New Script Report on the Failed Pilot Episode of Game of Thrones (Conclusion)


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  • Ton Lito
    Ton Lito  5 months back

    Catelyn- The Queen is coming, and her brothers. . .
    Ned- The Kingslayer and the Imp.

    There you go D&D, it almost seems natural too!

  • Kealii Ballao
    Kealii Ballao  2 weeks back

    I thought Sansa was being unsure and thinking that she was a threat

    • Carolina Sousa
      Carolina Sousa  3 weeks back

      Some of the 1st things I was taught in scriptwriting classes were:
      1. don't write "the camera shows this and that", just write what is on the screen;
      2. don't use actors as puppets, it's bad writing and they hate it;
      3. the script will never be seen by the audience, so things have to be clear on screen, not just on the page.

      Honestly, it's shocking how they bluffed their way to getting the two pilots done, then got eight seasons. The poster boys for "fake it until you make it". And worst of all, it doesn't look like they tried to learn. Not from listening to experienced screenwriters, or reading a manual, or reading well-written scripts.

      No wonder the feeling I had when the series ended was "If I handed that in as an assignment, my teacher wouldn't take it and would make me rewrite the whole thing."

      • M C
        M C  1 months back

        D&D are masters at gaslighting their audience: "what do you mean you didn't see Daenerys' tyranny coming? IT'S WAS RIGHT THERE IN HER SMILE SINCE SEASON 5."

        • DaughterofAslan16
          DaughterofAslan16  4 weeks back

          M C Oh my goodness you cracked me up with this comment! 😂 So perfect!

      • Mare ZeSim
        Mare ZeSim  2 months back

        who went into the water and attached those chains to the dragon...none of them go in the water

        • Hump
          Hump  3 months back

          I love your content, but look into a new mic or something to take the sharpness off the "s's"

          • Mechameleon Rex
            Mechameleon Rex  3 months back

            Did D&D described in the script annotations for Beyond the Wall the existence of scuba zombies putting the chains on to dead Viserion?

          • oktopustrainer
            oktopustrainer  3 months back

            It'S aLL rIgHt ThErE iN tHe ScRiPt DeScRiPtIoN !

            • Rhett Willman
              Rhett Willman  3 months back

              Who were the other writers brought into season 1? And we’re those writers chased off?

              • Jackson Crook
                Jackson Crook  3 months back

                Why would there be a dock with huge chains like that in a random lake?

                • Rafael
                  Rafael  3 months back

                  D&D literally are hacks... they know nothing about what they're doing _and_ they're talentless. "Subversion" _is_ a hack fraud mantra.

                  • Nero Bruno
                    Nero Bruno  3 months back

                    I recently found out that these losers did Wolverine, the turd that made me boycott all Xmen movies after that. I guess I will not go to the cinema or pay for their Star Wars films either, they haven't changed.

                    I feel vindicated now because after raging about how dumb and horrible Wolverine (Origin) was, my friends thought I was overreacting. So I'm not mad or too critical, it was just a Dumb & Dumber plot.

                    Thanks for your video comments, at least I feel a bit better now.

                    • Katharina Mackenzie Jakobsen

                      That explains why Arya's sexscene was so cringe-y. They have no idea what they are doing and can't portray emotions during sex other than raw lust and rape.

                      • Username-72
                        Username-72  3 months back

                        A bit a find interesting. Stephan Warbeck was originally slated to compose the soundtrack but left for some reason. Ramin Djawadi was only brought on ten weeks prior to the season 1 premiere. If the timeline works out I think that means Warbeck's music was featured in the Pilot. God, I hope they release it someday.

                        • Tommy Profit'Monsoon
                          Tommy Profit'Monsoon  3 months back

                          2 j000'z and a sKeem....Again!!!

                          • Kevin Murphy
                            Kevin Murphy  3 months back

                            I died laughing at run before little fingers men kill you.. I missed that!!

                            • Ian Levinson
                              Ian Levinson  3 months back

                              I wouldn’t use handmaids take as an example of good writing. There are so many times in season 2 where they just focus on Elizabeth moss’s face and have her mug thecamera. Basically the same thing of game of thrones.

