The Overhead Shoulder Pain Solution (GONE IN 4 STEPS!!)

  • Published: 21 January 2018
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    If you get pain with overhead shoulder presses or any exercises where you have to lift your arms up over your head, then this video is for you. I’m going to show you 4 simple steps to fixing the pain you get in your shoulders during lifting once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you feel a pinch, a grinding, or even a cracking when you lift your arms up, this four step approach is going to help you get the job done.

    The key to the success of this progression is that it follows a very specific sequence and it addresses the 4 key areas that often contribute most to the problem. These are the rounding of your shoulders and the postural causes of that, the activity or lack of in the rotator cuff muscles, the flexibilty of the lats as well as the mobility of the thoracic spine into extension. All of these must be in place in order to free up the shoudler during overhead movements and help to get rid of the pain that you are feeling in one or both when doing so.

    First you must start with the postural issues contributing to your problem. We want to get rid of those rounded shoulders. It is not as simple as simply “standing up straight” since you likely would be able to do that more readily if you weren’t being pulled down into that position from your existing muscle tightnesses. I put together a video specifically addressing this that I want you to watch along with this one to make sure you get this first step right. You can find the link to that right here…

    How to Fix Rounded Shoulders:

    Next you have to ensure that you have not only adequate strength of the rotator cuff muscles that pull your shoulder into external rotation but also that you have the mobility of the shoulder to get into external rotation in the first place. Many will do their rotator cuff exercises without really having the mobility into ER that is needed to get your arm there. That said, with the one drill I show you here, you can easily work on increasing the external shoulder rotation mobility that you are going to need to start moving in the direction of pain free shoulder movement.

    From here, you want to make sure you attack the lat. The lats are often thought of as a “back” muscle but they are almost more importantly a shoulder muscle. This is because one of the key attachment points of the lats is the back of the upper arm. Given the fact that this muscle also travels down and attaches to the spine in both the mid back and lower back as well as the pelvis and the iliac crest via fascia, you quickly see that in order to get your arms fully overhead without issue you need to have great flexibility in the lats. The tissue length and quality both need to be addressed and they can be with this one band and foam roller combo. Be sure to work on the muscle both from the side and straight on as shown.

    Finally, at this point (and only at this point) should you try and restore your thoracic extension. You can do so however without compromising any of the work you have already done. By doing the movement I show you in step four, you will be able to keep the rotator cuff active, increase the stretch on the lats and get into spinal thoracic extension at the same time. It’s not complicated, you just have to be consistent to be sure you get rid of this pain once and for all.

    If you find this to be helpful, be sure to leave a comment and let me know. I love to hear from those who use our programs and suggestions to not just get rid of long standing joint pain but more importantly start getting back to feeling like they did years ago when they didn’t have these pains and start making all new gains in the gym because of it. You can find our complete workout programs over at and start turning back the hands of time today.

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    ATHLEAN-X™   7 months back

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    • Jasmine Rakestraw
      Jasmine Rakestraw  3 months back


    • theGREATsambino 93
      theGREATsambino 93  3 months back

      Could you make a video for people that are very tall and we have to hunch over a lot, I'm 6'6" and I've had rounded shoulders for my whole life, I've been trying to find this but on my right side in my mid back just under my shoulder blade it's painful and I have a hard time knowing if that's the rotator cuff or something else

    • healthystyle
      healthystyle  6 months back

      Hello ciuld you please do a video dedicated to the Supraspanatus and Infrapanatus tendons please, especially the Supraspanatus tendon please

    • Joe throgmartin
      Joe throgmartin  7 months back

      Yes I’m interested lol

    • Joe throgmartin
      Joe throgmartin  7 months back

      ATHLEAN-X™ can’t seem to externally rotate or pull my arms apart on the final exercise. when I get in that position with my arms up over head they don’t want to externally rotate Also my shoulders burns like crazy on every external rotation exercise. And For that matter shoulder presses will destroy my shoulders if I attempt them. 50% of the time i lift my left arm over head it sounds like someone snapped my bone in half also my acromion is sticking up on that side. I just don’t know what it’s gunu take to get to where it’s safe or even fun to work out again been dying to get back in the gym.

  • Christina Fast
    Christina Fast  3 days back

    This is really cool

    • Timothy Lewis
      Timothy Lewis  3 days back

      Super helpful. Damn I'm making serious therapeutic progress with a lot of your videos.

      • Fahima Jeylani
        Fahima Jeylani  5 days back

        I’ve been having shoulders pain For the last three days, I Can barely move my shoulder on my left side, Any suggestion for my shoulder please, It’s keeping me away from Crossfit!

        • Mark Richardson
          Mark Richardson  2 weeks back

          Man love??

          • George M-J
            George M-J  2 weeks back

            7:02 bondage

            • garry1220able
              garry1220able  2 weeks back

              wow! it helps me in great relief... having this shoulder problem for more than a month after popping my right shoulder rotator cuff from tossing the basketball to other goal that gave me great pain then rested it for 3 weeks but still so much impingement on my right shoulder but manaegable... now i'm having a very little pain after doing this in just 3 days... you are my saviour Jeff!! keep it up and god bless!

