Laine Hardy - Greatest love Story

  • Published: 12 June 2019

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  • Gary Tate
    Gary Tate  1 months back

    This is my wife's and my song of our romance story...

    • Teresa Blanco
      Teresa Blanco  1 months back

      I love that song!
      Cat eyes!

      • ANN ANN
        ANN ANN  1 months back

        Laine....... OUR AMERICAN IDOL 2019..... Your Voice is so amazing. your heart is in the right place, humble enough to still be a GOOD OLE BAYOU BOY at home ..... Good Luck on the new Album............ YOU GOT THIS !!!

        • Elena Johnson
          Elena Johnson  2 months back

          Thank you Cool Guy! You're a true Laine fan❤️❤️❤️

          • Donna Davidson
            Donna Davidson  2 months back

            He looks like his momma.........lucky guy.......she is beautiful. She is one proud mom! Laine has everything.....looks, spirit, talent and style.

            • William Mahaney
              William Mahaney  2 months back

              I'm on the train to party with the hardy.... Awesome job and look forward to hearing more from u

              • Teresa Blanco
                Teresa Blanco  2 months back

                You need to do something with Luke B! You two would be awesome!

                • Teresa Blanco
                  Teresa Blanco  2 months back

                  You are so handsome and talented all in one!!
                  God bless you 🙏

                  • Amy Linn
                    Amy Linn  2 months back

                    Love you Laine Hardy ♥️❤️

                    • leilin haduca
                      leilin haduca  2 months back


                      • Marlene Servas
                        Marlene Servas  2 months back

                        Laine congrats you are true idol continue singing we like your style & voice...deserve..

                        • Gloria Calventas
                          Gloria Calventas  2 months back

                          Idol....luv yah

                          • Chr¡sty Renee'
                            Chr¡sty Renee'  2 months back

                            He is so handsome. Very humble genlteman. God bless thank you always for sharing.

                            • cphawaii
                              cphawaii  2 months back

                              Another hit! Love it!

                              • Lisa Storey
                                Lisa Storey  2 months back

                                Love your sweet honesty... always protect your tender heart from straying from your roots and the temptation this new life can bring your way . You are so talented and people love you so you don’t have to yield to the demands and pressures that will be put on you. Insist on that quiet time to keep yourself real and priorities straight . We love you and look forward to whatever you give us in your timetable 🥰

                            • Schiquita Meyer
                              Schiquita Meyer  2 months back

                              Right Laine ahead!!

                              • JC Tomps
                                JC Tomps  2 months back

                                Perfect USA Idol⭐️

                                • sheryl damelis
                                  sheryl damelis  2 months back


                                  • Carbonel Dayos
                                    Carbonel Dayos  2 months back

                                    beautiful young men...beautiful your fans since 2018 audition till this time u won amirican idol 2019..and keep following you and your songs....enjoy ur life and thank you for making us fans philippines.