                              • Lynx Lynx
                                Lynx Lynx  3 months back

                                Kinda old news but I read somewhere online that D&D threaten Kit Harington by sending him shots and scenes of the failed unaired pilot. Any thoughts as to why they need to threaten him? Could their reasons for threatening him be the same reason they had him do nothing in the long night?

                              • gypster2004
                                gypster2004  4 months back

                                14:40 The answer to the question of where the chains came from is simple.



                                Wait for it



                                ...they were in *cold* storage.

                                • Lady Piggy
                                  Lady Piggy  4 months back

                                  I think the term you're looking for is "Theory of Mind", Dragon. Not empathy exactly but the inability to see how another person could view the exact same stimuli and be affected differently/come to a different conclusion - the "putting yourself in someone else's shoes" effect, if you will.

                                  • glyn jukes
                                    glyn jukes  4 months back

                                    Spot on dragon, the problem with stupid is that it doesn't know it's stupid

                                    • Johnny Skinwalker
                                      Johnny Skinwalker  4 months back

                                      You should watch the scene I think it was Season 5 after Sansa went with the Boltons and Littlefinger is in King's Landing talking with Cersei where he says "make me Warden of the north". I always thought this was the strangest thing, it's as if they are not even in the same room. Aiden Gillen seems like he's looking at the void as if Cersei is not there. I don't know if it was done on purpose but it is so strange. Like the actors are not working with one another.

                                      • The Dragon Demands
                                        The Dragon Demands   4 months back

                                        Sometimes production schedules lead to shooting different shots without the other one there. Maybe the dialogue was redone? I don't know, it could be anything.

                                    • Larry Lamb
                                      Larry Lamb  4 months back

                                      D&D are idiots. As soon as GRRM wasn’t there to hold their hands, it’s consistently gotten worse. As far as portraying information to audience, I didn’t really ever think about that, because I had read the books several times before the show came out. I never thought about how confusing it would be for audiences that had no idea about the story.

                                      • boo galoo
                                        boo galoo  3 months back

                                        When I first starting watching it I got so confused with some of the characters like Beric Dondarion being sent to go get the Mountain because he was fucking shit up and going crazy in season 1. I never put together that was the dude in the Brotherhood without Banners that Arya meets up with because I don’t believe we really get introduced to Beric in season 1. Ned just mentions him and that’s it. It wasn’t until I watched the series for the third or fourth time that I put it together.

                                    • Alex Toast
                                      Alex Toast  4 months back

                                      New fan here. I bought the bluray set last month and tore through it. I loved season 1 - 4. I was stunned how much of a nose dive the show took with season 5 onwards. Good to know I wasnt crazy.

                                      • Joe Ann Todd
                                        Joe Ann Todd  5 months back

                                        Actually the scene you’re talking about, the slaver tells Daenerys her reign is over. She responds, saying my reign has just begun, she mounts Drogon and burns ships that are throwing stones at Mereen, and Greworm kills the two slavers who throw the other one under the bus.


                                        • UserName UserLastname
                                          UserName UserLastname  2 months back

                                          ''My tyranny has just begun, motherfucker''

                                          I guess that's how they explain the mad queen bullshit in season 8. It was in the script all along, just not for anyone but themselves to know lol

                                        • The Dragon Demands
                                          The Dragon Demands   5 months back

                                          The script has that dialogue, but THEN she "shoots a glare that says, MotherF-er, my reign has only just begun"

                                      • Nick Mua
                                        Nick Mua  5 months back

                                        GOT behind the scenes feels very wizard of Oz esque to me please pay no attention to the puppeteer behind the curtain rather take a gander at this floating sack of hot air & bright lights

                                        • The Dragon Demands
                                          The Dragon Demands   5 months back

                                          I didn't watch that Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix for weeks, until my followers here and on twitter insisted I needed to watch because "Billy McFarland is just like Benioff. It seems so much like what happened to us".....and yeah, it does. The dream world of self-delusion and yes-men they live in. How did someone let this happen? Let Benioff & Weiss happen? Someone screwed up. HBO screwed up.

                                      • Lord Zhiro of house Fuxgiven

                                        Am I the only one watching season 8 just to get some sort of idea how the books will turn out? I swear, I'd drop this show faster than The Walking Dead if there was even a release date for TWOW

                                        • Nationalist Canuck
                                          Nationalist Canuck  5 months back

                                          You really deserve more subscribers and views holy hell. I just found you again after I rewatched your video on Stannis’s failed plot.

