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  • I Share You Go
    I Share You Go  2 months back

    I would be in heaven if I had a test kitchen like that! For now...I do my cooking videos and testing at home. I'm uploading my Smoked Spicy SSAM Sauce pork ribs as right now!

    • Kieran Daly
      Kieran Daly  2 months back

      I like watching him. Great ideas

      • Lazy Angel
        Lazy Angel  3 months back

        Kill that fucking music. Who’s the idiot that came up with that idea. I’m here to hear the man himself not that damn music

        • Ji Cho
          Ji Cho  6 months back

          Dude’s a legend. Keep pushing forward!

          • Webster Giles Smith
            Webster Giles Smith  7 months back

            I think David Chang is yet another Asian asshole. Will never patronize his bullshit restaurants.

            • Alyssa Lizardo
              Alyssa Lizardo  11 months back

              The editing on these videos... they’re very distracting. I think the guy is getting hate cos he’s not really hosting the video well

              • kimaboe
                kimaboe  1 years back

                The person who picked the bg-music should be thrown into a fucking volcano. You are the worst of the internet.

                • finnygirl
                  finnygirl  1 years back

                  Music is terrible. I can barely hear them.

                  • Alexabix
                    Alexabix  1 years back

                    Shitty production, Forbes doesn't know how to YouTube... distracting background music, silly things like talking about a cheesecake that's just out of frame.

                    • Tenzin Kunsel
                      Tenzin Kunsel  1 years back

                      Flame thrower no safety gear. Rip.

                      • DA Floyd
                        DA Floyd  2 years back

                        Ok Dave, I missed the Searzall Kickstarter. I need one, where can I get it?

                        • Acebuddyfly
                          Acebuddyfly  2 years back

                          Honestly, I'm a big fan of his but I was thoroughly disappointed with the Ramen his Momofuku restaurant serves (I tried the one in Toronto). It's broth was inferior to almost all Ramen broths I have tried.

                          • tadg mc loughlin
                            tadg mc loughlin  2 years back

                            Inside David Chang's Secret Momofuku Test Kitchen! what pretentious bollicks! he cooks food, he's a chef not a fucking Bond villain.

                            • memadman
                              memadman  2 years back

                              My calling was a Chef but I can't be on my feet all day.

                              • Anh Huy Le
                                Anh Huy Le  2 years back

                                stfu and take my money. :):)

                                • Jason Anh V
                                  Jason Anh V  2 years back

                                  This guy is smart, making white folk pay for OVERPRICE Asian food. Weell played my friend.. well played.

                                  • Andy Wang
                                    Andy Wang  1 years back

                                    The purpose of Momofuku is to fuck you over. Why do you think they call it Momofuku? He wants to have his Mom Fuk U.

                                  • Lance Baker
                                    Lance Baker  1 years back

                                    Jason V overpriced in what way dumbass

                                • Pipiet Fardiman
                                  Pipiet Fardiman  3 years back

                                  When you have a food industries is very hard working, sometime u dont sleep, because everyday we need to create more and more new menu and vision, a lots of people complained about things but I do the same things, we are working hard and a lots of things must be arrange, place to rent, staff to pay, suppliers, ingredients, electricity, water bills and fire insurance....i am proud of David ....

                                  • bovko
                                    bovko  3 years back

                                    This salmon was undercooked on the bottom.

                                    • CJ B
                                      CJ B  1 years back

                                      google sushi.

                                    • Christian Laursen
                                      Christian Laursen  1 years back

                                      Eric Evasic salmon is baked to 43°c core temperature. No such thing as a medium rare salmon. Unless you're an idiot. Google "parasites".

                                    • Eric Evasic
                                      Eric Evasic  3 years back

                                      bovko salmon should be served medium or medium rare

                                  • makwabid69
                                    makwabid69  3 years back

                                    douchebag .. that's why comments are all disabled for his other shit .. NOBODY LIKES HIM

                                    • Jordan Chen
                                      Jordan Chen  3 years back

                                      He never claimed to be a nice dude, it's just the media who insists on putting guys like him on pedestals. He doesn't glorify cooking as a profession, he treats his work for what it is - a low brow blue collar profession that used to be for misfits.

                                      And plus, any major chef's channels will be pestered with vegan rants and that only comes more with fame and being known to not cater to vegetarians.

                                  • Anthony Clode
                                    Anthony Clode  3 years back

                                    why not just use a salamader the btu are very high

                                    • Eric Evasic
                                      Eric Evasic  3 years back

                                      Anthony Clode he explains exactly why in the video

                                  • SteevTheDoc
                                    SteevTheDoc  3 years back

                                    2 years later, you need to buy hozon in bulk. Wish I could buy 1 unit. Whatever.

                                    • Tomas Staps
                                      Tomas Staps  3 years back

                                      this fkin background music is truly disctracting from his voice.

                                      • Andy Wang
                                        Andy Wang  1 years back

                                        Not as distracting as when your Mom Fuk U.

