Ellie & Ava Rehearsal Footage: In-Studio Performance, The Cut - World of Dance 2019 (Exclusive)


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  • Vanessa Avery
    Vanessa Avery  3 months back

    0:27 her arm strength is something else tho

    • Stephanie Achane
      Stephanie Achane  3 months back

      Yes! They worked together good!!

      • CP Griffith
        CP Griffith  3 months back

        stepped out of circle...disqualified

      • GimmeJukeYT
        GimmeJukeYT  3 months back

        just cant wait to see Philippines' FCPC dance crew perform

        • Sergey Chernobay Dance Channel

          Stunningly beautiful, synchronous and very original! Great performance!

          • anais950
            anais950  3 months back

            Great routine....didn't like the music though

            • Chips
              Chips  3 months back

              Which one is which and what are their ages?

              • puzz88
                puzz88  3 months back

                @A T 13?????? im crying wow thats incredible

              • Chips
                Chips  3 months back

                A T Wow so young! Thank you!

              • A T
                A T  3 months back

                Ava is in pink and Ellie is in blue. Ava’s 13 and Ellie is 15 or 16

            • Andre Mapula
              Andre Mapula  3 months back

              So smooth HOLAYYY

              • Максим Земсков

                На тренировочке по чище сплясали чем на концерте.

                • Fw Comique style
                  Fw Comique style  3 months back

                  👍good job

                  • Haley Bryan
                    Haley Bryan  3 months back

                    I think that a lot of these dances that everyone does look better like this than with all the lights and costumes.

                    • Trevor Rhyans
                      Trevor Rhyans  3 months back

                      I think all the camera cuts mess it up too. But I agree, if rather just see their raw dancing

                  • Helen Grace
                    Helen Grace  3 months back

                    They're such mature dancers it's crazy. To think they're only teens and dance so amazingly like this is insane

                    • Queenlove Zamayla
                      Queenlove Zamayla  3 months back

                      Good 😍💞

                      • Sarah
                        Sarah  3 months back

                        Such strong dancers! Good luck!

                        • Abi Lewis
                          Abi Lewis  3 months back

                          Love Ellie and Ava ❤️❤️❤️

                          • Abi Lewis
                            Abi Lewis  3 months back


                            • Syed MH
                              Syed MH  3 months back