The 10 “Commandments” of Shoulder Training (THOU SHALT NOT!!)

  • Published: 20 August 2017
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    If you want to build bigger shoulders there are definitely some things that you are going to have to do, and other mistakes you will have to avoid in your shoulder training. In this video, I’m going to give you the 10 “commandments” of shoulder training to help you not only build more muscle in your shoulder workouts but avoid injury to this precious joint along the way.

    The shoulder is probably the most important joint in the body when it comes to upper body function. Without a healthy shoulder joint, you will find it difficult to perform virtually any upper body workout or exercise. Beyond that, from an aesthetic standpoint, there is nothing that caps a complete physique more than a pair of well developed delts. If you are going to build your delts to their maximum capacity you are going to want to make sure you obey the first commandment of shoulder training and that is to not skip the rear delt exercises.

    I don’t know what it is about the rear delts but they just don’t seem to get the same attention that the middle and front deltoids do. Make sure you are incorporating not only enough exercises for this muscle group but be sure that they are the right exercises if you want to get them bigger. Beyond that, you can add additional volume for your rear delts by making some slight tweaks to the way you perform exercises on your back day.

    The behind the neck press is one of those shoulder exercises that simply needs to be avoided. I say that knowing that there are far healthier ways to press heavy weights overhead without placing your shoulder joint in a compromised and unnatural position. The landmine press, jammer press, arnold press and even good old fashioned barbell press can all be performed with the elbow in front of the body to dramatically improve the safety of the shoulder exercise without compromising the gains you will see from doing it.

    In an effort to build bigger shoulders, we tend to focus a lot on not just pressing but in using heavy weights all the time. This is a big shoulder workout mistake. The deltoid muscle is a relatively small muscle group that responds well to targeted tension with lighter weights. If you never felt just how this can work, just perform a side lateral dumbbell raise with half the weight you normally use in one and a half rep style. You’ll be a believer instantly.

    Often times, the shoulders and the exercises for your shoulders do not incorporate a position of lengthened tension. This prevents this muscle group from experiencing the same eccentric muscle damage that other muscles that can be stretched during the exercise can. That is, unless we make some modifications for doing that. Watch how the side lateral and front raise can be done with cables to add that extra stretch for the delts to not miss out on this anymore.

    The shoulder muscles are commonly injured, and the solution we come up with is to avoid training them all together to allow them to heal. We still soldier on with our chest, back and arm workouts however. This is a mistake. The old use it or lose it phenomenon is in place here and you need to realize that there are many options for continuing to train even when the shoulder is a bit irritated. Instead, the focus should be on minimizing the other exercises you are doing like the bench press and pullup that could be aggravating your shoulders more than any direct training.

    Finally, the upright row will always be a bad option when it comes to building bigger shoulders more safely. Avoid this movement and instead make the switch to the dumbbell high pull. You will find that not only is your shoulder development not compromised but you will see better gains and far less pain in the long run by making this change.

    As you see, you can build bigger shoulders if you avoid some of the biggest shoulder mistakes while improving some of the things you are currently doing in your shoulder workouts. The ATHLEAN-X Training Systems at can help you to get everything right by training like an athlete. See how to get the most out of your training in my step by step, day by day instructions and workouts.

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    • Judah Legge
      Judah Legge  2 months back

      Do a neck training video, Jeff.

    • Knight Operator
      Knight Operator  2 months back

      **Please help!: i have bad shoulder impingement that led to bad doctors advice, and total stoppage of training for 8 years. Never went away, i know now that was wrong, and i needed to train the rear shoulder and back to correct a misaligned cuff, to avoid shoulder impingement. I need to strengthen my rotator cuff and the muscles that help roll the shoulder back into proper position/alignment like he said. any advice or links to videos to help me train as i start working out again would be much appreciated all. i'm just getting started again, today, but this is my main focus, because if i cant correct the impingement, i will never be able to lift again. Thanks for any input.

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      Gopal chauhan  3 months back

      Please tell us about diet plan for bigner to all

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      Mag99 W N

  • Tommy Towe
    Tommy Towe  2 days back

    I tore both of my AC joints and I can't really do a lot of over head pushing. Do you think theres an alternative to work the same muscles?

    P.S. Arnold press was one of my favorite excersizes:/ so sad

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      Add that voice on more viseos

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        The ending was funny! Thansk jeff.

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          Awesome info

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            Frank Vallich  6 days back

            Lateral raises should be executed with thumbs up and leaning forward, yes?

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              Thank you Johnny Sins!

              • Guy in Colorado, Greetings!

                Of course you and many others will not like this, but...
                it seems to me that your voice-over of God speaking is sacrilegious.
                Leave that out and it's a great video on muscle building,
                Leave it in "as-is" and and the entire video reflects your poor taste and lack of reverence.

              • snowWarden
                snowWarden  1 weeks back

                i have been doing 5x5 (over head press, squat, deadlift, rows, pull up, cleans, reverse curl and curls) should I switch to a program like arms, legs, back shoulder or is my current system good?

                • David Rambeau
                  David Rambeau  1 weeks back

                  really excellent advises. Thanks for taking the time to do such educational videos !

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                    dsskater539 sckupty  1 weeks back

                    kettle bell swing high pull make it more athletic

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                          Watching one Athlean-X video after another. By the time I am on the 4th video, I have already forgotten the tips in the first one I watched...

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                            August 09 2019: Great vide. Joined Plante Fitnes, hoping to put all this into effect. Thank you Athlean-X!

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                              U r a legend !!

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                                thanks as usual

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                                  great vid 🙏

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                                    Love the 10 commandments as well as bonuses!

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                                      Jeff loves the facepull, when he goes to sleep at night, he does facepulls to his pillow.

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                                        Bodyweight options inverted rows for rear delt ( depending on elbow position ) and pike push up for middle and front

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                                          Instructions not clear enough. I ended up internally rotating my penis

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                                            I dig the Thumbnail.

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                                                  Please outline the best eating plan possible, and vitamin intake with my work out. Thanks.

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                                                        Band pull aparts are the best thing I ever started doing. Mobility and strength. Viking press is a really good lift to check out.

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                                                          Jeff once had a son...........who he caught doing upright rows...........R.I.P.

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                                                            alexis betsky  1 months back

                                                            Jeff, I definitely love when you show us the exercises that we should not do that will harm us. Please give us more. Very helpful information. Thanks again, Jeff.👍👍👍

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                                                              Logical_chicken  1 months back

                                                              Please more commandments videos!!!!!!

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                                                                Logical_chicken  1 months back

                                                                My favorite fitness channel, never neglects anything for athletic performance!!!!

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                                                                  Rotator cuff exercises saved my left shoulder

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                                                                    Great video.

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                                                                      He got that from CT flecher

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                                                                        Do rotator cuff dumbbell workouts

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                                                                          Dave MacLeod  1 months back

                                                                          I love the section about behind-the-neck presses. Countless guys will tell you it's the best or only way to hit the delts in a compound exercise, and when I tell them I injured my rotator cuff doing it they just tell me "I did it wrong." No, I didn't, and I won't do it again. Kudos!

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                                                                            Dwayne Martin  1 months back

                                                                            Thank you, Jeff for the grey videos. I am a 44 year old male in my 2nd year of dedicated gym time. I have limitations due
                                                                            To a partial Knee replacement following an injury. So... squats are out. I’m 5’8” tall and weigh in
                                                                            At 188 lbs. I’m physically strong but need to drop some weight and trim up. How should I proceed with limited cardio and 0 squat options?

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                                                                              Simeon Panda said that behind the neck shoulder is totally safe with good form? Should I ignore him?

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