months back

                                                                                      Colin is so adorable I cry

                                                                                      • shakira nae
                                                                                        shakira nae  4 months back

                                                                                        ahhhh the grease comment sbjkbd