              • Sapeur Haitien
                Sapeur Haitien  3 weeks back

                Hurray great video 📹Thanks so much

                • Moss 590A1
                  Moss 590A1  3 weeks back

                  Had my shoulder lock and stab of pain in my left shoulder while doing Arnold presses

                  • Hayes Dabney
                    Hayes Dabney  3 weeks back

                    Works for me! Literally.

                    • Jussi Häkkinen
                      Jussi Häkkinen  3 weeks back

                      One thing I would love to learn is that how one corrects the opposite of slumped shoulders - over-erect or "superman" posture. That is more rare but occasionally hereditary (hello, me here) or caused by excessive training. Chest is out, shoulders are tilted back and shopping clothes is hard. So, how to correct the thing where you "go over" the mid-point of posture.

                      • Jeff Healey
                        Jeff Healey  3 weeks back

                        Thanks for the video. It might be relevant to my issue as well. I get supraspinatus pain the next day from doing pull ups, push ups, and burpee push ups. I would like to see a video specifically on supraspinatus pain with the pull up exercise highlighted within the video.

                        • Sal Balakrishnan
                          Sal Balakrishnan  3 weeks back

                          Thank you!!

                          • JACKYOUNG
                            JACKYOUNG  4 weeks back

                            Can bad posture stop your arms from growing ?

                            • JOSEPH Paige
                              JOSEPH Paige  4 weeks back

                              Jesse is looking dangerous. Careful he doesn't open up a can of whoop-ass on you.

                              • Lööps
                                Lööps  4 weeks back

                                During the last 3-4 session of back workout I felt a real discomfort while doing pull ups and a little bit less during chin ups or lat machine. The discomfort starts from the scapula and goes up to the origin of the long head of the triceps, only on the right arm.

                                I'm gonna try this, in particular the one with the foam and the last stretch hoping to get rid of this discomfort

                                • AKA cheater
                                  AKA cheater  4 weeks back

                                  who find it rediculously hard to do the last one

                                  • Strident Atheist
                                    Strident Atheist  1 months back

                                    The amount of useful & valuable information I get from this channel for _free_ .... makes me feel guilty..... almost, lol....well, maybe a little.

                                    • Kapukataumahaka Ōwheo
                                      Kapukataumahaka Ōwheo  1 months back

                                      You do a very good job - like your style!

                                      • symphony
                                        symphony  1 months back

                                        I get a really uncomfortable tightness in my collar bone (right side only) when I do a shoulder press or sometimes during bench press. it makes me unable to continue the exercise even if the weight is really light. if I pull my shoulders back sometimes my collarbone will pop. anyone know what could be the issue of this, and how I can either fix it, or avoid the discomfort when doing shoulders?

                                        • Syed Ali
                                          Syed Ali  1 months back

                                          @symphony let me know if it helps

                                        • symphony
                                          symphony  1 months back

                                          @Syed Ali thank you brother

                                        • Syed Ali
                                          Syed Ali  1 months back

                                          I am totally guessing here but try stretching your chest, jeff has a video on it too,heres the link

                                      • Shawn Caudill
                                        Shawn Caudill  1 months back

                                        I been doin d face pulls. Did dumbbell press sat along with incline felt amazing. its Friday I've done arms Monday. Pain is horrible in rite shoulder. But also I want make sure tubers see is I just finished ur excessive vid that I wished I seen 2 years ago. It all makes sense why I'm sitting in my gym discouraged. Really good vid. I should study more b4 I jump to do other tubers workouts. As I've said I. Past ur real.

                                        • JJ W
                                          JJ W  1 months back

                                          291 Dislikes from people who WILL develop shoulder issues while the rest of us will be fine.

                                          • M. Copeland
                                            M. Copeland  1 months back

                                            Is it me or did Joe skip step 2?

                                          • makrofocus
                                            makrofocus  1 months back

                                            Again, WooooW... O.o

                                            So many simple solutions for major problems I find on this channel... "Cured" my knees, hips and now shoulders just by watching a few free videos made by a legendary man. Just saying "thank you sir" seem so cheap for all the value, but most importantly all the health I got putting Jeff's instructions into action.

                                            I always struggled to find a good enough reason to be consistent in the gym or any sport actually! Months of Spartan training just so you can save a half a second in whatever discipline you are competing?! For me that wasn't a big enough reason to put in all the work so I usually abandon that sport and go to another one.

                                            When I finally came to peace with going to the gym (I always saw the gym as place were douches hang out) my transformation has begun. Then my brother turned me on to AthleanX and the rest is history... From a weak willed, weak muscled, neurotic individual I am now a grounded stable guy that goes 5 times a week to the gym, have almost my dream body but to my complete surprise, functionally, I am now a new man and it's because videos like this and Jeff's expert knowledge.

                                            I wish you all the best and send some positive energy your way.

                                            THANK YOU VERY MUCH

                                            • konkistador90
                                              konkistador90  1 months back

                                              Jeff you are the man!