                                          • Exhiled Silence
                                            Exhiled Silence  5 months back

                                            SEASON 5-7 HAS BEEN THE KIT HARRINGTON SHOW

                                            • Exhiled Silence
                                              Exhiled Silence  4 months back

                                              @Johnny Skinwalker I think the show has become a paycheck for her that she will miss. Nothing wrong with that , she definitely did the most with the writing on season 7. Her lines to elaria sand when asking about myrcella were nothing short of amazing

                                            • Johnny Skinwalker
                                              Johnny Skinwalker  4 months back

                                              Dragon Demands that is terrible. the quality of the show be damned.

                                            • The Dragon Demands
                                              The Dragon Demands   4 months back

                                              @Johnny Skinwalker they've said as much

                                            • Johnny Skinwalker
                                              Johnny Skinwalker  4 months back

                                              and Lena, they overpowered the Hell out of Cersei. D & D are in love with her

                                            • Exhiled Silence
                                              Exhiled Silence  4 months back

                                              @The Dragon Demands i wonder what footage they gave. after these videos i rewatched season 1 . she was good. nut its kind of all downhill from there

                                          • Exhiled Silence
                                            Exhiled Silence  5 months back

                                            he is A CON MAN. IS THERE ANY OTHER ANSWER

                                            • Alan Pennie
                                              Alan Pennie  5 months back

                                              Screenwriting is difficult. How do you get all the exposition done without the dialogue sounding forced and unnatural?
                                              But that they have still not learned by season 5 that script direction conveys nothing at all to the audience really is bizarre.

                                            • 300sparta1
                                              300sparta1  5 months back

                                              The simple answer is that an idiot show runner can be seen as a genius, when the written works of a true genius is being brought to film. When there is no more written material for them to lean on, the vale is pulled away leaving only the idiot. D&D lack the imagination to conceive of half the literary works that George RR Martin put to paper.

                                              • Red Panda Rampage
                                                Red Panda Rampage  5 months back

                                                The show writers have gotten away with the biggest fluke of luck ever. The more I hear about them the more amateur and unskilled they sound. And somehow they've managed to spin the most successful show of all time and get all the credit for other people's work.

                                                • tele vision
                                                  tele vision  3 months back

                                                  That's what daddy being a billionaire gets you.

                                                • Gooby
                                                  Gooby  4 months back

                                                  Smurhph Ftw I'm not talking about money and success, smarty pants.

                                                • Smurph Ftw
                                                  Smurph Ftw  4 months back

                                                  @Gooby Yup, and that's why the show flopped and he made no money off of it. Oh wait ....

                                                • Gooby
                                                  Gooby  5 months back

                                                  GRRM made a terrible mistake trusting Benioff and his lackeys.

                                              • Ace_Betrayer
                                                Ace_Betrayer  5 months back

                                                I'm sorry but no just no on those stupid ass chains. They didnt need to be there why couldnt the scene have just been the night king walking to the edge of the water and raising is arms. Then have viserion fly up or even better dont show viserion until the wall fall scene to make it even more shocking. There boom two fixes that could have worked and I'm no writer either.

                                                • Belmont
                                                  Belmont  5 months back

                                                  Dude, there was a time when Martin did not have previous experience or a screenwriting degree. You have to start somewhere; I don't think that's a good point. A lot of those writers ARE terrible, though, I totally give you that and it seems that there's a lot of nepotism behind the camaras.

                                                  • UserName UserLastname
                                                    UserName UserLastname  2 months back

                                                    Well, GRRM wasn't the son of the CEO of Goldman Sachs, so if he stuck around for 20 years doing something he had no standardized training on it was because he was good at it. If Benioff was the son of a no name wage slave, no one would've returned his calls, let alone let him get away with wasting 10 million dollars.

                                                  • The Dragon Demands
                                                    The Dragon Demands   4 months back

                                                    Yeah but they NEVER “learned”, never improved, in seven years

                                                • arthur tanner
                                                  arthur tanner  5 months back

                                                  may the lord of light help us all

                                                  • Neoplanter
                                                    Neoplanter  5 months back

                                                    I dont know about you all, but I just want to finish watching season 8, so you can read the winds of winter.

