TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)

  • Published: 20 March 2019
  • Support my work on Patreon: patreon.com/melodysheep | Get the soundtrack: bit.ly/2HKl9fi | How's it all gonna end? This experience takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.

    We start in 2019 and travel exponentially through time, witnessing the future of Earth, the death of the sun, the end of all stars, proton decay, zombie galaxies, possible future civilizations, exploding black holes, the effects of dark energy, alternate universes, the final fate of the cosmos - to name a few.

    This is a picture of the future as painted by modern science - a picture that will surely evolve over time as we dig for more clues to how our story will unfold. Much of the science is very recent - and new puzzle pieces are still waiting to be found.

    To me, this overhead view of time gives a profound perspective - that we are living inside the hot flash of the Big Bang, the perfect moment to soak in the sights and sounds of a universe in its glory days, before it all fades away. Although the end will eventually come, we have a practical infinity of time to play with if we play our cards right. The future may look bleak, but we have enormous potential as a species.

    Featuring the voices of David Attenborough, Craig Childs, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Mike Rowe, Phil Plait, Janna Levin, Stephen Hawking, Sean Carroll, Alex Filippenko, and Martin Rees.

    Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their support of this creation: protocol.ai/

    And to my Patreon supporters: Juan Benet, Kalexan, Laine Boswell, Holly, Dave & Debbie Boswell, Abraxas, Alina Sigaeva, Aksel Tjønn, Daniel Saltzman, Crystal, Eico Neumann, geekiskhan, Giulia Carrozzino, Hannah Murphy, Jeremy Kerwin, JousterL, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Leonard van Vliet, Mitchel Mattera, Nathan Paskett, Patrick Cullen, Randall Bollig, Roman Shishkin, Silas Rech, Stefan Stettner, The Cleaner, Timothy E Plum, Virtual_271, Westin Johnson, Yannic, and Anna & Tyson.

    Soundtrack now available: bit.ly/2HKl9fi and coming soon to iTunes/Spotify/Etc

    Peace and love,


    Concept, music, writing, edit, and visual effects by melodysheep, with additional visual material sourced from:

    NASA Goddard
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    BMW X1
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    Moon raker vfx reel
    Voyage of Time

    Voice sample sources:

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  • melodysheep
    melodysheep   4 months back

    hey guys. super proud of this piece - been toying with this for a year now and stoked it's finally out there. hope you enjoy. any questions??

    • behruz akbary
      behruz akbary  1 weeks back

      Is the timing exact?!
      If it is we got trillions upon trillions of years for Intelligent life to exist... ! cool!!

    • Sebastian Stein
      Sebastian Stein  4 weeks back


    • iNexT
      iNexT  1 months back

      And, I still care about my school grades.

      What a shi*

    • ALL TV
      ALL TV  1 months back

      Only one question
      How do you know it

    • ירמיהו Williamson
      ירמיהו Williamson  2 months back

      Where in Washington State are you? Seattle here

  • TK 421
    TK 421  8 minutes back

    So, theres plenty of time to pass the Green New Deal

    • Mazen Dawwd
      Mazen Dawwd  9 minutes back

      Great job that's mean everything back to nothing

      • Alex Rüger
        Alex Rüger  9 minutes back

        Our universe may died. But its just another cell or part, yes just another dust piece of another thing. Something bigger. There will always be bigger and smaller things. Its all infinity.

        • lifelesskids
          lifelesskids  11 minutes back

          1 word : bullshit

          • Enlil 2
            Enlil 2  38 minutes back

            Start of Black hole era
            *Universe.exe is crashing*

            Last Black hole dies
            *Universe.exe has stopped working*

            • Joonie Kim
              Joonie Kim  40 minutes back

              dude im crying

              • Vanlheng Ladja
                Vanlheng Ladja  43 minutes back

                Read the Al qur'an if you really want to know about the end of the universe.