                                              • AKS 47
                                                AKS 47  1 months back

                                                sir can i use this exercise in supraspinatus impingement

                                              • Samvel Gasparyan
                                                Samvel Gasparyan  1 months back

                                                I love this two. Jeff is the best. I’ve been playing sports and working out over 15 years since I was 14 and I
                                                Thought I knew a lot till I stumbled on Jeff’s videos. Completely changed my life and how I look at fitness world and all the wanna be fitness gurus. Jeff for President.

                                                • mehdi Jillabi
                                                  mehdi Jillabi  2 months back

                                                  but external rotation make my shoulders look narrow

                                                  • Robert Palombo
                                                    Robert Palombo  2 months back

                                                    Jesse is the man

                                                    • Crutz
                                                      Crutz  2 months back

                                                      Thanks so much!!

                                                      • Bertim Timbert
                                                        Bertim Timbert  2 months back

                                                        Hopefully these are not Tattoos on Jesses Back

                                                        • Bryn Roberts-Todd
                                                          Bryn Roberts-Todd  2 months back

                                                          Hi Jeff, what can we do about pinching pain behind the shoulder blade ?

                                                          • Michael Garrido
                                                            Michael Garrido  2 months back

                                                            Dude you should contract with the army for pt.

                                                            • Anurag Sharma
                                                              Anurag Sharma  2 months back

                                                              Hi Athlean-X Team,
                                                              yesterday i had my shoulder workout and i lifted much more weight then i normally lift, i followed the barbell shrug routine where in final set i put up 30 KGs of weight each side and then performed the exercise. Today i'm having this severe pain in rear delt muscle specifically area "3" you mentioned in this video. Could you please tell about the severity of this? how long to wait before starting workout again and the possible cure? Thanks :)

                                                              • Tomas Toth
                                                                Tomas Toth  2 months back

                                                                thank you

                                                                • Joseph Muscatello
                                                                  Joseph Muscatello  2 months back

                                                                  I've done a lot of lighting work, over head working all day. I developed a shoulder impingement and all these exercises have helped me tremendously. I went through 12 weeks of physical therapy but these 4 steps have helped more than the other simple stretching exercises they had me doing. I'm very grateful I found this system. Thanks Jeff for the posts it's been working out great for me the past month since I've started using this system.

                                                                  • United we stand divided we fall

                                                                    I get pain on the bottom position of the lift why??

                                                                    • KoliPoki TheBold
                                                                      KoliPoki TheBold  2 months back

                                                                      Thank you! Couldnt even do most of it properly without a rubber band and a foam roller. Still managed to mimick this in my own way for now and i feel a shit ton of relief. First time in a month. 💞

                                                                      • Henry Budziarski
                                                                        Henry Budziarski  2 months back

                                                                        That is a fantastic exercise that I really like... that is a good stretch for my shoulder and my elbow to keep straight my arm... because I’ve had a stroke I needed good ideas and that is what I really like 👌🏼👌🏼 oh yes I forgot and I can hardly lift my arm up halfway

                                                                        • Joseph Carmona
                                                                          Joseph Carmona  2 months back

                                                                          The way we need external rotation and the way we lack it in modern times makes me think humans use to or where made to swing from trees? Seems like it would cover mostly all the things you show to fix back and shoulders..

                                                                          • wakeywakey
                                                                            wakeywakey  2 months back

                                                                            Tell me how I can throw a baseball
                                                                            to my kids without pain. I usually have to throw it back underhand.

                                                                            • Dudley DooRight
                                                                              Dudley DooRight  2 months back

                                                                              Thanks a TON for this vid. I can't even put my back against the wall and lift my hands straight up and touch the wall... sadly, I'm about a foot away with my hands! I've been researching and trying to figure out why I can't do this (and several guys at work who never work out can) and it seems my lats are the issue.. so have been trying to figure out the best approach to stretching them. Going to make this a daily routine!

                                                                              • Stout Lad
                                                                                Stout Lad  2 months back

                                                                                Instantly gone. You’ve saved me money from having to see a pt, thank you Jeff!

                                                                              • Carlos Balasquide
                                                                                Carlos Balasquide  2 months back

                                                                                For the thoracic stretch what does it mean if your hands won’t come apart? I can’t even attempt to separate my hands no mobility there.

                                                                                • Joshua Blitstein
                                                                                  Joshua Blitstein  2 months back

                                                                                  Jesse is a good dude :) Jeff, the man who probably has a video about the importance of proper shoulder stability when you brush your teeth.

                                                                                  • Matt Mac
                                                                                    Matt Mac  2 months back

                                                                                    I'm pretty sure I have a SLAP tear. My shoulder bothers me constantly now to the point where it hurts when I'm not training. Your shoulder injury videos have definitely helped a lot and I am grateful!

                                                                                    • John Kostaras
                                                                                      John Kostaras  3 months back

                                                                                      yo just a quick one on the rolling technique: I've always recommended to find points of discomfort and then stay there with a foam roller, to assist in releasing the tension in the muscle, rather than rolling it. Whilst rolling feels good, it doesn't actually allow the muscle to release - thoughts?

                                                                                      • John Doe
                                                                                        John Doe  3 months back

                                                                                        Thank you great vid !