                                                    • DasEichenlaub
                                                      DasEichenlaub  5 months back

                                                      Twas obvious they were hack frauds, but people love being told garbage is gold

                                                      • Richard Lawson
                                                        Richard Lawson  4 months back

                                                        @Smurph Ftw people got hooked by the GRRM material, even their hackery couldn't completely f-up his material, and have stayed due to the emotional investment/remberance of how things used to be.

                                                      • DasEichenlaub
                                                        DasEichenlaub  4 months back

                                                        @Smurph Ftw maybe, but that would require them to show talent, which they never have. The show is popular because Martin is a master

                                                      • Smurph Ftw
                                                        Smurph Ftw  4 months back

                                                        Either that or people really like the show and that's why it's an International phenomenon. It' possible it could be that too.

                                                      • Gooby
                                                        Gooby  5 months back

                                                        Just like Robert could piss in a cup and everyone would call it wine.

                                                    • Clyff Blackfyre
                                                      Clyff Blackfyre  5 months back

                                                      Because Sansa was still in “disguise”.
                                                      I read it as, “Bitch, you’re blowing my cover”.

                                                      • Fabian Talkenberg
                                                        Fabian Talkenberg  5 months back

                                                        Great analysis! Just a minor correction: Game of Thrones is not the only series with a redone pilot, it happend with the original Star Trek as well. But since in this case the reason was that the pilot was too cerebral it's maybe not a fair comparison ;-)

                                                        • Joseph
                                                          Joseph  4 months back

                                                          The Dragon Demands It happened on Doctor Who as well. The original pilot, An Unearthly Child, was reshot because the head of programming was unhappy with it.

                                                        • The Dragon Demands
                                                          The Dragon Demands   4 months back

                                                          Which as we all know was recut into two other episodes, The Menagerie!

                                                        • MissLyrata
                                                          MissLyrata  5 months back

                                                          Yes, "The Cage."

                                                      • Darth Invictus
                                                        Darth Invictus  5 months back

                                                        Also in lieu of the rushing aspect-season 7 struck me as very much a "let's get all the pieces in place and wrap up non finale plotlines as quickly as possible, organic IU logic be damned"

                                                        Which was sad but understandable.

                                                        Also my main defense for the Dorne plot is simple-killing Myrcella. The Maggy the frog thing was introduced at the beginning of the season, and Myrcella was immediately introduced as her life being at risk.

                                                        If the Dorne plot achieved nothing else-it killed Myrcella(whose death in the books is certain but the manner and time is up in the air) in a touching scene that showed Jaimie's quasi paternal sort of instincts, and Myrcella's accepting love and intelligence.

                                                        That would be my justification for the Dorne plot. Does it justify the rest of it, no, but I do think the Jaimie Myrcella scene is worth something-both in its emotional resonance and marking another name off in the Maggy the frog death list.

                                                        Regarding adapting feast and dance-season five and six adapted elements of both in a very loose and pick and choosy sort of fashion.

                                                        The problem would have been that they would have had to introduce victarion, the magical aspect of Euron's plot, Asha(Yara)'s political plight, the dornish plot-which would have required casting at least for Arianne and ser Arys. Also some other things that I'm forgetting, like the kettle black brothers and of course the young griff plot.

                                                        If hypothetically they had adapted these elements faithfully-it would have pushed the show well into the 2020s.

                                                        This is with certain character plots stalling(Sansa, Arya, Bran), and a lot of new characters the TV audience would have had to have grown attached to.

                                                        I don't think anyone would have wanted he show to stretch on until 2025 or something.

                                                        And oh I forgot, winds is still not out-and there is no guarantee it will be out anytime soon.

                                                        Why exactly would D&D introduce all the book's third wave characters and plots-that by the way mostly won't receive a payoff until winds or dream when they have other plots stalling with child actors aging, and the ever present risk actors will move on to other things.

                                                        I have always assumed a lot of these decisions were economical at best-the very minimal expository dialogue and not restating things that have already happened(Jaimie and Cersei talking about the debacle with Tommen, margaery and the faith in season 7).

                                                        While cutting or streamlining book plots that will take up the space and time of other plots and cumulatively stretch the show well into the 2020s.