                • Rheo Milvus
                  Rheo Milvus  52 minutes back

                  12 minutes in in a 20 minute video: "On a scale of a human lifetime, the universe has just emerged from the womb"
                  Also the video: "All that will be left of our once rich cosmos will be particles of light and black holes"

                  >:| *Existential crisis intensifies*

                  • Phax Onley
                    Phax Onley  58 minutes back

                    Ummm......really trying to think of what to say after watching that......still got nothing ill come back later if i think of something *hits replay

                    • JC.M Account
                      JC.M Account  1 hours back

                      Well done, it is beautiful .. Fantastic job,

                      • Harvey Mogar
                        Harvey Mogar  1 hours back

                        Can universe restart after that darkness or it's all gone.

                        • Sanjay Bharti
                          Sanjay Bharti  2 hours back

                          No one knows nothing except my god and he will tell me in 2020 April a huge tsunami will come and in this tsunami European countries and Japan will affected badly bcs in western countries and Japan people are doing misbehaving and do sin with animals they can't tell anyone his sorrows and humans exploiting the nature for his own profits eg usa and china affected the environment most .all people are witnesses to me it will happen sure in April 2020

                          • Gökhan Duran
                            Gökhan Duran  2 hours back

                            Allahu akbar

                            • Jrf
                              Jrf  2 hours back

                              beautiful video and the music is majestic

                              • Enyatsu
                                Enyatsu  2 hours back

                                I'm pretty sure i never gonna have a chance to see those Beautiful events.
                                Why you ask?
                                A: Cause you are Dead by that time then.
                                Me in my *Coffin merges in Earth*
                                *Fades Away*

                                • Arga D. Wally
                                  Arga D. Wally  2 hours back

                                  There are so many super funny comments here I find. They make my day hahah. Like if you see it

                                  • Dead___
                                    Dead___  3 hours back

                                    now im depressed

                                    • Justin Gioia
                                      Justin Gioia  3 hours back

                                      It's incredibly refreshing to see that 14 million people have viewed this and has nearly one million likes.

                                      This is a work of art and easily the best video I've watched. Be proud of your creation.

                                      • Jack Grell
                                        Jack Grell  4 hours back


                                        • TresFore
                                          TresFore  4 hours back

                                          Güneş : Merhabalar AQ

                                          • Scorpio 13
                                            Scorpio 13  4 hours back

                                            In 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999..... year is there still a YouTube? 'Cause I hope so

                                            • Scorpio 13
                                              Scorpio 13  4 hours back

                                              I love this video but only God knows what will happen to further future.

                                              • Jack Wilsher
                                                Jack Wilsher  4 hours back

                                                Where is God in all of this?

                                                • amit youtube
                                                  amit youtube  4 hours back

                                                  What will happen to us when universe die?

                                                  • Лиза Михеева

                                                    Почему всякие говноклипы "Ариан Гранде" и, допустим, "Литл биг" набирают сотни миллионов просмотров, а подобные полезные видео - нет?

                                                    • rhoy tom
                                                      rhoy tom  4 hours back

                                                      😭😭😭😭😭 my life is power than are god we make power to make to build in we can do anything

                                                      • Manoj Soni
                                                        Manoj Soni  4 hours back

                                                        This is incredible video, but in the end
                                                        "Time becomes meaningless."

                                                        • Rebekah Powell
                                                          Rebekah Powell  5 hours back

                                                          Great stuff but dammmm make the front bigger in the middle of the screen!

                                                          • Apruzzi1
                                                            Apruzzi1  5 hours back

                                                            gibt es das auf deutsch! danke

                                                            • EmmaaVuu
                                                              EmmaaVuu  5 hours back

                                                              last black hole dies = winning a game of hole.io

                                                              • Henry Hop
                                                                Henry Hop  6 hours back

                                                                I personally think the idea of an ever expanding universe where entropy reaches its maximum value and the universe remains "unchanging" and cold, is very soothing and peaceful. Everything is always changing, hectic, uncertain yet everyone tries to find their own peace and quietness and certainty. The idea that eventually everyone or more the universe itself will eventually reach this point is very satisfying. The idea of no matter what is inevitably there will be peace and harmony in the end.

