Why the Long Night prequel is a Bad Idea for Game of Thrones (3/6)


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  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon  3 months back

    Oh boy...sounds like this Prequel is going to go Woke.

    • Evalation
      Evalation  3 months back

      I was with you up until you called Daemon a bastard and a traitor, we all know Daeron was the bastard of Aemon. The Black Dragons are the true kings of the line of Aegon IV. Draw your steel Ser.

      • Ton Lito
        Ton Lito  5 months back

        My fellow Blacks, Dragon Demands is now a confirmed Red! How shall we respond?!

        • Will Mosse
          Will Mosse  2 weeks back

          Haha! With Fire and Blood my friend, Fire and Blood. Beneath the gold, the Bitter Steel!

      • Katie Greenhalgh-Higham
        Katie Greenhalgh-Higham  5 months back

        My ideal would have been a series starting with the death of the last dragon/death of Aegon III, spanning several seasons, ending with the first Blackfyre rebellion for the final season. Plenty of juicy characters and events that could be expanded.

        • KTChamberlain
          KTChamberlain  6 months back

          The Long Night would have to that one area in history where the North can actually say in the books "The North Vaguely Recalls" as opposed to "The North Remembers" since remembering thousands of years worth of history is not easy unless you're either a greenseer or one of the Children of the Forest.

          • Susan Havens
            Susan Havens  6 months back

            So basically, they want to use George's name and slap it on some mediocre at best, fantasy drama for greedy HBO. This way they can make a lot of money DVDs and memorabilia products.etc.......

            • Alan Pennie
              Alan Pennie  6 months back

              Dunk and Egg isn't epic enough for a GOT prequel.
              I think a Nymeria series could work, especially as a pendant to Empire of Ash.

              • OJay88
                OJay88  4 months back

                Agreed. Dunk and Egg has no fantasy aspect. No zombies, no dragons, know cataclysm like the Doom of Valyria. Many would find it boring.

            • Salthion Gaming
              Salthion Gaming  6 months back

              Thanks! I'm subbed

              • MenschMan
                MenschMan  6 months back

                I said this last time and I’ll say it again


                • Lord Zhiro of house Fuxgiven

                  So GOT becomes HBO's golden goose and their bright idea for a prequel is one not based on any existing work from GRRM smh. How can anyone say that out loud and not realize how utterly ridiculous it sounds

                  • Alan Pennie
                    Alan Pennie  6 months back

                    Lord Zhiro of house Fuxg ..
                    Indeed. It's so much easier to adapt existing material than to come up with something completely new.

                • ShadowShroud7
                  ShadowShroud7  6 months back

                  I know that the Blackfyre Rebellion seems fairly clear and cut with a clear good guy/bad guy dynamic. But what about the question of Daeron the Good's Parentage? What if it turns out that Daeron really wasn't Aegon IV's son and Aegon IV was right about Naerys and Aemon? Sure, Aegon was a monstrous asshole who deserves to be considered one of Westeros' worst kings. But that doesn't mean he can't ever be right about something.

                  This would throw a believable and dramatic wench into the dynamic. Now Daemon Blackfyre truly is the rightful heir to the throne and Daeron is the usurper bastard. Yet, those of Daeron's base who know the truth would try to hide or downplay it to hold on to power or at least keep the Blackfyre base from getting any power. It would also be a call forward to the War of the Five Kings where Joffrey's illegitimacy is the central factor that started all of the fighting.

                  Except for a key difference, taking out Joffrey (and latter Tommen) is no-brainer unless you directly benefit from having him in power (IE Cersei, Littlefinger, Tywin, Pycelle) because he's an evil little monster regardless of who his father is. The only reason you'd be rooting for him during the Battle of Blackwater is because of Tyrion or because you're a subscriber to Team Lannister. Hell, Joffrey was eventually murdered by his own "allies" (Littlefinger and Olenna Tyrell) because was too monstrous to keep alive and Tommen is more controllable.

                  From what we know, Daemon seemed like a decent person with a code of honor and ethics, possibly a true candidate for a "true knight." His only blemish is his rebellion, but he was truly convinced that he was his father's rightful heir and Daeron was an unlawful usurper/pretender. And what if he turned out to be right?

                  It's also an issue regarding overthrowing Daeron because he was a good man and a good king as well. He solidified peace in the Seven Kingdoms and despite the vocal minority of nobles who flocked to Daemon, Daeron was well liked by the realm. So it raises the question, is it right to overthrow a good king simply because he's illegitimate?

                  Point being, the twist regarding Daeron the Good's real parentage would go a long way in making the Blackfyre Rebellion "more grey and dramatic" if that's what's missing to make it interesting. There doesn't even need to be a true confirmation either way,. All that is needed is for just enough facts and evidence to be presented to lay the case for reasonable doubt in the cast and audience. Therefore when Daeron wins, there's going to be a lingering question of whether the right side won or not.

                  • Will Mosse
                    Will Mosse  2 weeks back

                    Agreed. The Blackfyres are not straight up intending to illegitimately or illegally steal the throne. They genuinely believe they are in the right. That’s what makes it interesting - both sides think they are in the right, and both make an argument that they are the legitimate Kings.

                • Remmy Skye
                  Remmy Skye  6 months back

                  I am a betting man by nature. I bet anything that if the series is greenlighted and lets say whatever, there will be 10 episodes per season, maybe more. I doubt less than 8. I bet anything that were going to see a reproduction of the Eddard Stark "shock" insofar as that a well known actor will be given the majority of the screen time in the first episode only to be shockingly killed off by the episodes end. In essence like having Ned Starks death in the pilot. Though i lean more towards it happening in the second episode just to throw the scent off yet i totally wouldnt be surprised to see it happen in episode 1. The idea being "remember how unpredictable Game of Thrones was? Well this show is bigger, more hip, the stakes are higher and will shock you ten times more then GoT ever could!". And in a perfect world the show goes on to become the greatest embarassmemt in television history, prompting HBO to return all the rights to GRRM who promptly leases them to a billonaire fan who gives the series the Harry Potter treatment with one huge film per book each named after their proper book title counterpart.

                  • Bartimaeus of Uruk
                    Bartimaeus of Uruk  6 months back

                    Dude, Daeron the Good (the best Daeron btw), Bloodraven, Mariah Martell, my girl Elaena, and a young Baelor Breakspear would all be in a Blackfyre prequel.

                    It would be very onesided, and that's why I'd prefer Dance or Sons over it, but once they are done...

                    And it would lay important groundwork for stuff that goes on later in the main series. Mainly Bloodraven with his magic and his rivalry with Bittersteel. They could set up the Golden company. Oh wait.

                    • Alan Pennie
                      Alan Pennie  6 months back

                      Bartimaeus of Uruk
                      Bloodraven would be pretty cool.

                  • Jester2415
                    Jester2415  6 months back

                    I have a cynical feeling they chose this prequal series over the other ideas precisely because it had the least GRRM involvement/input. This way they don't have to pay him max royalties on their profits. If its just "inspired" by his writing verses "written by" then he'll get the minimal % cut. This is why they are intentionally not using any characters from the books. Its all about the $$$. Happens all the time in Hollywood with Novel Writers having their books adapted for film, its no accident a perfectly good story gets mutilated into something unrecognizable and nothing like the books.

                    • The Dragon Demands
                      The Dragon Demands   6 months back

                      I don't think it affects royalties. It does affect creative control - an era that he didn't really write anything for already. Well, yeah, the "inspired by" thing - we'd have heard of that. It's not really a matter of money to him - chump change compared to "hook back the TV only audience from later TV seasons".