                                      • Elliott Fontaine
                                        Elliott Fontaine  1 years back

                                        Tri Nguyen no this music is just shit

                                      • Tri Nguyen
                                        Tri Nguyen  2 years back

                                        sunrat1 just because you have a shitty taste of music doesn’t mean everything else is shitty.

                                      • deadfr0g
                                        deadfr0g  2 years back

                                        I'm a three-star Michelin chef and THIS is Jackass. 😂

                                      • Sven Hassel
                                        Sven Hassel  3 years back

                                        It sounds like the Jackass theme

                                    • styledliving
                                      styledliving  4 years back

                                      lol @4:01 -- david chang's like "stfu, i'm working w/ a flame thrower here"

                                      • OYSTER
                                        OYSTER  4 years back

                                        love this guy, but also still a Coleman p tank from walmart ? do the same thing for 5 buck dont act to cool hipster

                                        • william kuzma
                                          william kuzma  4 years back

                                          Chang is a rockstar

                                          • Howard Moore
                                            Howard Moore  4 years back

                                            Peter Maguire 9 months ago
                                            You can buy them. I used my Searzall last night to finish off some tofu that didn't get seared as much as I wanted. for some reason i read this as sawzall lol i thought WTF cutting tofu with a sawzall lol

                                            • Subbura 1988
                                              Subbura 1988  4 years back

                                              Damm I've watched 6 to 7 different videos on this guy and his restaurants. And all he gets is nothing but hate😕 ???

                                              • Lance Baker
                                                Lance Baker  1 years back

                                                LuisitoMusic facts

                                              • LuisitoMusic
                                                LuisitoMusic  4 years back

                                                +Derman Derman The innovators, the ones with balls to do things differently always get hate. Its a natural process. It discourages many from doing things outside the box. But seriously, fuck what anyone thinks. David Chang is doing great things.

                                            • tomato totato
                                              tomato totato  4 years back

                                              momofuku diarrhea, korean dog meat

                                              • Some Guy
                                                Some Guy  4 years back

                                                Looks like Forbes just invested in a slider.

                                                • jzizzles
                                                  jzizzles  4 years back

                                                  People with lots of money and bad ideas.

                                                  • Ian Coates
                                                    Ian Coates  5 years back

                                                    this guy is bad ass.

                                                    • Pug Lee
                                                      Pug Lee  5 years back

                                                      want that flame torch.

                                                      • Peter Maguire
                                                        Peter Maguire  5 years back

                                                        You can buy them. I used my Searzall last night to finish off some tofu that didn't get seared as much as I wanted. 

                                                    • BenRangel
                                                      BenRangel  5 years back

                                                      3:17 - is that pepper he's putting on the burger before going at it with that blow torch? Wouldn't that just make the pepper horribly burnt?

                                                      • Bill Latibay
                                                        Bill Latibay  1 years back

                                                        People do that everyday you pretentious fuck.

                                                      • Michael Ball
                                                        Michael Ball  3 years back

                                                        BenRangel ever heard of the term blackening? Or pepper crusted? Ever cooked a steak in your life?

                                                      • Herfinnur Árnafjall
                                                        Herfinnur Árnafjall  4 years back

                                                        @BenRangel I think that's MSG

                                                    • Chris Rego
                                                      Chris Rego  5 years back

                                                      Whole food sucks.

                                                      • Madhu Ganesh
                                                        Madhu Ganesh  5 years back

                                                        that rack is melting

                                                        • Hung Nasty
                                                          Hung Nasty  5 years back

                                                          that would work great on my dab rig, just sayin

                                                          • Anthony Lombardo
                                                            Anthony Lombardo  2 years back

                                                            1337Sauce by long time you mean 4 seconds then yes he would be.

                                                        • Monique Caldwell
                                                          Monique Caldwell  5 years back

                                                          • MagicMuffinAdventure
                                                            MagicMuffinAdventure  5 years back

                                                            Love how he always looks hungover

                                                            • Andy Wang
                                                              Andy Wang  1 years back

                                                              He looks hungover because his Mom Fuk U,

                                                          • TheUnrealGuy
                                                            TheUnrealGuy  5 years back

                                                            Hahaaa it was all about that flame torch!

                                                            • Kamil Kantyka
                                                              Kamil Kantyka  5 years back

                                                              The narrator is horrible

                                                              • Chinastar
                                                                Chinastar  5 years back

                                                                He needs to lay off the coke

                                                                • Diassiau
                                                                  Diassiau  3 years back

                                                                  +Chinastar How do you know?

                                                              • Jay J
                                                                Jay J  5 years back

                                                                Korean Americans.. leaders in whatever field they get into.
                                                                So crazy that cooks/chefs never would of thought to use any other bean besides soy beans to create miso.  Also Bonito flakes why only Bonito! Thank you david chang.

                                                                • Eric Evasic
                                                                  Eric Evasic  3 years back

                                                                  Jay J its been done, just not publicized

                                                              • Jose Cruz
                                                                Jose Cruz  5 years back

                                                                Gotta admit it, that chicken at the end did look delicious