                                                        Feast and dance if faithfully adapted I think would have required at least three seasons if not more.

                                                        And this without winds-assuming winds was or is released at the end of the decade-likely two full seasons to adapt that, if not more, and then who knows how long until dream is released.

                                                        In short, I think while you bring up many concerning points, you ignore far simpler explanations such as the desire of D&D to be done with the show, the desire to keep the plot moving, and the desire to not take on a burden that the show can not handle.

                                                        I guess these two posts make me into an apologist, but I don't claim they are geniuses, merely they are making decisions based on minimizing costs and time.

                                                        • Umi Ryuuzaki
                                                          Umi Ryuuzaki  5 months back

                                                          I had no idea that Sansa and Brienne scene was supposed to be Sansa warning her. It's so obviously--the way it's shot--Sansa refusing to go with yet another stranger who talks a good game and ultimately can't protect her.

                                                          • boo galoo
                                                            boo galoo  3 months back

                                                            That’s what it’s supposed to be??? And I thought Sansa was just being an idiot

                                                          • Exhiled Silence
                                                            Exhiled Silence  5 months back

                                                            I had an idea. Its written badly but you can kind of tell.

                                                        • Darth Invictus
                                                          Darth Invictus  5 months back

                                                          My main question is that if they are so bad and unqualified and the show post season 4 is such a disaster, why has it been so successful?

                                                          Didn't the episode where the infamous "bad pussy" line get an Emmy or something?

                                                          In terms of scene and dialogue exposition-my main interpretation is that they are extremely economical to the point of minimalism. Nikolaj mentioned once that Jaimie and Cersei should have discussed Tommen's death and the reasons why(a scene I would have loved to see). But they told him that conversation would have happened off screen.

                                                          Maybe they are bad at flashbacks, but I always got the impression they just don't like them(perhaps because their bad at them) and so have rarely done them-the main flashback scene in the series is the Cersei Maggy the frog prophecy.

                                                          But I find it hard to believe, that if what you say is true the show didn't somehow fall apart or the quality collapse in such dramatic fashion it would affect reviews and watchership.

                                                          In terms of streamlining-I always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt-Sansa for example does relatively little in feast and dance besides meet some people and learn how to manipulate people. They had to put bran's storyline on hold in season 5, and had to give Jaimie something to do.

                                                          I also suspect certain book elements have been streamlined or merged.

                                                          But I do know, they are following Martin's loose outline. Certain plot beats seem like they will occur in winds or dream-like Daenarys return to Dragonstone, Jon's resurrection, Stannis will die(I think he will take Winterfell but he won't make it out of winds), I actually think the Cersei/Euron alliance of season 7 will happen, but it will occur in the books under vastly different circumstances.

                                                          Basically in summary I believe they are following an extremely loose bare bones outline, and are rushing characters and plotlines to the finale.

                                                          Would you disagree with that? Or would you say they are making stuff up? I don't believe that-certain elements of the show will happen in the books if more complex in their nature and more effectively handled. For example Cersei likely will regain her power and deal a blow against house Tyrell, house Frey will be nearly wiped out or subjected to some sort of vengeance(with Arya taking LSH's role in that). Tyrion will meet and align with Danaerys(though their relationship will likely be different in the books) etc...

                                                          Basically show plot beats will be loosely the same.

                                                          Remember Daenarys getting the Dothraki to kneel before her-that scene is near straight out of the prophecy in the house of the undying in clash.

                                                          That event alone tells me they are following an extremely loose outline.

                                                          Basically, I'm not inclined to justify their every decision, even if I may prefer it as a matter of preference(or not-for example I didn't mind the Talisa thing or the way in which Stannis died), and am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. And not say they are inept fools who somehow after nine years haven't driven the car off the road.

                                                          Would you consider me wrong?

                                                          • Rosa Gray
                                                            Rosa Gray  5 months back

                                                            OMG Dragon, you're spoiling us! I have things to do but I am so engrossed in this Script Report that I can do nothing but watch every new upload ୧☉□☉୨

                                                            • Rebecca Vaughn
                                                              Rebecca Vaughn  5 months back

                                                              Yeah, that scene with Sansa and Brianne didn't read like that at all.
                                                              One good thing about this whole thing is we now know how NOT to write a screenplay. :)