                                                                • Krk lmbr
                                                                  Krk lmbr  6 hours back

                                                                  Now where's God

                                                                  • HelloItsGabby 1219
                                                                    HelloItsGabby 1219  6 hours back

                                                                    I wish After We Die and Universe die and Lord God Make a New Earth and we born again and new name of Earth is Earth III
                                                                    Someone; why Earth III Me: Cuz Earth I life of Dinosaurs and Stone Space I want call it Earth II life of Human And And!!!
                                                                    Earth III my wish Peace!!!!

                                                                    • Marites Guerrero
                                                                      Marites Guerrero  6 hours back

                                                                      My Wish You Make and Your Wish like a little man wants to save Earth

                                                                  • Hemalatha Emandi
                                                                    Hemalatha Emandi  6 hours back

                                                                    Truly superb work done but I am definitely sure that the universe won't die out. It is possible that life can get another chance . I am sure because God is present out everywhere .

                                                                    • Juggy Muggy
                                                                      Juggy Muggy  6 hours back

                                                                      I knew everything will come to an end... and obviously no “new life begins”, ....except the theory of creating a new universe, a baby one.

                                                                      • Aiden Heelan
                                                                        Aiden Heelan  6 hours back

                                                                        Think of the bootes void and blackholes the universe would be as dark empty and never ending like a black hole... the fate of our universe is unmageble

                                                                        • Aiden Heelan
                                                                          Aiden Heelan  6 hours back

                                                                          Why even think about life if it’s going to end sooner than we thought...

                                                                          • TreeckotheRebel
                                                                            TreeckotheRebel  6 hours back

                                                                            Chaos Gods: *laughs in warp*

                                                                            • Shamey Jadians
                                                                              Shamey Jadians  6 hours back

                                                                              above us only sky. what after sky? imagination.

                                                                              • Tobias Bischoff
                                                                                Tobias Bischoff  7 hours back

                                                                                9:28 thats so sad think about it they would look into the nightsky and see nothing much no wonders that we see that let us think whats out there are we alone the beatuie of a stary nigt just non existent i pity those endtime liveformes

                                                                                • Dave Movies
                                                                                  Dave Movies  7 hours back

                                                                                  Happy that i'm not a vampire. Would happens to people who are immortal if immortality would exist? They would floating trough space and would die and wake up their whole life.🤷‍♀️

                                                                                  • Woktis
                                                                                    Woktis  7 hours back

                                                                                    Just beautiful.

                                                                                    • Dave Czoddy
                                                                                      Dave Czoddy  7 hours back


                                                                                      • Yu Han Elton Eggsworth
                                                                                        Yu Han Elton Eggsworth  7 hours back

                                                                                        Its funny that I wanted to stop watching it because i feel like its a waste of time and i just couldn't because i was reading the comments the whole video 😂😂😂

                                                                                        • steelgreyed
                                                                                          steelgreyed  7 hours back

                                                                                          I'm of the opinion/belief, that Neutrinos, and other exotic non-matter-interactive particles generated in the Fusion within Stars, is this positive expansion pressure, or at least contributes to it, rubbing on empty space, as this dark energy/matter is added to the grid in this form and it, along with light photons, stretches the Universe, creating more space in order to hold this energy grid as close to zero as possible. Once all the stars die off and stop, or even as it slows down production, this expansion of the Universe will slow stop and then fall back in on itself as the energy produced by the stars is no longer there to keep it at bay. This may stymie with the energy added from proton decay, however I do not think it will matter much at that point.

                                                                                          • Blackrose8674
                                                                                            Blackrose8674  8 hours back

                                                                                            It's the time to believe that a God isn't dead and will be create all one more time.

                                                                                            • Pam Botts
                                                                                              Pam Botts  8 hours back

                                                                                              I will be long gone before the planet does all that